The Halloween Party Part 2

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The Halloween Party Part 2

Easton and Ethan sat alone in their rooms. Naked. Both of their small dicks erect, they sat next to each other with their bodies touching. They both were stroking themselves, each of them tried to stroke faster than the other, although Easton being the oldest, always was faster. Them being so young, they rarely cum, they just masterbate until they are tired, neither of them do it right.

“I bet there are some pretty girls down there huh,” Ethan said to his big brother.

“Ya,” Easton replied.

“It would be great to kiss one of them wouldn’t it.”

“Ya it would.”

Connors mom was at her home. She went upstairs and discovered that her suspicions were correct. Connor was not in his room or in the house. He snuck out to that bastard kid Grant’s party. She knew that kid was trouble and a bad influence. She sat on his bed thinking then impulsively got her car keys and hit the rode with intentions of going to the party. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do when she got there, she just thought she would find Connor, embarrass him and ground him then go home. She didn’t really think it through, she wasn’t thinking because of the anger she was experiencing. She floored it to Grant’s house.

Connor followed Grace up the stairs, eyes glued to her ass the whole time. He couldn’t believe this was happening, he was already erect and horny. Grace led him into an empty room 6 doors down the hall. Immediately when they close the door she pushes him onto the bed and starts to strip.

No words… Nothing like that. Grace never liked Connor, although she always found him kind of hot.

Connor watched in worship as Grace moved her hips. The way she stripped was unlike anything Connor has ever seen, even in pornos. When Grace was finally bare naked she came over to Connor and got on her knees. She unzipped his pants to fish out his dick, when she pulled it out what lay in her hands was the biggest dick she ever seen. She gasped, out loud to her embarrassment, Grace suddenly found herself wet, she only did this to get back at Grant but now seeing his cock she realized she is going to enjoy this immensely. She eyed for a bit, felt it in her hands, she slowly began to put it in her mouth until most of his dick was out of site. Connor got a sensation like nothing he has ever felt, he moaned loud enough for the whole house to hear and leaned back.

Connors mom arrived at Grant’s house.

Connors mom got out of her car and walked into the house. What she saw was nothing like she expected. There was smoke everywhere, couples were making out, people passed out on the floor. She got some weird looks but no one said anything.

She found the first boy that looked somewhat intelligent, which was a cute redhead boy with freckles and asked, “Um do you know where Connor Johnson is.”

He looked at her surprised, “Ya he went upstairs with chick.”

She got more enraged then ever, “Ok thank you.”

“You’re not gonna call the cops, right?” Brandon asked.

“Probably not.”

She rushed upstairs in a hurry, stepping over two girls making out on the stairs. She gets to the first door and opens it, what she found was not Connor, instead she found two girls, who looked like sisters, cuddling naked on a bed, and a boy getting dressed beside it. She grunted disgustedly and closed the door. She tried to ignore the fact that that made her wet. The next door was empty. The 3rd door had some kids shooting harrowin. The fourth door had two boys in it playing xbox while there dick got sucked by two girls. She wondered how many more fucked up rooms she has to go into until she finds her boy.

The 5th door she finds something interesting though, not Connor, but something that made her freeze. The first thing she noticed was this room wasn’t filled with smoke like the rest. The second thing she noticed was two young boys jerking each others dicks. The two boys were young and looked exactly alike, their dicks were both extremely small and cute. Each one was jerking the other off, neither were doing a very good job. They didn’t see her at first, she had a very impulsive thought and entered the room. This was unlike her, i mean sure she partied hard about 20 years ago. But since she got married she has never done anything like this.

When they saw her they were frozen in fear, “Don’t tell Grant.” Is rokettube all Easton could say.

“Don’t tell my husband.” Is what Mrs. Johnson replied.

They looked confused, she laughed and kneed down in front of the two children and began to feel their balls. They both leaned their heads back.

“Lick my hand kid,” she gestured towards the littler one. He obeyed. She then, with the same hand had the bigger one lick it.

She rubbed her hands together and gripped dicks in each of her hands. She began jerking slow at first, then faster and faster until she was going at a rapid pace. She could tell neither of them have experienced anything like this before, both of them were lying down, so close basically on each other, and almost screaming with pleasure. Easton’s hips started to react, moving up and down slowly. His hands clenched into a fist on the bed covers, and started to moan. His moan was feminine and childish, and his face looked pained and panicked.

Without warning, hot cum shot straight out of Easton’s small prick like a missile. The rope of seaman reached 3 feet in the air. He let out a loud satisfying scream, and he wasn’t done. As she kept jerking, more and more cum started spilling out. He was shaking like crazy, he had so much cum built up considering this is the first time he has had a orgasm the right way.

Finally, Mrs. Johnson slowed down before Easton had one last jolt and yet another rope of his kid jizz fell onto his stomach and Mrs. Johnson’s hand.

“Whoa,” Mrs. Johnson smiled, “Good job sweet pea.” She let go of Ethan’s dick and licked up all of the stray cum.

