The Gymkhana

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By chance, I drove by the local gymkhana last Saturday. It was a beautiful day. The sun shone and not a single cloud discoloured the brilliant blue sky. I had 2 hours to kill as my next appointment wasn’t until 2pm that day. I decided to stop the car and park for a while. I paid the attendant my entry fee to the show and parked my car facing one of the main rings.

A novice event was in progress and the riders had removed their jackets due to the intense heat. The female riders looked so pretty in their white shirts, stocks and jodhpurs. One young lady in particular caught my eye. Slim and athletic looking, she seemed to glide across the grassy area between the cars and the practice arena. My eyes were drawn to her slender hips, tight little buns and pert breasts that just seemed to be yearning to be freed from the confines of her show jumping uniform.

My luck was in. She turned around. She walked back towards me and clambered into the large Mercedes parked alongside me. Her father was in the car with her. Her mother, or I assume it was her mother, sat against the front of the car. She was slim and very elegantly dressed. Hair up, simply adorned with an impressive pearl necklace and a light summer dress. I returned to watching the horses but could not restrain myself from watching the beautiful daughter in the car beside me and her sexy mother’s ass just a few feet away from us. The daughter ate a neatly cut sandwich. I wondered what she’d do with my cock between her luscious lips. My cock stiffened at that thought. And it positively throbbed at the thought of whether or not her youthful-looking mother would give equally good head.

Her father got out of the car. He whispered something into his wife’s ear. She turned. Smiled. And said she’d see him later. My mind was working overtime. How long would he be away for? Where was he going? Was there a sexy young female groom to be banged quietly in the nearby horsebox? His daughter caught me absent-mindedly staring at her. I smiled and she reciprocated. I wondered if she could tell what I was thinking about. I bet she got plenty of stares. I stuttered a polite “hello” and asked if she was a regular on the circuit.

“Yes”, she replied, with a confident sexy smile that told me she was no novice, unlike the horses that were having such a tough time in the show jumping competition in front of us. She introduced herself as Nicola and asked if I had anything to do with the horsey set.

“Yes, but not for many years” I replied. “I haven’t been really active since my college days, when I opted for the much more manly rugby in favour of the responsibilities associated with keeping a large animal”. She smiled knowingly.

“Are you jumping today?” I asked.

“Yes, later on” she replied “my father is going to see if the horse is ready now. We have a large horse transporter parked over at the other ring. My little sister has 2 ponies and I have 2 horses. Our groom looks after them. I am just back from university for the summer months.”

“Does your groom look after the horses and ponies all year ‘round?”, I asked.

“Yes, usually … but we have a new groom. She’s from Switzerland and she’s fabulous. Looks after the horses and my parents adore her. It’s like having a twin sister.”

“How old is she?”

“23, I think” and she smiled as she answered my question. “Would you like to see the horses?”

“Yes, that would be nice” I thought aloud.

“OK, let’s go there now” she said instantly.

“My name is John, what’s yours” I casually asked.

“Nicola” she snapped “didn’t you hear me first time?”

Hmmmm, I wondered if she’d take kindly to a hard shag from behind. I’d definitely like to put some manners on this little filly. She came across as being a bit spoiled but she was so damn sexy, I just kept the charm going for a little while longer.

We walked through the crowds. Day-trippers and casual visitors mingled with the jodphur-clad set. Trade stands lined the periphery of the grounds, selling all sorts of goods. Things to eat, things for the horses and the usual junky stuff you usually see at flea markets. Some of the guys were ogling her nice tits as she wiggled through the crowd. When we got to the horse box, the distinctive sound of someone fucking permeated through the thin walls of the transporter.

“Oh no, I think Daddy is fucking the groom again” she whispered to me “he choose this one himself after he caught Mummy with the last one”

“Wow” I replied “was the last groom male or female?”

“Male, of course, silly” she laughed “but she does swing both ways according to Daddy”

My cock throbbed as I thought about all the possibilities this family might offer a horny guy like me. She opened the side door and climbed up into the transporter. Slowly, very slowly, gaziantep escort ilanları she paused as she was almost in the door. I could see the outline of her pussy through the tight white jodhpurs. I just know she did that on purpose and I do appreciate a little cock tease every now and again. But this time, I knew the real McCoy wasn’t too far away. I climbed in after her.

