The Felt Resort and Spa Ch. 02

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Ellie had taken the stairs instead of the elevator up to the second floor, so many things were happening at once down below her in the lobby. Ted was still buried deep into the topless woman she’d seen earlier, it was like Ted was a superhero, it didn’t matter how much she came. It didn’t matter how much he did either, his erection was still spiked high, buried into her creamy muff.

It was causing the tingle between Ellie’s legs as she walked further up, she could still see the two locked, pushing and pulling each other. Even when a male guest walked up to Ted to ask him about an extension, Ted just turned the woman around, he pulled her legs up high around his neck, and with one rough push he pinned her against the counter while answering the guest’s questions.

Ellie’s mouth watered at the sight of their bodies entangled, free for all to look, watching him thrust into her over and over, watching their cum squirt out onto the floor as they continued.

Ellie had felt warm liquid pooling into her pants, she was dripping with want. Ellie was mostly a watcher, from up close or far away. She loved watching people have sex, whether it was vaginal or anal, multi penetrations as well. She loved the way it made her vagina itch for the same attention, how tight and wet it’d get looking at such hard cocks slamming into tighter holes.

A maid was rolling her cart by, Ellie couldn’t help, but stare. Her breasts were hanging out of her shirt, while her skirt was pushed high for guests to appreciate the sight of her. Mainly, because of the two vibrators inserted into her, both turned on high. As she rolled down the hall, a small cum trail followed.

Ellie started to walk down the center hall where the rooms could be found. Her room number was 286 and was actually in the middle of the hall. Before she inserted her key she heard thuds from the room across from her, 285 was rattling, quaking violently about.

“AH!” Someone screamed with what Ellie thought was joy, she just shook her head and opened the door to her room. It was the same model as the one Anna had showed her. Except Anna wanted a room with a view, which is why this room had a balcony that overlooked the pool area as well as another balcony.

Ellie walked out onto the balcony, hand over her head to shield her eyes from the sun, on the edge of the lovely decorated terrace was a telescope. No one was outside at the time so she retreated inside. Her first official day at the resort would start tomorrow. No fun for the rest of the day…And it blew.

Ellie needed something today, she ran over to the dressers opening the top drawer she found a six inch dildo, that was an okay size to start with. Ellie sighed wiggling out of her sundress, why couldn’t it be real today? She pulled off her silk panties and started to rub the head across her clit.

“Oh..” It felt so nice. She kept the dildo digging at her clit until her pussy started to pour. Ellie rubbed it against her wet lips before pushing it into her.

“Ahh.” Ellie felt something enter her in such a long time, something hard that could give her satisfaction and keep her stress free. She plunged it deeper inside herself, smiling she closed her eyes and imagined her ex, he was pretty good in the sack, but he was average size.

She started pushing it in deeper and harder “Ohh…yessss.” She groaned plunging it deep within herself. She felt her walls close around the dildo as she pushed harder and faster until she tried to push it again and this time it didn’t move.

“Oh Bostancı Escort god.” Ellie’s muscles were tightening around it so tight. She carefully got to her feet and crab-walked to the phone, there was a number to a doctor there in the resort. She took out the pamphlet and dialed.

“Oh, Miss Stevens, you’re in luck my next appoint comes in an hour and I’m free at the moment. Do you need assistance in getting here?” The Doctor asked. Ellie wasn’t sure she should walk out with a dildo inside her.

She was comfortable with herself alone in a room, but in public she liked being covered.

“Yes doctor.” She said “It’s kind of hard to walk.”

“Don’t worry about it, we’ll send my nurse to assist you.”

“Thank you so much.”

“Please, it’s nothing to what I’ve seen.” After hanging up the phone, Ellie stood there unsure if she could sit, so she stood there trying not to edge the dildo which was started to hurt against her cervix. Soon there was a knock at the door.

Ellie opened her room door to a blonde haired man who grinned at her.

“I’m Pete.” He held out a hand which she shook a bit embarrassed. He looked over her noticing the dildo embedded in her canal.

“I’ll get the cart.” He said, he disappeared into the hall before returning with a gurney so she could lay on. He wheeled it into her room.

