THE family ROOM

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THE family ROOMThe family RoomI think I was quite lucky to have found my husband, Josh, since he is just the kind of man that would fit in perfectly with my family. After attending my college classes, I would usually go to this little diner where he worked.At nineteen, I had never been allowed to date. This made starting college even harder on me. For the prior three years, the only sexual contact I had was with my father, my three brothers, and my grandfather. Obviously, i****t is taboo in most families, but for my family it seems quite the normal thing to do.Because of society’s view on i****t, I knew that I had to be very careful about sharing certain aspect of my family life. When Josh and I started dating, I always avoided the subject by making up a lame story about how my mother had ran out on us. But Josh had no trouble talking about his big family. He came from a family of six k**s. There were three boys: Josh twenty-six, Adam eighteen, and Grant twenty, plus three girls: Carla twenty-four, Sadie, and her twin sister, Jade, who had just turned sixteen.His dad, Frank, worked for the post office, and his mom, Kate, worked in a day care center. It wasn’t until Josh took me home to meet his family that I realized, indeed, how special they were.Josh had just bought a new sports car. We laughed and k**ded the three-hour drive away, as we sprinted down the freeway toward his home. I noticed that Josh seemed to be a bit on edge that day, and no wonder, since I had worn a white tank top with no bra. My tits were nice and firm, and my bulging nipples were standing erect, plainly visible. Nerves at meeting his family was causing part of my excitement, but after four months of dating Josh, with only a good night kiss at my door, had certainly increased my tension, as well.We hadn’t talked much about sex, yet, but I knew that Josh had to be just as horny as I was. Each time as we went out, I would hope that the night I would end up with Josh inside my pussy.I was more then a little nervous as we drove up to the red brick two story house to meet Josh’s family. Kate, a tall, robust woman with crystal blue eyes, gave her son a big hug as we came through the door, and then she welcomed me to her home. Her salt and pepper hair was tied with a black scarf which matched the black and white pants suit she was wearing.It was obvious from the house that the family wasn’t rich, but quite comfortable, nonetheless. As we walked into the living room, Carla, Josh’s oldest sister, came running to Josh and threw her arms around him, kissing and telling him how much she had missed him. She had short red hair, green eyes, and a gorgeous body. The rest joined around their brother to welcome him home.After the greetings were over, Kate told everyone that dinner would be ready in about an hour. Josh grabbed my overnight bag and headed upstairs to the guest room. Kate and I talked for awhile, then I asked for directions to the bathroom so I could freshen up for dinner. I noticed that Josh had been gone quite awhile, but I thought nothing of it.As I walked upstairs and down a long hallway, I heard Josh’s voice from one of the rooms. He sounded a little odd. The door was slightly open, and as I peaked inside, I saw my boyfriend with his pants down and Carla on her knees, sucking his dick like there was no tomorrow. I was in shock – but it was a pleasant shock.As I stood there watching Carla work her brother’s woody, I realized that this was not the first time that she had sucked her brother’s dick, and from the looks of things, dick sucking was not all that brother and sister had engaged in.As I stood at the door hoping I wouldn’t be noticed, Josh lay Carla on the bed and began to suck her hairless pussy. My face must have turned three shades beylikdüzü escort of green as he ravaged her pussy with his tongue. After licking her for awhile, he prepared to fuck his sister. That’s when I got my first good look at his cock. It was big – at least ten inches. I felt my own pussy getting wetter as he pushed his dick into her.I must have made some type of noise, because Josh suddenly stopped and looked in my direction. As he slowly withdrew his cock, he demanded, “Who’s there?”There was nothing else I could do as I slowly pushed the door open to reveal myself; the shocked look on Josh’s face said it all.”Oh my god Christy. Sweetheart, I can explain,” He said while grabbing his pants.”Can you?” I was so angry not for him fucking his sister but because he felt like he couldn’t come to me and share this part of his life with me. I know that sounds crazy, but that’s the way I felt. As Carla grabbed her clothes and ran out of the room, Josh pulled his pants up, zipped them, and asked me to come sit beside him on the bed.”Come here, Baby. I need to explain something to you about how my family works.” I reluctantly sat with him on the bed. He took a deep breath and started.”I guess you could say that my parents are swingers,” he sighed, as a sheepish grin crossed his face. “My