“Oh really Daddy”, she exclaimed “you are going to get caught one of these days, you know”

“Hi princess” he replied with a breathy smile “is you Mummy still back at the car?”

“Yes” she replied. Her cool, almost dismissive tone was disappearing “Can I watch you two for a while? I may need a bit of warming up today and you two will definitely get me going. Oh, and by the way, this is John”

I stood there. Embarrassed. Not sure whether to shake someone’s hand or whip out my cock and bang the nearest female to me. Too late. Nicola was doing that for me. She slid her hand behind her and unzipped me. She exhaled gently when I cupped her breasts. She was wearing one of those sports bras so I had no idea just how big her tits might be until I got them out. Meanwhile, her dear ol’ Dad was banging the groom for all he was worth. Her ass rippled with each powerful thrust and her large tits dangled beneath her. Don’tcha just love to see a woman getting fucked hard from behind???

He was clinging to her narrow waist and flaring hips. His breathing was heavy and she was obviously loving every minute of it. Nicola squirmed as a squeezed her erect nipples. I could just about feel them through the thickness of the seamless sports bra. And she reciprocated by squeezing my cock and rubbing her ass against the thigh I had jammed between hers. She pulled one of my hands to her crotch and rubbed me against her hot pussy. I knew she wanted it bad. She had that “I need to be fucked right now” look and who was I to refuse a lady. It’s considered rude where I come from!!!

No fly. Hmmm, what the fuck is going on here? But then, I remembered. Women’s jodhpurs have buttons or zips on either side. I grasped both zips and pulled them downward. No easy job given the fact that her jodhpurs were almost sprayed on to her beautifully sculpted body. Yes, I bet Mom was a looker too! She turned to me. Urgently kissing me but keeping her hand firmly on my cock, she told me she need to be fucked immediately … no foreplay … no delays … “just get this thing into me now, big boy”

She turned around again, leaned forward and pressed her beautiful ass towards my crotch. I couldn’t resist. I knelt down behind her, pulled her hands down between her legs so she could not stand up and licked her dripping pussy. I licked her slit along each side and loudly kissed her ass. Her breathing became more laboured as I slid my saliva dripping tongue from clit to asshole. God, she tasted divine. I wondered if she’s cum quickly. I shouldn’t have bothered. She shook with a mini-orgasm and ordered me to fuck her NOW.

Her father looked up and opined “she’s a dirty little slut … just like her mother … just take her as you please, son” He momentarily stopped fucking the groom. Turning her around to face us, he re-positioned himself in her pussy in the doggy position. “This I just have to see” he exclaimed “she’s just back from college and is obviously in need of a proper fuck. The boys at her university are obviously not doing it right or often enough. Give her you best shot”

I kept hold of her hands. Clamping them together at the wrists, I slid them upwards and with my free hand, I slid my throbbing cock up and down her hot slot. She froze. Expecting to be penetrated, she held her breath and eased back against me once again.

“Aaaaagh”, she exclaimed “that’s the spot. Now fuck me hard”

I pressed against her. My cock met with some resistance, so I eased back and forth. She slowly opened up for me. Her love channel became more and more slimy. I gradually penetrated her fully. My cock was buried inside her and I began to establish a rhythm. Slowly at first, gently building up speed. Her father had by now re-commenced his fucking. The groom was a very pretty Swiss girl. I could see her swinging tits and large aureolae. Her hands pressed on her knees, she just stayed there and took all he was giving to her. I nearly came just looking at her. Her lower lip had fallen away from her upper lip. Her breathing was ragged and strained. I knew she was about to cum. And boy, did she cum! She broke into French, losing control completely. Nicola, meanwhile, was beginning to experience another orgasm. She built up to it quickly. I was in paradise. Her small hips and smooth bum cheeks slapped against me. I fucked her mercilessly, building up speed to the point where I was slam-fucking her. I felt that familiar feeling building up inside me. My balls tightened and I emptied a huge load into her. She screamed as I did so, muttering that she wanted to taste it and how she loved being filled with cum.

