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the hand manFred turned up n time to star the job.He was let in by the owner of the house,a women of about 5ft 1″ slightly over weight,but with a decent enough figure he thought.She showed him in to the main room and went to put the kettle on,just the right start to the day.Fred took his clothes of and slipped his shorts ad t shirt on as it was a hot day and the room faced south so got very warm very quickly,this done he put his dust sheets down and sorted out his brushes and paint.When there was a tap at he door and the lady said tea up.So he let her in the room,to see she was carrying two cups and some biscuits.He moved a dust sheet so she could sit on a chair and he took the one opposite.Sitting down his shorts rode up slightly and he was not sure if he ws showing more than may be he should as he had also removed his boxers.They sat and talked for about twenty minutes,discussing her husband who had been unwell for a little time and had not been able to perform the acts that a husband should.Eventually she said “i must leave yo to get on with your work,if there is any thing you need just call” he said”ok” and pulled the door to and stated his work,around midday he could smell bacon frying and there she appeared at the door again this time with tea and some bacon sandwiches.Once again she joined him in the room and they sat and ate there food,she asked how the work was going and made small talk with him.When the food was gone she started to tell him a story about when she was younger and how she was “lent out” to friends of her mother and father.She said she was made to perform sex acts on various people for there pleasure and some times it was filmed,Fred asked how old she was when this all happened and she said 16.Barely legal but juts the right side of the law.She said this had effected her sex life from then in,that she had performed oral and hand relief on her husband but had never been able to allow him vaginal entry as she always froze and her pussy would never relax enough to allow penetration.She also said she had a facination with pron but did not know how to access it on the internet.So Fred being the gentleman he is showed her xhamster.She was captivated by it he showed her how to navigate the site and left her to it while he got on with the decorating.At the end of the day he said good bye and hopped she had a good evening and he would see her in the morning.Again when he arrived the next day she went to make tae and sakarya rus escort Fred got changed.When the tea was made she came to the room and they sat down.The lady then asked Fred soem questions about what she had seen on xhamster,wanting to know how women masturbate and why they use toys.This was soem thing Fred was not expecting but done his best to answer the questions.why do they rub them selves and what are those parts called?Fred told her the bit she was asking about was called a clit and they rubbed it because that done the same thing as a man having a wank.She also asked how they got some of those big toys inside them,he said they had built up using smaller ones first and the getting bigger.She was very interested and asked if all women looked like the ones she had seen,”well sort of yes just different sizes and shapes and colours but mainly the same es” he replied.All this talk of women playing with them selves had made Fred hard,and he was sure it was showing in his shorts and she had seen it.She tehn asked him how easy it was to obtain sex toys and were they could be got from,so he showed her one or two on line sites and left her to looking at them,as he thought it was about time he got on with some work.Although when he stood his erection was so plain to see she could not help but spot it.At lunch they again sat down and she asked him if she would help him choose some toys for her,So they sorted out 4,a clit vibe a small anal vibe to be used on her pussy as she said it would not take any thing bigger,a strap on remote clit stimulator and a gspot vibe for a lot later.The order was placed.and again Fred had a very stiff cock.When he stood it was so obvious it was impossible not to comment.He apologised to her for his excitement,but she said it was fine and infact she thought it was very nice.She then told him that she had never seen a man paly with him self until the night before on xhamster and she found it very nice,and it had made her belly feel funny like she had never felt before,could he tell her what that feeling was,Fred said he thought it was sexuall excitement and the onset of arousal.”have you never felt that before”? he asked”no” she replied,all her sexuall efforts had not been very pleasant,because of her parents and when she had any contact with her husband it was just to wank or suck him off,as a way of keeping him happy,but she would never allow him to touch sakarya rus escort bayan her.She had never felt any thing like that before.and had never had an orgasm and was completley ignorant of her own body.This done nothing