The Gift

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Well, here’s something new for my flock of followers. It’s something, shall I say, different. I own all commercial and all other non-electronic rights. Please do not read this story if you are not legally permitted to do so. So, without further ado, let’s get on with the show. Happy holidays, my fair fans, and have a blessed new year!

* * * * *

“Huh? What honey?”

John Hampton wiped the sleep out of his eyes, sitting up a bit in response to the delicious sensations coming from his crotch. As it turned out, his wife was noshing on his tip with her soft lips and tongue, her hand under her fluttering her nightshirt with its self-abusing caresses.

“Oooh…that feels nice. What do you want, honey?”

Getting herself up on all fours, John’s wife Julia gently stroked her husband’s thick dick with her small, soft hands and whispered, “I want you honey. I woke up all horny, saw the tent in the sheets and decided to take advantage.”

“Mmm…that feels nice honey. Keep stroking me like that.”

“No, hun. I got a better idea,” Julia responded, crawling up to her husband’s prone six-foot tall body and straddling her round ass over John’s dick as it disappeared under her nightshirt. “How about I give you dick…” she continued as she lowered herself onto the thick tip. “…a nice good morning massage, while you, um, massager, eases some of the kinks out my tight pussy.” She lowered herself about halfway onto John, then continued, “you don’t want your powerful lawyer wife going to work with a too-tight pussy, right?”

“Uh, honey, you have plenty of, as you call them, massagers in your nightstand.”

Julia let her fingers crawl over her husband’s toned chest, then gently placed a finger over his lips. “Hush,” Julia responded. “I don’t want those things, I want you. Besides, you’re nice and quiet and won’t wake up the kids.”

“Oh, alright. Go ahead,” John acquiesced. He never was a fan of these good-morning fucks. However, it did tend to relax his as well as give him a physical rush, so he relaxed and enjoyed the ride. Slowly but surely, he felt his wife start to rock her hips up and down his dick, her soaked pussy squeezing his cock and her soft ass pushing his thighs as she went up and down. Julia reached under her shirt to tweak her clit some, then bit her lip and she quickly thrust up and down John’s dick. John closed her eyes and relaxed, enjoying the mewing brushing over his ears as his wife rode her way to a small orgasm.

Julia pulled her hand from under her shirt and placed both of her hands on John’s chest, letting her hands feel the coarse chest hair lightly covering his hard muscles and settled down into a nice, somewhat leisurely fuck. John let his vision drift off to the bedroom window, letting his wife work her delicious magic while he stared at the sunlight. His stare was broken by a really hard squeeze to his dick, making his gaze turn back to his wife’s face.

“Oooh, yeah, baby! I love riding your big fat dick! Yeah, I’m gonna cum on your big cock again…oooh, yes! Ooh, yes! Oooh…”

His beautiful wife was aggressively shaking over his toned body, her lithe, curvy body undulating under her night shirt, her short brown hair framing a face twisted in pleasure, and her long caramel legs contrasting with his medium-brown skin.

“Do you wanna cum? Do you wanna flood my tight little pussy with your big hard dick, huh?” Julia asked, her fingers playing with her lips. She sucked on her finger, then subtlety pumped it in and out, forcing another wave of wetness on her hubby’s already slick dick. She eased it out of her mouth, then asked John again as she squeezed her pussy around his cock.

“Please, big daddy? I just wuv it when you fill me up…”

John couldn’t resist the appeal of his wife, and finally started to pump his hips up at his wife, grabbing onto her hips and pushing her nightshirt over her hips and exposed her tummy, loving the way it moved when he pumped his dick in and out of her. He closed his eyes, laid his head back on his pillow and let himself relax. He pumped his hips harder and harder, letting his dick wallow in his wife’s wetness and feeling his wife squeeze him harder and harder, on his way to a nice, hard cum. Letting his defenses down, John felt that familiar itch on his tip and pumped up faster into his wife, trying to find some relief. When he felt his wife start to cum again, whimpering as she rode him again, he bit his lip, grunted and came hard, flooding her pussy with his cum, letting the pleasure swim through his head. As he started to calm down, he could feel their combined fluids flowing down over his dick, feeling his wife struggle a bit to pull herself off of him. Just as he opened his eyes, he saw his wife lick off the fluids on his dick, letting them collect on her tongue before swallowing with a smile and saying, “Thanks for the fuck, honey!”

“You’re welcome, hun,” John replied, still a bit groggy from sleep.

She climbed off the bed, then threw porno izle on her bathrobe and opened your door. “Get in the shower. I’ll get the kids up for school.”

