The Gaymaker – ( He got caught… she got even)

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The Gaymaker – ( He got caught… she got even)”I caught Mark cheating on me again. That bastard!””Wow…sorry s*s. What are you going to do?” asked Frank.”I don’t know. I need to teach him a lesson.””Why don’t you just break up with him,” Jerry wondered.”Oh I’m going to break up with him alright. But before I do…I’m going to get him back. This is the third time I’ve caught him.””What you need is the gay maker,” Frank said.”Dude…that’s pretty rash,” Jerry said.”This guy is fucking it up for the rest. He’s pissing off all the women and giving guys a bad name. Besides, this is my sister man. I can’t let that son of a bitch fuck around on her and get away with it. It’s better for us if he plays for the other team.”Jenny wasn’t sure what they were talking about, but they sure had her attention. “So why do they call him the gay maker?” she asked her brother.”This dude is a real freak of nature. They say he is hung like a horse, but it’s his balls that are freakish. They are huge, really huge.”Jerry chimed in, “The dude can’t wear briefs. When your balls are so big you can’t wear briefs…well shit…that’s fucking big. They hold gallons of cum.””Yeah, no k**ding. They say by the time a guy gets through swallowing all that gay cum he is a goner. They aren’t sure if there’s something in his cum or what, but they never get over it. It’s all they think about after that. They become totally addict to cock. They got to have it. One night with this guy and he will be completely gay. That’s why they call him the gay maker.””Yeah, no shit. You remember that guy…what was his name?” Jerry asked.”You mean Dan? Yeah, I remember. That guy used to play football in high school. He could get any chick he wanted. The gay maker makes him wear panties and calls him Danni now. I hear if you give him ten bucks he will let Danni suck your cock,” Frank said shaking his head.”Yeah…I hear he’s pretty good too,” Jerry said looking the other way. He didn’t want them to see his face.”Well…that’s exactly what I’m looking for,” Jenny said. “How do I get in touch with this gay maker?”The club was really hopping. The music was blaring and the dance floor filled with sweaty bodies working to the beat. Jenny was dressed to kill in a tight little mini skirt, fishnet stockings and high heeled booties. Her satin scoop necked blouse did nothing to hide the fact she was not wearing a bra. And to top it off, she had a bright red scarf tied seductively around her neck. She looked hot and she knew it. And so did everyone else in the place.No sooner had they got a table when she was up dancing. She didn’t dance with Mark. Oh no. She made him sit at the table and watch. She went from one guy to the next. And she was driving them crazy too. She wanted Mark to pay. She had even spiked his first beer with Viagra. Not that the horny little bastard needed it, but tonight she wanted him horny as hell.Mark sat at their table sucking down one beer after another. He really fucked up this time and he knew it. Watching her dance with all those guys was hard to do. And she looked like she was really enjoying it too. The thing he couldn’t understand was why it was making him so horny? He had been hard all night. Not just hard, but throbbing hard. He couldn’t understand it.Jenny was on her way back to the table when a guy stepped up. “That is a really pretty scarf,” he said. She looked him over. This was what she had been waiting for. “Hi. My name is Jenny. Would you like to dance with me?” The guy smiled and followed her back to the dance floor.She was all over him too. They were practically fucking each other on the dance floor. Mark sat there for as long as he could, but he just couldn’t take it anymore.”Hey man, that’s my girlfriend,” he said tapping the guy on the shoulder.”Did you forget the deal Mark?” she yelled. “Go sit down!””Hey…I don’t want any trouble,” the guy said.”There’s no trouble…right Mark?” she said. “You fucked my best friend. So you better deal with this or you’re gone. Go sit down.”Mark gave her a beaten look and walked back to the table. Jenny had a huge smile on her face as she started dancing again. She had Mark right where she wanted him.”Don’t worry about him. He’s on probation and he knows it,” she said as she danced up next to the guy. She was dying to feel his crotch. She had to know if what they said was true.She eased her hand down between them and grabbed his crotch. “Oh my god,” she said startled. Her first instinct was to jerk her hand away, but then curiosity set in. She had never encountered anything like it before in her life. “That is some serious equipment you have there! It’s a shame you aren’t into girls. I’d let you fuck me with that thing anytime you want.”Darrell just smiled. He had heard it all