“So it’s really planted up there, huh?” Ellie’s face had surely been red as she nodded slowly.

“Alright, hop up on the cart and I’ll wheel you to Dr. Grant’s office. The problem should be solved in half an hour minimum.”

“And maximum?” She asked as she slowly sat and quickly laid on the cart.

“An hour, he does have another patient after you.” Pete told her as he laid a towel over her body. “He’ll be as gentle as he can, I promise.”

That gave her a bit of reassurance as he wheeled her out of the room. Five minutes passed by easily as the doctor’s office was in the basement of the building. As you expected it was all white, bright, and pristine. The wheels of the cart slowed and they were entering a private office.

A man maybe in his late twenties leered over her, hair dark as night, with brown eyes. He grinned “Miss Stevens, lets have you sit on my table now.”

Ellie sat up with Pete helping her slide off one table to sit on another. Ellie cringed as she sat, the dildo was poking her to hard in her crotch. She’d never wanted something hard removed from in between her legs, but it was her first time at the Felt Resort, so why not a first for this too?

Dr. Grant picked up a flashlight and flashed it down on her area which was enveloped by the dildo “So this was done by rough masturbation?”

“You could say that.” Ellie murmured. She looked him in the eye “Can’t you just take it out, it’s starting to hurt me.”

Dr. Grant nodded “I can absolutely remove it.” He turned the flashlight off “But it will hurt you too deeply unless you’re given stimulation else where.”

“What do you mean?” Ellie asked.

“If you receive stimulation somewhere other than your vagina you’ll cum which will lubricate as well as loosen you so that I can retrieve the dildo.”

“Okay, so how?”

“Stand up Miss Stevens.” Ellie slid down off the table. She watched as Nurse Pete removed his cock from the pants of his scrubs. He sat onto the table waiting for the doctor’s orders.

“Don’t worry. I know it may feel uncomfortable, but it will help with your release. So please sit back on the table.” Ellie looked back Kadıköy Escort at Pete who was rubbing his eight inches of steel. “Unless you’d like to be taken to the emergency room at the hospital.”

Ellie shook her head and started backing into the table. Pete held her hips admiring them.

“Now I need you all the way down, and spread your legs once you have.” Ellie gulped as Pete moved her ass cheeks with his hands and placed his cock at the entrance of her ass. Pete pushed his cock head into her ass finally.

“Ah!” That was a new feeling, she tingled as he started to pull her hips down on him, he was stretching her ass, filling her. Ellie had never felt so tight around a man in her life, it was starting to arouse her.

“One more pull.” Pete groaned against her neck. Pete pulled her hard onto his cock, making he breasts bounce, Ellie shivered, he was hitting the wall of her ass. Pete then used her hands spread her legs wide for the doctor to see.

“Give her five pumps first.” The doctor said. Pete pushed his cock against her ass in five quick thrusts causing Ellie to moan, her pussy was still filled, but she felt her juices squirting out.

“Very good, ten next.” As instructed Pete started thrusting himself up her ass, it was so tight and hot.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!” Ellie couldn’t contain composure with him this far into her anus, repetitively stroking her walls.

“Okay, still nothing. Pump until she cums.” The doctor ordered, he sat down at his chair watching as Pete degraded Ellie’s ass repeatedly, his cock was getting hard, she must be a great fit he thought. Dr. Grant pulled his dick out and began rubbing it.

“Ohh.” Ellie felt Pete jerking her back and forth, up, up, up, harder, faster, faster, always up in her tight crevice. Her juices were squirting onto the floor, the harder he fucked her ass the harder her pussy craved the attention.

“I think it’s coming.” Ellie told the doctor. Dr. Grant nodded raising one finger at Pete so he could finish her off finally. Pete gripped onto her waist tightly, where he pulled his cock half way out of her rectum and with one deep push, hitting her cavity walls, Ellie screamed.

The cum came jutting out despite her being filled with the sex toy. Ellie laid her body back against Pete from the exhaustion while he was still inside her. Dr. Jones wiggled the dildo and with one slow pull it came out and so did the rest of her cum, right onto the table and floor.

