The First Big Time

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I had started working for Kim the summer I graduated, she had bought the farm near my family’s house and needed someone to work for her. I had fallen hard for Kim right away, none of my friends realized I preferred big women. No one even realized that I had gotten to my 18th birthday a virgin because I wasn’t attracted to any of the girls in my school. Kim was lush, full and sweet and I figured that she saw me as kid even though she was only in her mid-20s.

I had worked hard all summer thinking of her and wishing that some miracle would happen and she would be the one to take my virginity before I left for university. The summer was almost over and in just under a month I would be leaving for school.

The day before my eighteenth birthday we finally finished painting the outside of her house. It was Thursday and Kim told me to take off until Monday for my birthday. I couldn’t get her to believe that I would rather work then party so I had to agree.

My friends from the football team got together and we had a huge party, I should have been thrilled but all I could think of was Kim. The next day my parents took me out for dinner and we had a good time but I was thrilled when Monday came.

When I showed up at Kim’s I did my usual work and then when the day help left Kim asked me to dig out an irrigation ditch that had collapsed while she worked in the house. By the time I had rebuilt the mud wall and cleaned out the gunk that had built up I was covered in mud. The wind had picked up, clouds had moved in, and the temperature had dropped.

Kim came out of the house around 5:30 and told me to come on up. When she saw how I was

shivering she ran back in and got me a towel and a pair of cut off shorts.

“Oh Chris I’m sorry. I forgot to get you the sprayer so you wouldn’t get soaked. Go in and take a

shower and put these on and I’ll put your pants out to dry.”

Walking upstairs to the bathroom, I could smell the aroma of great cooking down in the kitchen.

While I showered I could smell Kim all around me, her shampoo, perfume and soap filled the air. As I dressed I wondered who the shorts had belonged to and felt a wave of jealousy for her late husband.

The shorts were kind of snug but they fit, I would just have to hope that I didn’t get excited because I had no underwear on. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror on the outside of the bathroom door while standing in Kim’s bedroom. I have never been vain but I had to admit the shorts showed off all of the muscle sports and digging had given me. My own shorts were longer, and around the top of my legs, my skin was white, but my chest and back were a smooth dark tan. I found myself wishing that I had a hairy chest, or a tattoo, anything to look older then eighteen.

“Chris, come on down, I have something to show you.” I headed downstairs and found Kim dressed in a soft green pair of shorts and a blue tank top. The dining room was set up with a beautiful dinner and soft blues music was playing. Outside the storm had picked up and the wind was beginning to howl.

“Wow are you expecting company? I can get going if you want.” I stuttered from half way down the stairs.

“Silly, this is your day after the day after your birthday dinner.” Kim smiled up at me and began

uncovering the dishes. “I remember when you told me what you perfect dinner would be, so I fixed it for you. Shrimp Alfredo, garlic bread, fruit and chocolate mousse, since I figure that you have already had plenty of cake this week. I have a bottle of wine if you think it will be ok. I don’t want to contribute to the delinquency of a minor, but you seem pretty grown-up to me.”

I couldn’t believe it. We had talked about our favorite foods when we first met and she had

remembered and fixed them. I called my mom and told her I was going to wait out the storm at


It was like the beginning of one of the fantasies I had had of Kim. We sat there talking and eating, sipping red wine and even flirting. The rain had started and the sound of it mixed with the music and Kim’s laugh was making me crazy. I had drunken beer before but the wine seemed to go strait to my head, making me bold as I flirted with Kim.

We had finished dinner and Kim had gone to get the fruit and mousse when the lights went out. I

heard a crash from the kitchen and had to feel my way along.

“Kim are you OK? Are you hurt?” My throat felt tight as I waited for her reply.

“I’m OK. I just dropped a plate, can you find the candle and matches on the shelf near the kitchen door. Follow my voice.” I could hear her picking up pieces of plate as I felt around on the wall for the candle. When I finally found them, I could see Kim on her knees with her back to me, her round full ass pointing at me. I couldn’t help the reaction of my body and the tight shorts were making me uncomfortable.

“Kim what happened are you alright?” I rushed over to her hoping the darkness would hide my

erection. The kitchen smelled amazing, like Alanya Escort escort fresh bread and Kim.