With a groan, John sat himself up in his bed, then rolled out onto his feet to begin his daily routine. First, he took his shower, shaved, then threw on his bathrobe and got his kids breakfast ready with the requisite sugar-loaded cereals. After his kids got themselves down to the breakfast table, he made himself some coffee, poured himself some OJ and lightly buttered his lightly toasted cinnamon raisin bagel while listening to his kids prattle on about Harry Potter and Nickelodeon, making sure to be just caring enough. After finishing their morning meal, the kids got dressed for school, and John got dressed in his business casual uniform of khaki slacks and a crisp white shirt. After giving himself a quick once- over, he grabbed his briefcase, kissed his wife goodbye (with tongue) and loaded his kids into the family SUV for their ride to school.

After dropping his kids off at the local Catholic school, John made the 30-minute trip to his job at the suburbs, supervising the computer help desk at a satellite office of some anonymous insurance company. The job itself was pretty hum-drum, jumping in to help the really clueless his staff couldn’t handle, doing on-site training from time to time and simply making the place run right. His underlings, however, were far from hum-drum. In fact, he had an all-female staff, which is pretty rare considering that in the information technology industry, men outnumber women 11 to 1. Combined with PR pressure from a string of sexual harassment suits in the main office, John had assembled quite a cast of characters to help out clueless computer users throughout his company.

John’s personal fave was the alternate OS guru Andara, or Andi as she preferred to be called. She’s a White, stocky, very butch, very lesbian (and very married, thanks to the state of Vermont) computer geek, and her technical knowledge was as obvious as the tattoos around her wrists and her nose piercing. Sitting in the cubicle next to hers was the effervescent Brandy, a Heather Hunter look-alike who, despite her image, seemed to know her way around every OS configuration issue Bill Gates’ boys found a way to fuck up. Across the way from her, in a corner seemingly hidden from the rest of the office, was Mary, a dowdy, timid, white-bread, married long-time secretary who worked her way down to the office for her expertise with, well, MS Office, as well as other office-productivity software. Finally, there was the very ordinary Anita, a Chinese girl fresh out of college who knew her way around networking issues as those painted-on jeans that seemed to be her trademark.

That Friday in the office seemed pretty ordinary, just the usual order of computer illiterates flooding the office with calls, along with ranting and raving from the big boys upstairs about this training class or that technical issue. “How did humanity get this stupid,” John often thought to himself. “Why is it that a bunch of people with college degrees can’t read a fucking manual?” Thankfully, though, towards the end of the day, the calls had slowed to a trickle. After organizing his schedule that following week’s training classes for the company staff, he mercifully cut off the office’s phones, got out of his office and started speaking to his staff.

“Hey ladies!” John called out. “Enjoy another electrifying week of computer stupidity?”

“Yeah,” Mary noted, barely noticing his joke. “But I don’t mind. After all, I am helping people.”

“Thank God one of us is enjoying this,” John responded. “I can’t believe how stupid people really are.”

“I do!” Andi called out from inside her cubicle before standing up. “I just love stupidity…just as much as I’d love a couple of hung studs plowing out my tight pussy!” she finished in mock seductiveness before bending over the side of her cubicle in a belly laugh.

“Hey, ANDI! You know you want it, bay-bee!” John shot back in his best impression of Austin Powers, causing everyone in the office to let out a chuckle. Everyone knew that the running gag of the office was John seducing Andi, but it never ceased to cause a few laughs.

“Tell you what, ladies. I feel like kicking back after a hard week. Anyone up for a few beers at the bar?”

“I-I’ll pass,” Mary answered in her meek voice.

“OK,” answered Anita. “I could use something to relax.”


“Sure! I’m down! Are you coming with us Andi?”

“Alright, alright. I’ll roll. Mind if I’m designated driver?”

“Sure, Andi. Hey, ladies, meet me down at the parking lot. I gotta let the Mrs. Know what’s up.”

“Alright,” Andi remarked as all four of the ladies were getting ready to leave the office. “See you down there!”

As the ladies filed out the office for the day, John quickly ran into his office and dialed his wife’s cell phone.

“Hi honey! How’s it going? Look, could you pick amatör porno up the kids from the babysitters? There’s been a slight change in plans. Nothing major…”


So the 3 female co-workers and their male boss decided to retire to a booth at a local watering hole for happy hour, where the din of inebriated white-collar working stiffs drinking and tons of that meaningless musical confection called “Adult Contemporary” struggled to drown out their conversation. While Brandy and John worked on Corona after Corona to drown their sorrows, Anita found a way to get tipsy off of a couple Smirnoff Ice’s, and Andi was sitting there drinking Diet Coke.