before.”So what do you think of my boyfriend?” she asked grinding her crotch against his.”He’s cute,” Darrell said. Of course he didn’t care what he looked like. The thing he liked the most was that he was straight. There was nothing he enjoyed more than turning straight guys into ball licking, cock sucking cum sluts. That’s what got him off.”I want you to fuck him…and fuck him good,” she said looking him in the eye.”No problem,” Darrell smiled.”Good. Let’s go.” She grabbed his hand and headed for their table. She scooted into the booth and Darrell followed her in.”This is Darrell,” she said to Mark. Mark gave him a nod, but didn’t say anything. Jenny was pleased. He didn’t have to like it, but he did have to do it. “What are you drinking Darrell?””Crown and water.””Why don’t you get us fresh drinks?” Jenny said to Mark. He gave her a look, but then scooted out the other side and headed to the bar. By the time he returned Jenny was seriously kissing Darrell. Mark could easily see that she was giving him tongue and everything. What he couldn’t see was Jenny’s hand on Darrell’s massive cock underneath the table. Everything the boys told her was true. She just hoped the rest of it was too.Jenny was so hot thinking about what was türbanlı kilis escort about to happen she couldn’t wait. She drank her drink in two gulps, “OK, let’s go.” She and Mark got in her car and followed Darrell to his place.No sooner had they walked into Darrell’s place when Jenny pulled Darrell to her and started kissing him. Mark had no choice but to stand there and watch. She broke away from the kiss and turned to Mark. “Have you ever kissed a boy?” she asked searching his face. “No, of course you haven’t. Well you are going to kiss this one. Pucker up.”Mark’s face filled with shock. He hadn’t agreed to do that! He felt Jenny’s hand push him towards Darrell.”Gone on…kiss him. And I want to see some tongue,” she said pushing her advantage.Mark felt her hand behind his head guiding him in. He suddenly found himself kissing this guy. He tried not to think about it, tried to put it out of his mind. But then he felt the guy slip his tongue past his lips. What could he do?”That’s what I like to see,” Jenny whispered into his ear.It wasn’t so bad after a minute or two. The truth be known Mark couldn’t really tell the difference by then. It was Darrell that broke the kiss. Mark just kind of stood their stunned.”OK, drop them,” Jenny said.Mark’s face turned completely red. He dreaded this moment. He glanced at Jenny hoping for a reprieve. There would be none tonight. He undid his pants and let them drop to the floor.Darrell’s eyes went straight to the pink panties Mark was wearing. Now that was a surprise. She was really putting him through the paces. He knew that Mark hated this. Or did he? The poor guy was hard as hell. That must have been twice as embarrassing.”Pretty cute don’t you think,” Jenny smiled at Darrell. Then she turned to Mark, ran her finger along his prominent bulge. “Why honey…I had no idea you liked panties so much.”Mark just grimaced. There was nothing he could say. His cock had been throbbing all night. He prayed it wasn’t from the satin panties he was wearing.”On your knees,” Jenny said with her hands on her hips.Mark took a deep breath and dropped to his knees. And for the first time that evening made eye contact with Darrell’s crotch. Of course the light wasn’t too good and he certainly didn’t have a lot of experience looking at other guys crotches, but it sure seemed like his pants bulged more than he would have expected. They certainly bulged more than his.”Hands behind your back,” Jenny ordered. She didn’t want Mark feeling Darrell’s massive cock afraid that he would back out. She would undo his pants, if she could, and expose just the tip. Mark owed her a blowjob. That was their agreement. If he did that, and swallowed, then she would forgive him. Anything less and it was over between them. She threw in the panties just because she could.She reached for Darrell’s zipper. It was no easy task getting that zipper down over that massive bulge. She reached in for Darrell’s cock, but quickly realized it was way too big to get through that zipper. She smiled up at Darrell gaining an appreciation for what it must be to have such a big dick, but he was looking at Mark.Yes, that was what he was interested in. He wanted Mark. He wanted Mark’s lips around his cock. He wanted to watch Mark drink his load. He wanted Mark for himself. And she was going to deliver him on a silver platter.She unbuckled Darrell’s belt and pants and eased the tip of his cock out through the top of his boxers. Darrell was already oozing. She aimed his cock at Mark and said, “Lick that off.”Mark looked at the juice oozing from Darrell’s cock. He hesitated. Could he really do this?”You better lick that off or we are