The Excursion and Chloe’s Story

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


It was the middle of summer and I was lost.

No doubt about it, I was living the script of one of those classic horror flicks where a series of things goes wrong, leaving me alone and vulnerable in a strange land.

Ok a bit melodramatic perhaps, but I was in rural France, which may as well be a strange land, as I had never been to this location before. I had picked up a hire car at the small provincial airport and set the sat-nav for my intended destination, only for it to cut-out around an hour in to my journey, well away from one of those European trunk routes.

I considered my options, and first thought of using my phone to guide me using Google Maps. Only two things wrong with that. First lack of data. Second my phone had about 3% battery on it anyway, and the only charger I had needed a wall socket.

My next option was to ask for directions. My French is not great so I thought of downloading a translation App with my remaining battery.

Then I realised I was being dumb. The same problems would exist – lack of data – and I was also concerned about wasting my remaining battery power to do a download.

Pigeon French it was then.

I managed to find a small garage. I did my best to converse, asking for directions to where I was heading. I understand “droit and gauche” as right and left so was hopeful, but my hopes were soon dashed as the garçon did his best to live up to the stereotype and just gave a gallic shrug, muttering something like “I don’t understand” in French.

I’m sure he did. He just wanted to stick it to the foreigner.

So I set off again. Only now its getting dark, in an area of no street lights or road signs. I began to panic and started blindly turning left and right, and following any light source I could spy. As I said, hopelessly lost without a clue where I was.

Then I spotted a dwelling. Lights on. Better still, as I approached I noted a sign which said “maison des invités” or guest house. This I knew.

I pulled the car in to the small drive and approached the door and knocked.

I did my best to ask if they had a vacancy when the door was opened ajar by a man, but he promptly just closed the door on me, only for it to be reopened about 20 seconds later by a young woman. If I had to guess I would have said 19 or 20. Despite my panic, I was not oblivious to the fact that she was also stunning.

The girl spoke some English, from her schooling she said, and to my relief I was happy to hear they had a room and could direct me in the morning. In fact it seemed I was the only guest.

I checked-in, dumped my bags in a spacious room at the back of the property, with a huge bed, and then returned to a small dining area for some food. I was all manners and politeness, but conversation was tough with the girl acting as translator for presumably her dad, and her mother, who I also noticed was an extremely attractive, sexy woman.

We exchanged small pleasantries as best we could while the elder woman cooked. I could not help but notice the way they kept looking at me, then at each other and smiling. It felt liked I was being appraised. And indeed I was.

The woman, Veronique, had a fantastic pair of tits and a curvaceous body – she reminded me of Kelly Brook in both looks and shape – voluptuous. The younger woman, Chloe, had a look of Megan Fox (I shit you not, this was one hot family – the old man, Jacque, could have passed for Clooney).

Chloe was definitely flirtatious. She was sat batting her eyelids, pouting and playing with her hair as we attempted to chat, but it was Veronique who grabbed my full attention when she served up my food in front of me. She was wearing a loose fitting checked shirt, like a cowboy shirt, probably her husbands. She didn’t put the plate down from behind me, over my shoulder, or from one side, she reached across from the opposite side of the table, leaning forward, her eyes watching my own and where they focussed as she did so. I was staring transfixed at her tits, free swinging inside the shirt, fully on show due to the loose collar and the top buttons being unfastened. I could see her nipples and the sheen of sweat, caused by the hot stove, glistening on her mounds. And she could see me looking. When I looked up she held my gaze and smiled. I blushed and looked away sharpish only to see Chloe and Jacque both giggling at my discomfort.

My cock twitched under the table at the image of those swollen mounds, as I silently ate my food. All the while being observed by 3 pairs of eyes.

I was asked if I would like some wine with my food, and I asked for a glass of red. It was Chloe’s turn to put on a show now. There was a rack of red wines in the corner of the dining room, but rather than take one from the top or at chest height, Chloe bent forward, with her legs perfectly straight to select a bottle from the bottom rows. The small mini skirt she barely wore rose half way up her buttocks, revealing her briefs and İstanbul Escort the narrow slit of her pussy pocketed by the gusset. It was also obvious that she was wet. The cloth was stained damp, slightly darker than the rest of the briefs. I almost choked at the vista before me, and then promptly spluttered when she turned her head back to look at me as she slid the bottle from its resting place and asked me in a heavy French accent “do you like za look of zis.”

They all laughed. They were toying with me and teasing me and were loving every minute of my embarrassment.

She stood and straightened her skirt, before opening the bottle and reaching across me to pour me a glass. One of her breasts brushing my shoulder and arm. Involuntarily I shivered at not only the caress of her flesh, but also her scent. She was intoxicating.

