The Gift

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Phyllis hated her name. She had often begged her parents to change it, so one day her dad teasingly said, “From this day forward you will be known to those you love and all your friends as Phil. Now what do you say to that?” She had to admit that it was a clever fix and, truth be known, she actually liked it, a lot.

Phil grew up into an attractive young woman, very social and actively involved with most of the clubs available at her high school. She had always been very athletic, having successfully been a member of the cheer squad in her freshman and sophomore year, and a valuable member of the school’s soccer team in her sophomore and junior years. Before she began her senior year she had decided that she was stretching herself too thin and was losing touch with many of her friends. However, Gymnastics was one sport that she would not give up because she had a real talent for it, and she loved doing it. Regardless, when she graduated high school she learned that the expectations, commitment, regimen, and dedication that the sport required collegiately was much more intense than it had been in high school. She decided that she would rather have a life and never looked back. Besides, she had had the chance to observe some of her prospective team mates and she realized that her gymnastic prowess was never going to be to the level of the other girls. By all appearances, Phil was a poster child for the perfect daughter, student, and citizen. She was, literally, loved by everyone! She was truly an open book, except for one aspect of her, which she kept secret from everyone.

When Phil was seven she had been taking a bath. She had moved her body under the spigot, which was currently filling the tub, and found that she liked the way it felt to have the water pressure press against her naked body. She experimented testing the flow of water on different parts of her body, until she moved her legs up, pointing at the ceiling, with the faucet between her thighs. The water splashed down directly onto her vagina and she was, without warning, overwhelmed with a sensation she had never experienced before. She had discovered what everyone would discover with time, masturbation, and like most everyone else, she was hooked! From that day on, she masturbated everyday of her life, always at bedtime, sometimes more often.

At first, she just did it for how good it made her feel. When she experienced puberty, during middle school, she discovered boys and her hormones took over. Until she was in the ninth grade she had only imagined what boys might look like naked. She had girlfriends who had brothers and they had filled her in on what a penis and balls looked like. The image of a boy’s penis dangling between his naked thighs inspired her. When she learned that a boy’s dick also grew and hardened, she became fascinated with the image in her head and wanted more than anything to get to see one for real. Other than her very active imagination concerning sex, she was a normal girl and eventually discovered sex, like most girls. She had sex with a boy in her senior year for the first time, and was a bit disappointed with the experience. The whole thing lasted for no more than 5 minutes before he spurted cum all over her new skirt and panties, got up, left, and never bothered to even say goodbye. It wasn’t until she was in her first semester in college that she met a boy (Kevin) who she fell madly in love with. The sex they had, which was at every possible opportunity, was amazing and she believed it was as good as it was because they were in love.

During that whole semester they were inseparable, and they did not limit their trysts to his or her dorm rooms. They had enjoyed the discovery and excitement of risky sex, like in the backseat of her car, on the grass at the park under a blanket, while driving, in a bus, at parties, and once during one of his lectures, surrounded by other students. During all of this Phil had never stopped her daily ritual of masturbation at bedtime. She had now developed a number of sexual fantasies, which she considered very private. Actually, the fantasies she had shared with her boyfriend had led to those provocative experiences they had shared in public. Phil believed that she and Kevin would likely marry right after college or sooner.

When that first semester ended, Kevin hit her with some devastating news; he had a girlfriend back home and they were going to eventually get married. He told her that they had always known that they would wed and that he was sorry to let her down like that. It was her first heartbreak and it was a bad one. Eventually, she decided that men could not be trusted and that she was going to call the shots where it concerned her life and body and who she shared it with. The truth was that men flocked to her because she had a body most girls coveted. She was 5′ 4″, perfectly proportioned, with shoulder length red hair, green eyes, very light colored, smooth, freckly skin, an amazing pair of legs, a beautiful, round, firm ass, small waist, flat stomach, and perfect, medium sized, pink nippled breasts, and the most perfect feet, small and sexy.