“So, John, how are your kids?” asked Brandy.

“Little Hank and Tisha are doing well. Hank is the little superstar in the church league basketball, too. Gonna be a star guard just like dear ol’ dad.”

Andi said on cue, “So he’s gonna be in coma soon? Because that’s the only place you were a star…in your dreams!”

“Yeah, yeah, sure, sure.”

“Awww…that’s so sweet about your kids,” Anita said. “I hope one of these days to have some kids.”

Taking the final swig of his Corona, John responded, “yeah, it’s kinda nice. Just try paying their bills and trying to get them to go to bed.” Holding up his empty beer bottle, he joked “why do you think I drink this stuff from time to time.” Looking at his empty bottle, he realized that he wanted another beer. He called the attention of one of the waiter’s floating through the bar. Once he got their attention, he asked, “Can I get another Corona?”

“Oh, that reminds me,” Andi said with a start. “I got a surprise for you in the car.”

“What is it Andi?”

“Uh, duh! Part of a surprise is that you don’t know what it is.” After gesturing for Anita to slide out of the booth, she slid along the vinyl seat, then took up to walk out. “I’ll be right back, OK?”

As Andi walked out to the parking lot to get her surprise, John was clueless at to what the surprise is. “I wonder what the heck Andi’s up to. Is it some sort of a gag gift?”

“Knowing her, it is,” chimed in Brandy. “Besides, it’s a Friday night. Lighten up a bit. You look too concerned.”

“Eh, you’re right. It’s probably too much of that good ol’ ethanol in my system.” Seeing the waiter walking towards their booth with his Corona, “speaking of ethanol, my pusher is coming through with another hit.” After the waiter set the beer bottle on the table, John removed the lime from the top and took a sip of the fresh beer. Just as he managed to swallow his sip, Andi arrived back at the table, brown paper bag in hand. She stuck out the paper bag towards John, saying “here’s your surprise!”

“What is it?”

“It’s just some clothes. I’d thought you’d like them.”

Taking the bag and looking at the bag strangely, John asked, “so what do you want me to do with them?”

“Put ’em on silly! Relax. It’s just some underwear I’d thought you’d like,” Andi countered.

“Come, boss. Do something nice for us,” Brandy added. “Just do this for fun. C’mon! It’s Friday, for crying out loud.”

“Aw, alright, I’ll put in on,” John said to the ladies. With that, she slid out the bar and walked to the men’s room. “It’s probably some silly boxers,” he thought to himself. “What can it hurt, right?” Upon entering the men’s room, he made his way to one of the stalls and checked out what was in the brown paper bag. “Hmm…this feels kinda smooth, like one of Julia’s stockings,” he thought to himself as he pulled out the contents of the bag. Much to his surprise, it looked like something Julia would wear…a matching set of white bra and panties made out of pure satin. John looked at the articles of women’s clothing a bit mortified. Then, Brandy’s parting remark rattled through his head. “Eh, what’s the big deal? It’s all for fun,” he thought to himself. As a result, he decided to put on the bra, noting the 40DD size before putting it on, and slip the silk panties on after stripping off his boxers. After straightening himself back out, he walked out of the bathroom back into the bar. “Damn, this feels nice. I’m not sure I could deal with this though…way too much stimulation for my tastes,” he thought to himself.

“Hey, boss! Welcome back,” greeted Andi. “What do you think about your new unmentionables?”

“Uh, they’re OK. They feel a bit too sensitive to the touch, but I think I could handle this for one night.”

“That’s good to here,” Andi opined. “But I gotta make sure that you are wearing them. Brandy, would you mind checking him for me?”

“With pleasure,” Brandy replied, her long hair caressing John’s chest and her blood red talons rubbing over John’s shirt. “Hmm…it feels like he’s wearing it here, but let me make sure.”

Brandy unbuttoned a couple of the buttons on John’s shirt, then reached her hand under the shirt and started feeling up John’s chest, rubbing on his nipples and forcing him to have a sharp intake of breath. “Mmmm…that feels kind of nice there, anal porno Brandy. I oughta cheat on my wife with you,” John joked, trying to keep his composure under Brandy’s ministrations.

“Hey, what can I say? ” Brandy bragged. “I’ve taken care of a few men in my life…and felt up a few bras,” she finished as she kneeled up on the booth’s bench, caressing John’s chest. “Mind if I check if you have on the panties?”

