The Girl Next Door

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The Girl Next DoorIntroI currently live in a 2 story apartment complex and have lived here for approximately 7 years or so. A few years ago a single female tenant moved next door to my apartment on the 2nd floor and declared to have a huge crush on me. She left anonymous love letters on my door every night explaining her attraction and sex desires towards me, but never came forward. I found out she was writing them because when ever we crossed paths she got very nervous and avoided eye contact. I started to write back and left responding letters on my own door the mornings after, before going to work. I was not really attracted to her and played along as if I didn’t know who she was. I wrote and requested for her to come forward, to knock on my door instead of all the letters so we could talk, but she responded that she was too shy and never confronted me the entire time. Eventually, I lost interest in responding and after a few letters with no response, she stopped writing me. The story below is inspired by true events but created with mostly fantasy and imagination. This is a short story with a similar scenario about a very attractive and busty neighbor with an incredible connection amongst tenants that lead to lust and desire. I call it “The Girl Next Door” so here it goes… Enjoy!The Girl Next DoorIt is early November, winter is near so the cold weather is beginning to be felt in the atmosphere. I wake up to a beautiful Saturday morning, the sky is clear and its a bit chilly outside. I go into the kitchen of my apartment and make my morning coffee to start my day. Once the coffee is ready, I grab my cup and decide to go into the balcony of my apartment complex building to relax a bit. I drink the hot beverage and gaze into the sky as the cold breeze hits my face. A few minutes pass and I notice a beautiful raven woman carrying 3 sturdy boxes. She is gorgeous; early 20’s, athletic physique, long straight black hair, white pale skin, no make up, big beautiful hazel eyes, sexy long legs, bodacious ass, and incredible huge natural breasts. The boxes seem heavy judging by her slow pace. I immediately ask if she needs help, she answers “its alright, Im fine”, but I insist in helping. I grab the 2 top boxes off of her hands and ask her where she is taking them. She points to the 2nd floor and we begin to walk up the stairs. We introduce ourselves and I ask which apartment number she resides in. She answers me and with a smirk on my face I reply, “Wow you’re my new next door neighbor”. She smiles, and responds, “Lucky me”! We both giggle as we walk up the stairs. We stand in front of her door, she then puts the 1 box down so she can reach into the pocket of her tight blue jeans and search for the key. The door is opened and I step into the empty apartment to place the 2 boxes down. I ask if she has any more heavy boxes I can help her with, but she states that the rest are light and could manage on her own. I respond, “Well, Im right next door if you need anything”. She then stares into my eyes and smiles, “Thank you, you’re so sweet!” I then walk off with a big smile on my face and head into my apartment, grab my coffee cup, and continue to relax on the balcony thinking about the girl next door. A week has passed asyabahis and Saturday returns with a bit of rain. I stay cozy inside with the heater on and decide to stay in and make the best of the stormy weather. I turn on my computer to watch some good ol’ porn, when all of a sudden I hear a knock at my door. I turn the computer screen off and spy through the peephole in my door. It was the girl next door, I immediately rush into the closet throw on a hat to hide the lazy mess on my head and try and act cool as I open the door. “Hello there, neighbor!” I say. “Hi!” she replies. “How can I help?” I stutter. Once again, she stares into my eyes making me blush and utters, “I was wondering if you have some sugar? I’m baking some chocolate chip cookies and forgot to check if I had enough sugar. Would you be so kind and give me half a cup?” I couldn’t help looking down at her chest, she was wearing a very tight grey sweater that exposed her large breasts. She was not wearing a bra for I could see her hard nipples popping out of her sweater. I focus back into my response and imply, “Yes, I should have some sugar for you. Let me go get it.” I rush into my kitchen, grab the entire bag of sugar, and hurry back to the door where my lustful neighbor was standing. “Here you go, take it all. I hardly use it” I say. She looks at me with a cute gratitude expression and responds, “Thank you so much! I have 1 week here and Im already bothering you, Im sorry! Can I repay you with some tea and cookies?” I smile and reply, “Dont be silly, you are not bothering anyone. We are neighbors! We are here to help each other out. I may need something in the future, you never know. As for your offer, I would gladly accept your freshly baked cookies with coffee, I dont do tea.” She giggles and states, “Ok then! I will call you over when the cookies are ready. Thank you neighbor!” She starts to walk away and I interrupt, “Please, call me Johnny!” She then looks back with a flirt and answers, “I know your name, I just think calling you neighbor, sounds kinda nice!” she winks and goes into her apartment. I was hypnotized! I couldnt believe what she just said… My heart was pumping out of my chest and I felt a weird tingle in my stomach. I then go back to my computer desk, turn my monitor back on and yell, “FUCK YOU PORN!” and shut down my computer. I step into the bathroom, turn my ipod on with speakers plugged in, begin to shave as I sing to some 2pac “How do you want it”, and keep reminiscing on my neighbors beautiful cleavage. I jump in the shower to smell good and fresh. I dance and sing out loud from the excitement. I get out of the shower, throw on a tight white T-shirt and some loose blue jeans. I head back into my bathroom to fix my hair and throw on some gel. I look at myself in the mirror and make sexy faces pretending my neighbor is there in front of me LOL. 45 minutes have passed and I hear a knock at the door. My apartment reeks of cologne, for I nearly sprayed the entire bottle. I open the door and there she is. What a goddess! She looks even more beautiful than before for some reason. “Ready for some cookies neighbor?” She murmurs with a cute face expression. I wanted to eat her alive! My cock wanted asyabahis güvenilir mi to jump out of my pants to say hello. I smile at her and close the door behind me. We head