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THE FLIGHTPRELUDEKate an attractive flight attendant for an international airline was on her way to Paris. She happened to notice an older woman and younger man sitting in Envoy Class who seemed to be very chummy. Checking the manifest she saw that they had the same last name and she assumed them to be mother and son. That was confirmed later when the woman asked for something for her son. Kate studied the couple as she worked the Envoy section of the cabin. The woman who was probably in her early forties was wearing a mini-skirt that showed off her lovely legs. The woman was obviously proud of her legs and like putting them on display. Her son who appeared to be in his late teens was a good looking young man. Kate sensed that he was more of a scholar than an athlete. His mother doted over him and she was touching him all the time.After the meal was served the cabin lights were dimmed. Some passengers watched the movie, some used their reading lights to read and others reclined and listened to music or slept. Kate noticed that the mother and son covered themselves with a blanket and cuddled as if they were a couple. Kate thought that they sat much too close to one another and she kept a curious eye on them.At one point Kate noticed that the mother had her head tilted back and her eyes rolled as if she was experiencing an erotic moment. Upon closer inspection, Kate saw that the blanket was moving near the woman’s hips and Kate was sure that the boy was fingering his mother’s pussy. “What else could it be?” Kate thought to herself. The woman started rolling her head from side to side as the hand under the blanket moved faster and faster. Then the woman covered her mouth and gasped into her hand muffling her cries of ecstasy.The hand stopped moving and then Kate gasped when she saw the boy’s hand come out from under the blanket to his mouth. He licked his fingers dry and smiled at his mother. He leaned in and whispered something in her ear and then the two of them got up and went into the same lavatory. Kate stood there and watched in disbelief and then she went over to their seats. Kate picked up the blanket as if she was folding it up and sniffed it. There was the unmistakable smell of sex which confirmed that the woman had orgasmed. The mother and son were in the lavatory for a long time together and Kate knew that another chapter in the Mile High Club was being written. This time it was an i****tuous chapter. Kate waited for the couple to come out of the lavatory and when they did she asked, “Is everything all right?””Oh yes, my son was feeling too well but he’s fine now,” the woman replied.The mother and son returned to their seats and Kate laughed to herself, “I’m supposed to believe that, right,’ she thought.Kate then sensed that her own panties were a little damp and she realized that the act she witnessed had turned her on. She suddenly had the urge to masturbate and she headed for the lavatory. Once inside she pulled up her skirt and pushed her pantyhose down to her knees. She fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit and as she did the image of her own son came into her mind. She fantasized about her son fingering her pussy and then eating her pussy. She even tried to visualize him fucking her with his impressive cock. Kate’s orgasm approached quickly and she was soon juicing her fingers and moaning softly.Kate washed her hands and arranged her clothes. She exited the lavatory and returned to cabin. She took a seat and rested before it was time to serve breakfast. Her mind raced as she thought of her handsome well-endowed 19 year old son. She tried to think of ways to seduce him but she kept coming up empty. Kate envied the woman and her son on the flight and only wished that she could have been in the woman’s place. Just then the cabin lights came on and it was time to get back to work.After breakfast the plane landed in Paris. As passengers deplaned, Kate spoke to the mother and son, “Enjoy your stay in Paris.””Oh we will, thank you!” the mother replied with a twinkle in her eye.”That’s it,” Kate thought to herself, “I’ll bring my son to Paris one day.”INTRODUCTION Kate was a divorced mother of one. Her son Andrew was a good looking young man of 19 years. Andrew was very much into the arts and at one time Kate thought that he might be gay. That thought was erased from her mind when her flight was cancelled one day and she returned home early. She found Andrew in bed with an attractive girl with long blonde curly hair. Andrew never knew that his mother watched him fuck the 20 year old blonde as Kate remained undetected. As she watched her son have sex with the shapely girl she noticed how well endowed he was. Kate was sure that his cock had to be at least 8′ long and it was thick. The girl he was fucking certainly enjoyed it.Kate left the house and went to a local coffee shop and reflected on what she had witnessed. She surprised herself by being attracted to her son’s cock. She had never thought of a mother son i****tuous encounter until then. She wondered how it would be to sleep with her own virile son. Kate sipped her coffee and all the possibilities played out in her mind.Kate was a very attractive woman and at age 44 she was still a head turner. She had a shapely 35-25-36 figure with great legs and a killer ass. She had brown shoulder length hair and hazel eyes. She was hit on all the time by pilots but she had no interest in getting involved