The first mind blow

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The first mind blowIn order to fully appreciate my story, I must first share a little about myself. I am a thirty year old transwomen that didn’t come out till I was twenty-five. It wasn’t untill that age that I was able to understand and except it. The signs were always there however. Since seven I secretly dressed in my sister’s clothing and pretended I was a woman. Later came the sexual acting and masterbation. Although I never understood why I did it, and usually buried it afterwards, I knew it made me feel extremely good. I never felt an attraction to men so I couldn’t be gay right?On to the story now. When I was eighteen I was already living on my own. I quit school and worked for a landscaping company. I had a little trailer in a shitty trailer park for 150 a month. I had a friend who was an older guy that lived in the park. We’ll call him David. He sold meth to the many tweakers in the park but didn’t do it himself. He was tall, skinny, tattood, shaved head, definitely had the hard look of someone who has been around the block a few times. He would come over and play video games with me because I was one person bursa escort he could hang with that didn’t get high. I have this thing I learned from Seinfeld where people I trust I allow to walk in my home without knocking. I told him he could do this and although tentative at first, David would just walk in from time to time.One day I was very depressed as I often was. I decided to relieve the burden by cross-dressing. I went all out this time. I had ordered many items for my addiction by this point. Wig, makeup, skirt, halter top, and heels. I stood in the mirror smiling, or walked femininely around the place, feeling bliss. I was in such euphoria that I became oblivious to the world around me. All of sudden the door swung open as I was going from the kitchen to the living room. David came in looking angry, but down at the ground. He started bitching about something and nearly got right next to me before actually seeing me. My heart was in my throat, and I couldn’t breath. No one had ever cought me before, much less a hard d**g dealer who regularly kicked people’s asses. When he saw me he hesitated, confused, bursa escort bayan not recognizing me. When he did, he busted out laughing saying “what the fuck?”. I stammered out a barrage of “I’m not gay”, and, “let me explain”. He did allow me to explain a little. I was ashamed and scared, I looked like a woman even more in such a submissive state. David must have also recognized this, because a bulge was beginning to form in his jeans. I looked at him in surprise, he stared back at me intently. “You want to feel like a woman?”, he asked. I didn’t know what to say, I was confused. David rubbed his bulge and said, “I’ll let you suck my dick”. “I don’t know”, I replied. “I’ve not done that before and I like girls…”, I began but he cut me off by unzipping his pants and releasing his long half erect cock. “I think you’ll like it honey”, David said with a grin. I don’t know if it was because I became weak in the legs from fear, or overcome with lust but I dropped straight to my knees. Without taking my eyes off it I began stroking, nervous but curious at the same time. “Take it in your mouth”, he said. escort bursa I obeyed and wrapped my red lips around his meaty dick. I noticed the velvety feel of his head, the throbbing veins along the shaft. He moaned a little and I became instantly hard. A woman once told me that giving a blowjob is pleasurable for a woman. I never understood this till that moment, slowly sucking that long hard dick. It becomes more of a high the more involved you get, and the satisfactory feeling of servicing a cock that’s hard for you. I struggled and choked trying to take him all the way in. I bobbed faster as he breathed harder untill he grabbed my head and proclaimed, “I’m gonna fucking cum!”. He let out a groan and jerked himself keeping the head between my lips. I looked up at him as he shot his hot thick load into my mouth and we made eye contact. I tasted the warm bitterness, but slightly sweet taste of his cum and thought it wasn’t actually that bad. I had never felt more like a woman before. He thanked me and we agreed to keep it to ourselves. I had many emotions running through me and my mind was blown. But certainly not depressed anymore. I never was with a man again till I came out openly trans years later. But I often thought about it when with some girl I didn’t care to be with during that time. Life is strange, we are stranger. Live it up friends.

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