The Hitchhiker

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Another day, another dime… Is it dime or dollar? Must be dime – they only pay me a pittance! And so went the internal dialogue as I crawled through the traffic from the office to the outskirts of town where I’d be able to open her up and put my foot down. Unless I found a tractor. Or an old person. Bastards! The whole bloody lot of them.

I continued to creep at a steady 17 ½ miles an hour, negotiating roundabouts, swearing at traffic lights and cursing the slow to react. I knew that in about 7 minutes I would be out of the centre. Traffic would begin to ease off, and my speed would begin to ease up.

I finally reached to town limits and watched with glee as the needle on my speedo crept past 25, then 30, 45, 60. Beautiful! Then, as expected, but hoped against; an old person. Driving a fucking tractor. How cruel can life be?? I put my clutch down and cruised up behind it until I started to get too close. I gently squeezed the brake, and began cursing the oncoming traffic that was preventing me from over-taking. Knowing I was doomed to be stuck behind it for the majority of the journey, I allowed my attention to drift from the road.

It was as my eyes scanned the verge to my left I saw a sign being held optimistically out “Away From Here” was the simple request it carried. I felt this might be what was preventing other drivers from pulling over – it can’t’ve been the hitchhiker herself – she was stunning! Tall, slim, fantastic legs, shoulder length brown hair, and a smile that I’d kill for. I began to thank the tractor – had I been doing the preferred 65, I wouldn’t’ve been able to stop in time!

I pulled over and opened the door for her. As she climbed in her short denim skirt rode up slightly, and I got the feeling that she wanted it to. My hunch for this was based upon the way her smile widened as she caught me looking her up and down. I blushed my apologies. She laughed them off and introduced herself as Sammy. I told her my name, and kissed her hand.

“Where do you really want to go then?” I was curious as to whether this was just a social experiment, or whether she really didn’t care where she was taken. Or how… I gave myself a mental slap for that last thought, but was unable to keep my mind from dwelling upon it.

I noticed her lips moving but had missed most of what she had said. “… cheating sonofabastard” was all I caught. Enough to get the basic gist of what she was saying.

“So you really have no destination in mind? No family? Friends?” I was now intrigued Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir beyond belief.

She simply shook her head. “Just away from here.” I told her where I was headed and she said it sounded great, but a little too close. I indicated to pull back into the traffic and began to think. Or how… That phrase just spinning around my head and driving me to distraction. I had to have her.

“I could take you further…. But it’d be a bit inconvenient for me.” I let it hang in the air, wondering if she’d offer anything to the baited hook I’d dangled before her.

“Turn left here.” She looked toward a narrow country lane. Possibly used by about 4 people at this time of night. As her eyes looked back to meet mine there was a sparkle in there that I’ve never seen before or since.

“Whatever could you want with this road? It’s the long way to nowhere.” I had a sneaking suspicion what she wanted with this road, but tried not to let on.

“If you really want to find out, you’ll make the turn…”

I made the turn.

As soon as the sound of the traffic behind us faded slightly, she unbuckled her seatbelt and leant forward to reach for my flies. With one movement she had my trousers unzipped and halfway down my thighs. “Worth the detour?” she asked as her hand slid up and down my cock, stopping at the bottom to caress my balls, before making the return journey.

“Looks very promising!” she looked me in the eye and slowly dropped her pretty little mouth to my lap. I felt her breath warming the sensitive skin of my penis and could feel it growing even harder with every exhalation. I was ready to push her head down and speed up the contact, but before I could get my hand off the steering wheel I was taken to heaven. The car wobbled across the road lightly clipping the hedgerow as the full length of my cock was enveloped by the warmth of her mouth.

Sammy held the tip of my cock against the back of her throat for a few seconds before coming up for air, flickering her tongue across the underside of my shaft. “Only ‘looks promising’? Hmm. I’ll have to see what I can do about that then!” With that she started pumping her hand up and down my cock as she ran her tongue across my balls and gently sucked my left testicle into her mouth, massaging it with her tongue, bathing it in her saliva. Then she repeated this with the other.

She continued to move her hand with vigour as she brought her mouth back up my cock to suck on the tip İstanbul Escort like it was a lollipop. I made a hasty right into a field and stopped the car behind a barn. I was too horny to keep driving. I pulled her pigtails, lifting her head from my cock “Out!” I commanded.