with people with whom she worked. The international flights provided her with adequate time to get her horns sc****d by a good looking young Frenchman, Italian or Spaniard depending on which county she was in at the time. Kate remained discreet in her private sexual life.Andrew was in his freshman year of a liberal arts college. He was very fond of the arts and he hoped to travel to Europe some day and study there. Andrew was also fond of older women and he was currently banging a woman who ran a local art gallery. The woman actually resembled his mother somewhat and he recalled the cliché that boys always married their mothers. Andrew often thought of his mother and wondered what she would be like in bed. He had no clue about her sexual life but he fantasized about being part of it. For the time being Andrew was content fucking the lady at the art gallery.MORE FANTASIES FOR KATEKate paid more attention to mothers and sons on flights than she ever had before on that prior flight to Paris. It was obvious that there was a lot of i****tuous behavior going on and some of it with the husbands present. Kate also knew that some of the mothers were stepmoms and although it wasn’t i****t it was still taboo. As soon as the cabin lights on the plane were dimmed, Kate checked out the older women traveling with younger men. She knew from the flight manifest which ones were mothers and sons.There always seemed be hand jobs and pussy fingering going on under the blankets. When the couple made their way to the lavatory, Kate would check out the blanket for the smell of sex or the wetness for cum stains. The activity by the mothers and their sons always left Kate in a horny state and she frequently masturbated in the lavatory fantasizing about her own son. It was on another flight to Paris that Kate got to observe a mother and son. This time the son appeared to be in complete control of his mother. Kate was shocked by the way he treated her and the things he made her do in public. Kate knew she was in for a treat just by the way the two were dressed when they boarded the plane. The mother had on a very short skirt that was cut at least 8″ above her knees. It was a full skirt and it made her privates very accessible. She had lovely tanned legs and she did not wear hose. She also wore a frilly tube top that showed off her flat tan tummy and tan shoulders. Kate noticed that she did not wear a bra.Her son wore loose fitting athletic shorts, athletic shoes and a tee shirt. Kate wondered if he bothered with underwear as they seemed dressed for action when the lights went out. Once the flight was airborne and the in-cabin service started the son teased his mother unmercifully. He was obviously warming her up for later. Kate noticed that while they were seated the son put his hand under his mother’s top several times and copped a feel. Once when the mother got up to use the lavatory, her son reached under her skirt and grabbed her ass. Kate was getting hot and bothered by the action but she actually hoped that the son would get bolder. However she was not prepared for just how bold he would get.Later when the lights were dimmed, as they always were after dinner, the son went into action. He pulled the blanket over his mother and himself and it was obvious that he was playing with her under the blanket. Kate tired to get as close as she could without being obvious. She heard the mother protest weakly in a whisper.”No Dennis, not on the plane. Wait until we are in the hotel,” the woman said.”Oh get off it mother, you know you want to. I can feel how wet your pussy is,” her son whispered back.”No, we are not going to fuck on the plane, now stop it,” the mother said trying to sound forceful but her son was unrelenting.”Okay but then you are going to suck my cock,” the son announced.Kate watched in disbelief as the son pulled his mother’s head under the blanket. Soon Kate saw the blanket moving up and down as the mother’s head bobbed up and down on her son’s cock. The son had his head back with a smile on his face as his mother sucked his cock under the blanket. For some reason the boy looked toward Kate and he smiled at her. Then he slowly let the blanket slip away revealing his mother’s oral activity. Kate was shocked as she witnessed her first sexual act ever and it was right there in an airplane seat.What Kate was supposed to do was report the couple to the Captain but what she did do was move closer to get a better view of the boy and his mother. Kate was impressed with the mother’s oral skills as her head bobbed up and down and she rubbed her son’s testicles. The young man named Dennis kept looking and smiling at Kate as his mother sucked his cock. Kate observed that Dennis had a nice cock which was probably above average size but not as large as Andrew’s cock. Then his hands went to his mother’s head to hold it in place as he announced that he was cumming.”Here it comes mother, stay on it we don’t want any cum stains,” he told his mother.Kate stared at the two of them as Dennis raised his hips and ejaculated into his mother’s mouth. The woman swallowed every drop of her son’s semen and sucked his cock dry before she lifted her head. Kate moved away quickly so that the woman did not know she had witnessed the whole scene. The mother raised her head and she realized the blanket was not covering them.”Are you crazy? Anyone could have walked by and seen us,” she said obviously upset with her son.”Oh relax, it’s dark and I am still going to fuck you before