The Good Neighbor

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The Good NeighborSummer! For someone still in school this is a magical time!You get to sleep in and stay up as late as you like. You can go with your friends or stay home. Mom and Dad would be at work all day so I could look forward to surfing the net watching some porn and jacking off to my heart’s content. Yes, summer vacation was going to be the best!Then reality hit.“Jason, get down here!” I heard my mom yellDamn it what the hell does she want now? I strolled down the stairs waiting to hear what my mom wanted from me on my first day of summer.“Jason, you are not going to sit around here all day. My friend Mrs. Robinson is moving into the house down the street and you are going to help her get her stuff organized and put away. Those damn movers never do it right and right now she is living in a house full of packed boxes.”“Mom, do I have to? Shit today is my first day with no school! I just wanted to chill out.”“Watch your language young man! Mrs. Robinson is going through some tough times right now with her jerk husband leaving her for the little slut secretary of his. Imagine a man almost forty chasing some little twenty-something girl!” Mom had a tendency to ramble “Besides she said she would pay your $50 to help her out.”Well a guy my age could always use a little extra cash. Maybe this would not be too bad.“Ok Mom, I’ll get ready.”Within a half an hour we arrived at Mrs. Robinson’s house which was just about a mile from where we lived. The moving van was just leaving as we got out of the car. Mrs. Robinson was on the porch as we walked up. I immediately began to feel better about having to help out as I saw that Mrs. Robinson was at least ten years younger than my mom. She was not like the hottie cheerleaders I went to school with and jacked off thinking about so many times. But she was good looking with big tits and a nice ass that her cutoffs were showing off so well. She had blond hair and the most stunning blue eyes I had ever seen.“Hi Linda! Is this my helper for the day?” She asked my mother as we walked up“Susan! It is so good to see you moving into the neighborhood! Yes, this is Jason and he will do whatever you tell him!” She then looked at me and said “That’s right isn’t it Jason?” “Yeah Mom, I’ll be good,”Susan put me to work sorting through boxes. I was pretty quickly bored except when she walked in the room and smiled and looked me in the eyes with those sexy blue eyes. I determined that I was going to jack off thinking of her as soon as I could.I was up in her bedroom when I opened yet another moving box. I was shocked when I opened the photo album that I found to see Susan Robinson nude in the very first picture. As I slowly looked through the photos I got to see more and more of Susan and I quickly determined that she was hot. My cock stiffened and I had to pull it out of my pants and started stroking it and looking at the sexy photos of Susan. I apparently lost track of time and was quickly approaching an orgasm.“Well what is going on here?” Susan Robinson asked as she stepped into the roomIt was too late for me as my first rope of sperm hit the floor as I stroked my cock. I could not believe the feeling of both pleasure and fear that I felt as my balls emptied their cum all over the floor. I looked to see Susan looking at me with my cock in my hand.She turned her back and walked out of the room as my cum shot out of my cock. All I could think was oh fuck how much trouble am I in!I tried to think of what to do but finally all I could think of was to beg her not to tell my mom. It was a long shot but what else could I do. I walked down stairs and looked at her and could not help but think how sexy she was.“Sorry about….” I started but she held up her hand“Jason, it’s Ok! I am sorry about interrupting you.” She said and I could see that çankaya escort she was blushingWe just looked at each other and I could sense the tension in the room.“Jason, I should have looked through those boxes myself. I knew that those pictures were there. I know that once you saw….” She started but then stopped “I know how young guys are. I know that you can be so easily turned on. I had brothers at home. I certainly know about how they jack off.” she smiledAll I could do was look at the floor.“Please don’t tell my mom.” I begged“Oh No! I wouldn’t do that Jason. I said I understood. You’re a young man and well you can be turned on by seeing a naked woman, even and older woman like me.” She saidI looked at her to see her looking at me with a question on her mind.“Let’s get back to work. Would you help me down here?”I went back to work but my mind wandered back to seeing her naked in those pictures. I could see her tight ass and firm tits with those large brownish pink nipples. I could also see the look of lust in her eyes. My eyes kept sneaking glances of her. I could see some of her cleavage as she bent over to look into the box or even better I would look at her tight ass as she bent over. All of a sudden I was aware that my cock was hard and very visible. I tried to hide it but I was well aware that Susan was looking at my cock which was so well outlined in my shorts.Finally she looked at me and said “I think we both need a break. Take seat on the couch and I will be right back” She left the room as I sat back on the couch. In just a few minutes she returned and I knew immediately what she had in her hands. It was the photo album along with a tube of something.