There was still any other kid to make cum, after she was done with her snack she turned to the naked, hard, 7 year old child.

“Do you think you can cum like your brother just did sweetie.” Mrs. Johnson asked.

Ethan blushed and nodded.

“Good,” Mrs. Johnson smiled.

She held her hand to Easton, “Lick my hand for your brother’s dick,” he obeyed, she also had him suck on her fingers of the other hand.

She got on her knees next to Ethan. She wrapped her hand around his dick And slid her wet fingers deep into the child’s ass.

“Come here and help Easton,” Ordered Mrs. Johnson, “Cup your brother’s balls.” He did so immediately, he also but his and on his brother’s crotch and applied pressure, he didn’t know why, it just felt right.

Mrs. Johnson began to jerk Ethan. Not after to long did he get into it, moaning and squirming. Easton even got into it and started to fondle his baby brother’s balls.

Ethan has never felt anything like it, all he felt was pleasure, he didn’t know how else to describe it. His moans began to reach a climax, the feeling of the four hands working in unison on his penis was to much.

Mrs. Johnson heard Ethan make a loud grunt. And, just like his brother, erupted with seamen, it flew into the air and dropped onto Mrs. Johnson’s hand. Mrs. Johnson felt his asshole begin to tighten and loosen on her finger, and his balls retracted in his brothers hand. Ethan made a much bigger mess then his brother. There was cum everywhere, this only made Mrs. Johnson hungry, and she began to lick it up.

Connor’s cock was gagging Grace, and Grace was enjoying very second of it, almost as much as Connor. He had his hands on the back of Grace’s head and felt her bob up and down on his long shaft. Connor has never felt anything like it, he has never gotten a blowjob before, nor has he ever had any kind of sexual experience. Grace stopped sucking his dick, looked up and smiled. She stood up, Connor noticed how her ass and thighs jiggled with every step, Connor has never been more turned on.

She climbed onto Connor, who was on his back, and slowly lowered herself onto his cock. When it was in she began to work her magic on him. He was mesmerized by how she moved her hips on his cock, she didn’t just hump him, she grounded on him, and it felt like nothing he has ever experienced. To Grace’s surprise, she started to get the feeling of an approaching orgasm, Grace didn’t expect it to happen so soon. But she let it happen none the less, she moved her hips in a circular motion until, she was forced to stop, and her eyes rolled back into her head and her whole body began to shake. At first she didn’t make any noise, but about half way through her orgasm she started to make a loud high pitched scream.

Connor asyalı porno watching Grace has never been more proud of himself, he made the hottest girl in the school cum in minutes. Which masses him realize he was on the brink of cumming as well. He tried to contain himself but once Grace started moving her hips again he couldn’t. He grabbed her waist to keep her still and started to thrust deep inside her. He shot his load as deep into her shaven pussy as he could.

If Grace were sober and thinking straight she would have been angry that he came inside her, considering she wasn’t on birth control and he wasn’t wearing a condom. But since her mind was so discombobulated, she only noticed how good it felt.

Immediately after he finished unloading into her, he flipped her over into doggy position, he praised the beautiful ass for a second. He was about to put it into her pussy until at the last second decided to, without her permission, shove his dick into her asshole.

When his dick plunged into her ass she screamed, “You fucking asshole STOP.” She was obviously angry and in pain but Connor kept going, she seemed to forget about it a few minutes later and actually being to enjoy it. She moved her hand to her clit and started to feel herself.

He fucked her vigorously, tears rushed down Grace’s face and she looked up at him with those beautiful glistening eyes of hers. Even though she looked pained, she kept on screaming about how good it felt.

Connor then felt a sensation that he knew to well. He was about to cum. He didn’t want to cum inside her again, so he took out his dick at the last second and pushed Grace down on to her stomach and staring up at him was the roundest, most perfect ass he has ever seen. Grace watched while laying stomach down on the bed as Connor jerked off onto her ass, leaving it covered in cum. After he was done he collapsed next to Grace, and sat up and stared at the beautiful masterpiece he just painted.

Just as he was about to feel her ass the door opened, and the last thing he expected to see was standing in the doorway.

In the doorway was his naked mom and two nude little boys.

Mrs. Johnson opened the door to find her son jacking his dick to the sight of a girl’s perfect cum covered ass. This is exactly what she wanted to find, his face was so confused and alarmed it made her smile. She shut the door and walked over to her confused son with the brothers following.

“Oh, beautiful, you got this ass Connor, I’m so proud of you,” Mrs. Johnson said right before bending down and licking up her sons cum off Graces ass. Even though Grace had no idea who this girl was she was into it and when she licked her ass chills were sent up her spine.

“Do them sweetheart,” Mrs. Johnson said while tapping Graces ass and gesturing towards the brothers. Grace, high on drugs, alcohol, and lust, went towards Easton and Ethan without protest.