we get off the pinbahis güvenilirmi plane,” Dennis told his mother.Just then Kate appeared and asked, “Can I get you something to drink?””Mother would you like something else to drink?” Dennis asked his mother as he winked at Kate.”White wine, thank you,” the woman replied and Dennis asked for red wine.Kate got the wines for them and then she served other passengers who were still awake. Kate was done with the drink service quickly and she positioned herself to observe the mother and son as she was sure that that were not done yet and she was right. No sooner had the wine been consumed and the son was back at his mother. Dennis seemed to wear his mother down and she eventually gave in to his advances.Kate noticed the blanket was pulled back over them but this time the mother was facing away from her son and he was thrusting his hips into her. “Could it be that he was fucking her,” Kate wondered.Kate moved closer and once more Dennis spotted her and smiled. The blanket was slipping off by itself this time but when Dennis saw Kate move closer, he tossed it aside. Kate could see the mother’s panties on the floor in front of the seat. Her skirt was pulled up to her waist and her top was above her breasts. Dennis had his shorts around his knees and he was driving his cock into his mother from behind.”Dennis, the blanket,” the mother whispered harshly when she realized it was off them.”Relax mother the flight attendant will keep an eye out for us,” Dennis whispered back and the he motioned with his head for Kate to come closer.Kate walked over and stood in the aisle next to the seat. “Oh my God, Dennis she’s watching us. We have to stop,” the mother said in a panic.”Relax mother, she’s cool she watched you blow me before. She’s not going to report us. She’s going to stand there and watch us and let us know if anyone is coming,” Dennis told his mother and then he looked at Kate and said, “Isn’t that right?”Kate nodded her head in agreement as she watched the son fuck his mother from behind. Dennis had his right hand on his mother’s breast and he tweaked her nipple as he drilled his cock into her. “Oh man this is so fucking hot,” he whispered looking right at Kate.The mother would not look at Kate while she was being fucked and avoided eye contact the entire time. Kate just continued to stare in disbelief that this was happening on her flight. Kate was tempted to play with her pussy as she watched but she resisted that temptation. Dennis picked up the pace and Kate was worried that the increased motion would disturb the passengers behind them. However a quick glance at the couple in the next seat satisfied Kate that they were sound asleep. Dennis then slowed and then stopped moving as he drove his hips into his mother’s ass and held still. It was clear that he was cumming in his mother’s pussy. Dennis stayed rigid for nearly a minute as he shot several rounds of semen deep in his mother’s womb. His mother groaned as her vagina was filled with her son’s seed. “Can you get me a napkin?” the mother asked directing her question at Kate.Kate scrambled back to her station to retrieve some napkins for the woman. Kate handed them to the woman who stuffed them in her crotch and then pulled her panties back on. She made her way quickly to the lavatory. When Kate returned her gaze to the son she saw him stroking his cock. “Put that away before you get in trouble,” she whispered urgently. Dennis chuckled and pulled his shorts up to conceal his cock.Kate went to check on the mother in the lavatory and she caught her coming out. “Are you okay?” Kate asked.”Yes, I’m fine. I’m sorry you had to see that,” the woman replied.”Can I get you another drink?” Kate offered.”That would be great, another white wine please,” the woman accepted.Kate got the white wine and handed it to the woman. “Thanks, I’m Doreen by the way.””Kate.””I can’t believe the chances that I take with him. He is crazy sometimes and forces me to have sex in public places. I swear one day we are going to get caught and his father will have a fit,” Doreen expunged.”Well if it had been a different flight attendant, it would have been reported to the Captain,” Kate told her.”I’m sure. Why didn’t you report us?””To be honest I find it kind of a turn on. I liked watching you both. I have been watching mothers and sons for months now and it is amazing how much sex is going on between them,” Kate admitted.”I guess I am not surprised.”The conversation continued and Doreen even had another glass of wine. During the conversation Kate learned that Dennis had sex with Doreen even when her husband, his father was home. One time his father was on a conference call in the study and Dennis fucked Doreen in his room. Another time Doreen was fucked from behind while they both looked out the kitchen window at her husband sitting poolside. One time Dennis fucked Doreen when they took the trash out with her husband sitting inside reading the paper.Doreen told Kate that she lost her anal virginity to her son and ever since then he fucked her in the ass all the time. Sometimes he just pulled up her skirt and pulled her panties down and fucked her ass. He even fucked her in a fitting room in a boutique store. He made her suck his cock in the car while they were parked in the shopping mall. The public display and risk taking were endless and Doreen just went along with everything Dennis had her do. They had sex in their swimming pool and their Jacuzzi. Dennis even shared her with two of his friends and that was