done. YOU got that. Done.”Mark found himself doing the unthinkable. He leaned forward and ran his tongue right up Darrell’s slit gaining a big dollop of cum on the end of his tongue. There was little he could do after that but swallow. He couldn’t believe he tasted another man’s cum. He was expecting it to be much worse. He hoped like hell no one noticed his cock jerked with excitement in his panties. That would be too much to bare.”Now that wasn’t so hard now was it?” Jenny asked. “No…not for a sex fiend like you. All in a days work, right?”She rubbed Darrell’s cock slowly across Mark’s lips. She looked down at his panties. They were literally throbbing back and forth. “My, my…looky there. The lady killer like’s cock.”Jenny glanced up at Darrell who was smiling down at them. “Well that’s good because you owe me a blowjob…and you better swallow!”Jenny pinched Mark’s lips open and forced his head down on Darrell’s cock. “Now that’s more like it…”Knowing it was coming didn’t make it any easier. Mark fought the gag reflex. He couldn’t believe he had a mouthful of cock!”Use your tongue,” Jenny said holding his jaw in place. She looked up at Darrell, “Is he using his tongue?””Oh yeah…he sure is,” Darrell smiled.Jenny could feel her soaked panties. Mark was sucking cock! She leaned in next to his ear. “Sucking cock is not so bad…is it?” she asked before flicking her tongue across his ear.Mark’s brain was a blur of confusion. He was running his tongue over the tip of Darrell’s cock, tasting him, feeling that warm flesh against his tongue. He should have hated this. He was still trying to get over that he had a cock in his mouth. But he didn’t hate it. He just couldn’t understand that.His own cock was hard as it had ever been. It throbbed with a life of its own, jerking against the tight satin that barely held it. He was so horny he could hardly see straight. He couldn’t understand it, but he couldn’t deny it either.He came back to his senses, focused on the task at hand. The best thing he could do was get this over as quickly as possible. She didn’t say how long it had to last. He would suck this guy hard and fast, swallow his cum and get the hell out of there. Yes, that was the best thing he could do.He pushed down on that cock taking only an inch or so into türbanlı kilis escort bayan his mouth before pulling back all the way to the tip. As soon as he felt the mushroom shaped tip against his lips he reversed direction and went back down. He repeated that move over and over again as fast as he could.Jenny had her hand on the back of his head so he couldn’t back out. Her other hand was holding Darrell’s cock to his lips. She was right there watching Mark suck his first cock, which until now, she thought impossible.Mark pumped that thing back and forth as fast as he could for a good three minutes. He became worried as Darrell didn’t seem fazed at all by what he was doing. He didn’t moan, he didn’t move, nothing. He could feel Darrell’s eyes beating down on him watching as were Jenny.He should be moaning by now. He would have been. Darrell’s cock was steadily leaking in his mouth. The taste of his cum was everywhere. He wondered if he leaked like that when people sucked him. This was going to take longer than he had hoped.Something started to happen during the next three minutes. Not to Darrell, but to him. He couldn’t stop thinking about that firm, warm flesh between his lips. It kept see-sawing back and forth, pushing all the way to the back of his mouth and out again. His cock was so thick it stretched his jaw wide open.He could taste the slow trickle of that salty snack slipping down his throat. He knew it was another man’s seed. He should have been repulsed by the idea. Why wasn’t he repulsed? Another man’s seed was filling his stomach.He was so damn horny. How could he be so horny from sucking cock? His poor cock was jerking against that damn satin. And each time sent a thrill straight through him. He should never have agreed to wear those panties.Jenny clearly saw a change in Mark’s attitude. He was no longer going after it in a mechanical fashion. Before he looked like some sort of robot going up and down exactly the same each time. It was cold, detached, mechanical.Now he was going slower. When he went down, he stayed down for a beat or two before coming back up. And when he came up he held the tip between his lips and she just knew he was working that slit with his tongue.She looked down at his panties and found his cock hard as ever. Those panties were a master stroke. She hoped Darrell would make him wear them all the time.It was so hot watching Mark suck that cock. Her panties were literally soaked. He was really getting into it now. It looked to her that he was turning gay right before her eyes. The lady killer was being whipped by a big hard cock. She made a mental