Mom and Dad, from as far back as I can remember, have been very open, sexually, with all of us. They taught us k**s that it was okay for us to have sex with each other. They, of course, cautioned us to be very discreet about it with outsiders, because most people would not understand. But they stressed that sex within our family was a natural thing, and a very nice way to express our love for one another.”He squeezed my hand and tentatively smiled. “I’m sorry you had to find out the way you did, and I guess you will want out of our relationship now,” he finished, his voice breaking.I looked at him a moment, my own heart in my throat. “No,” I whispered. “I don’t want out of our relationship. You’re just the man I’ve been looking for.” The stunned expression on his face was indescribable.”I don’t understand,” he stammered. “What are you saying?”I touched his lips lightly with mine for a moment, as the tears started trickling down my face. “Josh, I have something to tell you about my family. Much like you, I guess, when I turned sixteen, I started having sex with all the male members of my family. Until the day I left for college, I had been fucking my father, my three brothers, and my grandfather. I didn’t dare tell anyone. I was afraid if I told you that I would lose you.”Josh wiped the tears from my cheek, then gently took my face in his hands. He kissed me, at first tenderly, then with increasing passion.Later that night as we sat around the dinner table, I could see what a wonderful family this really was. These were not people that society needed to hate or fear, but rather, people who knew how to give and receive love.Just before we finished dinner, Frank looked over at his son, “Do you think your girl would like to see the family room?” he asked, with a gleam in his eye.Josh hesitated a moment. After taking a sip of tea, he put his glass down and said, “Yeah, Dad. I think Chris would love to see our family room.”After dinner, Josh took me downstairs to a secluded family room. In one corner there was a wide screen television with a VCR. The soft lighting, soft shag carpet, ceiling covered in mirrors, throw pillows about the floor, and pictures on the walls of people having sex, set the mood for a beautiful and sexy room. In one corner sat the toy box, as Josh’s mom referred to it with a grin. Josh’s family, all dressed in robes, gathered around us as he explained that this room was where all the siblings had their first sexual encounter.”I avcılar escort love this room,” Josh said, with a serious look on his face. This is where I first made love to my sisters,” then with a grin, “and where I first fucked an older woman – my Aunt Penny.””We just fucked Uncle Steve down here about two weeks ago,” added one of the twins.”I made love to Mom down here my first time. And Carla,” he said turning to his sister, “Your first time was with Dad, wasn’t it?” Josh added.Carla nodded an affirmative.”I hope we’re not scaring you Chris?” Josh said as he pulled me close, caressing my shoulders.”No, it all sounds wonderful.” I said, as I looked around at all the smiling faces.”Good,” Josh answered, as he lowered the straps on my tank top, exposing my firm, thirty-eight inch tits for all to see.”Oh my god,” I heard someone say as Josh unzipped the black miniskirt I was wearing. As it tumbled to the floor, he gently pulled down my thong. There was a sigh as my bald pussy came into view.Almost before I realized it, I was lying on the floor with Josh running his hands all over my body. He gently touched my legs, arms, thighs, and finally, my breasts. After a few moments of caressing them, he touched my right nipple with his lips. After giving equal time to the left one, he changed the kiss to, first a gently nursing, then to a strong sucking. I felt his hand, finally, touch my pussy. As he slid his finger gently into me, I heard Kate say, “Josh is going first.”They could better damn believe that Josh was going first, I thought.While maintaining a kiss as best he could, Josh struggled out of his own clothes. As he broke the kiss, I got my first view of my husband’s entire body. Although it had been obvious, even fully clothed, that he had a great build, I was overwhelmed as he became nude, and I really got to see him.Noticing the look of adoration on my face, and sensing that I wanted to touch him, he caressed my hair, gently running his fingers through it, then simply said, “Go ahead.”I only needed one invitation. As I sat up, I lightly traced my hand over his frame. His muscles were hard, and as my fingertips came down his chest, he pushed my hand against his heart. I could feel its strong beat, and yes, I could tell that it was beating fast – he was excited about me two.Of course, my ultimate goal was his crotch, and I eventually got there with my hand, but that wasn’t enough. Hardly before I realized it myself, my mouth encircled his meaty appendage.Josh watched my lips slowly slide down his cock until it hit the back of my throat, and I could take no more. I sucked hard, causing my cheeks to hollow as I slid my mouth