The Hedonism House

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, events, and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are over the age of 18.

Hello again. The following is another mature woman story, minus the romance. Rather, it is about an uninhibited older woman indulging in a sexual escapade of fantastic proportions. It’s just slightly longer than my other work. I hope you enjoy it.


The Hedonism House

The Hike

Jessica pulled off the old road just before the barrier gate. The gate was rusty and old but still looked quite formidable, as did the chain and padlock. According to her map, the resort was still another six or seven miles up the mountain.

Jessica sighed. She’d hoped that she’d be able to get a bit closer before having to hike. “But when did anything ever go to plan, right?”

Jessica got out of her trusty Subaru and opened the rear hatch to get her backpack and her camera case squared away. She left the dashboard note and locked the car, stowing the keys in her camera case. The note was a just-in-case measure.


It pays to be careful and Jess always tried to be when she was exploring solo. Jessica Cassidy was an urban explorer. That’s someone who specializes in exploring man-made objects and buildings, ancient or new. It was also called urban spelunking or building hacking. It was Jessica’s passion, but it amounted to a hobby. Her vocation was photography. Jessica’s work had been in TIME, LIFE, National Geographic, and many other magazines, from her travels all over the world. Usually, while she was exploring some old ruin or abandoned building. Urban exploration as a hobby had been growing globally over the last decade, with many websites and even a few TV shows dedicated to it.

This trip was something she’d been researching off and on, for a few years. The Hudson House. There couldn’t be a more unpretentious name for a luxury resort. Jessica believed that was the point when you think about what had been rumored to go on there and with whom. There was a marked lack of information on the place to this day. According to the internet, it was just an old resort dating back to the roaring twenties and had been owned by the same family until it closed in the eighties. It had been an exclusive resort and according to the locals nearby, not just anyone could get in. The locals referred to it jokingly, as the Hedonism House.

Jessica shouldered her pack and slung her camera case strap to place the case on her right hip. The top was unzipped giving her quick access to her camera. She wasn’t gunslinger-quick on the camera draw, but quick enough and it had resulted in some remarkable candid photos in the past. The kind that magazines and news agencies pay big bucks for.

Jess gazed up the road and was glad that she had a road to follow even though it did wind a bit. Six miles uphill is nothing to sneeze at and Jess was glad she was still in good enough shape at forty-four to do so. At five foot, six inches, she had a sturdy frame and good muscle tone. She was naturally blessed with the curves that turn men’s and even some women’s, heads.

“Well, this mountain isn’t gonna climb itself.” Jessica took a swig from her water bottle and started up the road. The road hadn’t been maintained in forty-plus years and Tennessee winters are rough at this elevation. She was careful with her footing, keeping her booted feet on the best of the remaining blacktop. It was early September and it was already a flannel shirt over Cold Gear thermals weather. She had warmer gear packed if the need arose. Her jeans hugged Jessica’s shapely legs and ass. It was a perfect day for the trip, with no rain in the forecast for over a week. As she walked, she mulled over the last few days she’d had.


David looked at her from his side of the bed. “Jess, I’m not comfortable with you doing this one alone. There is zero info on this place on the internet. You’ve no idea what shape the buildings are in, what hazards might be there after forty-odd years.” Jessica was sitting up on her side of the bed, with the file folder that held the limited data she had, on the Hudson. Her bare breasts shone in the morning light. Jess looked back at him, taking in his naked body, lying on the cool sheet. God, it was hard to concentrate when he did that.

“Then I guess it’s a good thing that I’m the boss and you’re the assistant then, isn’t it?” Jessica said smiling.

David was so much more than her assistant. She’d hired him three years ago. He was very good at his job, handsome, intelligent, and capable. Fourteen months ago, the thirty-year-old had become her lover. Much Avrupa yakası escort more than an assistant. Technically, what they had was non-exclusive, but Jessica hadn’t been with anyone else since, and as far as she knew, neither had he.

David slid over and pulled the sheet down off Jessica’s naked lap, dragging the file folder and its contents with it, grinning. He rolled onto his belly and spread her legs while pulling her towards him.