to help Fred relieve his erection,if any thing it just made it harder and more obvious.Eventually she said that it looked as if he was a bit uncomfortable and would it help if he either slipped his penis out of his shorts or take them of.This shocked Fred and he said he had never shown his cock to another women,she replied that it was ok as she had seen it before.”how” said a shocked Fred”yesterday and today” she replied”when” asked Fred”yesterday when you sat there and also in the mirror over there and the same again today” was the replyThis only got Fred even more excited.But he said he was not sure it was proper for him to xpose himself and did not want her shouting “****” or any thing like that.She assured him it would be fine and she was certain she would enjoy the experience.So with some nerves he dropped his shorts to reveal his swollen penis.She said it looked larger in real life than in the mirror,and was a “nice looking cock”.Did it make him more comfortable sitting like that.”Yes” said Fred and that was the truth to.Emboldened by his he asked her “how does that make you feel looking at my stiff cock””It makes me feel naughty” she replied”does it give you butterflies in your belly””yes” she said “how about if i do this” and he stated to rub the tip of his cock for her.”oh yes i like that” she said”how about if i pull the foreskin right back for you””oh that shows all your veins and your purple knob” she then added that she liked the way his balls hung between his legs and bounced when he stroked his cock.All this was adding to Fred arousal and making him more confident.He asked her if she was getting a stronger feeling from the butterflies.” yes my belly feels all excited and bubbly””how does it feel between your legs he asked”i dont know” was the rather dissapointing reply”then why not slip your hand down your front and have a feel””ok”she saidAnd while Fred slowly stroked his erect penis she slipped her hand sown the front of her leggings.Fred could see her fingers moving around in the material,and finnaly coming back out again.”well” asked Fred”its wet” she replied,”what does that mean””you are getting turned on by the sight of me wanking””oh well rus sakarya escort you had better carry on then hadnt you”she saidso Fred started to stroke his cock longer for her,pulling the hood right back and slipping hs ahnd down t the base of his cock,”What is that shinning look on your knob” she asked”thats precum”was the reply”oh what does that do””it lubricates the knob and allows the skin to pass over freely and with out disscomfort,and also tastes nice to””how do you know”she asked”because i have tasted it,mine and others to””wow,so you have tried it then and on some one elses cock to””yes””may i try it” she asked”yes of course”So Fred put some of the precum on his finger and offered it to her,she licked it of,savouring the taste and saying it tasted “surprisingly sweet”She then asked Fred if he would mind if she took her jogging bottoms of as she was getting uncomfortable,but would keep her knickers on,”ok” he said,and watched as she slipped them down her short sturdy hairless legs.”Please dont stop what you are doing” she said.Fred had no intentions of that and slipped his top of so he was naked,his nipples were like his cock, rock hard.When she parted her legs to alLow access to her knIckers,Fred could could not help staring.She asked if the large amount of hair was off putting.”no,i find hairy pussy so much more arousing than a shaven one” was his replyWatching her fingers find her clit and stroke it under the knickers was so erotic that Fred nearly got carried away with his own job.But luckily he remembered to slow down,although the fact that she was just staring at his hand stroking his cock made him if it was possible so much harder.He left his cock alone and started to play with his balls rolling them ad playing with the bit behind his scrotum,this seem to please the lady and she stated to stroke a bit harder.Fred was so aroused he lost all sensebillity and asked her to remove her panties.Which to his surprise she did,showing him her fleshy hair covered pussy.It was all swollen and glistening with juice.Her clit was hard like a small cock and her lips were swollen while her pussy hole was small it was open and very wet letting juices drip down to her bum hole and on to the dust sheet.He then started playing with his nipples while he pulled is ball sack about.”oh thats very nice” she saidWhite juices started to show on the top of Freds cock,and she asked what they were.”That is real pre cum,not the lubricating stuff from earlier but the stuff that appears just before i cum,and it tastes even better than the other stuff.”please let me taste it,please”so Fred cupped some in his palm and she drank using her tongue to scoop it up.”Oh that taste great,so sweet and so salty”Fred could see her fingers stroking her clit making it harder and more swollen

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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