the day she had her first foursome. Doreen admitted to having three young vibrant cocks in her at the same time, one in her ass, one in her pussy and one in her mouth. It was humiliating but at the same time she found it wickedly exciting. Dennis had made her his bitch and she seemed to like the role. Kate was flabbergasted by Doreen’s admission as it made Kate’s fantasy seem like c***d’s play. Doreen finished her glass of wine just as Dennis approached the two women. “I was wondering if you two were telling tales,” he chuckled and then he said to Doreen, “I’m horny again let’s go in the lavatory and I’ll let you blow me.”Kate could believe her ears and then she watched as Doreen did as she was told. Kate went back to work and later checked on Dennis and Doreen. They were both asleep in their seats and Kate assumed that they had enough sex for one flight. Kate took her seat and slept briefly until the lights came on for the breakfast service. Soon they would be on the ground and Kate was already thinking of the young Frenchman who made her feel so good the last time she was in Paris. She was horny and she could use some good loving.AN APPRECIATION OF AN OLDER WOMANAndrew worked part-time at the art gallery owned by Deborah Williams. He liked working there for two reasons, his interest in art and he was having some great sex with the owner. He had learned a lot from Deborah about art and she had also taught him many things about sex. Deborah was also addicted to his young vibrant cock and it seemed she could not get enough of it.Every day that Andrew worked at the gallery they had sex together. One day Deborah closed up for lunch and put up the sign that indicated that they would be back by 1:00 PM. “What did you have in mind for lunch?” Andrew asked. “Oh I was thinking that I would have some tube steak and you could have a box lunch,” Deborah replied sexily.Andrew knew what she had in mind. Deborah sat in chair and had Andrew stand in front of her. She reached up and unzipped Andrew’s fly, unbuckled his belt and unfastened his trousers. Deborah then pushed his trousers to his ankles leaving him standing in his underwear. Then she slowly pushed his briefs down his legs allowing the waistband to snag his cock. As she pulled his underwear further down his cock sprung out and bobbed in front of her face. Deborah always got some sort of pleasure from his cock getting caught in the waistband and then springing free.Andrew grabbed the back of Deborah’s head as she devoured his cock. She took him deep into her throat and swallowed around his cock. He loved the feeling of his cock being squeezed deep in her throat. Deborah slid her mouth up and down his cock while keeping her lips wrapped tightly around it. Her throat remained opened as she deep throated Andrew over and over again. Andrew could feel his semen begin to rise as his sperm boiled in his loins.Deborah cupped his balls with one hand as the other hand grabbed a cheek of his ass and she held him close against her mouth. She looked up at him and saw the look of lust on Andrew’s face as he groaned continuously and rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet. Andrew was close and Deborah knew it. She let go of his balls and grabbed the other ass cheek. With both hands on his ass she pulled him as close as she could and drove his cock deeper into her mouth. Andrew’s cock slipped back down her throat and he could feel her throat muscles massaging his shaft.Deborah began to swallow around his cock and then Andrew lost it. He groaned softly as his seed gushed up from his balls and exploded deep into her throat. She kept his cock in place as she swallowed again and again milking every drop of semen from his shaft. Deborah was out of breath and she slowly let Andrew’s softening cock escape from her throat. As his cock deflated she continued to suck it until it was almost out of her mouth and then she held it in her hand as she swabbed it with her tongue searching out the last remaining drops of semen. Andrew realized then that he had curled his toes in his shoes as if grabbing the floor for balance. Andrew relaxed his feet as Deborah looked up at him and smiled.Over the past few months he learned to eat pussy and really bring a woman pleasure. Deborah loved it when Andrew stuck a finger in her ass as he ate her pussy. He also learned various positions of vaginal sex and he learned about 69 positioning and mutual oral satisfaction. The day had come when Deborah would teach him about anal sex.”Do you want to try something different? Do you want to put it in my bottom? Do you want to fuck me in the ass?” Deborah asked.Andrew had never tried anal sex but at this point he was ready. He replied, “Yes,” enthusiastically. Deborah knelt on all fours on the floor and instructed Andrew in anal sex. First he had to prepare her ass for his cock so she showed him how to lubricate her asshole and his cock. Andrew loved fingering Deborah’s ass and he added fingers to her pussy as well. He was so caught up in fingering Deborah’s ass and pussy that he forgot all about fucking her ass.”Andrew, please don’t tease me anymore. Put your cock in my ass,” Deborah begged.Andrew lined his cock up with Deborah’s ass and slowly pushed into her rectum. Deborah gasped aloud as the impressive cock filled her anal passage. Then Deborah guided him through the initial butt fuck. “Not too deep pinbahis yeni giriş then deeper,” she said.Andrew was careful not to hurt her and took his time penetrating her