The first time is not always planned.

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The first time is not always planned.I posted this story in another smaller group, thought that I should share it here as well. It is a true story. I had talked about her playing with another guy a long time before this happened, but she always said no, never, and got angry so I dropped the idea.A few nights ago I was in the chat room with wetman and PolysexMinOH. The conversation got around to first time sharing. We were all agreeing that it takes a lot of planning when I mentioned that the first time with my present wife started by accident.After the required puns, ([PolysexMinOH] 7:56 pm: she stumble and fall onhis hard cock? lol) I started telling them about the experience. Without intending to write the story there, with Poly’s prodding I told it all, in a rather condensed form.They said I should post it here, and as I have meant to share it for a long time but am inherently lazy, here it is in short. I had to fix some grammar and add some as Poly’s comments are missing, but this is a true and accurate account of that wonderful night.We were out drinking and my best friend was going to drive us home. We made a few more bars with me trying to make out with her between the stops, Mike was driving a full size Lincoln with the three of us in the front seat, my wife in the middle.We were all laughing and having a good time, and by the second to last stop she was getting into my advances, returning my kisses. I got her to kiss me back hard and she was really getting hot. By the last bar I was very horny and Mike was joining in on my telling her how sexy she was looking tonight.From there we started the 20 minute drive home in the country. I was back to kissing her, she was returning it hard, so I went to playing with her right breast, then pulled up her top and bra to play with her nipple. She was breathing hard and made no attempt to stop me. Just after I lowered my head and started sucking her nipple, I heard Mike say he had to pee and he pulled over. I should have explained to you that this road is through the national forest and days could go by without seeing another car.When he got back in she said we have to stop, we’re embarrassing Mike. He said ‘no your not, your boobs are beautiful’ with his friendly laugh. I said my turn, here, keep her warm for me and got out to take a leak. When I got back in he had her laughing with him at my being so wasted and horny. I made a beeline to kissing her quickly, then pulled her top up again to suck her nipple. Mike is a smart guy, he made no attempt to put the car in drive, we just sat there.She started laughing and protesting about embarrassing him again, so I stopped sucking for a second and said to Mike, ‘ would you please kiss her to shut her up before someone hears her?’. They both laughed , I heard, yeah, right, who, the deer?’ Then I saw him put his hand on her chin and slowly lean over and kiss her. He’s 6 ‘6, he was looking down, he tilted her head up. They stayed in a long liplock. An awesome moment.I then started to pull her top and bra up to pull it off over her head, pulling it off her right arm, they then had to break the kiss to get it over her head and as I started kissing her to stop her mildly murmured protest, I felt her remove her left arm from her top and hand it to Mike. Mike made a joke of saying ‘hey, I thought that was my job’ in reference to my kissing her. I stopped for a second, looked down at her tits and said ‘and you couldn’t take over my job?’. Without another word she turned her head to me to kiss, while keeping her shoulders flat on the seat back. This invitation took no verbal content for Mike to understand.Locked in a kiss I could tell when his lips came in contact with her nipple, her body tensed up, a sharp intake of air, then her tongue pushed as hard as she could into my mouth. She was really getting into the spirit of the moment, LOL.I then reached down and unsnapped her slacks and tried to push my hand in. Without breaking the kiss she moved her butt away from the seat to make it easier. I started to rub her slit through her panties, but when I tried to tug them off she broke the kiss and said lets go home now. Dam! Mike stopped sucking pendik escort her boob and put the car in drive. I was thinking the fun was over and so was he (he and I talked about it later).She looked at me, smiled, started a long kiss and as she kissed me she started pulling at my pants zipper. I opened my pants for her and she reached in, pulled out my cock and started jacking it up and down without ever breaking the kiss. After a minute her right leg pushed over to mine because she spread them as far as she could and she started to slowly push her hips forward and back. I can take a hint. Feeling this I slowly moved my hand from her nipple to her crotch, only to find Mikes hand already there, rubbing slowly, matching her thrusts. Ah. Now I knew why she spread her legs. Told you he wasn’t slow,LOL.I broke the kiss, looked at Mike and saw that we were grinning at each other. He looked at her as she was jacking me, looked back at me and I smiled again, all he needed to know. Seeing this, my wife (yes, I know that it would be better to use her name, but she wouldn’t like it and I don’t want to call her by another) looked me strait in the eye as she reached over and started to rub his cock through his pants. I think she was watching for my reaction very closely. I leaned in and started kissing her again. I opened my right eye to spy and saw her tug at his zipper.Quick to take the hint he opened his pants for her, she reached in, pulled it out and started to jack his with the same rhythm as mine. She then broke the kiss, turned to him and they started a lip lock. I had to grab the steering wheel to keep us from running in the ditch. The quick swerve made them both snap back to look at what we were doing and we all started laughing again. A minute later we were pulling into our driveway.My wife wanted out quick and actually climbed over me to get out and run into the house, no top, holding up her pants with one hand. Mike looked at me and started, “Hey, ah, I’m sorry,” but I cut him off saying “For what ?”