“Oh I just got a little frightened when the lights went out. I know it is silly but I have always been kind of afraid of the dark. Um lets go into the living room and maybe you could start the fire for me.” Kim said all in a rush.

I held the candle for her as she gathered up the fruit and moose, then I led the way into the living

room. Kim put everything on the on the coffee table and I lit the two candles there. She sat on the couch sipping her wine, looking like a dream while I began to load wood into the fireplace.

I turned to get the first candle and caught Kim looking at me with the oddest expression on her face.

Kim began to tell me how she had been afraid of the dark since she was a small child as I poured

wax from the candle on the fire and then lit it. I stood up and joined Kim on the couch, the sight of her sitting there with her legs drawn up close like a little girl made my heart ache. I sat down beside her and offered her my arms with out thinking. As Kim leaned against me I began to get so hard, I thought I would die.

Kim leaned forward, grabbed a bowl of moose, and began to slowly eat it. Each bite she took of the chocolate was a complete turn on.

“So how does it feel to be a real adult Chris?” Kim asked as she offered me a bite of her moose.

I opened my mouth to speak and found it full of chocolate. Swallowing I said, “I don’t really feel any different, there is so much I haven’t done yet.” I took the next bite and licked the spoon as Kim shifted and laid her head on my lap. I couldn’t believe that she didn’t feel my hard-on and I kept thinking that at any moment she would jump up and slap me.

Kim continued to feed me chocolate as we talked about all the things I want to do someday. I told her that I couldn’t wait to vote, travel, go to college and have a girlfriend. Kim looked up at me with the oddest expression and asked if I had ever had a real girlfriend before.

“Ummm, no, I don’t really have any feelings for the girls around here. I don’t find them very

attractive.” I know I was blushing as I said it and I just had to hope Kim wouldn’t see my flaming

cheeks in the fire light.

Kim sat up and looked at me, leaning close. “Chris are you saying you have never had a girlfriend?”

Kim put her hand high on my thigh as she looked deep into my eyes. “Chris, are you a virgin?”

I couldn’t believe that she was asking me this, the woman of my dreams was so close and I couldn’t find the words. I looked down at her hand on my thigh and began to stammer. “Well you see… I… I mean…I.” I thought I would swallow my tongue, the words just wouldn’t come out and Kim’s hand felt like fire on my leg.

“Chris look at me.” Kim’s other hand was under my chin lifting my face so that she could look me in the eyes. “I don’t mean to embarrass you baby, I was just wondering. You seem so sweet

and…Chris you are really special.” She smiled up at me. “Someday you will meet the perfect girl.”

“I already have Kim.” I knew I would have to kiss her. I knew that I had to kiss Kim right then, that if I didn’t I would hate myself for the rest of my life. I knew that Kim might freak out and never want to see me again, I was eight years younger then her and she was my boss but at that moment nothing mattered except how close Kim was to me.

I reached out and put my hand on Kim’s shoulder, pulling her close and staring her in the eyes. “Kim I have already found the perfect woman, don’t you know that?” My lips found hers and I could feel her body flow against me. My arms were now full of her soft round body and I thought to myself that this must be heaven.

Kim began to return my kiss with a passion that startled me since I was sure that she was going to order me out into the storm. Everything I had dreamed about how her sweet fat body would feel against mine was true, she was soft, smooth and as my arms wrapped around her to pull her close I could feel her flesh move against me.

Kim’s hands were exploring my chest and shoulders, everywhere she touched was on fire and still the kiss went on. I ran my hands up and down her back, feeling the slight roll of skin there as I tried to pull her even closer. We shifted until my back was against the couch and she was leaning over me, weight pushing me into the back of the couch, holding me in place. It felt amazing and all I could think of was how was I going to get her to sit on my lap.

Finally after long minutes where the only noise was the storm raging and the fire crackling Kim pulled back with a sigh. “Oh Chris, oh you sweet thing, I shouldn’t take advantage of you but I have been wanting to kiss you since the day you and I began to scrape the paint on the house. All I could think of when you were on the ladder above me is how wonderful you looked.”

