The first encounter

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He stands there waiting in anticipation for the long awaited encounter. He doesn’t know what he is feeling or even how to describe it. He wonders what it will be like, what she will be like. He hopes he is able to recognise her; he starts to worry about not knowing who she is. His head is looking down and she can see that he looks nervous. She thinks she might be but her happiness won’t let it show, she can imagine the thoughts he is having, how much he might be thinking of things. At first she was nervous that she wouldn’t recognise him but she knew, as soon as she saw him there she knew. She approached closer and he remained looking at the ground. She was unsure if he had seen her yet. Perhaps he was just being coy.   She got close not very far from him and stopped. She smiled as he looked up and she smiled feeling somewhat more shy then she thought she would be. All she wanted to do was throw her arms around him and hug him. He looked up and saw her standing there, he gasped a little, he realised he shouldn’t have worried so much about not knowing her.   She is everything he expected, everything he thought she would be. He wonders if she is nervous, if she is it doesn’t show. She can’t take just standing there any longer, she moves in closer and wraps her arms around his neck feeling his arms go around her waist. She is glad to be in his arms right now, to feel the warmth of his body. She has waited so long to feel this it almost feels like a dream. He doesn’t know how to react at first when she leans in for a hug; he hesitates before wrapping his arms around her waist. But when he does, when he slides his hands around her waist feeling her, he is lost in the moment.   Her head lay on his chest as they hold each other, the smell of her hair rising up, the sweet scent of her perfume almost consuming him. Her hands slightly move on the back of his neck and he closes his eyes enjoying the embrace. She wants this moment to last forever. The feel of him the warmth of him, she is so happy just to be in his arms. She slightly strokes the back of his neck, his hair. Showing the affection she has always imagined. She pulls away from the hug, as hard as it was for her and looks at him. Not a quick glance but a lingering look, studying him. Taking him in and letting him take her in. He is amazed at how good she looks, he knows it was a long flight Küçükyalı escort and he wouldn’t blame anyone for looking tired or worse for wear. However she looks wonderful.   The flight hasn’t seemed to affect her. They start walking, heading for the car so she can get to her room. The car ride is not silent, it’s filled with conversation. It’s mostly her talking she seems so comfortable sitting there talking, he isn’t silent completely just more interested in listening and taking her in. Once at their destination they get out and start to walk to her room. She walks speaking softly, not talking about anything important, noticing him more then he knows. She can see the space between them is somewhat large and so she moves in to minimise it. She bumps him as she does although she doesn’t move back. She lets her arm brush his. Her hand grazes his. She looks at him just as he looks at her. They hold that gaze as she without hesitation slips her arm around his. He feels so nervous. She seems so comfortable and he wonders what she is feeling, thinking. He looks at her often and notices she is smiling; he is so content just watching her. He doesn’t know what moves to make. He doesn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. He is glad she has slipped her arm around his; he likes the feel of her next to him. They get to her room and she walks in first, placing her bags on the floor before sitting on the bed. She feels somewhat tired but she is too happy to care. She can sense he looks a little uneasy. She sits there awhile just looking at him. Realising just how much she likes him. She smiles as she gestures him over. He is even more nervous in the room. She is sitting there on the bed, looking amazing. He wants to be close to her, to hold her but he isn’t sure he should, what if she doesn’t want that. He is relieved to see her motion him over; he walks over slowly and sits beside her. She watches him sit down next to her, a gap between them. She moves in so that their bodies are closely touching and she looks at him. She tries to read his face but she isn’t sure what he is feeling and thinking. She places a hand on his thigh while holding the gaze with him. She turns more so that her body is now straight on with his and places her other hand on his chest. He looks deeply into her green eyes, lost in Kartal escort bayan them. He doesn’t see her hand move to his leg but he feels it. Her hand, her warm hand touches his thigh and almost makes him gasp. When she places her other hand on his chest he closes his eyes. Her touch although gentle feels amazing. She sits there both hands on him, lightly caressing. She knows they still haven’t even kissed yet but there is something between them. She moves in closer to him, removes her hand from his thigh and places her legs over his instead. She feels him breathe deeper. She can feel his heart beating faster under her hand. She looks up at him and tilts her head up. He looks down at her. Looking at her legs over his, feeling them on his body. He sees her look up at him and he knows what she wants. He places a hand on the side of her neck, his fingers behind her ears and he ever so gently caresses her neck. He leans down and their lips touch. She has waited so long to feel this. His lips on hers, his hands caressing her. She kisses him as their lips meet. So softly at first. Just lips on lips. Her hand moves from his chest to his back as she repositions herself so she is now sitting in his lap. She caresses his back with one hand and places the other on his tummy. He sits there with her in his lap, kissing her. Slowly he parts her lips with his tongue and starts to massage her tongue with his. He can tell she likes that, her body pulls in tighter to him and he feels her hand leave his tummy and land on his thigh next to her leg. He wraps his arm around her waist and pulls her in as far as she can come. Still caressing her neck with his other hand. She is as close as she can get sitting side ways on him so she turns. The kissing doesn’t stop as she turns her body so she can wrap her legs around his waist. She places her hands around his neck and wraps her legs around his waist. Her hands start to caress the back of his neck and up into his hair. She can tell he likes this and so it encourages her to do it more so. He likes the feel of her hands on his neck and in his hair. He is enjoying the feel of her body on his the warmth of her so close to him. They are so close now, chest to chest and he can feel her breathing. He opens his eyes while kissing her and notices how remarkable she looks right Escort Suadiye now in his arms. He starts to caress her back. Running his hands up along her back, up and down. She starts to moan a little as she feels his hands run along her back. His hands are so warm, it feels so nice to have him caress her. She opens her eyes and reverts the kissing back to just lips on lips. She looks at him and gives him a small smile as she kisses his neck and whispers in his ear how much she likes him. She moves her hands softly down the sides of his body and reaches under his shirt. He feels her hands under his shirt. Her touch on his bare skin is enough to almost make him shiver. He feels her lift his top up while still kissing him. He likes her, he liked her before this but now he can’t even describe it. She kisses him softly on the lips, his cheeks, his neck lifting his top higher and higher until she has it high enough to remove completely. She removes it and tosses it to the floor. She runs her hands down his chest, looking him in the eye as she does. Small kisses down his neck to the top of his chest   then kisses his lips. He looks at her, watches her. Enjoys what she is doing to him. Her touch is warm and gentle her kisses small and passionate. He pulls her in tighter, really enjoying her touch. He places a hand under her top and slides it up her back. He places his other hand on her bare back and begins to lift up her top.   He glides it along her body lifting it higher and higher, until he has removed it completely. She sits there in just her bra and pants making sure to keep eye contact. She smiles leans in and kisses him passionately once again finding his tongue as she reaches behind herself and with one hand and in one swift movement she removes her bra. She manages to take it off with one hand while kissing him intently. She leans in and wraps an arm around him tightly. He is so caught up in the moment of the kiss he doesn’t realise she has removed her bra until she presses her chest against his. He pulls her in closer once again running his hands over her back, her bare back. He is immensely enjoying the feel of her soft skin and passionate kiss. She kisses him with even more passion as she grabs a hand of his and places it on her chest. She controls his hand, making it run over her breast ever so lightly. She moans softly while with her other hand she runs it down his side using her finger nails as she does, until she gets to his thigh. He can’t contain the feeling he has when she places his hand on her chest, he makes a small gasp as he quickly starts to massage her breasts. He stops kissing her lips and begins to kiss her neck.

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