ass. He couldn’t believe the erotic feeling that came over him once he was sheathed in her ass. Andrew looked at her shapely spheres as he slowly fucked her. He caressed her curvy bottom as he plowed her ass with his shaft. Andrew was overcome with desire as he watched his cock slide in and out of his teacher’s shapely ass. Deborah had her head down on the floor turned to one side and her face was filled with passion. Andrew felt his semen travel from his balls through his scrotum and shoot into Deborah’s rectum. He filled her ass to overflowing and he could feel his own semen gather around his cock. He kept fucking her until his cock softened somewhat and slipped from her ass. Deborah cooed as the semen trickled out of her ass and ran over her pussy and down her inner thighs. She stayed on all fours with her head on the floor as she fingered her pussy in search of her own orgasm. Andrew watched as she brought herself off and then he fucked her ass again since his erection had returned. Andrew was hooked on anal sex at that moment.Anal sex was now part of the normal love making sessions with Andrew and Deborah. Their routine was that she would suck his cock until he came in her mouth. Then Andrew would eat Deborah’s pussy until she came. Then Andrew and Deborah would fuck in one of the vaginal sex positions. They always saved the anal sex for last and Andrew would cum in her ass at least once and sometimes twice. However a strange thing began to happen, Andrew started thinking about his mother while he was fucking Deborah. His mother was prettier and shapelier than Deborah and Andrew wondered what she was doing for sex. He tried to dismiss his mother’s image from his mind but he couldn’t. He imagined that it was his mother who he was fucking and not Deborah.ACTION AT HOMEKate came home from her flight to Paris very frustrated. She had been all worked up from watching the mother and son have sex on the flight. She had looked forward to hooking up with Philippe in Paris but he was not at home. The flight back seemed long and she was wound up by the time she arrived at home. Kate changed into a lounge outfit and opened a bottle of wine. She was almost done with the first bottle when Andrew arrived home. He kissed her on the cheek and then joined her for a glass of wine.Kate began telling Andrew about the mothers and sons that she noticed on her flights. How they were very touchy and some of them were having sex. Andrew was surprised that she shared those stories since they were about mothers and sons. Maybe it was the wine but Kate kept on going. When she told Andrew about the last flight with Doreen and Dennis, he had a difficult time believing it but why would his mother lie. She wouldn’t make up a story like that. They finished the second bottle of wine and Andrew said it was late. They both went to bed. Kate was wound up and she couldn’t wait to get into bed and thrust her dildo into her overheated pussy. Andrew was also horny after hearing those stories from Kate. His thoughts went to his mother and he decided to check on her that night. Andrew left his room wearing just his sleep shorts and he abruptly stopped outside his mother’s bedroom door when he heard her moan. He listened intently and he was sure that he heard slight moans and whispers in her room. He turned the door handle slowly and eased the bedroom door open. He could then his mother clearly moaning and whispering to her self.”Oh yes that’s good, right there Andrew, oh fuck me,” Kate whispered as she moved the dildo around in her pussy.Kate was thinking about her son. She imagined that he was fucking her. Kate thought about the hard body and good sized cock as she fucked herself with the fake cock. Andrew’s eyes adjusted to the dim lit room and he watched his mother move the rubber dick in and out of her pussy. Kate was in her nightgown but it was gathered about her waist leaving her naked below her breasts. Andrew felt his own cock grow into hardness and he decided that it was time to make a move. He dropped his sleep shorts and approached his mother’s bed with his impressive cock bobbing in front of him. When he got close to the bed he saw that his mother had her eyes closed as she worked the dildo in and out of her pussy.Andrew got up on the bed and maneuvered between his mother’s legs. He leaned over and took her hand holding the dildo and slowly pulled it from her pussy. Kate at first panicked when she realized that someone else was in the bedroom and in her bed. Her eyes opened wide and she smiled when she saw her own son kneeling between her legs and holding her hand with the dildo in it.”Oh Andrew what are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here,” Kate murmured.”Relax mother, its okay, I know that you would be happier with the real thing,” Andrew replied and then he moved closer to her pussy. Andrew then eased his big cock into his mother’s pussy. Kate was taken back with the size of him. Her first thoughts were to her ex-husband’s cock and he wasn’t as big as Andrew. But she already knew that.”Oh we shouldn’t but it feels so good, oh, oh, fuck me, yes fuck”, his mother cried out as she was close to her orgasm and wasn’t about to stop now. Andrew slid in and out of her pussy slowly allowing his mother to adjust to his size and he continued to go deeper with each thrust until he was buried balls deep in her pussy. “Oh my I have never been so full of cock, fuck me, make me cum, make it last forever”, Kate cried out.Andrew pounded her pussy making