Over Tuzla Escort time she became very promiscuous. She went out regularly and had no problem with one night stands, she reasoned that she loved sex and that she was going to fuck whomever she wanted, whenever she wanted. She had enjoyed a few relationships along the way but none of them worked out to any real degree of permanence. All of this changed when, at the age of 28 she met the man of her dreams, and luckily, she was the woman of his.

They married, had a daughter and then a son. Their sex life was good. Phil knew that she was very sexual, and loved that she and her husband (Eric) shared this in common. She also loved that he was not judgmental or critical of her promiscuous nature. Actually, he celebrated it and told her he liked that she was so sexual. One of the high points was that she didn’t always have to be the one to supply the fantasies, like she had with Kevin. Her husband was loaded with them, sometimes too many.

They had, on occasion, shared their fantasies, and had even shared details of their past sexual experiences. Eric loved hearing about her experiences, but she found that hearing him talk about having sex with other women made her a bit jealous and uncomfortable.

One of the fantasies that she had shared with Eric, one of her favorites, found her in a massage parlor where she’d gone to get a massage. She had enjoyed massages before and she did like them very much. However, her fantasy massage was not just a massage for relaxation, and body maintenance.

For a long time, long before she had met Eric, she had fantasized going for a massage, getting undressed down to her panties and bra, and climbing on to the table where a hot, muscular, young man waited to rub her body. In her fantasy her masseuse asked her to remove her bra and panties and lay on her tummy. He placed a towel over her firm, round ass and began to massage her arms, back, shoulders, legs, and feet. She is very aware that in her fantasy her pussy is fully exposed to her masseuse’s view, but she doesn’t care because she can feel how aroused she is. His strong, smooth hands and long flexible fingers feel amazing against her skin. It is as if they contain a strong, erotic charge of sexual energy, which they discharge into her waiting body as they move over her.

At first the massage is like any other massage. He works the muscles in her body and she can feel the tension leave her. He spends a lot of time massaging her thighs, shoulders, and her arms. After a time she can feel his hands move closer to her pussy and her breasts. She can’t help that her pussy is getting wetter and wetter. Then, suddenly, she feels his fingers brushing along the length of her labia several times, until one of his fingers moves into her vagina and gently massages and rubs her clit. She is really getting aroused and tells him that it isn’t fair her being completely naked and him being completely clothed. He responds by telling her that she can remove any item of his clothing that she wants, if it makes her more comfortable. She cut the fantasy short by telling Eric that the masseuse eventually fucks her, and it is an amazing sexual experience. This way she avoids having to tell him all of the details related to how her fantasy evolves.

As their 8th anniversary approached, Eric couldn’t decide what gift he wanted to give Phil. He thought of all the usual stuff’; jewelry, trips, clothing, stuff! Of coarse he knew that she would love jewelry and trips but he wanted her to have something special, something unforgettable. After thinking about it for weeks he had almost given up and decided to just buy her a set of ear rings. The night he finally decided to buy her earrings they had an evening of incredible sex, which began with them sharing fantasies. She told him about a scenario where she is visited by Eric’s business partner. He comes over and tells her that Eric owes a large tax debt and that he doesn’t have the cash to pay it. She wonders what they are going to do? His partner tells her that he can pay the debt if she wants, she says yes! She tells him that she doesn’t feel right about him putting out so much money for their debt.

At this point he tells her that he is willing to just give them the money, if she will agree to have sex with him. At first, she adamantly proclaims that it will never happen, she could never do that to her Eric. She wracks her brain trying to come up with a way to pay the debt but is well aware that they simply do not have the money. After a time she finally agrees and she lets him fuck her. She tells Eric that, in her fantasy, it is incredible sex and that his partner has a gorgeous nine inch tool. She wonders, though, how Eric would have liked her fantasy if he really did have a business partner.

Eric’s fantasy was about being a student at a sex school. Where the males and the females learn about sex and then practice what they learned on each other. In his fantasy, a new girl enrolls and she is an immediate hit with both the guys and the gals. On her first day, the lesson was about Gebze Escort how to maintain a thrusting rhythm, designed to increase pleasure to both the woman and the man, while using both missionary and entering from behind positions. The males and females are paired and he is very disappointed that he wasn’t chosen to partner with the new girl.

