The Flatwarming (GAY)

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The Flatwarming (GAY)Daz was settling into his new flat with his fiancée. He had been there a week and that sunday would be the highlight, He had organised for his fiancée, Stacey, aged 36 to have a BBQ cooked by him and served in the company of her best friend Tanya, also aged 36.That Sunday Daz was at the BBQ and dressed to impress in white shorts, white cap and white flip-flops. He did the manly thing of setting up the BBQ and getting the food prepared and ready to go. The Ladies did as they do best. They could be found on their facebook, checking their phones tanning themselves in their bikinis and shades. It was about 4PM in the afternoon before there was any sign of progress. Stacey tottered on her heels over to Daz, pressing her 32DD into his side and planting a kiss on his cheek as she watched the burgers cooking. “They smell fukin great babes” she said with a smile and pushing her shades back up her head. “Do we have to wait long? I am fukin starving and so is Tanya” she saidDaz getting a little impatient grabbed his beer and remained silent. This was clear to Stacey that he was badgering her. They stood in silence when the next sound they heard was the patio door slide, it was their neighbour Jane walking out to place her washing on the line. Neither neighbour had met but it was clear that no washing could be put out.Each neighbour gave that look. Stacey acknowledging they were having a BBQ and it may ruin Jane’s washing. Jane that she was been an inconvienience by putting the washing out while someone was trying to have a BBQ. Jane immediately picked up the basket as Stacey dragged Daz to the rickety fence that separated the yard.”Don’t mind us cooking do you love?” asked Stacey as Jane smiled. “Course not, got to get a BBQ in while you can” she added. Jane was clearly more reserved than the Daz & Stacey, who hinged on the side of “council estate””I’m Stacey and this is my chap Daz” Smiles were exchanged and the first annoyance was conveyed by Stacey. “Do you fancy a burger?” she asked Jane. This as many of you will know is not the done thing. Its the chef’s choice who gets a say on what burgers. Inside Daz was angry with rage. How could his fiancée do such a thing?!He did not need to be angry. Jane declined, explaining that she had her tea on the stove. The three remained chatting for a little bit longer and Jane made her excuses and left. As the couple walked back to the BBQ, Daz gripped manisa escort Stacey’s hand. “What did you go and do that for, you fucking bitch”. Stacey stopped and through gritted teeth barked, “I was just being polite”It was only 4PM and the air was icy. The two didn’t speak to each other for the next half an hour. Ladies on their iphones and Daz transfixed on the flames. This was only broken when a lad of 18 spoke from the fence, causing a startle to all three.”My Mum..says you are doing a BBQ…that smells nice.” He added. The lad was the son of Jane. Chris was 18, very small at 5’4, sproted a white t-shirt, shorts made of denim and an odd combination of long socks and trainers. It was clear he was self-inviting himself. No one saw it but Daz gritted his teeth and rolled his eyes.”We are love, can probably smell it.” added Stacey. She paused, probably feeling Daz’s eyes burning into her back. She turns and makes an apologetic face, “I am sure we have a spare burger for him?” Chris got through the gate in the fence and took a seat with the two girls. Daz soon after loaded up the burgers with cheese, sauce and onions and passed them around. Chris in many respects stood out like a sore thumb. He never really fitted in with his shyness and Daz barley spoke to him. It was at about 5PM that Chris excused himself to go to speak to his mum, after he hard her call.Daz walked over and picked up his beer from the cool-box. Stacey leant forward with wide eyes. “You aint a fukin clue ‘ave you Daz?” she added. Daz perplexed questioned what the hell she was on about. Tanya lifted her shades up. “We watched him for that whole hour. He was not able to take his eyes off your chest, your body for the whole time he was here.” Daz let out a loud laugh. “You two for fukin real?” he added.Stacey continued, “We can sense it. God it was so fukin obvious.” she folded her arms as Daz shaked his head. There was a silence. Stacey continued, “You don’t believe us do you?” she questioned. Stacey was getting angry at the oblivious nature of your actions. Tanya however made it even more clear. “Ok Daz, Do you need to clean that BBQ before the night draws in?” Daz explains his need to and asked for a reason where she was going with this.Both inch forward on their sun-lounger. “he’ll be back in a minute, I suggest that you clean the BBQ in your boxers and see if he bats an eyelid”. Daz lets out another maraş escort loud roar. “Your reading into these fucking things Tanya, Stacey”. The girls