“Now don’t think I’m gonna see things your way just because … Oh!” Jessica gasped as David licked her labia minora. “Oh, you bastard, that feels good.”

David was a marvelous pussy licker. A gods-damned sexual savant, Jessica had always thought. David took his time. He licked all around her inner labia, licking her pussy lips and taking them into his mouth. That always got Jessica super wet.

“Oh, no you don’t.” Jessica sat up and pulled away from him. David just looked at her. His own version of puppy dog eyes. He was somehow able to put his caring, disappointment, and desire for her into an expression that somehow didn’t look ridiculous. It looked fucking sexy, is what it did.

With a frustrated growl, Jessica pulled her legs under herself and grabbed David; rolling him onto his back. David laughed. Jessica threw her leg over David’s head and mounted him in a sixty-nine position “We’ll see who makes who, cum first.”

As Jessica began sliding her wet pussy across his mouth, David was able to mumble back. “Challenge accepted.” And he wasn’t playing around, he knew Jessica’s pleasure spots as well as he knew his own. Grabbing a pillow, he jammed it under his head and began his assault on Jessica’s vagina, sucking on her sweet pink folds. Jessica had a lovely pussy with thick heavy lips that felt wonderful when they slid around his cock. Sucking them into his mouth was a visceral experience that he never grew tired of. He loved sliding his tongue between them, lapping at her pussy juices as they leaked from her.

Jessica eyed David’s hard cock an inch before her eyes. It was thick and veiny, the absolute perfect size. Perfect for her anyway. The fucking holy grail of penis-dom. Her mouth watered as she opened it and slid his hard cock into her. She massaged his balls with her hand as she slid him in and out of her mouth, sucking insistently.

David moaned as he began sucking on Jessica’s clit. As Jessica sped up her efforts, David began tongue fucking her slippery opening. David felt his balls tighten and knew he was in trouble. Damn, she was good at that. If she had been on her back so that he could employ his fingers fully, she’d already be a quivering mess on the sheets.

David redoubled his efforts and began sucking on Jessica’s clit with wild abandon. Jessica came in a wave of bliss as she ground her wet pussy on David’s face. But just a few seconds after David shot his creamy load down Jessica’s throat. Their final moans echoed through the mostly glass house. Afterward, David spooned up behind Jess and they both lay gazing out the window, over the lake.

“Listen, I’ve got some shit to work through. I’m going to do this one on my own. I’ll be extraordinarily careful. I need this right now. Think of it as a mental health retreat. We’ll talk when I get back.” Jessica whispered.

“Okay.” David paused. “You likely won’t have cell service up there, but call me the moment you get back to the main road. If I don’t hear from you on the evening of the ninth, I’m calling in the frigging cavalry.”



Jessica continued up the old road, resting and drinking as needed. She pushed her black hair from her eyes and hooked it over her ear. Thick black hair and dark eyes had been her father’s genetic gift to Jessica along with his pale complexion. Her mom had left when she was small and Jessica didn’t remember her. Jessica supposed she’d gotten her high cheekbones, plump lips, and shapely figure from her because the ladies on dad’s side were pretty scrawny. Dad wouldn’t tell her much about her mom. He seemed happier not thinking about her so Jess learned to keep her questions to herself. Jessica’s dad had remarried when Jess was ten and as far as stepmothers went, Jessica figured she’d gotten off lucky. They got along pretty well.

Between mom and step-mom though, she’d been close to her dad. Her dad had a fondness for old movies and they’d spent many after-school, after-work hours on the couch watching some old western or war epic, usually in black and white.


The House

Jessica had been trudging up this road for a little over three hours when the perimeter wall and gate to the resort came into view. The wall and the gatehouse were built from red brick. The gate, Jessica was not surprised to see, was missing. Probably made of wrought iron, someone had likely stolen them, which explained the barrier gate back where Jessica had parked.

Wanting to get Ataköy escort bayan an overview of the resort, Jessica was overjoyed to see where a pine tree had grown up at the base of the wall and then died. The branches made a pretty handy ladder to the top of the wall. Climbing up carefully without her pack on, she was able to get to the top with her camera. From her new vantage point, the resort grounds spread out before her. Jessica let out a whistle of amazement.

