The Forfeit Ch. 2

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John was sent to a northern post in a busy city, bustling with industry and people. His company was the home office for the business and he was immediately sucked into huge deals and mergers. He landed on his feet, making some incredibly lucrative transactions in his first months.

The pace was frenetic. He was assigned to a team already in tune with each other, already in sync. He had to jump in and try to assimilate their rhythm and pace. It was difficult to do, but exciting at the same time. The team consisted of five other lawyers, all roughly his age, all with prestigious degrees and families. The men, Jared, Patrick, Oliver, and Noah, were nearly carbon copies of himself. Handsome, assured, intelligent and pleasant. The lone woman, Judith, was cool and aloof. She gave exactly what was needed from her and did not feel she should be social in any way. Even her name sent shivers down his spine. He could not look at her face without feeling immature and unworthy.

As the days passed, John found matching points with the other team members. Most of them were avid squash players, several liked theater, three of them were golf pros. They began spending off hours together, handsome, desirable men, the eligible cream of the company. They were quite a sight, these men. Everywhere they went, they created a stir. Women made up reasons to approach them, to talk with them. John was used to being with Will, his pal, and being nearly invisible. Now, he was the center of attention, and he found it enjoyable. The five of them spent much of their weekends and evenings together. It became a game to see how many women handed them phone numbers or offered them a free drink. Many evenings included offers for a night together. While John didn’t usually accept the offers, he was flattered all the same. Sometimes, as he watched his pals meet and go home with gorgeous women, he wondered why he was so reluctant.

The women were lovely, charming and intelligent. They offered a good time without any strings, but somehow, it just didn’t appeal to John. So he would return to his apartment alone each night. Often he would find Will online and they would chat, continuing the discussions that kept them awake all night at University. But then, Will met Amanda, and was not as Anadolu Yakası Escort available as much. Instead, he wrote long letters describing Amanda and her many wondrous assets. He was so in love, and John was his confidante. John was the first to know that Will was staying with Amanda, nursing her back to health. John was also the first to know that they had finally realized their love for each other. He was happy for his friend, but a little envious too. That was what kept him from accepting the offers of the women. He didn’t want a one nighter, or even a few fun hours in bed. He wanted someone like Amanda, someone to love and who would love him. He mentioned this to the other guys, but they seemed happy being on the receiving end of exciting nights.

Everything remained the same, yet everything changed. It wasn’t as much fun to go out with the guys and be admired and wanted. John kept thinking there was a woman out there who would complete him, fulfill him, make him happy and content. So he partied, but without as much enthusiasm. He kept more to himself, trying to avoid the hungry eyes of the women on patrol.

He began spending more time at work. He could be found in his office late in the evenings. The alternative was his lonely apartment or the clubs, and neither appealed to him. Judith was often at the office in the evenings too. She moved about efficiently, doing her work with little interaction, keeping her distance. John tried to be polite and social, but she was disinterested. It was silly, really, that two people with so much in common couldn’t have a decent conversation, but Judith just seemed too detached to approach.

John wrote out his frustrations to Will, which was the same as sending a paper airplane off a tall building. Will was so totally in love with Amanda that everything seemed to be permanently rose-colored. He would receive John’s E-mails and reply with stories about Amanda. John was frustrated, but he wanted to be that happy, that content.

One night, he sat in his office, working on a merger, and feeling lonely. Truly lonely. He wondered if his heart would ever be full, his soul safely in the possession of a loving woman. As he stared at the brightly-lit skyline, he heard sobs. Faint at first, they Pendik Escort grew louder, harsher. He sat very still, wondering who was in the office this late and what he should do. It would be impolite to interrupt someone, but then, maybe he could help. He stood up and walked from his office, following the sad sound. He approached Judith’s office slowly, noting the door was not quite shut. Now he was really hesitant. Judith had made it very plain that she was not interested in the normal office chitchat and interaction. Her icy reserve had been directed at him more than a few times. He felt sure she wouldn’t want to spend time with anyone when she was so upset. But he couldn’t just ignore her grief. He walked up to the door and rapped lightly. He heard the crying stop, he heard her hold her breath.

“Judith, it is John. May I come in, please? Maybe I can help. I am a nice guy and I have broad shoulders. I am also a great listener. Please, may I come in?”

To his surprise, the door opened and Judith stood before him. She was tall and slender with uniquely red hair that she usually wore up in a very professional bun. Her eyes were generally hidden by large, dark-rimmed glasses. Now, with her glasses off, John was immediately mesmerized by her pale green eyes, sparkling with tears. Most women looked a mess when they cried, but Judith was not most women. She looked lovely. Her cheeks were pink and her eyes luminous. Her hair had come partially undone, with long, curling tendrils framing her face. She wore no makeup now, and freckles were lightly sprinkled over her nose and cheeks. A faint spicy scent reached his nostrils as he moved closer. She looked very accessible and sweet.

She was still sniffling. “Thank you, John, for the offer. I am all right. I have just received some unsettling news and I reacted badly. I am fine now.”

Even as she said this, Judith started to sob again, her whole body crumpling toward the floor. John moved forward and caught her arms, pulling her against him. Suddenly, she didn’t seem cold and forbidding. Tonight she seemed extremely soft and fragile. He guided her to the large leather sofa against the far wall of the office, lowering her to the cushions. She held tightly to his hand, seeming unwilling to Kurtköy Escort break the link with another person. He sat beside her, holding her hand and waiting.

For the first time, he noticed the large diamond on her finger. She seemed to see it at the same time. She held her hand out and just stared at her left hand. Her laugh was harsh and quick. “Simon” was all she said. John waited, taking slow deep breaths, preparing himself to be the listener he promised to be.

She continued staring at her hand, finally releasing John long enough to twirl the ring on her finger. She slowly removed it and held it clasped in her palm. Her breathing was hiccupy and uneven. Suddenly, she raised her arm and threw the ring across the room, where it bounced off the huge window overlooking the city and landing somewhere in the thick carpet. Her sobs started anew. John reached for her, pulling her soft body into his arms, patting her back and whispering comforting soft sounds into her ear. He caught a few words, “Simon, waiting, back, woman, gone, over….” between the fresh onslaught of tears. He sat there, holding this woman, gentling her, comforting her, wishing he could make everything better.

Her tears slowed. She allowed him to hold her, warm her. She listened when he spoke, her eyes locked with his. Judith molded her body to his, feeling secure in his arms. Her breathing became more normal, with tiny sobs still shaking her occasionally. She relaxed against him, her arms around his chest, still murmuring, still shaken. Then, when he thought she couldn’t possibly have more tears in her body, Judith fell asleep. A deep, restorative sleep. She curled into John and found the comfort she needed. He held her as she slept, not daring to move or even shift on the sofa. Sometime during the vigil, John also fell asleep, but lightly, ready to do whatever Judith needed from him.

When he woke, John was lying full length on the leather sofa, a soft afghan thrown over him. The delicious aroma of fresh coffee filled his nostrils. He turned his head and saw Judith, sitting at her desk. It was as if last night had never happened. She was crisp and fresh, her clothes starched, her hair perfectly in place. The black-framed glasses shielded her eyes. She was busily typing on her computer, her back straight and stiff. When John moved to get up, she turned. “Good morning, John. I thought you might sleep the day away. Obviously, you are not used to long work sessions. You crashed long before we finished….”

To Be Continued…

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