The Guitar Player Strikes Again

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My hands were on both of her breasts, thumbing her nipples as she moaned into my mouth in ecstasy. Our kiss intensified as I gently kneaded her luscious tits, pulling the tips outwards and squeezing both at the same time in a sensual manner. I really wanted to lower her body backward, towards the arm of my sofa so we could progress to what I really wanted, to fuck her pussy silly and sore. Umm!How did I get this fine woman into my hotel room, with the top of her strapless dress pulled down and me sucking on her lips and breasts? Well, it started during the last break my band took in the hotel lounge where we played five nights a week to great crowds that loved our sound.I was putting my guitar onto the stand when I felt a tug on my shirt and turning beheld a lovely, slightly overweight blonde woman with a slightly plump figure and gorgeous face. The green dress she wore displayed ample cleavage and her chest was pointing straight out at me and the nipples, well, they were too.I was enchanted, which was unusual for me as I generally was attracted to the thin, long-legged chicks with smaller tits. Her hair was slightly askew from dancing with her girlfriend and some guys, a gleam of perspiration shone on her neck and chest. A thirty-eight or forty C cup was my guess. If she was braless, her tits were in magnificent shape.Her legs were short and muscular under a small rounded ass, I think that was what really caught my attention as the dress barely covered it. Her pussy mound was pushing ever so slightly outwards, about six inches upwards from the hem of the short dress. The dress fit so well,  I suspected she was going commando or wore something very silky under her dress. Very sexy in a slutty way.“Hi, there!” I quipped as I smiled at her.“Hi yourself, Mr. Guitar Player!” Came a slightly inebriated reply from the lady. “Wanna come to sit with some girls that think y’all are great?” She smiled at me in a coy manner that made me think she did not usually act in this manner, forward and flirty.“We want to buy you a drink and maybe keep these guys away for a while.” Ankara escort She again smiled coyly. I remembered seeing her and a girlfriend dancing together, and the local boys, as usual, were hitting on them on the dance floor. Ah! A bodyguard!. Well for a free drink or two, I’d sit and run interference for them.“I have to hit the men’s room for a moment and then I’ll join you ladies, if that’s ok?” I stated.“Sure, just don’t take too long!” She actually giggled with a hand to her mouth.“Be right back.” And I made it to the urinal and let the lizard loose standing next to two local boys who were discussing the girls the way guys do.“I wanna fuck them both man, but the blonde is hot!” Said one.“Yeah, I know,” said the other, “I’ll take either one!”Smiling to myself, I walked out, knowing that the chances were slim to none with these girls. I washed my hands quickly and left.I walked straight up to the girl’s table, and grinning my best ‘I’m on break but available smile’ and said, “Ladies, Jack is at your disposal.”“Wash your hands, handsome?” Her friend smiled up at me from her chair. They laughed at the lame joke.“Well, I didn’t pee on them but yes, I washed them well.” The girls laughed together, the ice was broken and I sat down between the plump blonde and an older version of her. Maybe a sister?The local boys were walking down the aisle and stopped, and seeing me, they asked the girls, “ Hey! y’all wanna dance?”Looking at each other for a moment, the blonde turned to the guys and said, “Not right now. We want to talk with our guitar player, don’t we, Sam? Maybe in a while.”The guys looked at each other, then at me and walked away. I heard one say to the other, “Lucky bastard!” He was so right.“Well, Sam, how are you?” I asked, and turning to the blonde. “And you are?” offering her my hand.“I am Victoria, but please call me Vickie!” Smiling that very pretty and sexy smile, she took my hand and I felt a spasm go straight thru my tummy to my dick. Oh, such a great start! I love the tickle my dick gets when he wants attention.They Ankara escort bayan had already gotten me a highball and we all toasted together and drank.  We began to talk about the music, the band, the beach, and their history. Sam was a teacher and single, she was Victoria’s best friend. Vickie, also a teacher, was recently divorced and celebrating her birthday so I leaned over to her and kissed her cheek.“Happy birthday, Vickie, can I have a dance before the night is over?” I am so direct at times.“I’d love a nice slow dance with you!” Vickie kissed me back and draining her glass said, ”This one is perfect! Come on Jack, it’s just starting.” She wobbled slightly to the dance floor. It was so cute and oh so sexy.The song was indeed perfect, putting her hands behind my neck, Vickie pulled me close and began a sensuous, hip-swaying dance against my body. It was obvious she was enjoying pleasure she hadn’t had in a while My cock was quick to rise at the pleasurable friction of her tummy. My senses were at high alert and grabbed at every sensation they received. I held her tighter and sighing into her ear whispered, “you feel and smell so wonderful, lady, thank you for the dance. Maybe later we can have another?”“I’d love that, Jack.”Vickie pulled her lips to mine and gently kissed them. I poked my tongue against her lips and opening her mouth slightly, poked my tongue against hers and we kissed passionately.  Her large breasts flattened against my chest and I felt the nipples harden. I wanted to grab her ass and hump her right there! Her dress and my shorts were going to get very wet at this pace.The song faded, but not the kiss. We separated reluctantly.Realizing we were the only couple on the floor, we walked off. Vickie pulled me close and put her head on my chest. “Thank you, Jack.”Pulling away, I said, ”You are so beautiful! I would love to continue that kiss later if possible.”“Me too.” Victoria walked as if in a dream state… So did I.We walked back to her table where I saw the two locals sitting with a smiling Sam. Escort Ankara I left Vickie at her seat and nodding at the guys said, “I have to  get back to work folks, but I shall return!” Too soon it was time to get back on the bandstand and perform.The last set went by very slowly for me. I was continuously watching in the direction of Vickie and Sam. They continued to drink and talk with the two locals and Sam danced on and off with the guys.  Vickie never got up, even when one guy tried pulling her up by the hand. Shaking her head, I saw her lips emphatically say no, pointing in my direction. The guy went and danced with Sam and his friend. Sam was having a great time. Vickie looked dreamily towards me.I announced her birthday and everyone sang to her. I think she was embarrassed but took the drinks sent to her table by several admirers. I must have sung half the set to her and dedicated two love songs to her.Finally, the set was over and we put away our stuff and prepared to leave the stage. Turning, I saw Vickie standing there, swaying slightly as if she had drunk a little too much. She did smile and offering me her hand, pulled me to the dance floor where another slow song was playing.“Another birthday dance?” Vickie slurred slightly but was determined to have her dance.“My pleasure, lady!” I reached for her hand and into my arms, She settled against me without a sound until I wrapped her in my arms tightly, she sighed with contentment. “ooh, you feel so good Jack!”“You too, Vickie.” As my hands pulled her tighter. My arousal was obvious to us both.Again those big round boobs were announcing their presence and I felt her rub them oh so subtly against me, her nipples hardening with every motion. My erection was quickly growing, my breath quickening. We stopped dancing and once more sought each other’s lips and tongues. Our eyes were closed as the passion we were generating swept over us.Vickie’s mouth was warm and wet, and with the taste of alcohol aroused me to the near point of no return right there on the dance floor. We stopped dancing and just held on and moved our genitals slowly against each other. Vickie pressed her pussy harder against me and I returned the movement. We were practically having sex standing in the middle of the floor. My hands reached for her ass to pull her even tighter against my cock, our breathing quickened together.

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