Her father wasn’t far behind me. The groom was wiggling her butt against him and speaking very quickly in French. He did not disappoint her. He held her close and squirted his load into her. She shook with pleasure. Wow, what a sight??? Nicola pulled up her thing panties and jodhpurs and tucked her white shirt into her high cut jods. She looked so beautiful. I had just fucked her and, in my haste, I hadn’t even got her tits out. Hmmm, I wondered if I’d get a second chance.

The groom and her father hurriedly dressed too. There was a bit of an embarrassed silence. Daddy broke the silence “Are you not going to invite John back for dinner later on this evening, Nicola? Its considered bad form if you don’t”.

“OK” she replied “but I’m not sharing him with Mummy. My last boyfriend had no strength left for me after she finished with him”. Her father laughed and the groom smiled, looking me right in the eye and winking at me.

“OK then, its settled … dinner at 7pm. Nicola will give you the address John” and he scrambled out of the horse transporter. I groped the groom’s heavy tits as she sidled past me. That drew another smile from her big, pouty lips. I had a feeling that diner was going to be interesting.

Nicola and I exchanged mobile phone numbers and I skipped off to my business meeting at 2pm. I got back to the show at 5pm and it was still going. The novice class was a large one and Nicola had one more round to go, having jumped clear in the first round on her best horse. The other horse was younger but inexperienced and he knocked a few poles on his way around. I was introduced to Nicola’s mother and she looked even sexier now that I knew they were a very highly sexed family indeed. She had deep brown eyes and dark hair, with very kissable lips. Needless to say, I was so looking forward to exploring them later on and I fantasised about how I might use them. Nicola was a very tense. She wanted to jump clear and get it over with. She obviously wanted more cock and made her feelings known to me in no uncertain manner by rubbing her hips, thighs and bum against me at every opportunity. Her mother saw her a few times and smiled knowingly at me. This made me throb even more than I should have.

“Nicola” she said “why don’t we get your horse ready for the next round now”

“OK” Nicola replied “but you’re not to wear him out before dinner”

I wondered about this “not so subtle” comment but I was quietly confident that I was about to “do Mummy” in the horse transporter after Nicola took her horse out. Nicola and I closed the ramp and I helped her mount the horse. I asked if she’d like me to watch her ride but she said that I had something else to do before she went into the arena. It then dawned on me … her mother was still in the horsebox!!!

I opened the side door and climbed in. This time, instead of Nicola being there to wait for me, it was her mother. Standing astride the doormat, she had raised her light dress above her knees. I could see she had no panties on. Had she removed them, or does she just not wear any? I thrust my face up into her naked pussy. She had a neatly trimmed pussy, smooth around the edges and carefully trimmed mound that would fit inside a thong. My tongue parted her wet pussy lips. She tasted so good. As good as her daughter. I licked for all I was worth and was rewarded when she began to cum. She told me she was thinking about the foursome that went on in the transporter earlier and wanted to join in but “someone had to mind the car”.

She held back her squeals and shook when she finally came. Her pussy shook and she tightened her thighs around my head. Pulling my head closer into her, she whispered “I am going to enjoy fucking you later”.

“What” I exclaimed “you’re NOT going to fuck me now?”

“No, I think Nicola wants you to see her ride and I know you’re going to need ALL the energy you’ve got later on, big boy” She thanked me for a wonderful orgasm and kissed me passionately. Rubbing my cock with her hand, she allowed me to grope her big tits through the dress. I could feel a huge pair of nipples beneath the thin fabric and she groaned when I pinched them.

“Oh God, I think I need you to fuck me now” she whined but pulled away and said “No, I promised Nicola that I wouldn’t take up too much of your time before dinner” I was devastated. My cock throbbed. I really wanted to fuck her. And I knew she could have gone a few rounds with me!

I tucked my cock into the upright position under my belt and beneath my navel. I didn’t want the world to see how hard I was. We walked back to the arena. Nicola was there. Patiently waiting for her turn, she sat astride her horse. She looked so beautiful. I wondered what she’d be like astride me. The groom stood by the front of the horse, still smiling from the doggy fuck she’d been subjected to earlier. Nicola’s dad was sitting in the car, impatient for dinner and the après fun’n’games to follow. We were all pleased to see Nicola jump another clear round and collect another rosette for her collection. They packed up and told me to follow them home. Nicola drove with me and groped my cock all the way home.