sure that his cock was in constant contact with her clit. Kate had multiple orgasms as he fucked her. Andrew pushed her nightgown up over her breasts. His mother had pretty firm tits with rock hard nipples that extended a ½ inch. Andrew twirled the nipples in his fingers and then leaned over taking one then the other in his mouth. This was the first time Andrew had seen his mother naked and he savored every moment.Kate went wild telling him. “Oh yes, suck my tits, suck my nipples, fuck me good!” Andrew could feel his balls start to tighten and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he filled his mother’s pussy with his cum. Kate stiffened and then had another violent orgasm. She thought to herself that her son was very experienced for his age as he fucked her and sucked her tits.Kate yelled, “Hold me, please hold me, I’m cummmming!” Andrew reached around behind her and pulled his mother toward him as she shook and trembled throughout her intense orgasm. As she was cumming so did Andrew and he fired a barrage of cum into her pussy. As his mother started to recover Andrew laid her back down on the bed and slowly fucked her as his cock softened. Andrew’s cock was swimming in her cunt; there was so much cum in there mingling with her own juices.”How was that mother?” he asked her. She looked at him and said, “My God, I have never cum like that in my life, nor have I ever had anyone cum that much in me before. It was wonderful.” His mother looked down at Andrew’s soft cock and took it in her hand, “I like this,” she said as she felt his cock harden in her hand.Kate held her arms open to her son welcoming him between her legs again. Andrew crawled between her legs and slipped his hard cock back in her pussy. Andrew never wanted this to end and he wanted to fuck his mother all night. Kate knew this was taboo but right now it felt so good to have a real cock in her. Andrew fucked her as long as he could before he shot his second load of the night. Kate had multiple orgasms and the final one was so violent she nearly bucked her son off her body.Then Kate collapsed and cried out. “Please stop, I have to rest. I am not sure I can cum any more.”Andrew stayed in bed with his mother that night and they both slept soundly. The next morning Andrew woke up first and looked at the beautiful woman lying next to him in bed. It was hard to believe that he had just had the most incredible sex with his mother last night. She looked so angelic sleeping on her back with her cute firm tits poking up in the hair and her hot pussy on display. Andrew eased her legs apart and lowered his mouth to her vulva unconcerned that he had cum twice in her pussy the night before. He teased his mother with his tongue until her pussy heated up and glistened with moisture. Kate started to stir and reached down to her pussy only to find her son’s head between her legs. She opened her legs wider giving Andrew easier access to her luscious pussy.Andrew located her clit and brought a soft moan to his mother’s lips as he nibbled it gently. Andrew recalled everything that Deborah had taught him. He then inserted a thick finger into his mother’s pussy and continued to tease her hard clit. Kate’s pussy was getting wetter and wetter and she started to move her hips with a desire to cum. That was the signal that Andrew was waiting for and he moved his body up and knelt between her legs. He lined up his huge erect cock with Kate’s sopping wet cunt and eased it in. Kate’s face tensed with the anticipation of her son’s big cock filling her pussy. Andrew fucked her slowly at first and then he began to pick up the pace. Soon he was pounding his mother’s pussy and fucking her into submission. Kate had orgasm after orgasm as her son relentlessly fucked her. Andrew just kept at her with his morning piss hard-on until she screamed and pleaded with him to stop. Kate’s body convulsed in a mind blowing orgasm and then she went limp on the bed. Andrew smiled to himself and he eased his cock out of his mother’s well fucked pussy. He got up and went into the bathroom to relieve himself. He was thrilled with the seduction of his mother and he was proud about how many times she had orgasmed at his hands. Andrew came back in the bedroom sporting his erection and his mother looked at his youthful hard cock.”I haven’t cum yet today mother,” Andrew announced.”Please Andrew I can’t, I am tired and sore,” Kate begged off.”Well I will need your mouth then,” Andrew said assertively.Kate couldn’t believe what she had just heard. Her own son was telling her to suck his cock. With a smile Kate took her son’s cock in her mouth and began to suck on it. Andrew was charged and he knew that he wouldn’t last long. He made up his mind to cum in his mother’s mouth so he did not warn her of his impending orgasm. Kate took Andrew deeper in her mouth and jerked him off with her hand. Cum flew out of his cock and sprayed the back of her throat. His mother was caught off guard by the force and the volume of his ejaculation and she pulled his cock from her mouth to avoid gagging. Andrew’s semen splashed against his mother’s tits and neck as she guided his cock away from her face. After about seven ropes of cum shot out of his cock she squeezed the remaining seed out then took Andrew’s pinbahis giriş cock back in her mouth and sucked him dry.Kate then said, “Oh that was some load. I’ll be ready for you next time. I need a shower now.”After her shower Kate put on her panties and bathrobe and went downstairs