note to buy some gay porn. But then it dawned on her that she could have some of this for free.She grabbed one of Mark’s hands and wrapped it around Darrell’s cock. She thought she heard a little grunt escape Mark’s lips. His other hand just naturally came up and wrapped around the other side.She stepped back and watched as Mark sank deeper into his big dick fantasy. He no longer needed her encouragement. No, he was slobbering all over that man flesh with a devotion she didn’t think possible.She reached for her cell phone and snapped a few souvenirs. She made sure to get a few of Mark’s pink panties tented by his raging erection. Then she saw the wet spot. Those panties were sporting a huge wet spot around the tip of his dick.She would see to it that Linda got a copy of these. She didn’t blame her best friend for going to bed with her boyfriend. Not really. But just the same she wondered what Linda would think seeing Mark sucking a big cock wearing cute little panties?She put the cell phone down and walked behind Darrell. She grabbed the top of his pants and yanked them down. Then she grabbed his boxers and pulled them down too giving Mark complete access to his new toy.She moved back around so she could watch the action. Mark was running his lips up and down Darrell’s shaft with slavish devotion. He would work the tip with his tongue and then drag his lips down the other side. Jenny watched thinking her brother had been right on the money. You didn’t suck cock like that unless you were really into it. There was no question about that.Jenny picked up her cell phone again. “Kiss it Mark. I want to see you kiss it.”Her words broke Mark out of his little trance. He pulled off Darrell’s cock and glanced over at her. She was leaning against the couch; her mini skirt was hiked up. Was that her cell phone? He didn’t care.With the greatest of ease he moved his lips to the tip of Darrell’s cock planting a sweet little kiss. Of course Darrell was leaking so he just naturally dipped his tongue into that slit and sucked it off. That taste was so addictive.”You like that cock don’t you?” Darrell teased as Jenny snapped one picture after another. “I know you do…you can’t fool me. Kiss it again.”Mark kissed it again. Then he sucked in the tip and drooled all over it. It wasn’t really a kiss so much as total surrender. He was completely fascinated by that firm warm flesh between his lips. He couldn’t explain. He was scared to think about it. He just wanted to feel it between his lips.”That’s it…just like that,” Darrell said very pleased. He knew then Mark would be sucking cock for the rest of his life. He toyed with the idea of making him wear stockings before fucking him silly. That would be a nice touch. He could see that Mark liked the panties. He would love stockings.”Lick his balls,” Jenny said from the couch. She wanted to see just how far he would go.Mark opened his eyes as he pulled Darrell’s cock to one side. That’s when he saw them. “Holy fucking shit!” he said blinking his eyes. “Are you fucking k**ding me?””Looks like you hit the jackpot honey,” Jenny smiled.He moved his hand down and touched them tentatively thinking they couldn’t possibly be real. This had to be some sort of trick. His sack was warm and very real. His balls were fucking huge. They had to be the size of plums. They türbanlı escort kilis were literally three, four maybe five times bigger than normal. “I don’t fucking believe this!” he said massaging them gently. They belonged more to a bull than a man.Darrell grabbed his cock from Mark, held it out of the way. “Lick them.”Mark eased his hands forward and cradled the huge orbs in the palms of his hands. He couldn’t get over how big they were. He held them up to his lips and rolled his tongue over one.”That’s it…now the other one,” Darrell said. Mark easily moved to the other and explored it with his tongue. They were so huge. He felt like he was licking a bowling ball. He didn’t know what had gotten into him. He was simply fascinated by their shape, their size.”Look Jenny,” Darrell smiled. “Your boyfriend is licking my balls. He won’t admit it…but he is dying to have what’s inside them.” Darrell smiled. He could see that Mark was well on his way to being his. Just another straight boy to do with as he pleased.Jenny snapped pictures with one hand as she played with her clit using the other. Mark was slobbering all over Darrell’s huge balls with complete devotion. He must be gay she thought. Even she didn’t lick a guys balls.”You want what’s in them…don’t you Mark? I know you do. You can almost taste it…can’t you? You are a natural cocksucker Mark. And there is not a cocksucker alive who doesn’t want to feel that cock explode in his mouth…to receive his just rewards.”Mark moaned as he tried to gently suck Darrell’s ball into his mouth. He agreed, he wanted to feel