“It’s obvious that you enjoyed looking at this. I think you should take a more careful look.” She said as she opened up the album to a picture of her with her legs spread wide showing her shaved pussy which was wet and her nipples were rock hard.My cock was hard as a rock! I kept looking at the picture and then back to her. She had those sexy blue eyes. I could feel myself being pulled into her every time I looked into her eyes. I looked back at the photo. She flipped the page to another with her ass pointed at the camera and she was looking back over shoulder.“My X-husband loved to take sexy pictures of me. Perhaps you would like this one even better?” she said as she flipped to another photo of her nude but sucking a cock.“OH GOD!” I moaned“It’s Ok. Pull your cock out and stroke it.” She whisperedI looked back into those deep blue eyes and I knew that it was ok. I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out and started stroking it. Susan flipped through the album as I stroked my cock. “Try this Jason.” She said as she opened the tube she brought with her and squeezed some lube on my cock.It was a new experience as I felt my cock slide in and out of my grip. I looked at Susan and she smiled at me and flipped to a photo of her with a cock half way in her pussy.“Do you like seeing me getting fucked while you stroke your cock, Jason?” She asked“YESSSSSS!” I could not believe the way my cock felt“You have a nice dick for a guy your age.” She said as she stared at my cock as my hand pumped up and down“Not so fast Jason! Here let me help you.” She said as she reached over and too my cock in her hand “You see nice and slow with just a little variation makes the pleasure better and you will last longer.”My eyes moved from the hot pictures of Susan to my cock which hand her hand wrapped around it. I could see her long nails that were painted red. I could smell her body next to me. I could feel her tit pressed against my arm as she stroked my cock.“OOOOOOOHHHHH” was all I could get out“It’s ok Jason if you need to cum go ahead.” I moaned as it was all too much. Sperm shot from cebeci escort my cock and hit half way across the room. My balls felt like they were trying to come right up my cock.“OH MY! SHOOT IT BABY! Cum for me!” I heard Susan scream as my sperm splattered on the floorI rolled my eye back. Crap I just shot my sperm all over this woman’s living room.“WOW Jason that was a big load!” Susan saidWe sat there for a while with nothing being said. Then she moved and looked at me.“Alright, we had some fun but now we need to get back to work.” She saidFor the next several hours we worked away at organizing the contents of the boxes. I could not help but stare at her wonderful body and even though she had clothes on I could see her naked. She looked over at me and smiled.“I think you are ready for another break.” She signaled for me to set downShe reached of the album and started showing me pictured of her again. Every time I looked at her she was looking at my crotch.“Would you like to pull your cock out again?”I did not bother to answer but unzipped my pants and pulled my hard cock out. I started stroking again.“Can I have some more of that lube?” I asked“No need for that.” Susan said as she spat on my cock giving me some natural lube. “Does that feel better Jason?”“Fuck yes!” I said as I stroked my cock faster.“Don’t go too fast!” She said as her hand came over my own and slowed me down. Then she pushed my hand away and took my cock in her hand. Susan stroked my cock and would occasionally bend over it and spit on it. My arm found its way around her waist and I could feel her body. I got bold and let my hand cup her tit and squeeze it.She looked up at me again and I could see that she was thinking hard about something. Then she said “Don’t tell your Mom.” She then leaned over and suck my cock into her hot mouth.What feeling! I could feel her tongue working my cock as her lips slid up and down. I could even feel her breath on my thigh as her head went down on my cock. She came back off it and stroked it slowly with her hand and stared at it. Then her tongue darted out and licked some of the pre-cum dripping from my pee hole. Then her mouth would slowly slide back down my cock. Once at the base of my cock she would alternate sucking in and then releasing. Then she would slowly come back up my cock while turning her head side to side. This made my cock feel like it was in a washing machine and her tongue was the agitator. “I think I need a better angle to make your cock really pop!” she said as she slide to her knees in front of me “So is this the first time your cock has been sucked?”