“Now you’ll be a bit sore, but I have an ointment that will help you recover for tomorrow’s activities.”

“Oh, good.” Ellie said, she watched as the doctor pulled out a tube, he squeezed the blue substance onto his hand and then onto his cock, head to shaft.

“This is the best way to apply it, direct, and it will heal the depths of your vagina. You’ll wake up feeling brand new tomorrow.” Dr. Grant kept her legs opened and slowly slid his head inside.

“Ohhh.” The gel gave Ellie a cool sensation as he penetrated her slowly, long, and gently as he reached her core. She started to feel Pete push inside her ass once more.

“It’s a ten minute treatment.” Pete whispered from behind her as he fucked her ass, the good doctor too picked up the pace.

“Ah!” Ellie felt the two cocks hitting against her walls, feeling them bump against one another from separate walls made her juices stir wildly. As Pete picked up speed so did Dr. Grant.

“Oh! Oh! God!” Ellie shouted as they kept pushing her depths with such vigor and speed, harder, Göztepe Escort harder, harder! Faster! Faster! Faster! Fill me, she thought to the brim with their hard cocks, the faster the hotter Ellie got.

“I think I’m up doc.” Pete groaned.

“Same here.” The Doctor said, and with one simultaneous thrust they came deeply into her vagina and ass, causing her to cum in their aftermath. They withdrew. Pete got off the table and smiled.

“We have ten more minutes until the next appointment. I need to change my scrubs.” And in a flash Pete was gone. Ellie laid on the tired from her holes being bulldozed. The Doctor spread her pussy lips and watched as his come fell from them.

“You’ll be fine now Miss Stevens. I’ll have Pete take you back to your room. So you can relax and close your eyes if you wish.”

“If you ever have that problem again I’m glad to help.”

Then the doctor too vanished from her sight. So dazed from her pounding Ellie decided to rest her eyes, her body felt like a swollen mass. When she opened her eyes she woke up in her bed tucked in like a child, her underwear was back on and her holes were cum free. She didn’t feel sore anymore, she kind of felt sensitive and soft.

What a great service. She stood up and went to the balcony, it was night now. The balcony now had a small table and one chair, on the table was a silver platter with a note from Pete the nurse.

“You were sleeping so peacefully, so I cleaned you up and tucked you in. I hope you’re feeling much better now. Pete”

She smiled at the note and picked up the cover to reveal a lovely piece of lamb on a bed of rice, her desert was red velvet cake. Her drink a glass of red wine already poured. She sipped it, sweet.

Ellie missed breakfast and lunch so she was ravenous. She started tearing into the lamb like a lioness into a gazelle when she heard more noises from her neighbors across the way. Ellie took another sip of wine before looking through the telescope.

A red head was bent over her balcony while a brunette, male, pulled down her dress. She was naked, that was a usual thing around here. The man rubbed his cock out of his pants and began by poking her asshole with his head. The woman smiled whipping her head back in lust. He began to pick her up, holding her legs apart he pump into her ass.

Ohs and Ahs could be heard. The man started to thump her hard holding her legs up higher trying to reach every part of her ass. Soon another man appeared, unfamiliar to Ellie, she watched as the first bent the woman down onto her own terrace table. On all fours as the second man took his cock out to insert it into her mouth.

In her ass and out of her mouth, they looked as if they were playing a game of tug of war, when a dick hit inside her throat, a dick exited her ass, back and forth like a ping pall ball. Until the first man sat down in a shared bring her ass down onto his shaft, before she could scream in pleasure the other man forced his cock back down her throat again.

She even tickled his balls as he fucked her throat. It was making Ellie horny again, and she did not need another doctor visit anytime soon. She ate her meal quietly admiring the woman for taking two men from two opposite ends until they came up her ass and down her throat. Once used the men left and the woman, starving for more she licked off any surface that was sticky with cum and guzzled it down.

She was good, Ellie thought, but now she was tired and full on lamb and desire. She walked into her room closing the door to the balcony and laid in her bed counting cocks in vaginas rather than sheeps jumping over fences.

She couldn’t wake for her first official day at the Felt Resort and Spa where everyone was allowed to Cum As They Are.

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