She sits naked directly across from him and his own partner, getting on her hands and knees just before her partner enters her. The way she moves and moans captivates him and he is instantly jealous of the lucky guy who is her partner. Then she moves and lies down on her back and spreads her legs. Eric can see that her partners cock is very rigid and pulsing with anticipation. The way she moves would drive any man crazy with lust. As Eric watches, the teacher stops at their bed and suggests that he make full use of her body. He should lavish attention on her breasts and lips to enhance both of their pleasure. Over time, he enjoys a lot of sex but he is never paired with the special girl, he is only given the opportunity to observe her.

Eric tells Phil that he has had that fantasy since he was a kid, but it wasn’t until he met her that she became the girl he could never have in his fantasy. Still, he adds, it has become one of my favorites. He told Phil that he used to hate the parts where he had to watch his girl having sex with other guys, but that ever since she (Paula) became the new girl in his fantasy, watching her have sex with other guys had become his favorite parts.

That night they had incredible sex, like it was their first time together. Afterward, Phil pointed out that both fantasies had to do with her being fucked by a stranger. She said she understood how her fantasy would have some stranger fucking her, but having him fantasize about the same thing made her feel that he really would like to have some stranger in bed with her. Phil confessed that he had indeed been fantasizing about watching her have sex, almost since the first time she told him about her massage fantasy. She told him that he wasn’t thinking things through.

She explained that it all sounded so intensely erotic in the imagination but the reality was that his fantasy would require that he watch, or know about, another man’s stiff cock buried inside her, or the reality that she would have another man’s cock in her mouth, or simply that she was kissing someone else with erotic passion. She said that she did not believe that he could handle that, most guys couldn’t.

He told her that he had thought about all of that and that when he thought of those things he became very hard and very horny. He then asked her how she would feel about having sex with a stranger? “If I said that it was perfectly OK with me, would you do it?” he said.

She replied, “In a perfect world you would know that no man could take your place with me, but since I am such a sexual being I can’t lie, I would love to play with someone new for an evening.” Still, it doesn’t matter, this is all moot anyway because it’s just talk and that is the way it should remain, it’s safest.

It was at that moment that Phil knew what he was going to get his wife for an anniversary gift, he was going to find her a guy who would make her fantasy a reality, a handsome, well built masseuse who would give her an erotic massage. He knew that it would have to be a guy that could be trusted, was very discreet, attractive and desirable, and one that was a real masseuse, not just some guy wanting a great fuck, which is what almost all guys wanted.

The day of their anniversary came and Eric took Phil out to a romantic dinner, where he gave her her gift, a small red box wrapped with a bright pink ribbon. She asked him what it was but he said she should look to find out. She opened the box then looked at him quizzically.

“What is it.” she asked. “It looks like a receipt for something, and it looks like you paid a lot of money.” she added.

“Since I know that you love massages so well,It’s your ticket to a special, full body massage at a very sought after parlor. They guarantee that you will be fully satisfied or you will receive a full refund.” he told her. “You have to call to make an appointment for a Friday or Saturday and ask for Henry, he is, I am told, the best and he is the one I scheduled you with, when you decide to make the appointment!” He didn’t tell her that he had interviewed this guy prior to buying her a ticket. He had wanted to be sure that she would be serviced by a guy she would, hopefully, find desirable and attractive, one who would treat her with respect and make her feel special. Also, he wanted him to have a nice body, and an acceptable member, (this part had been the hardest for Eric to confirm, he had felt really embarrassed). To do this he had told the masseuse that he wanted his wife’s experience to be everything that it could be, so he wanted to see the guy’s cock to make sure that it was not too big or too small, and that it was visually appealing, preferably with a big head, (Phil was always talking about big heads and how much she Aydınlı Escort liked them). Henry had a long, smooth cock. It was thick but not too thick, about 7 inches soft, with a head that looked to be almost twice as wide as his shaft. He was hoping that she would really enjoy it but he was almost certain that she would. He also paid for the optional video that was available to those that were interested.