The grounds were huge. The walk to the house was still another half mile. The house itself looked quite out of place in the hills of Tennessee. It looked more like a manor house from some ancient English or Scottish estate. She’d crawled through several over the years. Jessica took some good photos of the sprawling overgrown landscape and the resort as a whole, before climbing down.

Jessica grabbed her pack, stepped through the open gateway, and started toward the house. She’d timed it well. When it was going to be a hike-in hack, it was always best to time it so that you arrived in the late afternoon. Jess liked to have time to do a safety check and find a decent place to camp, in the building if possible. She preferred to start exploring first thing in the morning, so she had a full day of sunlight ahead of her.

One detail jumped out at her as she stepped through the gate. Usually, places like this are covered in No Trespassing signs. Jessica hadn’t seen one. Not even on the barrier gate. With a clear view of the front door to the house, she stepped off the road and began crossing what must have been an expansive front lawn. As she walked, she spotted vine-covered masonry and statuary, and rusty plumbing from the system that likely had watered this enormous garden. The cost of maintaining an area like this today would be out of reach for any but the wealthiest. As she neared the house, she spotted a pair of buildings to either side of the manor. According to the limited data she’d found, the one on the left was an old carriage house that had been converted into a garage for the resort’s vehicles. On the right were the servant’s quarters. The staff that entertained or serviced (both?) the guests, had lived there.

The rumors of this place were shrouded in mystery. After reading first-hand accounts and the few interviews she’d been able to conduct of locals that had worked here, very few were willing to go on the record of who was here and when. But a few hinted that this place existed for the rich and famous to indulge in wildly debaucherous behavior. Celebrities of all sorts, politicians, and heads of state. But only certain ones. It was by invitation only, but once you were invited, you were allowed anytime there was room for you, and you could afford it. Rather like the infamous Playboy Mansion, Jessica supposed, though this resort existed decades before Hef’s place.

Jessica approached the front of the building and started across the old parking lot. Like the road, the blacktop was pretty well destroyed by the freezing of the many winters since this place closed. Rumors were, that the cost of this place and severe mismanagement by the ownership was what caused this place to close in the 1980s, and tax records bore this out. But one old woman who lived locally had told Jessica, that it had been the AIDS epidemic that was the final nail in the Hudson’s, coffin. Debauchery had gone out of fashion.

From a distance, Jessica was able to see up the enormous front staircase that the front doors were pretty seriously boarded up, with chains wrapped through the ornate brass door handles. Based on her experience, the servant’s area was the next best place to check for entry. The windows of the first floor were twelve feet off the ground, and most of them were still intact. She’d avoid climbing if possible.

In no time, Jess found an employee’s service door on the east side of the house that had been un-boarded and kicked in. Jessica figured she wasn’t the first building hacker to visit here but had found no exposés or reports on the resort at all. Like it hadn’t been interesting enough to even mention.

Jessica kept no less than four light sources with her at all times. She had a headband light and two handheld flashlights, as well as a small LED lantern. The lantern and one flashlight were solar, and she kept plenty of batteries for the other two.

Jessica flipped on her headband light and stepped into the house. As she expected she found herself in the kitchens first.

“This can’t be right” was Jessica’s first thought. She looked around, mystified. With the light coming through dirty windows and her headlamp, she was able to make her way into a dining area.

“This is amazing! It’s all still here!” Jessica was stunned. Every table, chair, light fixture, stove, sink, and food cart were still there. In nearly every other building she’d explored, such things were missing or destroyed. Plumbing was ripped from walls and sold for its weight at the scrap yard. But it was all still here, albeit filthy, moth-eaten, Escort Şirinevler broken, and rotted in most cases. Wallpaper drooped off the walls like clocks in a Salvadore Dalí painting.

Jessica checked her watch. “Time to find a base camp,” Jessica whispered to herself. During the day, the big cavernous rooms were fine, but at night they freaked her out. Jessica searched for a staircase up to where she assumed the suites would be. There she’d find a small bedroom with an intact door to wedge closed and windows to provide a way out in an emergency.