towards her apartment and she invites me in. The apartment is no longer empty. She fully furnished the place, nice paintings on the wall, big screen tv, ornaments all over, and colorful furniture. I compliment her on how nice she fixed the residence. “Thank you!” she answers as she scopes her surrounding. “Right this way!” She says as she walks me into her kitchen. I sit down next to the table inside her kitchen and watch as she bends down to reach into the oven. Her curves are amazing! The way her back arches into her ass its just out of this world. Her ass is incredible, amazing, perfect!!! I imagined being behind her and eating her ass as she reached into her oven. Tasting her delicious vagina and licking her pale asshole all over. I could literally be eating that for hours, just feasting on that peach pussy. Yummmm… I snapped back into reality as she placed the tray of cookies on the table. She placed a pot of water into the stove for the coffee. We conversed as all this took place, just small talk, about personal background and all the jiberish you ask when you start to get to know someone. I could care less I just wanted her naked already! A few hours pass, and I munched on 5 cookies by now. Cup of coffee all gone. We continue to talk and then the conversation took a different spin. “So neighbor… Do you have a girlfriend?” She asks. I state that I am not dating and just enjoying the single lifestyle for now. She agrees with my decision and asks the most unexpected question… “What do you do about sex?” she questions. I was thrown off, I was not ready for that one. I turn red, and try and look at her with seriousness. I respond with a bit of hesitation, “I havent had sex in quite some time to be honest, but if I am in dire need I may visit a bar or possibly a strip club to calm the nerves”, I answer and accompany the statement with a laugh. She is not laughing with me, instead she stares at me in the eyes. She has a serious look in her face. I couldnt make out what she was thinking. Was she disappointed? Was she intrigued? Was she just quiet waiting for something to follow? I didnt know… I was so confused. The silence broke when she blurs out, “Well maybe we should change that!”. I was shocked!!! She continued to look at me, but this time I saw lust. Her straight long black hair covered half of her face and I saw sex in her eyes. I started to stutter for I was incredibly nervous, I looked away because I felt weak. I had a beautiful women in front of me and she is the one making moves on me, it threw my game off completely. I sat there like an idiot, so confused and helpless. She stood up, grabbed my hand, and led me to her room. We began to kiss passionately! Our tongues massaged against each other. I sucked and bit her lips. I savored every second with heavy breathing. I reached for her bubble butt. She jumped onto to me and wrapped her legs around my waist. I threw her in bed and continued to french her down with kisses. I groped her huge breasts, they were soft, delicate, and very firm. I removed asyabahis giriş the grey sweater and began to suck her pink nipples. They were incredible! So Soft, silky, and they had a sweet taste to them. She moaned and twisted while I continued to worship those breasts with my mouth. My cock was pressing up against my jeans that it began to hurt from the pressure. I took a break from sucking the titties and started to unbuckle my jeans. She sat back up on the bed and waited for the dick patiently. Once I freed him, she looked at it, bit her lower lip, and said… “OMG what a nice cock!” she grabbed it violently and placed it in her mouth. She sucked it so good. I leaned my head back from pleasure. She loved it so much, she used her tongue to lick my entire cock like if it was a lollipop. She wrapped her lips around its head and sucked it hard, then softly, then hard again. I wanted to see her ass so bad, so I asked if she could take her jeans off. She paused and took the penis out her mouth for a few seconds and said, “Not yet neighbor… Cant you see Im busy with this beautiful cock in my mouth? Please wait a bit!” She placed the dick back into her mouth and looked up at me with such joy. I smiled down at her and said, “Ok neighbor, worship that cock with your mouth! Suck it like theres no tomorrow!”. She moaned and quietly made sounds, that sounded something like this… “Mmmmmmhmmmm, slurp, slurp, nom, nom” LOL. After 10 mins of her devouring my shaft, she finally got up and took her pants off. I turned her around and shouted, “OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!” She had a perfect ass, very round, no cellulite, no stretch marks, just thickness all over! I started to kiss and lick her ass. I buried my face in her ass, licked her pussy and asshole. She moaned and tightened her butt cheeks while grabbing the back of my head. I was eating her ass like it was a buffet, all you can eat! Yummm… Soon after I bent her over, grabbed my boner and led it inside her pussy! She yelled from pleasure and gripped her sheets tightly with her hands. I rammed her pussy hard. Her cushioned ass felt nice as it slapped against me while I throbbed my dick inside of her. She was so wet, the pussy and dick interaction started making gushy sounds, foam started to build around my cock from the juices. She screamed, “YEESSS DADDY!!! FUCK ME!?! JUST LIKE THAT!!! IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!!! I LOVE YOUR COCK DADDY!!!” This was turning me on more. I turned her over, missionary position so I can grab her big tits as I pound on her cunt some more. She rolled her eyes to the back of her head and moaned, “OMG!!! YEAH…” I felt like a King! I was fucking some high quality pussy. We switched to a few more positions and when I was ready to cum she wanted it in her mouth. I gladly released all my jizz inside her mouth! She cleaned up the remaining cum from my hard cock. She played with the cum inside her mouth and swallowed it. I was sweating like a pig! She stood up and hugged me tightly! Her breasts felt nice against my chest. I reached down with my hands and squeezed her ass tightly. We stayed hugging for 2 mins until she said, “Lets go take a bath! Let me clean you up?”. I nodded and followed her into her bathroom. We sat in the tub all snuggled up together for a while until we fell asleep. This is the girl next door of my dreams! Dont you wish this was a real experience? Whether you are a man or woman, Im sure you want that type of sexy neighbor! To lust and fulfill your every desire!The EndThanks for reading!

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