pause again. Tanya suggest “If you do that and he don’t show signs of interest i’ll give you £60” There is a pause in the air. Daz leans down to their level. “I’ll even go as far as bollock naked for £100. He has no interest in a 36 year old lad like me!” Both girls shout done.Daz walks back to the cool back chuckling and shaking his head. Its only because he has had six pints that he is even entertaining the idea. Its another 20 minutes before Chris comes back out and it is closer to 6PM. He walks through gate and takes a seat. “Mum want much petal?” asks Stacey. Chris shakes his head as Tanya passes him some Carte Dor ice cream. He munches into it as the stereo gets turned back on. Stacey leans forward and asks Daz, “Are you gonna clean the BBQ tonight babes?” she asks.Daz takes one look at it and gives a nod “Ai. I better do it Stace” He picks himself off up the chair and pulls out the coal bags. “Its such a filthy fukin job aint it” adds Tanya. Daz stands there weighing up the situation. “Not gonna get me shorts filthy” On cue he pulls down his shorts and places them over Stacey’s chair. Standing in tight boxers as he starts to get the toothbrush in and clean the top of the BBQ.Daz has his back to Chris and scrubs away. But the girls mention nothing. Not a sign. He grins to himself that this will be an easy £100. As he scrubs away Chris says to the Ladies, “I got to be in by 9PM but I have really enjoyed it” Both girls smile. “Your more than welcome sweetheart, nice to see that we have a nice bunch next door.” Daz starts to make a noise as he loads coals into the bag. Dust starts rising. Stacey makes the killer suggestion, “aint you gonna get that over your new boxers?” she asks. Daz sighs “I fucking hate doing this.” With all of us looking Daz starts to pull off his boxers and places them on the back of Stacey’s chair. He looks up and sees Chris eyes wide staring. Daz shakes his head an says “Your an expensive £100 mate” he says cryptically referring to the money he has just lost.The girls both look at each other. Tanya speaks up “You didn’t half doubt us babes” Daz nods, running hand through his hair. “Should have known it was stupid questioning you two” he said smiling. “Babes, do you mind If I teach the lad a lesson escort bayan in politeness” he asks Stacey. Stacey smiles, “Might risk the wrath of his mum babes?” she says.Daz places a hand on Chris’ shoulder. “You go with my missus mate and wash your hands” Chris bewildered with whats going on walks off with Stacey. Daz sighs as he sits in the chair. Shakes his head and claps the dust out of his hand. “How did you two know?” he asks. Tanya lights up a ciggy and shrugs. Just do. With that Chris walks out. He is completely naked apart fro his trainers and socks. Stacey looks at Daz “Lad has something to say”Chris softly and with a croak in his voice says “Sorry I ruined the BBQ”, words put into his mouth by Stacey. Daz beckons him over and points to Stacey. “sit in front of me missus mate”. Chris gingerly sits on the end of the sun lounger in front of Stacey and the shy lad begins to shake. “Relax hunny. Relax”. Stacey wraps her arms around his neck and rests them on Chris’ shoulders. Daz stands up and flexes his arm muscles. He walks over to where they are sat and rests a grip on Chris’s lower calves. “I hate being so wrong mate” he said looking at Chris in his eyes.With a yank he lifts both of his legs up into the air, pushing his own kneecaps onto the sun lounger. Chris gasps as Daz’s cock begins to harden and there is centimeters between Daz’s cock and his asshole. “What you wanted buddy?” asks Daz. Tanya leans forward at just the right moment to see Daz push his 9′ cock, into the asshole of the lad. Stacey watches as he man pushes his cock in. Inch by Inch. “What you fukin wanted” barks Daz as he pushes deep in. He grips the feet and starts to fuck. Ubenknownst to Jane her son is getting his virginity card stamped. Daz continues to plough his ass and fucks and fucks. The breathing gets heavier for Daz as he looks down and seeing his prizework being taken into the lads asshole. Chris, at 18 is in ecstasy as he is being devoured by a 36 year old cock. His fiancée clearly beind allowing it all to happen. Bang, Bang, it becomes like a pile driver. Chris’ eyes rolling inside his head.Daz leans down and picks Chris up in his arms. Standing he holds him as his cock pushes in and out, his spine curved as he holds him up. The girls watch as Chris’ precum is leaking all down his legs. “fuck…” mutters Chris as his prostrate his hit time and time again. Daz barks “I’m shooting Stace….I am shooting”The girls watch for a further ten minutes as the experience reaches its dizzy heights. The next stop is to see Daz pause and his own cum leaking out of Chris’ asshole. Daz holds him there and gazes into his eyes. “I’m Daz mate, I think we’ll like getting to be neighbours.”

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