The next day Phil called and made her appointment for the coming Friday at 7 PM. When she told Eric he seemed to be more excited than she was, although she was looking forward to it, She needed the relaxation and balance that a good massage provided. Friday came. She showered and dressed in a t-shirt, shorts, and sandals, as it was a warm night.

“You look pretty casual, you never like going anywhere without getting dressed up,” Eric commented. Anyway, he reasoned, his wife had a rockin body and he had no doubt at all that she would create real desire for her in any man.

“I am just going to get a massage, not meet a date, and besides I am going to have to strip naked and wear those little white towels across my ass and chest. So I figure that it doesn’t matter what I wear, I want to be comfortable,” she explained. She then asked if he would drive her and he readily agreed.

Phil entered the lobby, where there were 5 other women waiting. She presented her receipt and told the receptionist that she was supposed to ask for a guy named Henry. She sat down next to Eric for just one minute before Henry came around the corner. He was tall, about 6 feet, with dark skin, dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a nice smile. He was wearing a light cotton, thigh high robe and some white cotton shorts. He was very handsome and it was obvious that he worked out avidly. Eric was pleased to see the reaction of his wife when she first laid eyes on him.

He walked over, extended his hand to her and, as he took her hand, introduced himself. He bent at the waist and teasingly kissed the back of her hand. Then he led her down a hallway to, Eric hoped, a very memorable experience, yet he felt nervous and at the same time excited!

Henry opened the door for her and let her enter. He asked that she remove all of her clothing and to don a white robe that was hanging from a hook on the back of the door. He didn’t leave the room but merely turned his back to her. She felt a little self-conscious and nervous, stripping in the same room with this stranger. He then sat her down on the table and proceeded to rub and massage her hands and feet. It was obvious he knew what he was doing because what he was doing felt great. After spending about 15 minutes on her hands and feet, he asked her to remove the robe, lay on the table on her stomach, and lay the white towel he handed her across her bottom.

He put oil on his palms and began by massaging her shoulders and arms. He had only begun and Phil was already more relaxed than she had expected to be, while being rubbed by such a hot looking guy. He then moved down her back, and her sides. She felt a few of her vertebra crack under his strong touch. Then he moved down to her legs, which made Phil very aware that her pussy was fully exposed and visible to him from under the towel. She almost told him that she was not comfortable being naked under the towel, that she would rather wear her underwear, but it felt so good and she hated to admit it but she was getting really turned on. He expertly worked the tension from her thighs and calves until her legs felt like rubber. She was very aware that he could see everything but more so when he was massaging her calves, because he would move her whole leg out sideways giving him a very risque beaver view. She was enjoying herself so much that she decided to just go with it.

He then moved his strong hands back up her legs and began to massage her thighs high up, and she could feel his hands and fingers rubbing up against her pussy lips. She was very wet and her breathing had quickened. Suddenly, she felt one of his fingers actually enter her and begin rubbing the inside of her very wet vaginal walls. He then asked her if she would turn over and offered her two towels, one for her top and one for her bottom, if she felt she needed them. Being naked seemed so natural now that he had been inside of her, so she declined the towels.

Her breasts were medium sized, very firm, with pink aureoles and hard nipples, even after two kids. He began to massage and fondle her breasts, he did this for a good while, then surprised her when he bent down and took one of her swollen nipples in his mouth. She was panting now and it became more intense when she realized how good he was at sucking on her tits. She felt concern because her husband was sitting right outside waiting for her and she was in here thinking about how much she wanted to have this stud fuck her. She knew that she shouldn’t give in but she was too far gone and the pleasure she was experiencing was too strong to ignore. As he was licking and sucking her breasts she reached out and placed her hand on his crotch. She figured she was entitled since he was doing what he was currently engaged in. She hadn’t expected him to be so hard but it was wonderful to know that he was as aroused as she was. She squeezed and fondled his member through his shorts and then began attempting to get her hand under his shorts.

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