The Farmers Daughter-In-Law , the Hay Barn, Oral,

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The Farmers Daughter-In-Law , the Hay Barn, Oral,I have been in the UK for a few weeks staying in my big caravan on a nice secluded Caravan Park on a remote Leicestershire farm.Days have been nice a quiet yet one sexy young lady had caught my eye the Farmers daughter in law. She is about 24 five foot 6 size 10 with long blonde hair peachy arse pert tits (a nice handful) and finished of with a pretty smile and oh so sweet spectacles. Over the weeks she has been seen around the farm always polite and a little flirtatious, and I have taken to her in a special way.However things changed drastically this morning. I was up at the egg stand and it was empty (the farmer sells free range eggs) I notice the Farmers daughter – in- law (Helen) in the farm yard attending to her horses so I walked over and struck up a conversation. She said she had plenty of eggs in the Kitchen and how many would I like I said a dozen. She went to the kitchen and returned with a box, I asked how much she said £2.00, I had the money in my pocket but wanted to keep the conversation going as she was being very naughty in her conversation saying things like “eggs good for protein and a mans energy” and the old joke of “how do you like your eggs in the morning fertilised or un fertilised”I told her I would pop back to the van and get the cash; she said OK she would be mucking out the horses.While in the caravan I added a little aftershave grabbed a condom or two and had a tin of red bull, I was horny and new if there was a chance I needed to get prepared.I walked over to the farm yard and could not see her so I called her güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri name, she shouted from the back of an empty stable, “In here”.I went in what a sight she was bent over in her tight white jodhpurs obviously panty less as no VPL. She turned round and I gave her the money, we continued talking for several minutes and her ability to flirt was driving me crazy.Suddenly she said “ do you know how desperate I am for some real hard cock, Steve is crap in bed” (Steve’s the farmers son her husband) I said I guess you are but what about Steve and your father in law Leslie, she said their out rabbiting and the place is empty.The next thing is she walked over to me French kissed me and grabbed the bulge in my jeans, my cock was aching and I had not had a shag in over 2 weeks since leaving Russia.I grabbed her tight peachy white cotton clad arse and we kissed passionately for several minutes.She then dropped to her knee’s unbuttoned my jeans and slid my hard fat curved cock right to the back of her wet mouth tickling my balls with one hand and grabbing my butt with the other she sucked good for several minutes. I said I needed to eat her pussy, she stood up , I grabbed my cock and pushed it back in my Jeans and we walked off towards the hay barn climbed a few bales and found a nice little area to settle down in. She put her wax jacket down and pulled off her boots, Jodhpurs and as guessed no panties just a tiny thong showing a sweet little wet pussy soaking through, I pulled it to one side sat her on a bale legs spread and started to suck her neatly shaven perabet güvenilir mi pussy she bucked as I put my tongue in her cunt and I flicked her clit madly with my tongue. I reached up under her sweatshirt and found a nice little bra covering two nice pert titties with big stiff nipples; I pushed it up and began tugging on her nipples.I must have sucked her pussy and played with her firm pert tits for twenty minutes my cock aching inside my jeans; she came at least three times squirting her young juice in my mouth. I then raised my head and asked her to lean over a hay bale and show me her lovely white peachy ass.She complied, I started to tongue and rim her lovely ass it was clean and sweet which made me invaded it further with my mouth.I grew harder and lowered my jeans reaching into my pocket for a Rubber which I fitted carefully as I ate her lovely gapping ass and wet cunt!She cried are you going to use that fucking weapon on me! I did plunging into her tight as fuck pussy grabbing her lovely hips I stroked into her long and slow. After a few minutes she cried harder you bastard and I grabbed her long blonde hair in one hand her hips with another. I started to fuck her like a “jack hammer” slapping her arse cheeks with a wild abandonment.She came a few more times I pushed her face into the hay to stifle her screams. She then told me to stop, Helen turned round pulled off the condom and pushed my rock hard meat into her mouth, forcing herself to gag and choke. This innocent looking girl with blonde hair blue eyes and specs was a real “Slut”.She then said tipobet “right you horny bastard” I need my arse fucking and if you like you can bareback me! She then lay back on the hay and pulled her legs above her head pulling her jumper up to expose those lovely pert tits!I rimmed her arse for a few minutes she was forcing my head into her hole and pulling one nipple hard with the other. I was then ready she spat on my cock and ordered me to fill her lovely sweet wet gapping ass. I pushed it split she gasped and I slowly slid in. I leant forward and we French kissed biting each other lips and tonguing deep into each other mouths, while my cock sunk ball deep in her tight wet ass.I fucked her ass hard as I bit her pert nipples, she cried and I felt her gush as I reamed her lovely ass. We where at it for a while, my balls where aching, they where full of cum for this new sexy young lover half my age. I said I wanted to cum she told me to fill her ass. I did and shot loads into her tight wet arse, as I did she come again squirting her lovely young juice over her pussy, my cock and down her ass.I pulled out still hard but covered in cum, she leant forward and sucked me clean, I licked her ass after and we cum swapped the dirty load.We dressed and returned to the farm kitchen where she prepared a hearty breakfast and tea, we talked and flirted, she told me of her convent school up bringing her small cocked husband and how she was the local bike at “young farmers” and enjoyed two cocks if she could get them. As I stood up to leave she waked up and kissed me, she slipped something into my pocket, grabbed my cock through my jeans and said. “Thanks” my holes are free anytime you like. When I got back to my Caravan I took her gift from my pocket, it was her cum soaked g string with a little note in saying” Thanks baby lovely cock great fuck, need more free when you need me”.

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