I helped them get the horses in from the transporter and into their stables. Nicola groomed one and the gorgeous Swiss groom did the other. I stood outside the stable, watching Nicola bend down and groom the horse’s legs. She knew I was watching and kindly pulled her jodhpurs up into her ass for me to ogle. I was as stiff as a board by the time I got back to the tack room. I was beside myself with lust. I pulled Nicola inside, bent her down beneath the saddle rack and ripped her jodhpurs down. Once again, she was dripping and I was in no mood to tease her this time. I plunged my cock into her. She gasped and pushed back hard against me. I fucked her remorselessly and she had several cums. She was howling, screaming blue fuck at me, telling me to “really give it to me” and “fuck me senseless”

This brought the groom to the tack room. She dropped her brushes and the bridle she was carrying. Stripping off her boots and jeans, she sat beside Nicola, spread her legs wide and stroked her dripping pussy until Nicola finally got the hint and went down on her. She wriggled in beside Nicola and then in front of her. Nicola’s orgasms got closer and closer together until she was just cumming continuously. The sight of the groom hauling up her loose tee shirt and displaying her large tits in front of me tipped me over the edge. I squirted what seemed like a gallon into Nicola’s well-fucked cunt. Her asshole seemed to wink at me and I withdrew my cock. My cum dribbled out and down her inside leg. The groom was not slow to react. She jumped up and licked my cum from her legs and pussy. If my cock was hard enough, I’d have fucked the groom as well. But hang on, the sight and sounds of Nicola in her post-coital bliss gave me a semi-hard on and I rubbed myself off the groom’s ass as she made sloppy sounds and gasps as she licked Nicola clean.

She wiggled her bottom in front of me invitingly. I could see a very wet pussy and asshole … covered in Nicola’s saliva and her own juices. It was too good an opportunity for me to miss. I stroked myself into another throbbing erection and slid into her. She was big down there. It was like fucking a bucket but it was soooo smooth. My cock felt like it was gliding in and out of her. She bucked her hips and wriggled sideways, encouraging me to make her cum as hard as Nicola. Meanwhile, Nicola had turned around and was verbally encouraging both of us. Wow, that girl had a dirty mouth! And she loved watching. The groom loved doggy style sex but had by now turned around and wrapped her legs around my ass. Her feet pulled me into her and Nicola popped open her front-opening bra. Her big nipples were now on full display again. Big, puffy areola topped by strong, erect nipples. I sucked on them in turn. She started to cum and Nicola cupped my balls with her petite hands. That was it. I squirted into her. I buried my cock all the way up to my balls. Staying there, I emptied myself into her.

“Wow” exclaimed Nicola “Mummy is really going to like you”

“Yes” said the groom “and her husband will just love watching you do her”

At this stage, I decided to formally introduce myself.

“Hi, I’m John” I said.

“Pleased to meet you John” she replied “My name is Andrea”

“And my name is Penelope” came another voice “and I am Nicola’s little sister. Nice cock John, I am looking forward to seeing a bit more of you around here. And so my friend Zoey”

I quickly turned around. Two teenage girls were in the doorway. Their jeans were down around their ankles and they were masturbating furiously. I completely forgot about my cock dangling in front of me and just stared at their shameless exhibition. They were looking at my flaccid cock and sweaty chest. They seemed to cum in unison. Wow, what a horny family!

“Come on you lot” said Nicola “we’d better get ready for dinner”

Hmmmmm, dinner??? Now there’s a thought. I wondered what was on the menu. And felt my cock twitch.

“By the way” added Nicola “this is my 19 year old little sister and her horny friend. They obviously not been able to find anyone today in the city and have come home looking for a little action. Looks like Dad gets to fuck 2 and you will have 3 horny women to satisfy later on. Fortunately, or unfortunately for you both, we also have a maid and a butler to help with the proceedings”.

More next time.

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