that cock explode in his mouth. He had been drinking his cum all night. Now he wanted the rest of it.”Well I’m going to give you just what you want. Put your new lover between your lips Mark. Show me what you can do. Then I’m going to give you what you have been waiting for.” Mark hungrily gobbled up Darrell’s huge cock taking as much as he possibly could. He was going insane. All he could think about was that cock. He wanted to make him cum so bad. He wanted to feel it explode in his mouth.”Oh yeah…that’s it,” Darrell said enthusiastically. “Suck that cock Mark. Suck that cock in your mouth.”Mark was doing wonderful things with his tongue. He couldn’t think straight. He was so damn horny. Listening to Darrell was just making him more so.”That’s it you cocksucker” he said using the term gently. “You are a cocksucker…aren’t you Mark. You love that cock so much. You’ve made those panties so wet…sucking cock…cocksucker.”Mark was working Darrell’s cock so hard. Back and forth. He was a cocksucker. He loved sucking cock.”I knew all you needed was to feel a nice, hard cock between your lips…just once…and you would be hooked.”Mark heard his words. He wanted to disagree. He wanted to disagree in the strongest terms. But he couldn’t. He was too busy sucking that marvelous cock.What had happened to him? How could he have known sucking cock was so incredible? Was Darrell right? Was he now hooked on sucking cock?Mark felt like such a whore. Then he realized that he loved feeling like a whore. He had turned into a dick whore.”I have so many panties for you to wear…cocksucker,” Darrel whispered. But his tease backfired. Darrell’s head filled with images of Mark wearing all sorts of panties. And stockings. He couldn’t wait to dress him up.Somewhere in the distance Mark heard, “Oh yeah…I’m almost there…” Just hearing the words made his cock jerk with excitement. I own this thing Mark thought to himself. He bent down and took one long, slow lick of those massive balls. Yeah, I own these too. He allowed himself a smile.Mark grabbed the base of Darrell’s shaft and aimed that tip at his lips. He bent forward and kissed it right on the end. Yeah, this is my cock now. You belong to me. He opened his mouth as wide as he possibly could and pushed down that long, luxurious shaft.He felt Darrell’s finger ease into his hair. “So close…” Darrell said rocking back and forth gently fucking Mark’s mouth. “You are so hooked on cock…” he said as his breath shortened. Darrell tightened his grip on Mark’s hair. “Drink as much as you can…you’ve earned it.”Jenny pulled her cell phone up to her face. She couldn’t wait to see this.”Oh yeah…almost…” Darrell said shifting from one foot to the other. “Ok… alright…here we gooooooo,” he said throwing his head back.Everything went into slow motion. Darrell held on tightly to his hair; thrust his cock forward pissing thick cum into Mark’s mouth. For that’s what it was. It didn’t come out in spurts; it came out in a stream! It was a thick, forceful stream of hot molten sperm that literally filled his mouth.There was so much it leaked out the sides. He wanted to gag, but swallowed instead. He felt like he had his lips around a garden hose gone wild.Mark gulped and swallowed as that cock force fed him more cum than he thought humanly possible. His brain was on fire. His initial shock morphed into surprise as it kept coming. It came out in big long streams, thick and forceful.Jenny couldn’t believe what she was witnessing. The guys were so enthralled that neither noticed her scream as her orgasm ripped through her. Propped against the couch her fingers worked her clit squeezing every last ounce of pleasure from her sex.Mark didn’t know how he was doing it, but he was swallowing just as fast as he could barely keeping up with the tidal wave of sperm that just kept coming. That cock exploding in his mouth continued to fill his belly with sperm, tons and tons of sperm.It was simply unbelievable. He connected to it on a primitive level somewhere deep in his brain. Darrell was right, he was hooked. He loved feeling that cock explode in his mouth. He had earned every drop of the ocean Darrell was blasting down his throat.It was clear to Jenny that everything her brother said was true. She had never seen anyone so hooked on dick in her life! Mark was busy squeezing Darrell’s cock like a tube of toothpaste trying to get the very last drop. She put her cell phone into her purse and headed for the door. She took one last look before leaving. Mark was nuzzling Darrell’s huge cock against his cheek. His little pink panties were drenched. Somewhere in the madness he blew his load. She smiled to herself and pulled the door closed. Clearly Mark was playing for the other team now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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