The Good Girl Without Limits Part 13

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Sometimes in life, you are given opportunities that require you to make a choice. There are good choices, bad choices, and then there are choices that you just didn’t think through. This story is about the latter.The air was hot and dry in sunny Las Vegas, but Cody and Elise weren’t feeling it’s scorching heat as they floated in the lazy river of the MGM Grand. It was Christmas time, so the hotel was almost empty. These two were not complaining though.Like most young passionate couples whose relationship is opposed by their parents, they did something reckless and rebellious. For Cody, this wasn’t that unusual. He was the spontaneous type that liked to live his life like it was a movie. If he saw an opportunity he had to blindly jump at it without even considering the consequences.Elise, on the other hand, was the good girl in the most stereotypical ways: straight A student, part of the church choir, public service enthusiasts, and head of the student council. She was smart, beautiful, innocent, and saving herself for marriage.Have you figured out why they were in Vegas yet?As different as they were, Cody and Elise really were the perfect match. Like sweet and sour, or peanut butter and jelly, or milk and cookies, you get the point. They complemented each other perfectly. Every flaw matched with the other’s strength. Unfortunately, at a glance, this was not that obvious.Cody’s parents adored Elise as most parents would. She was the dream daughter in law. Elise’s parents, however, they were not as thrilled. They didn’t object because Cody was some kind of bad guy, but because they wanted Elise to marry someone with a slightly bigger bank account… and a yacht…This infuriated Elise and her “make my own choices”-attitude. She was a strong believer in romance and she knew in her heart that Cody was the one, ever since the first day they met in high school. So when Cody proposed to her, she didn’t hesitate to accept.When they went home for the Christmas break, they announced their engagement. Elise’s parents, however, condemned their union. They were infuriated and forbade Elise from ever seeing Cody again.In line with Cody’s reckless nature, he proposed a reckless idea to Elise.“Let’s elope!” exclaimed Cody as if struck by an epiphany.“What?” Elise replied confused.“Let’s go to Vegas right now and get married!”“But…” Elise said as she stared at the ground.Elise had always imagined a big beautiful wedding with all her friends and family. She didn’t want to have the most special day if her life in some tacky pink chapel off the Vegas strip, but the argument she had just had with her parents made her actually consider it. Overwhelmed with emotions, she was unable to think clearly. In that heated moment, every single crazy thing Cody said sounded romantic and wonderful.“Look, Elise,” said Cody as he held onto Elise’s hands and looked deep into her eyes. “I love you more than anything, and there is nothing I want more than to be your husband. I want to spend my entire life with you and I won’t let anyone get in the way of that, not even your parents. So… if you feel the same way about me, then say yes.”Elsie stared into Cody’s eyes as her heart started beating wildly in her chest. Her palms felt sweaty as she clenched his hands and took a deep breath.“Okay, yes! Let’s do it,” she said nervously yet still confidently.This wasn’t like her at all but with everything she was feeling, she didn’t care. She wanted Cody more than anything and she wasn’t going to let her parents dictate her life.We can still have a big wedding later, but my parents Şerifali Escort won’t be able to stop us because it will already be too late, she thought to herself.“Okay?” Cody replied, unable to believe what he was hearing.“Yes! Now let’s go before I start thinking clearly and change my mind!” She giggled before kissing him passionately.Cody dug into his savings account and booked the trip immediately. They got on the first plane to Vegas. The very first thing they did when they left the airport was head to the nearest chapel and tied the knot.By the way, it was just as tacky as you would think. The altar was a big red heart and the minister was dressed as Hugh Hefner. And so the newlyweds drifted in the lazy river, drinking watered down margaritas. While Elise was willing to rush into getting married, she wasn’t able to rush into sex. Their first night, they made out for hours since she got cold feet. The second night, she gave him a hand job, but still no sex.Cody tried to be patient but was still frustrated. Unlike Elise, Cody wasn’t a virgin. He had spent a drunken night with the girl from down the hall in his freshman year of college. It was a one-time thing, but something Cody was very eager to repeat.He