The Haunted House:Part 4

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After watching our houseguest and my wife cavorting in the attic, I quietly retreated from there. I was slightly confused, but, at the same time incredibly turned on by what I had just witnessed. In fact, I was painfully horny.The lovemaking I had witnessed was, at times, soft and sweet. At other times hard and fast. Tender and quiet. Raucus and racy. And all of it without me involved. I needed to confront Kelly, so, I waited downstairs.The two women came down all smiles. As she reached the bottom of the stairs, Kelly’s expression changed. Alice noticed, but said nothing about what had gone on in the attic.In a very business-like tone, she said. “You know, I really think you should decorate the attic and open it up to guests. You could call it ” The Love Nest” or something like that. It’s a very spacious room and could become very popular.”Before Kelly could squash the idea, I said.” I think that’s a great idea. A little wallpaper to brighten it up would be all it would take to make it ready.””Why don’t you avcılar escort bayan two talk it out. I’d be glad to help implement the idea.”I grabbed Kelly by the arm and steered her to our bedroom.  “So what do you think Kell? Do you like the idea?”” Oh, I don’t know,” she replied. She seemed distracted. Almost embarrassed.”I know what you two did upstairs!””What? How?””What difference does it make? The attic is obviously haunted. When you and I have gone up there to move furniture, we’ve ended up fucking like rabbits. You and I and the real estate lady, you and Alice. I’d even bet that you and her daughter, if given the opportunity, would take advantage of it. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not angry. I’m not jealous. Well, maybe a little, but I can get over it. You and I have a potentially great thing going here. Let’s use it to our advantage.”A little agitated, Kelly said, “How do you know all this? Were you watching Alice and me? You were, weren’t you!  You shithead! Who have you done up beylikdüzü escort bayan there?”I decided to come clean. Partially, anyway. “The real estate agent, the day before you and I checked out the house together. And we haven’t seen each other since our threesome the following day.”Kelly’s simmering anger was reaching the boiling point. “So, how was she? Better than me?”Angrily, I answered, ” No. While we’re at it, how was Alice? You know what? It doesn’t matter. If you’re happier in the company of women, so be it. But don’t expect me to sit around and just watch. I love you, Kell. And your happiness is all that matters to me. So lets put this all behind us and get on with the business of running the best B&B in town.”Kelly seemed to soften, even to the point of hugging me. She whispered in my ear, “Why don’t you and I go upstairs and test this theory of yours.”I’m nobody’s fool! I grabbed her hand and raced up the stairs. Entering the attic, we both felt the strange magic of the esenyurt escort room. Kelly went over to the highboy chest, opened the drawer and pulled out the ivory dildo.”Look what we found!” she said.I examined it carefully, noticing that it still smelled recently used.  I leered at Kelly as I sniffed it. “Is that you I smell?”She blushed, “No, that’s Alice!”I put the bulbous head in my mouth. “She’s delicious!” I stared at the crotch of her jeans. “Can I compare?”Kelly slapped me, “You perv!”She shucked them, letting them pool on the floor. She stood there, legs slightly apart.  I noticed her panties were damp. “Well, don’t just stand there and gawk! Get on your knees and eat me!”This was so out of character for Kelly, and it threw me, but only for a moment. I dropped to my knees and pressed my face into the dampness of her panties, moaning as I took in her scent. I kissed the damp gusset as I slid them off her hips, exposing her ginger curls.”God, Kell! You smell so good!” My tongue parted the hairs as it slipped down toward her pussy lips. “And you taste even better!”Widening her stance, she pressed on the back of my head, pushing me tighter against her cunt.”Tongue fuck me!” she growled as my tongue slid up inside, gathering her warm juices, and sucking them into my mouth.

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