I reached forward and rained a dozen small kisses on Kim’s face then began to laugh. “Kim I Alanya Escort bayan have wanted to touch you and kiss you since the moment I saw you, you were bending over and you were so round and soft and everything I had ever dreamed of. Your not taking advantage of me, I am an adult and I want to make love to you, I want you to be my first. Kim please show me how to make you happy.”

Kim leaned forward as her hand slid up my leg to feel my hard-on fighting against the material of the too tight shorts I was wearing. “Oh my! Chris you are an adult, I want to be your first at everything.” Kim began to kiss me again as her hand fondled my cock through the material. I pushed my hands up under her blue tank top from behind feeling the soft warm skin as I pushed her top farther and farther up. I felt Kim begin to fumble with the buttons of the shorts.

She pulled back and slid from the couch onto her knees before me and since I still had my hands on her top it came off over her head. She was before me in the firelight with only her sotf green shorts and the flimsiest of blue lace bras. How could anything so small hold those huge breast up?

Kim reached forward and pulled my hips to the edge of the couch as she began to unbutton my shorts. “I want to teach you everything, but I want you in my mouth first though, I have to taste you.” Finally Kim reached the forth button down and my cock sprang free, I couldn’t believe how hard and long it had gotten, I would swear it had to be an inch longer then its normal seven inches and much thicker then it had ever felt before. Kim looked at me with astonishment in her dark brown eyes. “Chris I always thought you must be well endowed because I had seen the lump in your shorts a time or tow but I never guessed it would be so beautiful.” She said as she pulled the shorts all the way off of me.

Kim leaned forward so I could feel her lace covered breast against my legs and lightly

kissed the head of my cock then began to lick the whole thing with her tongue. “Oh Kim I have dreamed about this so many times.” I gasped as she took me in her ripe sweet mouth. I reached out and ran my hands through that long dark hair that was tied up in a blue and green ribbon.

Up and down her hot mouth went over my swollen cock, I felt as if she would eat me alive and I would beg for it if only she never stopped. I grabbed the end of the ribbon and pulled it until her hair flowed over my thighs and covered her face. I gathered up the hair and wrapped my hands in it so that I could see her soft mouth and round cheeks, she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Again and again she took my swollen cock deep in her mouth as her right hand fondled my balls and her left wrapped around behind me to pull me closer to her.

Over the still raging storm I could hear the soft sighing and groaning sounds she made as she tried to get every inch of my cock into her mouth. Deeper and deeper she went and when I thought I would explode she would grasp my balls in such a way that the need would just barely recede. Finally with a deep sigh of satisfaction from both of us she had every inch of my prick in her wonderful mouth and nothing she could do would keep me from exploding. I began to push her head back, terrified to cum in her mouth, afraid she would hate me for it until I felt both of her hands wrap around my waist and pull me to her. The world seem to spin as my cock pulsed and pulsed, I swear I had never cum so much, and for at least a full minute the spasms kept up as Kim held me in her mouth, drinking every drop.

She pulled back and let my half hard cock slip out of her mouth. “Oh Chris, I’m sorry. I was going to wait, to keep you from cumming so we could more but as you got close I wanted to taste you so much, it has been so long since I tasted that. It has been four years since my husband died and until you I didn’t want anyone else.” Kim laid her head on my thigh with a sigh.

“Kim I will be able to go again in a little bit, I can always get hard at least twice. I am already half there.” I said as I reached down and began to pull her up.

She looked down at me as she stood in front of me. “Oh my god I have heard about the staying power of young men but I never knew.” I reached out for her hips and began to pull her shorts down.

“You said you married young, what about your husband?” I asked as I worked her shorts down, even in the firelight I could see the shadow of her pubic hair through the matching lace panties. Suddenly I felt no jealousy for her late husband, I just wanted to know everything about her.

Kim took a step back and smiled at me as she kicked the shorts off and began to run her hands over her bra and belly, teasing me. “Oh no, he was twelve years older then me and the only man I ever . . . well until you just now.” She began to sway softly as she reached behind her and undid her bra, before it could fall to the ground she clasped it to her chest and turned around. With her back to me and that wonderful fat, round ass nearly Escort alanya in my face she let the bra drop and hooked her fingers in the edges of the lace panties. Swaying her hips less then a foot from my face she bent forward and began to slowly pull the panties down her strong full thighs.