. We both laughed, kind of in both relief and understanding, then went in the house.When we got to the living room, she came out of the bathroom, still topless. She walked up to me, put her arms around my neck and gave me a big kiss. When the kiss ended, she still had her arms around my neck staring at me intently. Still gauging my reactions. I smiled at her and gave her a little quick peck of a kiss. She broke into a big smile, let go and went to Mike putting her arms around his neck and kissing him deeply. She then walked over and sat on the couch making a few adjustments as if judging where the exact middle to sit was. Subtle hint that we both took immediately.We sat, I on her left, and then all at once none of us were doing anything. It was a bit awkward. Not wanting the mood ruined, I turned her head to me and started a long kiss once again. In a short moment I felt her shift, so I opened an eye again to see that Mike had gotten down off the couch on his knees and was pulling down her pants. As they were near her knees, she lifted her butt up as if to tell him you forgot something, and held her hips up until he reached back up to pull her panties off with her slacks. As soon as he had one leg out he started to kiss and lick his way up the inside of her leg to her pussy and was eating her. Within a minute she was thrusting her hips into his face hard, her body went ridged and it felt like she was trying to suck my tongue right out of my mouth. Her body started to shudder so hard the couch was banging the wall and her hand gripped my leg so hard I thought she was going to draw blood. Guess she was getting into this,LOL.(Mike told me later she started to cum the very moment his tongue touched her clit)When she came down to earth she pushed his head away, pushed off of me and got up. Scared us again that the party may be over. Now she hadn’t said a word since we got home. Breathing hard she smiled, looked at me, then him,still smiling she kicked her pants and panties off of the one ankle they were hanging on, made a point by rubbing her clit with her hand. Pure lust. She just turned and walked kağıthane escort up the stairs to the bedroom. We were in awe of her. Halfway up the stairs, without even turning she said her first words, “aren’t you guys coming?”. Then ran giggling as we raced to catch her.She was sitting on the bed smiling when we got there.Any inhibitions she may have had, she must have left downstairs. All were gone, she seemed totally at ease and as soon as Mike got close enough, she grabbed him to her, pulled his cock from his pants and started sucking him, rubbing it on her face, licking it up and down. No eyes closed, she was into this and having fun. I stripped down, then slowly pulled her away (not easy) and laid her back as I just had to eat her. I think it took two or three minutes to make her cum hard again.When I came up for air I saw that Mike had undressed and laid next to us. She pulled him to her and was the aggressor as she pushed his shoulders to the bed and started kissing him. He laughed and said “wow, your out of control girl” , she laughed and said, “no, I’m IN control, you guys are just too easy”. I never imagined three people could be so relaxed and at ease in such a situation mentally, while so sexually excited at the same time. It was as if this was the natural or normal way to be. You know, like the universe was right and on course tonight. Hard to explain, just felt RIGHT. Comfortable.Well, anyway, I opened the nightstand drawer and handed him a condom. His eyes got big, he looked at me and said ‘Really?’. This caught me by surprise and I was speechless for a second, he turned to her and asked ‘ I can really fuck you?’. Her look of surprise was shorter than mine, she blurted out ‘WELL DUH’ and we all started cracking up. He was then having trouble opening the package, she grabbed his hands, smiled and kissed him.This is where everything changed again. She broke the kiss, took the package from him and pushed him back down flat. They were staring at each others eyes as she opened it up. For me it seemed to start going in slow motion. She then moved down and rolled it onto him, then moved over and pulled him to get on top of her. They were once again in some kind of starring contest as she pulled his cock to her and he started to push it in. I think it was about here that they forgot that I was even there. They just sort of zoned out. I think my chin was on my chest, open mouthed in awe of what I was seeing. I remember thinking ‘my God, is she beautiful’.At first he was just slowly going in and out, very slow, in….. and out……They stayed at that pace for awhile until she softly started to say fuck me…..fuck….me….., like a soft chant. This had an effect on him as he started going a little faster, then her chant would get quicker and louder. And he would pound harder.As their speed picked up, her ‘fuck me, fuck me’ got louder and faster and she did something that I have felt her do only on the rare occasions that our fucking really gets wild. She had started