decided to go all out tonight and planned a spectacular date. He made a reservation at one of the nicest restaurants on the strip and got them tickets to a Vegas magic show. He was confident that this would be just what was needed to set the mood.Silly boy. They didn’t bring many clothes with them in their haste, so jeans and a black t-shirt was the nicest thing Cody had to wear. Elise, however, had a very cute white summer dress with a pink floral pattern. It complimented her lightly tanned skin and her auburn hair perfectly.It was still a good thing for both of them that the restaurant was almost empty as it was certainly a suit and tie type of place.They enjoyed their romantic dinner together and headed to the magic show. The auditorium was almost empty, so they decided to sit right up at the front.The lights went dim and the opening acts started. They were mostly just street performers but it was still entertaining. Finally, the last of the opening acts came on the stage.“Good evening, Ladies and gentlemen! I am Mysterious Myron the Mentalist!” The man shouted.After watching a blockbuster magic movie, Cody became very curious about hypnosis. He was skeptical but still intrigued. He wasn’t sure if he believed it or not but he needed to see for himself.Myron did a few basic mentalist tricks and then started talking about hypnosis. He was incredibly convincing so when he asked for a volunteer, Cody quickly jumped at the opportunity. However, he didn’t volunteer himself.“Pick my wife! This girl right here!” Cody shouted jumping around enthusiastically.Elise was incredibly shy and grabbed at Cody’s pants in an attempt to make him sit down, but it was too late.“Yes! You two at the front! Please come on the stage,” Myron said.Cody excitedly grabbed Elise’s hand and quickly ripped her out of the seat. She tried to resist but eventually just gave up after a couple of futile attempts.“And what are your names?” Myron asked as the couple approached him.“I’m Cody and this is my girl… I mean wife, Elise.”“Oh, congratulations. Did you get married in Vegas?” Myron asked.“Yes,” Cody replied.“Fantastic, I hope Hugh gave you both a nice ceremony?”“Yes, he… wait, how did you…?” Cody began to start wondering how he would know about the Hugh Hefner minister.Myron simply tapped his nose and moved over to Elise.“Have Şerifali Escort Bayan you ever been hypnotized before?” he asked her.“Uh…no,” Elise replied timidly.“Perfect!” Myron shouted as he placed one hand on the back of her head, and snapped his fingers with the other, right in front of her face.Her head instant drooped down and her eyes closed.Cody waved his hand in front of her face, still skeptical if she was actually hypnotized. Elise was not the type to believe in this sort of thing, so there was no way she would just be playing along. Cody was shocked that she was not responding in any way.Myron held the mic to Cody’s mouth, “Okay, young man, now you can ask her anything you want. So ask away.”Cody thought for a moment but was unable to come up with anything clever or significant.“Do you really love me?” Cody asked.Myron moved the mic in front of Elise.“Yes, more than anything,” she said almost incoherently.Cody smiled and asked another question, “Have you ever cheated on me?”“Never,” she replied again in that dreary tone.A big grin crossed over Cody’s face as he realized the perfect question, “Are we going to have sex tonight?”Cody held his breath as he waited for her reply.“I’m not sure, but probably not,” Elise replied again.Cody’s grin instantly vanished as he was overcome with disappointment.Myron looked at him sympathetically and made another proposal, “Ouch! Well, you can’t win them all, champ, but how about this, you tell me one thing you want me to program in her and I’ll get it done for you.”Cody contemplated this offer. It sounded kinda evil but this was the perfect opportunity to change the only thing he didn’t like about their relationship.“Okay…” said Cody as if trying to convince himself to follow through. “I want her to be unable to refuse any sexual request!” he finally shouted confident in his decision.Myron looked at him with a raised eyebrow, “any sexual request?” he asked confirming the request.Myron was able to see the obvious holes in the simplicity of this request, but he didn’t care to argue.“Yes! Any sexual request!” Cody shouted excitedly.Myron shrugged and rolled his eyes, “Okay, whatever you say.”Myron placed his hand behind her head and once again snapped his fingers.“You will wake when I count to three, and when you wake you will be unable to refuse any sexual request. Not only will you be unable to refuse but you will enjoy it. Do you understand?”Elise nodded, “yes, I understand.”“Okay now one, two, three,” he said as he snapped his fingers again and patted her back.Elise raised her head and seemed to be back to her normal self.