“No problem. Do what you want,” John said with a chuckle. With that, Brandy bent over John’s crotch, then looked into her eyes as her hands unzipped John’s pants. She slipped her hand in the fly and started feeling John’s package through the silk panties as she looked into John’s eyes and smiled. As she felt John start to respond to her lusty caresses, Brandy licked her lips, smiled and mouthed to her boss, “nice package.” All John could do was smile and nod, feeling his dick twitch to hardness under Brandy’s hand.

“Hey, quit feeling him up!” Andi screamed out in mock anger. “Is he wearing the panties or not?”

Turning to look at Andi and Anita, Brandy answered, “oh, yeah, he’s wearing the panties. It turns out though that you weren’t the only one with a little package for us here…or should I say a BIG package!” Andi rolled her eyes, annoyed at the thought of a penis in that way, while Anita purred, squeezing her legs to put out the little fire there. “So, uh, Brandy, mind telling me how big this package is exactly?”

“Sure,” Brandy answered, still feeling up John’s dick and balls through the panties. “Just allow me to get him to full size here.” Brandy then felt out her boss’s dick, squeezing it and stroking off the semi- hard member through the silk. “One thing I can see, Anita, is that it’s nice and thick. Wouldn’t you say that, oh fearless leader?”

“Mmmhmm,” answered John, biting his lip to keep from screaming in the bar. “Oh, don’t stop that, babe…that feels so nice.”

“Oooh, thank you, boss,” Brandy continued, now opening stroking John through the panties. “I see you like how this feels, right?”

“Oh yeah…don’t stop that.”

“Mmmm…I can feel your getting nice and hard for me. Do you want me to stop?”


Brandy kept stroking John’s hard dick through his panties, feeling up the twitching member in her small hands. Slowly, she started stroking John in earnest, her mouth watering at the thought of the cock in her hands. As John tried to keep as quiet as possible, breathing heavily, she kept her gaze into John’s eyes, pawing at one of her breasts through her shirt while licking her lips and purring in pleasure as John started to involuntarily buck his hips.

Meanwhile, Anita sat across from the two nursing another Smirnoff Ice, squeezing onto her seat with her free hand and rocking her crossed legs back and forth. Her nipples were making peaks in her white t-shirt, and her eyes were transfixed on the scene in front of her. Finally putting down her bottle, Anita asked, “so, um, how big is he?”

“I’d guess about 8, maybe a bit more,” said Brandy, whipping her hair across John’s chest as she turned to look at Anita. “I’d love to play with this more often.”

“Sounds nice,” Anita replied as Brandy stroked John with stronger and stronger tugs. “Maybe this little girl can get a taste of that chocolate one of these days,” she said with a chuckle, getting everyone else to laugh with her.

“Hey! Me first,” Brandy shouted out. “I got first dibs on this thing here,” she finished as she felt up John’s pantied crotch. “Wait a sec, here. Looks like our boss is going to ruin your surprise here, Andi. Mind if I clean things up here?”

“Nah, nah, go on ahead,” Andi replied, stroking her chin as she surveyed the scene. In response, Brandy bent over John’s crotch and started licking at the wet spot the pre-cum had made. She let her tongue drift around his tip, licking all around the hard and twitching member while John held onto the table for his life, doing all he could to keep his composure. John was breathing harder than ever as Brandy seemed o find every single nerve ending in his tip, making his head swim in pleasure and his vision start to blur.

“Hey, boss, would you mind unbuttoning your pants for me?,” asked Brandy, licking her lips. “I’m afraid I’m gonna have to suck on your tip for a bit. Don’t wanna ruin those panties, after all. Do you mind?”

John quickly unbuckled his pants, then unbuttoned them. Brandy then deftly pulled his panties up and over his cock and tucked the hem under his balls before going to work on his dick, kissing the tip with her wet lips. She wetly kissed all over John’s hard shaft, soaking his dick with moisture as her long, wavy hair veiled her actions to the world around her. Feeling a strand of pre-cum flow down to her lips, Brandy licked the drop that landed on her lips on, then smiled up at John and licked off the rest of the pre-cum like his dick was an ice cream cone. She wigged her tongue around in John’s pee slit, making him giggle just a bit and, while cupping John’s balls with his panties, swallowed half of his shaft into his throat. Caressing his heavy sac with her small hand, she used her other hand to keep her balance while she sucked hard on him, swirling her tongue around the shaft as she kept pumping away.

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