“This isn’t very far from where you picked me up… Is my ride over already?” she asked coyly. She knew damn well I was just about to start riding her! She got out of the car as I pulled my trousers to a more dignified height and walked around to the bonnet.

When I got there my suspicions were confirmed – she hadn’t been wearing any panties – and she was slowly rubbing her clit as she watched me walk around in front of her. When I was stood looking into her eyes she reached for my cock, but I moved out of her reach. I had other plans for her. I dropped to my knees and pushed her feet up to rest on the bumper.

I started to kiss the inside of her right thigh as I scratched my nails along the inside of her left one. Eventually I had both my hand and my mouth less than an inch from her pussy. It was my turn to torment her. I started to flick my tongue around the very extremities of her pussy; kissing the crease between her thigh and her pubis, surrounding her damp crevice with kisses and licks.

Then I felt a hand at the back of my neck. Just as I had planned to do to her! It was frightening how much we seemed to think alike – even after this short time! I plunged my tongue into her hole and licked all the way up to her clit, flicking the tip of my tongue against it, then running the flat across it.

I could hear her breath starting to hitch in her chest and decided to go in for the kill… I placed the tip of two fingers against the entrance to her cunt and slowly pushed until they sank from sight. I twisted my hand so it was face up and started to rub my fingers along the roof of her pussy; dragging my fingertips slowly out and them pushing them back in.

I stood up and immediately Sammy grabbed for – and got – my cock. She guided it into her mouth and pushed my hands against the back of her head, twining my fingers into her hair. She grabbed my hips and started to thrust me into her mouth, groaning with lust as I entered and withdrew. I took the initiative and started to fuck her mouth, slowly at first, but not for long. I felt like was getting too close for comfort, so reluctantly pulled back.

She looked up at me desperate for attention, wanting to please, wanting Escort İstanbul to be pleased. Who was I to stand in the way of such simple, base desires? I’d hate myself if I even tried to!

I leant her back against the bonnet of the car – it was still warm from the drive – and wrapped my arms around her. As my mouth found hers, my cock was poised to penetrate her, ready to experience that warmest, sweetest sensation known to man. As we kissed, I thrust my hips forward and entered her, just a little way at first, but a prolonged pressure embedded me to the hilt making us both moan.

Sammy redoubled her kissing and I sped up my thrusting. Mostly long deep strokes; allowing an enriched feeling for both of us, but every once in a while a burst of rapid shallow strokes seemed to hit the right spot.

I stood up; being careful not to allow my cock to slip from the warmth it was enjoying so much, and lifted Sammy’s legs over my shoulders, before turning her face down on the bonnet. She gripped the top edge of it and put her feet on the grass, her shoes had both slipped off, and she seemed to enjoy the feel of the blades between her toes.

She braced herself against the bonnet as I began to push down on her hips as I began to pound in and out of her cunt, no mercy now. I wanted to come, and I think she understood the urge: she bucked back against my every thrust.

I wrapped my hands around her stomach and allowed my hands to wander up her body towards her breasts. They were a nice handful – firm, round, and a good grip to help me pull her onto me even harder!

I stood still and watched as she bounced back against me, taking advantage of my stiff cock and apparently, thinking only of herself now. She looked over her shoulder at me, and I could see her biting her lip lightly as she panted her exertions.

I took over again, knowing I was about to cum, I thrust hard and fast into her, and she took it all. At the last moment, I spun her around and pushed her to the ground. She wrapped her lips willing, almost lovingly around my dick, sucking as I tugged myself off for the last few strokes before release. I came hard, shooting to the back of her throat, and holding my cock there until the last spurt. I pulled my cock out and watched, fascinated, as she opened her mouth and showed me the cum she had in there. Then it was gone, and she was licking me clean.

I waited until she slowed in her ministrations and pulled her to her feet, holding her close to me. “That loser doesn’t know what he’s lost,” I whispered into her hair as I ran my hand slowly up and down her back.

We eventually got into the car, and I took her far ‘Away From Here’, ditching the office, and not stopping until the car ran out of fuel. That was where we set our home, and where we both felt ‘Away’. From it all.

The End

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