“Why are you both looking at me?” she asked confused. “Are we still doing this?”Cody was shocked that she didn’t remember anything.“It’s already over,” Myron said to her. “Cody, why don’t you make a request?”Cody nodded, “Elise, kiss me.”“Sure,” Elise said as she stepped over to Cody and kissed him on the lips.Cody was already in shock because that was very unlike her. She had a very big issue with public displays of affection. They would usually cause her to turn into a bashful strawberry. Cody had to push this a little further.“Elise, french kiss me.”“Of course,” Elise replied enthusiastically before grabbing Cody’s face and shoving her tongue in his mouth. It was a very sensual and passionate kiss.The kiss ended and Cody’s jaw was on the floor. This was the most amazing thing he had ever experienced and all he wanted to do was see how far he could go with this.“Elise, grab my crotch!” Cody shouted.“Okay,” Elise replied Escort Şerifali and she reached out and grabbed the bulge in his pants.Myron quickly swept in and pulled her hand away. “Okay, folks, this is a family show,” he said chuckling.The audience applauded and Myron thanked them as they headed back to their seats.The magic show started but Cody couldn’t pay attention. All he could think of was what they were going to do next. Elise enjoyed the show a lot though and was brought on stage again to volunteer for one of the tricks.That night back at the hotel, Elise started removing her makeup while Cody laid on the bed.“Hey, Elise? What do you remember from the mentalist show?” Cody asked curiously.“Not a lot, he didn’t do anything. Was stupid if you ask me. You don’t really believe in that stuff do you?” she replied.“I don’t know, you were out for a bit actually,” Cody replied.“What? I was?” Elise asked as she popped her head around the bathroom door to look at Cody.“Yeah, do you remember kissing me on stage?”“Yeah,” she replied confused.“And grabbing my dick on stage?”“Uh… yeah…?” she replied again seemingly unaware at what Cody was getting at.“And you didn’t think that was weird?”Elise stopped and thought for a moment. Her eyes went wide as she started to realize how embarrassing that was. The anxiety of doing that on stage finally started to hit her.“Oh… my… god! What did you do?!” she yelled.Cody was shocked by her reaction and decided it was best not to tell her everything.“I uh… I just asked him to get you to kiss me on stage,” he said hoping to calm her down.He realized that she was only fine with it if she didn’t realize that she doesn’t like it.“Are you for real? You know I hate P.D.A,” she replied more calmly but still clearly upset.“Ya, sorry,” he said as he laid back on the bed.“It’s okay, it’s not a big deal I guess,” she replied as she began brushing her teeth.Cody thought about waiting before he made another request but his curiosity got the better of him.“Hey, Elise? I want you to get naked,” he requested cautiously.“Yeah okay,” she replied before setting her toothbrush down.Cody instantly shot up to watch. Elise reached for the bottom of her dress and pulled it up and over her head. She then pushed down her strapless bra before spinning it around and undoing the claps. Finally, she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slid them down before kicking them away with her feet.Cody couldn’t believe his eyes. He had seen her naked before but on very rare occasions. He was mesmerized while he observed her tight naked body while she casually continued brushing her teeth. Her breasts were a perfect and perky handful and her dark pink nipples just screamed to be sucked on. His eyes drifted down her flat stomach and over to her cute round butt that he so desperately wanted to bite. She was the image of perfection.Cody was in heaven and needed more. His newfound power over her went straight to his head and he couldn’t help but take advantage.“Elise, you are beautiful, you know that?” Cody said sincerely as he admired his beautiful wife.“Awe thanks, sweetie,” Elise responded after spitting out her toothpaste.“Hey, babe?”“Yeah?” she said before stepping out from the bathroom.“I want you to finger yourself.”“Alright,” Elise said as she brought two fingers to her mouth and sucked on them.Cody’s eyes went wide as Elise brought her now wet fingers between her legs and slowly started working them inside herself. Her mouth went wide as she found her rhythm. Starting very slow and then a bit faster and harder as her body got into it.Cody pulled out his cock and began stroking himself as he watched the show in front of him. It was incredibly sexy but Elise was quiet, with only the odd whimper, and heavy breath escaping.“Don’t try to be quiet, I want to hear your pleasure,” Cody said still working his rod.

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