The Future That The Feminists Don’t Want You

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The Future That The Feminists Don’t Want YouThe year is 2030. The United States is under the dictatorship of a far-right religious sect, and has annexed Canada. All rights have been stripped from women: The vote, the ability to run a business, the right to say “no” to male sexual advances.I’m in my mid-30s and working at an investment firm in Toronto. All females are now required to be completely nude at all times. While outdoors, we are permitted to wear shoes. Once inside the building, however, we must remove them, so that we are barefoot as well as naked. The male bosses, meanwhile, come to work fully dressed, accentuating their power and our helplessness.—————-I arrive at the office promptly at 9 AM, having somehow achieved the rare feat of not being assaulted on my way in. I see that Barb, our main receptionist, hasn’t fared as well: There is dried cum all over her tits, and, when she stands up, I see more on her inner thighs.”Got fucked, did you,” I asked.”Yeah,” she replied with a sigh. “Two guys on the bus double-teamed me, and I haven’t gotten Mr Goldman’s permission to wipe off the jizz yet.” I knew what she was talking about: As women, we had no right to remove semen from anywhere on our bodies. Looking down the hallway, I see Helen from accounting, her entire face covered in dried ejaculate.”So, what have you got for me today?” I ask.”Well,” said Barb, “Denise got arrested last night for refusing to suck off a homeless guy, so you’ll be subbing for her today.”These words sent an electric thrill up my legs to my cunt: Denise was Mr Rosen’s secretary, and Mr Rosen was known among us girls as the most violent, misogynistic member of the company. Barb handed me her latest keçiören escort paperwork, and I headed toward Rosen’s office, detouring into the ladies’ room on the way, checking myself in the mirror to make sure I looked demure and submissive enough. This could be my big break!Walking in, I walked quietly to Denise’s desk and sat down. I punched the connection key on my holoscreen, andv Mr Rosen’s face appeared.”Just letting you know I’m ready for work, sir,” I said meekly, eyes cast down.”Virginia, eh?” he grunted. “Are you the Catholic girl?””Yes,” I replied softly.”I see you’re wearing a necklace with a crucifix on the end.””Yes, sir.””Get in here now,” he said. It was not a request.Heart palpitating, body temperature rising, I did my best to play it cool as I walked into Rosen’s office, making sure to walk slowly, not aggressively, and placing one naked foot directly in front of the other, causing my hips to swivel in the way that men like.I was surprised to see a much younger man in Rosen’s office, seated in a chair opposite from him. He started to get out of his chair to say hello, but Rosen angrily told him to re-seat himself, explaing, “She’s a receptacle! Don’t give her any respect!”Turning to me, Rosen said,”This is my son Benjamin. He’s been suspended from college for showing respect to his female professor. Can you explain to him what you do here?””Certainly, sir,” I replied. Turning toward Benjamin, I said, “I’m a general office assistant. I do various jobs, like substituting, helping others perform their assigned tasks, as well as—“”Stop!” Rosen ordered. “What I mean is, tell Ben what you are!”Blushing, I once again addressed the younger Rosen: “My name is etlik escort Virginia. I am a whore, an appliance. I exist to receive your cock in whatever orifice of my body you choose to put it in. I have no right to refuse a male’s requests or demands, and will gladly submit to whatever sexual—“”That’s fine!” barked Mr Rosen. “Now lay across the mahogany desk over there and assume the position!”Knowing exactly what he meant, I obediently walked over to the desk and lay down lengthwise upon it. It wasn’t long enough to accomodate the full length of my nude, enslaved body, but that was precisely the point: My legs dangled down off of one side, placing my quickly-moistening slit on the far edge, rendering me defenseless against vaginal penetration, while my head fell backwards off the other end, my long, blond hair cascading down till it nearly touched the floor.”Wh-what are we doing, dad?” asked Ben. What a lovely name. Ben.”Teaching you to man up!” his father sternly advised. “Now, grab the little Catholic bitch’s legs, raise them, and RAM your cock into her!””But dad, I—“”Do it!” yelled Rosen.Raising my head for a moment to look at Ben, such a handsome, younger male, I smiled sweetly and said, “It’s all right, hon: This is how the world works.” Then I dropped my head back again and pouted my soft, moist lips into a tight circle. The elder Rosen chuckled as he gripped my head in his hands and began fucking my mouth, the curvature of his circumcised cock easily penetrating deep into my throat as he pumped his manhood in and out, in and out, in and out between my lips. After a moment, I felt Ben’s stiff (and bigger!) dong penetrate my cunt.”Now” asked Rosen of his son, “how etimesgut escort do you think the Leafs are gonna do this year?””Wh-what?” Ben stammered.”Look,” his father advised, “the woman we’re fucking is what she said she is: an appliance, a receptacle. When you and another guy at school are using a urinal, do you talk TO or ABOUT the fucking urinal?”Finally catching on, Ben said, “Well, the Leafs are gonna do as they always do. They’re gonna suck for the first part of the season, rack up a shitload of wins in the last month, and just barely miss the playoffs, as per usual.””I agree,” his father said, as both males continued ramming their cocks into my powerless, abject body. It didn’t surprise me that the obviously lesser-experienced Ben came first, but I WAS surprised and, as a woman, proud—that his cumshot was so powerful, three successive jets of his scalding young semen filling my vagina, which brought on my own, shattering climax. My throat reflexively contracted as I came, which made Mr Rosen’s fuck channel even tighter. It was a chain-reaction orgasm, but the dad still had the sexual control to pull out of my mouth and shoot his hot, sticky load all over my face, shoulders, and tits like an inexhaustable fire hose, making sure to save some droplets for my crucifix, degrading my soul as well as my body.After a moment, they both zipped up and left the office, chuckling about what a sleazy whore I was. I didn’t mind. It was true.After an hour or so with no other men coming into the office to use me, I got up and strutted down the main hallway, coated in dried cum. The other women shot me dirty looks, recognizing there was a new Chief Slut in the company. I didn’t give a damn: I had been validated by two powerful, dominant cocks, and when Mr Birnbaum said I could wash the jizz off if I wanted to, I politely said, “No thank you, sir,” and left it on for the rest of the day, including my bus ride home.I had never been so proud to be a woman.

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