Jessica headed in the cardinal direction that the front door should be along, knowing the architecture of the period would usually include an enormous foyer with a staircase. She was not disappointed.

Jessica’s jaw dropped when she saw the enormous chandelier that hung in the foyer. A few pieces of its crystal littered the bulging and filthy tile floors, but even so, the antique that still hung was worth tens of thousands today. Perhaps much more. Staircases are always dodgy in these old buildings, but the grand staircase was of black marble with wrought iron railings. It looked as hale today as it had eighty years ago.

Jessica walked up cautiously nonetheless, listening for any telltale creaking or other sounds of fatigue, but there were none. At the top of the stairs, she turned right and traveled down the dry rotted carpet in a hallway that featured many doors spaced evenly, until the hall ended with some sort of metal gate. Two had always been her lucky number, so she chose the second door on the right, knowing it would provide a room facing the front of the building.

The door stood open and Jessica stepped through into the suite. Every piece of furniture was present as it must have been in the old days. The windows were cracked but intact. She’d never sleep on any of the furniture for fear of mold but the room didn’t smell of mold. It had a dry smell like an old book. The floor of the main room was carpeted and dry-rotted, but the first room on the left was tiled. It was a bedroom.

“Bingo. We have a winner.” Jessica thought. After opening her pack, she put on a particulate mask and slid the old mattress off the bed and into the main room. Then she pulled her trusty air quality monitor from her pack. After a power-up sequence, it reported no concerns. Then Jess checked the door. Solid enough. Base camp established. Jess quickly surveyed the rest of the suite but found no obvious hazards.

Jessica closed the bedroom door and added a portable door jammer, to the bottom. It was a handy little spring device that made the door nearly impossible to open from the other side. She ate her better-than-average military field ration and drank a bottle of water. Jessica unrolled her camping mat and sleeping bag. The last thing she did in the light of her solar lantern was to check her camera equipment like a soldier would his weapon, while in the field.

Lying on her back and looking up at the cracked ceiling plaster, Jessica thought about David. Jess was pretty sure that he was in love with her. It was in the way he looked at her, and the way he whispered her name. The way he kissed her. David knew how Jessica felt about the L-word. He wouldn’t be the first to say anything.

The love thing just wasn’t Jessica’s style. She’d said it and meant it once to a lover after college. That relationship had ended nearly immediately thereafter. It hadn’t broken her heart but surely had left it badly bruised. Since then, she’d had her work and took lovers as she wanted them. No permanent attachments. No hurt feelings. Then David squirreled his way into her life. She didn’t want to lose David, but was that love? He was the yin to her yang, in so many ways, but she just didn’t know. Jessica intended to take this week to figure it out. If she did love him, and Jess could admit the possibility existed, what would he want of her? Marriage? Kids? The house with the picket fence? None of that appealed to her. Only being with him … did.


Welcome to Hudson House

Jessica was awakened by a shaft of sunlight on her face. She stretched lazily. Oh, she’d slept so well. The mattress was so comfy and her covers felt like … silk?

Jessica sat up like a shot, near panic. She was laying in the bed she’d moved the night before. Jessica’s eyes were wide and her mouth shut tight against the scream that was ready in the back of her throat. The room was immaculately clean and well-decorated. The windows and mirror were spotlessly clean. Paintings hung on the wall and a clock stood on a dresser. No cracks in the ceiling plaster.

Jessica looked down at herself to find that she wasn’t wearing her own clothing but rather a beautiful blue silk nightgown. Jessica slid out of the bed like a soldier trying to avoid making herself a target. She crawled to the window, poked her head up, and gazed out.

Jessica’s head swam. The parking lot in front of the building was in perfect condition and filled to overflowing with the most gorgeous cars to ever leave a Detroit factory. A glance made her think of the late 1950s. Huge cars of glass, chrome, and Pittsburg steel. The grounds beyond were a detailed and manicured garden masterpiece. Elaborate topiaries, hedges, and statuary were spread about with an artist’s touch.

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