I reached out and ran my hand lovingly across her ass and then across her hips as she turned to face me, naked and glowing in the flickering light. I caught my breath, she was everything I had ever dreamed of and so much more. “Oh god Kim, oh, you are amazing, perfect, you . . .you . . . I, ummm Oh my God.” I pulled her too me so that she was straddling my legs as I sat on the edge of the couch. She looked down at my now fully hard cock as I pulled her down to sit on my lap facing me.

“Oh be careful, I don’t want to hurt you.” She said trying to not out her whole weight on me.

I grasped her shoulders and pulled her all the way down until her body pressed my cock between our bellies. “Kim you couldn’t hurt me, I am use to tossing hay bales and having linebackers nearly your size smack into me. You are the most wonderful thing I can imagine and I want you on me.” I reached out and grasped Kim’s left breast and raised it to my mouth taking her amazingly large hard nipple in my mouth and sucking on it as if my life depended on it. Her skin was cool and soft and I couldn’t get enough. I leaned forward and buried my entire face in her tit.

Gasping for air I pulled back and traded sides, sucking on her other tit as I lightly pinched and pulled the other one. “Harder baby, suck and pull them harder.” Kim sighed and moaned as she squirmed on my thighs and I could feel her wetness against me. “Oh yeah, oh hard like that, really pull those great big nipples.” Kim’s words came faster and more raspy as she grabbed my hair and pulled me even closer.

I was afraid I would hurt her but I could tell that she was enjoying it so I began to pull and twist one nipple while sucking as hard as I could on the other. She was bouncing and wiggling so much I had to bite her nipple to keep it in my mouth and this sent a thrill through her body. “YES! Oh Chris bite my big fat nipple.”

I wrapped my other arm around her waist to try to keep her on my lap she was squirming so much as I bit and sucked and twisted on those amazingly large nipples. She began to rub herself harder and faster against my thighs and suddenly pulled herself from my mouth and used both hands to grab the back of my head as she pulled me to her as she arched her back. Her cries had all run together into one long keening sound and suddenly it stopped as she slumped forward then began to slide off of my thighs onto the floor. Since she still had a hold of my hair I had no choice but to follow her down and I lay half on top of her as she breathed hard , gasping for air and letting out soft, fragile sounding sighs.

I had never seen a woman cum and didn’t really believe it could happen from just having her nipples sucked but I had no doubt that I had made Kim cum and the thrill of it made me even harder then I had been before.

After her shuddering had faded Kim reached up and pulled my mouth to hers and we lay there on the rug in front of the dying fire kissing, wrapped in each others arms.

After a while the fire was barely a glow and I could tell that Kim was getting cold and the storm didn’t seem to be letting up at all. Kim smiled as she got up and took my hand, “Come on.” she said as she headed for the stairs. We laughed and stumbled our way across the room and up the stairs until we reached her bedroom.

I stood at the door as Kim lit half a dozen candles around the room, suddenly I felt self-conscious to be standing there naked. Kim must have understood somehow since she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close. Kissing made me feel as if I had nothing in the world ever to worry about. She lead me over to the giant bed that dominated the room and pulled me down next to her.

We lay there side by side and I couldn’t believe I had the woman of my dreams in my arms, her head on my shoulder we began to talk.

“Oh Chris you make me feel so amazing, so alive.” She sighed into my shoulder.

I held her closer, “Kim I dreamed about so many times, I want to do everything with you, I am just sorry I don’t know more, I just want to make you happy.”

Kim laughed, “I will teach you everything Chris, when I am done with you you will know how to drive a woman insane.” Her hand had been rubbing my tight stomach and just that and the feel of her had me hard again. “I have heard that young men can do this but you are amazing.” Her hand began to lightly stroke me as she reached up to my lips for another long kiss.

Kim’s hand began to work my cock faster and faster until I had to reach down and stop her, she looked up at me in surprise. “Kim there is one thing I have thought about doing to you since we first met . . . I ummmm . . . I want to, to, go down on you. I want to taste you, teach me how to eat you out.”

Kim rolled over on her back and I sat beside her trying to remember everything about her body and the way her wonderfully large titties lay to the side of her chest and the way her breathing made her belly move up and down. Kim put her hand on my shoulder and gently pushed me between her legs.

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