Leaving Connor Johnson and his mom face to face, Connor was speechless, he didn’t think this was real life, maybe he didn’t go to the party and was just dreaming in his bed, and his mom didn’t just eat his seamen. She bent down and began to suck her son’s dick, Connor moaned and leaned back, letting it happen. She gave better head than Grace, which about 10 minutes ago he thought was impossible. She looked up and made eye contact with her son the whole time. When she thought that she had warmed him up enough she let go and stood up.

On the other side of the bed Grace was giving a handjob to both of the boys. She quickly noticed how they were a little touchy with each other and eventually started to fondle each other’s balls. This gave Grace an idea.

“Get up, you, the cute little one,” Grace requested. Ethan stood on the bed.

Grace turned Ethan around and started to eat out his asshole. Ethan let it happen happily, it actually made him harder. After his butthole was nice and wet she turned the older boy and sucked his dick. She then directed Ethan onto his brother’s dick, so that Ethan’s dock was up into the air with his brother’s cock in his ass. Grace smiled at her handiwork and got on top of Ethan.

She rode Ethan hard, hard enough so that he bounced good on his brother’s shaft. Grace liked the way his small dick felt inside her. Apparently, Grace did something right because Easton moaned and shot a load into his azeri porno brothers ass. Ethan’s eyes went wide when he felt the come and then screamed and unloaded his tank into Grace. Grace noticed how much jizz he had.

Mrs. Johnson rode her son like she has never rode anyone before. His dick was so much bigger than his fathers. He was so fit to and the way his sweat poured down his fit chest turned her on. Her big butt bounced on his dick rapidly, leaving both her ass and his thighs red.

“Shit mom I’m close,” Connor mumbled as he felt cum building up in his dick.

She hoped off his dick quickly and before he knew it she was between his legs jerking him off. She put his dick in between both of her tits and began to give him a titjob. Connor never noticed how big his mothers breasts were until now. After about 30 seconds of this and dirty talking, Connor took hold of his dick and got on his feet. His mom held his balls and slide a finger in his asshole that made him feel so good as he unloaded onto his moms face.

Mrs. Johnson made Connor taste her fingers before walking over to Grace and taking the kids away again. Grace went over to Connor. Mrs. Johnson immediately began to give a titjob to Ethan seeing how good it worked on Connor. Ethan’s dick wasn’t big enough to poke through her giant tits, so when he came it was even more intense as there was no where for his cum to go. He emptied his load in between Mrs. Johnson’s breasts, leaving that part covered in cum. She moved to Easton and put his cock in that cum covered space between her tits and began to do the same he just did with his brother. He came even quicker than Ethan, most of his cum went in between here tits but this time some squirted up onto her face, making the brothers laugh and Mrs. Johnson happily smile while licking it up.

To Connors surprise Grace wanted anal again. He was so grateful that she did, her ass was so irresistible. He pounded her huge ass while she fingered herself. As he kissed her neck she tried to murmur something but Connor couldn’t make it out. Her murmur slowly became a scream and she climaxed all over her hand. Connor’s cock felt her asshole react to her cumming. This time she slapped her pussy and juices poured out all onto the floor. After her climax concluded she completely collapsed onto the bed.

While she recovered, Connor moved her limo body to the left of Easton, who was lying on his back. Connor stuck his dick into the barely conscious Grace and began fucking. His mother climbed on top of Easton inches away from him, she also directed Ethan, who was on his knees, in to her butthole.

“Now boys,” Mrs. Johnson said, “just keep thrusting as hard as you can.”

Soon the two boys were fucking the middle aged woman and Connor was fucking a limp and energyless Grace.

Mrs. Johnson rocked both of the boy’s worlds, in minutes she had them cumming AGAIN. At almost the same time Easton and Ethan unloaded inside Mrs. Johnson. She was surprised how much they still had, this was probably their biggest load, probably because that was the first time they came inside of someone.

Connor was about to cum. He wanted to cum on his mommy though. He pulled out of Grace and just as Easton was getting out from under his mother he pushed her down onto her stomach, just as he did to Grace. But this time he shoved his hand across her butthole and pussy, collecting the brother’s cum and his mom’s juices. Everyone watched as he used these juices as lube and jerked off onto his moms butt, leaving her absolutely covered in cum.

His mom licked up his cum happily and smiled, “Boys go back to your room.” She ordered the brothers and they scurried out.

“And you,” she said looking at Connor, “Are in big trouble, get dressed and get in the car.” At this point, Connor didn’t care, he was exhausted and has had enough sex for one day.

His mom got dressed quickly and opened the door, “I’ll be in the car.” She said right before she left.

Connor was alone with Grace, who was completely unconscious. He got dressed and right before he left he pulled out his dick and fucked the defenseless and unconscious Grace one more time, sending his seed deep inside her.

After he was done he checked her pulse to make sure she was still alive, luckily she was and just taking a nap. Maybe it is good she passed out, Connor thought, maybe she will just think she imagined having an orgy with two children and my FUCKING mother. He left the room to go meet with his mom but in the back of his mind he knew that the night was still young for everyone.

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