The good old days…

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The good old days…I know that they will probably never be relived again in the same manner, but the memories are CERTAINLY still there. Always a believer of quality over quantity, my sex life and experiences seem to reflect that; so here is the 1st. of 3 true stories that while some of my partners names have slipped my mind, I still relive the events in my mind!First Time: No, not me losing my virginity…but the first time that a man’s cock found it’s way into my mouth. Ok, let me explain…A girlfriend that I was dating at the time who I had met online about 6 or 7 years ago in Baltimore, MD had me over to her place for dinner one night. I knew that she was very open-minded sexually, but when she showed me the strap-on dildo in her nightstand drawer, I just had to find out what her intentions were…lol! If she planned on using it on me well she had to know that I don’t enjoy anything in my ass except maybe a tongue or finger…lol! As it turned out, she had a male friend who enjoyed having her dominate him but that all that they did together. He never fucked her, but only wanted her to peg him. I had only ever seen videos of guys getting pegged and the thought bahis firmaları of seeing it in person turned me on somewhat, so I asked her to have him over when I was there for dinner and we discuss it. A week or two later I was back at her place again and he arrived. We had dinner, made small talk and afterwards all sat down on the couch in the living room and had some wine. Nancy was seated next to me and shortly we started kissing, touching each other and he started rubbing my chest, arms and legs…I had no idea that he was into me until then. It was weird at first, but I was curious to see where this was going. We got up and headed into her bedroom where she and I continued kissing, sitting down on the edge of her bed. Her friend started getting undressed laying down on the bed while I began undressing her. My cock was so hard by now and I could feel the precum getting my underwear damp. After sucking on her big, huge tits and nipples I pulled her underwear down and started licking her inner thighs working my way up to her sweet pussy and engorged lips. I felt a hand on my belt, undoing it and my zipper pulled opened, my shorts and underwear dropping kaçak iddaa to my ankles while eating her sweet, wet pussy making her start to shake and shudder. While on my knees between her legs I felt a warm mouth taking in my cock, first the head then the shaft…OMG, it felt great! After Nancy orgasmed, she told him to get up on the bed and lay on his stomach. I just knelt there watching what was going to happen next, my cock still throbbing and wet from his mouth; she slowly got the strap-on out of her nightstand and began strapping it around her hips. She leaned over and starting licking his legs, ass checks and lower back, then moved her mouth back down to his balls and asshole. I had the perfect view and was too excited to do anything right then. She spent what seemed like an hour licking his balls and asshole while he moaned and begged her to fuck him. She pulled him up so that he was on his hands and knees and started to slide that huge dildo into his wet asshole. WOW, what a site and she slowly began inserting more and more of it into him; I could see that his cock was now thick and hard, pointed straight out. I wanted to taste her pussy some more so kaçak bahis laid down on the bed next to him while placing my head under her thrusting hips and pussy. His balls brushed my face as she pumped inside him, I had accidentally licked them during the whole ordeal, but he moaned to keep doing it so I kept licking them while stroking her clit at the same time. This went on for awhile when all of a sudden he had repositioned himself so that his cock was right there in my face and within reach of my mouth. Ok, curiousity got the best of me and I licked the precum from his cock head, licked his thick shaft all of the way to his balls and then opened my mouth to allow him to insert his cock if he wanted to. He did just that and thank god that he wasn’t very long as I gagged from the girth alone, but wanted to keep going…I guess that the prostate massage that she was giving him was doing the trick as the next thing I knew, he yelled “I’m cumming” and pulled out of my mouth and shot his warm load all over my chest and stomach. We all laid there in silence trying to calm down from the feverish pace and after awhile when he left for home, Nancy and I made love for hours and talked about the night. Unfortunately, I relocated to Texas after that and it never happened again. But for my first time, WOW it was memorable; and I’ll always remember Nancy and the great times that we shared.

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