with her knees up and her feet on the bed, but now her feet were slowly raising up off the bed. As the pounding got harder and her voice got louder, her feet went higher until her legs were strait out, spread as far as she could but raised in the air. Then she did what put them both both over the top. She added his name to her chant which was now a shout, FUCK ME MIKE, FUCK ME. There was no way to misinterpret, they both had a massive orgasm together. Both shouting out I’m cumming. It was awesome to see. I was so proud of her, she was so beautiful. Am. Is.I was now laying to her right, he rolled off to her left, both of them trying hard to catch their breath. As her breathing calmed down, she looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and the first thing I said was, “now that was impressive”, getting a laugh and a smile from both. She put her arms out to me and I held her until her breathing was normal. She kissed me as I held her, then I felt her hand pull on my cock. Batter up.When I got up on my knees she spread her legs as wide as she could, hitting mike in the groin with her foot, maltepe escort then he held her leg by the calf. I looked at her spread like that, clit fully exposed over the most beautiful bright pink orchid in full bloom. I was going to eat her but she stopped me and said she needed me to fuck her right now. I don’t know why I was expecting it to feel different but it didn’t, just very wet. We had constant eye contact as we fucked harder and harder until Mike leaned over and started sucking her left nipple. She smiled at me, I stopped, got off and motioned for her to get on her hands and knees.I got behind her and started to fuck her doggy style, then slowly pushing her head toward his groin. I didn’t have to hint, as soon as his soft cock got within reach she had it all in her mouth. I shouldn’t have to tell you how hard it was trying not to cum all this time, less alcohol and I wouldn’t have made it. My reasoning in guiding her head to his lap was for her to get him ready for round two. After all these years I should have known better. She started moaning around his cock and wagging her butt from side to side as I was fucking her slowly. In a very short time she was bobbing her head up and down a very hard cock, then she pulled off long enough to shout ‘harder, fuck me harder’.There I am pounding away hard, when she really starts to buck hard on me and moan around Mike’s cock. Then I felt my balls hit his hand and realized he was rubbing her clit as well. He moved his hand a little so as we didn’t touch, (thank you Mike, LOL). Her moans turned to loud grunts, her bucking was hard to hang onto. It was obvious she was about to have another explosive one, Mike warned her he was going to cum so she could pull off, (he was about to learn something about her that I have known for years) This warning only made her suck him in harder and clamp down her teeth a bit. He started grunting and pushing his hips off the bed, she started that hard trembling shudder of massive orgasm, I didn’t want to cum yet and even stopped thrusting to hold still for a second, realized that wasn’t going to work and then pounded as deep as I could and had the most mind blowing orgasm that I ever had. The next thing I knew Mike was saying ‘easy, easy it’s getting tender now.’ Cumming in her mouth seems to get her to a new height and it’s not always easy to get her to stop sucking and chewing in the heat of the moment.We all laid back, she rolled towards me and kissed me, then told me ‘I love you’, turned to Mike, kissed him longer than me then said good night. About a minute after the light was out she said, “Mike let me french kiss HIM” and we all started laughing and she told him how I wont open my lips kissing her after cumming in her mouth.About two hours later I woke up with the bed bouncing and drifted off to sleep again. A little later I woke up with her sucking my cock, Mike had left and I slowly made love to her, then back to sleep.And then comes the sobering light of dawn.When I woke up it was late morning, she had gotten up early. I went into the kitchen and said good morning then kissed her. She pulled away quick after the kiss, said morning and left the room. She never made eye contact with me. Oh oh. This went on all week, I was waiting for the axe to fall. She was avoiding looking me in the eye and always had something to do in another room whenever I started to talk. Finally on Friday she called to me from the kitchen, then asked me to sit down saying we need to talk. She looked scared. (she should have looked in my mind, she would see fear,LOL) ,She asked “do you remember what we did last week with Mike?” I answered yes, everything. She gave a little shudder, then said “I have been trying to get enough nerve to ask you something all week but I just can’t” and with that she was going to get up and leave. I just knew she was going to ask ‘How did you let something like that happen?’ and feel our marriage slip away. I grabbed her arm to stop her and said ‘just spit it out, ask it!’. She said OK ,took a deep breath and with her eyes closed asked, “Do you think we could do it again sometime?”. She opened her eyes with that scared look on her face and I just let out a laugh of relief. I spit out “I thought you were upset and were mad at me for letting it happen.” She said “that was the hardest thing I ever had to ask you”,I smiled and said “Mikes house is 20 miles ,bet he will be here in 20 minutes.” I think it was about 22 after I hung up the phone…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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