“YESSSSS! Please don’t stop!” I moaned“I would not even think of stopping! You have a wonderful cock and I am going to make you cum and then I’m going to swallow all that wonderful sperm!”She then spent the next few minutes looking me in the eyes with those sexy blue eyes as she lick my cock. I was absolutely transfixed as I watched her tease my with tongue and kissing the head and then devouring my pre-cum as it kept oozing out. She then made a show out of sucking my balls and then she licked my asshole.“I’m such slut! I want your cum Jason and I want it now but when you cum put your hand on the back of my head. That just turns me on so much! Promise ME!”“Yes, Susan I really need to cum my balls are going to explode!” and I really meant it! She started pumping my cock with her mouth. I watched and suddenly I reached and held her head as I felt my cock jerk. I knew that I was pumping a lot of cum into her mouth. Fuck this was so much better than jacking off. I could hear Susan as she moaned as her mouth filled with my young cum. I could feel her swallow but my cock kept pumping. Finally I knew that I was done and I leaned back and looked at her as she continued demetevler escort to lick and kiss the cum from my dick.“So did you enjoy that?” she asked“Fuck yes! That was awesome!”“Good now it is your turn to help me out because I need an orgasm too! I think you need to learn to eat pussy. Are you ready to try it?” she smiled as she stood up and slipped off her tight cutoffs and then she removed her top and bra. She moved onto the couch and laid back.“Ok help me by taking off my panties.”I put my fingers inside the waist band and started to pull them down. I was captivated by the sight of my very first real live pussy. She was shaved and the lips on her pussy were swollen. She laid back and spread her legs wide and the spread open the lips letting me see her fuck hole and her clit. I could see she had juices all over and dripping down her slit.“Lick my clit Jason. That little nub right here.” She said pointing me in the right direction.My tongue flicked across the clit and her hips jerked. I was amazed at the taste. It was hard to describe but I wanted more. I licked again and she moaned. I looked at her pussy and the up at her. I could see she was going crazy with passion. I lowered my mouth back down and licked her clit harder but then I licked down her pussy lips. Her hips pushed her pussy into my face and her hands cradled my head.“That’s right baby! That is how you eat pussy! Keep going I need to cum so bad! Eat my pussy baby!”I slide my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy whole and I fucked it in and out. My hands reached up and grabbed her big firm tits and I rubbed her nipples. I could hear her moaning and groaning. Her hands were grabbing the couch so hard I thought she was going to tear the fabric off. The her orgasm hit her and she started screaming but it was nothing but lustful passion.I licked her pussy as her orgasm subsided. I leaned back and looked her in the eyes. “So did I do ok?”“Oh Baby that was fantastic. I have not had my pussy eaten in six months.” She smiled but then she saw my cock was fully erect.“Jason, do you want fuck me?”I looked at her pussy and decide I was not even going to answer. I moved between her legs and she grabbed my cock and guided me into her hot wet pussy. I felt the head pop in. It felt better than anything. I pushed and my cock slide into her while she moaned and then grabbed my ass. My cock could feel her pussy tighten around it. I started to move my cock in and out of her pussy. I looked in her eyes and knew she wanted me to keep going,“Don’t hold back Jason. Fuck me hard! I like it real hard!” gripped my ass and pulled and pushed me to get to the rhythm she wanted. I could feel her pussy juice flowing down to my balls. I looked down at my cock sliding in and out and shining with pussy juice.“Fuck me Jason! Make me your slut! Make your whore! I will love your cock forever! OH GOD I’M Cumming again!” her hands gripped my butt even harder but I just kept pumping my cock into her.I could feel my cum starting to work its way up my dick. It would not be long before I blew my load.“Susan, I need to cum!” I yelled“Cum in my pussy! I need your cum in my fucking cunt!”That was all I needed as my cock pumped sperm into her willing pussy! I collapsed on top of her.We were laying there kissing and cuddling when her phone range. She reached over and answered.“Hi Linda! Yes, Jason has been a big help today. Ok we will see you in ten minutes.” She looked at me “well you better get dressed your mom is on her way. We hurried up and got dressed and cleaned up. Just before my mom arrived Susan held out her panties that she had on earlier.“You might need these to jack off on latter tonight.” She said and gave me a sexy smileMy mom knocked on the door and came in. She and Susan chatted and then she said we had to be going. “Linda, Could Jason come over and help me out again tomorrow?”“Well that would be fine with me. It would probably keep him out of trouble as well.”As we started towards the car I turned back and licked my lips! Susan smiled. Summer was going to fucking fantastic and it was!The End

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