to make coffee. Andrew just threw on a pair of shorts commando style and then joined his mother in the kitchen. Andrew sat at the kitchen table as his mother stood at the sink facing away from him. Kate was confused now that it happened. She struggled internally with her emotions. She had let her own son fuck her and she loved it. In fact she enjoyed it as it was the best sex she had had in years. But it was wrong, some would say sinful but she wanted it to happen again.Andrew got up from his chair and walked over to his mother. Kate felt his presence behind her and she trembled. She wondered why she suddenly felt so insecure with her 19 year-old son. Andrew put his arms around his mother’s waist, pulled her back toward him and nuzzled her neck. He kissed his mother lightly around her ears, and then stuck his tongue in her ear and Kate shivered with excitement. Andrew moved his hands up to her breasts and began to massage them through her bathrobe. “You have very nice tits, mother,” he told her as he moved his hips forward and Kate felt his enormous cock pressing into her bottom through the robe.Andrew dropped to his knees behind his, lifted her robe up and eased her panties down and off of her legs. Andrew trailed kisses up and down each leg and on her ass cheeks. Kate was trembling with desire and she wondered where her son learned these things. Andrew turned his mother around toward him and began to tongue her sopping wet pussy. Kate came immediately when his tongue touched her clit but Andrew grabbed her by both ass cheeks, held his mother’s cunt to his mouth and ate her to another orgasm. The second time Kate came violently humping his face and covering it with her pussy juice. Kate had trouble standing so he eased her to the kitchen floor and took off her bathrobe.Kate lay there waiting in anticipation of what was to happen next when I heard her son say, “Let’s go back to bed mother.”Kate lay back on the bed while his impressive erection jumped out as he removed his shorts and Kate felt a little intimidated by the size of his hard cock. Kate could tell that her son was proud of his manhood as he openly displayed himself in front of her. Andrew moved up on the bed between his mother’s legs and eased his huge cock into her cunt. Kate had never felt so full in all her life, as she had the past 24 hours. Andrew fucked her slowly and then gradually picked up the pace as his mother once again adjusted to his size. Soon he was pounding his mother’s pussy and bringing her off to multiple orgasms. Kate had never come so many times in her life a she had with her son.Kate’s last orgasm was violent as she humped her pussy against him pleading with him to fuck her and hold her. Andrew held his mother tight as he filled her cunt with so much cum that it rushed out of her as fast as it rushed in. Kate had never been so thoroughly fucked and so full of cum. Andrew eased his softening cock out of her pussy and moved up the bed to kneel by his mother’s face. Kate couldn’t believe her son’s boldness expecting her to suck his cock right after he fucked her. She took his cock in her mouth and sucked him clean. Kate tasted her own juices mingled with her son’s cum. The two of them then showered and put on leisurely clothes. They spent the rest of the day was spent in leisure on the sun porch reading the newspaper and making idle conversation. Later Andrew and Kate dined together and she let Andrew drink wine with her over dinner. Then after they cleaned up the dinner table they adjourned to the family room and watched TV and enjoyed another glass of wine. Later that night when it was time for bed Andrew came back into his mother’s bedroom.Andrew walked over to the bed and sat naked on the side of it. He stroked his mother’s shapely legs and luscious thighs. His hand drifted up to her mound and he felt that she was wet again with desire. His mother looked at him with lust in her eyes as he fingered her pussy and licked his fingers clean of her juices. Then Kate opened her arms and welcomed her son into her body. Andrew slipped between her thighs and slid his hard cock into her quim. Once again Kate uttered an audible gasp as her son hit bottom. Andrew began to fuck her slowly and eased his cock almost all the way out of her pussy before plunging it back in. Kate was lost in the lust of the moment.”Oh that’s it fuck me, fuck me slow, fuck me good, fuck me forever,” she whispered. Just hearing his mother ask him to fuck her was an incredible turn-on for Andrew and he picked up his pace. Kate threw her hips up at her son as if to try and get him deeper in her cunt. Andrew felt his orgasm approaching but he didn’t want to cum before his mother did so he tried to slow down.”No, no don’t stop, fuck me faster, I’m so close,” Kate begged.Andrew picked up the pace again as they both raced toward their orgasms. It was unclear who came first because they were so close but Kate wrapped her legs around her son and humped him for all she was worth as Andrew spurted his seed deep in her womb. They continued to fuck each other until they were drained and exhausted. Andrew collapsed on top of his mother but she didn’t seem to mind his weight as she held him and cried out. “Oh thank you, thank you,” she said over and over and again thought about what she was saying, “I can’t believe that I just thanked my son for fucking me!”Andrew stayed in bed with his mother again that night and they cuddled together in a spoon position. During the night Andrew got another