up and down his cock. I grasped the base of his dick with my right hand, jacking him in time with my sucking.”She looks like she knows what she’s doing. Man, she’s sucking that dick. I can’t wait to get her mouth wrapped around my cock.” I head Frank sayAs the family encouraged me, I sucked hard and moved my mouth up and down his cock even faster. In a few minutes, Josh’s dick expanded and got harder. I tried to increase my efforts as his orgasm neared, but he pulled out of my mouth with a pop.Pushing me back on the pillows, he spread my legs and teased my clit. As his lips clamped to mine, his big cock pushed my pussy open, and entered. I squealed into his mouth like a virgin, as his ten-inch cock seemed to go up me forever, before it slammed into my cervix. I let out an unladylike grunt as he slammed into me again, then the world blurred as I went into a sexual frenzy. I had never experienced anything like this before, not even with my father.Soon, I was in almost continuous orgasm as he hammered his giant cock into me. My womb felt like he was going to drive it out my throat, but the esenyurt escort pain transformed into something beyond – something I had never felt before. The orgasms continued to build until the world grayed out as I felt his cock spilling his seed into my pussy – into my womb.I heard someone say something to Josh, but my mind wasn’t quite back into gear just yet. I felt Josh pull out of me – felt his seed running down the crack of my ass.As I came back into the world, Frank pushed his cock into me, forcing a wad of Josh’s spend out of my pussy with an accompanying, and quite embarrassing, sound. My father-in-law latched onto a nipple with his mouth as he slowly slid his cock back and forth. Although he was in his late fifties, he obviously still loved sex. He wasn’t tall, but was put together nicely – and there was certainly nothing wrong with his dick. I had several nice orgasm before he tensed up and pumped his spunk into me. He wasn’t done yet, though. As his hands continued to caress my body, he slid down and buried his tongue in me, cum and all. He was very good with his pussy licking.As I was building toward another orgasm, Josh’s brother dropped to his knees, grasped my head and shoved seven inches of cock into my mouth. He proceeded to fuck my mouth while his father continued to lick my pussy. After a few minutes of this, my father-in-law changed to sucking on my clit while he rammed three fingers up my twat.I screamed out an orgasm, which set Josh’s brother off. I coughed and tried to swallow as his cock pulsed in my mouth.Grant’s cock quit spurting, but it didn’t go down. As I cleaned up the sperm drooling from my mouth, he flipped me over onto all fours and rammed his cock into my pussy from behind. He fucked me until my pussy was sore before I felt his seed spurting into me.Josh’s dad wasn’t done yet. He put me on my back again, pushed my knees against my breasts, and rammed his nine inch cock to the hilt. He must have fucked my sore pussy for thirty minutes. I don’t know how many orgasms I had before he finally spurted inside me. Once Frank was finally done, I rested for a bit, then saw Carla coming toward me still wearing the strap-on.Have you ever been fucked by another woman?” she asked as she sat down beside me, casually playing with her strap-on dick.Oh, shit! I though, as I wondered if I could do this – but it made me hot just thinking about it, though.”Maybe,” I answered, wondering just how sore I was.That was all Carla needed to hear. She leaned over and gave me an open-mouthed kiss, shoving her tongue halfway down my throat in her eagerness. Almost before I knew what was happening, she had eased her hand down and was gently rubbing circles around my clit. After a couple of minutes of building my expectation, she shoved two fingers into my cunt, deliciously finger fucking me.Speaking of delicious, her breast was. I know, I know. They’re not, really, but I was so hot by then, and her breast was so invitingly near, that I just had to find out what she did taste like. Whatever the taste, sucking her just made me hotter.Between all the cum in me, and the excitement from her fingers, which just made me produce more lubricant, I still felt that strap-on when she rammed it up me. Shit! I thought the guys fucked hard, but Carla must have been wound up watching me get fucked. Of course the strap-on was made so a portion of it stimulated her clit, as well. Whatever the reason, she really got into it. My pussy was so sore, and the strap-on dildo was so hard that it produced a lot of pain. But the pain just got transformed into more pleasure, somehow.I don’t know how many orgasms we both had. I later realized that we had both fainted – still connected. Boy, was I sore the next day. But like that old joke, nothing could take the grin off my face.In the next couple of days, I did every member of Josh’s family – multiple times. But that was nothing compared to when both families got together – but that’s another story.

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