erection and he slipped it into his mother’s pussy from behind. He rocked slowly fucking her tenderly until he came in his mother’s pussy. Kate was half asleep but she realized that she was being fucked by her son again. She fell back asleep immediately after her son ejaculated in her. They awoke in the morning in the same position.The following days it was a marathon of sex. It was as if they were a couple on their honeymoon and they couldn’t get enough of one another. It fact it was more sex that Kate ever had even on her honeymoon with her ex-husband. The typical day started with Andrew fucking his mother with his morning piss hard-on and he would fuck her into exhaustion. Then Kate would suck her son’s cock either in bed or in the shower until he sprayed her throat with his spunk. During the day Andrew would fuck her or have her suck his cock. Then they always had passionate sex in the evening and Andrew slept in his mother’s bed every nightEPILOGUEOn Kate’s next flight to Paris she noticed something very strange. All the passengers were mothers and sons. How was this possible? She recognized some faces but others were a blur. As soon as the flight was airborne all the passengers began having sex. As Kate scanned the cabin she saw that mother’s skirts were up around their waists and no one was wearing panties. Sons were fingering their mother’s pussies and there were moans and groans throughout the cabin. Kate looked around for the other flight attendants but they too were engaged in sex with their sons. Kate was all alone in the cabin with this lewd display of i****t. Then the mothers freed their son’s cocks. Shorts and pants were pulled down to their son’s ankles and rigid erections were in full view. There were cocks of all sizes and shapes, most cut but some uncut. Kate watched as the mothers masturbated their sons and then they took the cocks in their mouths. Kate’s pussy was on fire and she longed for her own son. Where was he and why wasn’t he on the plane with all the other young men?Clothes started coming off and they were s**ttered all over the cabin. Everyone was naked and the sons and mothers began to engage in every sex act imaginable. Mothers were kneeling on the seats as their sons fucked them from behind. Some were even getting fucked in the ass. Then the sons started cumming all over their mothers and all over the cabin. Semen was flying everywhere and Kate had to duck to avoid being hit.Suddenly Kate spotted her son Andrew at the back of the plane. He was naked and he was stroking his big cock. Kate had to get to him but she had to climb over seemingly hundreds of naked bodies to reach him. She began her journey and she tried to maneuver through the sea of naked flesh. All the sons were cumming in buckets and Kate had to dodge the semen that was filling the cabin. Kate was frustrated as she could not seem to reach her son who was still stroking his cock and calling out to her.”Mother, mother,” Andrew called out.Kate felt her entire body shake as the words echoed in her ears, “Mother, mother,” and then she heard, “Mother wake up, wake up, you’re having a bad dream.” Kate woke up in her sons arms and she was shaking. “My god, what a dream,” she said out loud as she lay in her sons arms breathing heavily. “I’ll say. You were all over the bed,” Andrew told her as he caressed her body. Instinctively her hand went to his cock and she was pleased to find him hard. Kate loved sex in the morning with her son and within minutes he was buried in her pussy and they were both driving toward an early morning orgasm. They stayed in bed for hours that morning and had continuous sex. Andrew was capable of multiple ejaculations and of staying hard for hours. Kate took advantage of his youthful recuperative powers and pleasured herself until she couldn’t take any more.Over the next several months Kate and her son were insatiable lovers. It seemed that they could not get enough of each other. Kate didn’t have to fantasize anymore as she had the real thing now. She paid less attention to the mothers and sons on her flights although she was always curious to see how fart they would go in public. Andrew did not have sex with Deborah at the art gallery while his mother was home. However when Kate was flying the friendly skies, Andrew was back in Deborah’s ass. He had come to love fucking her ass something he would not try with his mother. Andrew had the best of both worlds as far as he was concerned. Kate did not know about Deborah and she really didn’t need to. Andrew was always there for her and he made her very happy.Unlike the other mother and son stories that Kate had heard from some mothers, Andrew did not approach her about group sex or anal sex. Some of the other mothers had become subservient to their sons and did whatever their sons wanted. Kate was glad that Andrew did not have those desires and that it was just the two of them. At times when there was space available on the flight, Kate would bring Andrew to Paris. He loved the art in Paris and they always had a good time. It was sex in the morning, sightseeing during the day and sex at night after fine dining. Kate and Andrew never fooled around on the flight as there was no need. They always had great sex before and after the flight. Kate didn’t know how long their i****tuous relationship would last but she was enjoying every moment of it while it did. Life was good for them both and it was no longer a fantasy.

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