I drank like I had a fever, and my glass was never empty long.

I drank the bottle in less than half an hour, and a second one was opened. I was feeling light headed now and warm, horny and relaxed.

I was ushered in to the living room and given a soft seat and left alone with Jacque while the ladies disappeared.

We didn’t speak. I just raised my glass in mock toast to him thinking “you jammy bastard”, while wondering what the fuck was going on.

I nearly dropped my glass when the ladies reappeared. They had both changed in to nightgowns. Chloe, wore a short t-shirt type affair with a big pair of red lips on the front, and Veronique was in an almost sheer teddy. Their figures doing justice to both garments. Long smooth legs protruding beneath them, with petite feet decorated with painted nails. Ample, shapely breasts tenting the cloth out in front of them, nipples threatening to bore holes through the material, given that neither were wearing any bra.

Actually, make that neither wore any underwear at all; which became apparent when they both sat opposite me on a sofa and raised their legs off the floor beside them.

There was not enough material to adequately shade their cunts from view with their legs bent.

The bridge of material across the top of their thighs was too narrow to hide glimpses of the narrow strip of hair on Chloe’s womanhood and the shaven lips of Veronique’s own sexual playground.

I couldn’t really help my reaction. My cock was rock hard. My pants were also tented. Jacque was watchful from the doorway. The ladies glanced at each other and grinned.

I saw movement opposite me from the corner of my eye; as I was watching Jacques, curious, and possibly a little concerned, about how complicit he was, with what the ladies were doing.

I thought I was seeing things at first, but no, Veronique had reached across to Chloe and kissed her full on the lips. Chloe was responding ferociously, her tongue seeking out its opposite number. Her mothers? Were they actually related or was I being played here too?

Left to my assumptions to fuel the shock of what I was seeing, I honestly hoped they weren’t mother and daughter.

Chloe slipped her left hand over Veronique’s right breast and began kneading it roughly, urgently and in return Veronique slid her right hand slowly along the inside of Chloe’s thighs, parting her legs until her hand reached the nadir, and two fingers slipped silently between Chloe’s labia, becoming instantly coated in her moist, warm pussy juice.

Chloe shivered as Veronique’s fingers explored her; it fuelled her lust, spurring her to seek out Veronique’s breast beneath her night gown instead of through it. Once she had exposed the breast she had been groping, her tongue and lips replaced her hand, frantically teasing the nipple and large dark areola.

I was dumb struck. I prayed to myself that the two women were not related because I did not want the guilt of that knowledge, and more to the point, my utter helplessness and ability to control my rock hard penis irrespective of the truth.

My prayers became even more fervent when I saw Jacque drop his trousers and saunter over to the women with a fucking huge swollen member, and nudge it between Veronique’s tits and Chloe’s attentive mouth, kind of like weaning a baby off breast milk and on to a bottle.

If they were related, Chloe was now having her fathers cock rammed down her throat as her mother continued to work her clit and pussy.

Veronique looked at me and said “How about I suck your cock, then everyone is occupied”.

Sensing my reluctance and inner turmoil with the spectacle in front of me, Veronique laughed and said in good English (yeah another con), “It’s OK, Chloe is not our daughter. Myself and Jacque are married, Chloe is a guest.”

“It gets so quiet out here that we like to have fun if we suspect a guest will be up for it. Fortunately Chloe was not shy, and in fact it was she who came on to Jacque when I was at the shops. She came out of the shower naked and asked him to dry her back. He duly obliged before bending her over the stair railings and taking her from behind. I discovered them fucking Escort Bayan like animals in our bed when I got back and joined in. When you knocked we quickly decided to play a little game with you. And so here we are. Now you know there is no incest going on, are you going to let me release some of that tension by sucking you off?”

Well I wasn’t about to say no was I?

After removing all my clothing, I moved over to the sofa, and stood on it so that my dick was above Veronique’s head, so she would have to tilt it backwards to facilitate me, and I would have to push my knob downwards in to her mouth. I thrust slowly back and forth, occasionally leaving my cock in her throat, choking her momentarily, trails of pre-cum visible when I withdrew.

Jacque looked on approvingly as his own cock was devoured by Chloe.

After a few minutes, it was all change, Veronique disengaged herself, and moved between Chloe’s spread-eagled legs on the sofa, softly kissing, and then exploring her cunt with her tongue. This left her arse exposed in the air, and I could see the wetness of Veronique shimmer in the light from the open fire. Jacque looked at me and nodded at her buttocks and exposed pussy, indicating I should not waste the opportunity. As if to confirm that I should be the one to take his wife first, he moved to the opposite end of the sofa and lowered his cock in to Chloe’s panting mouth; obviously enjoying the attention of Veronique’s tongue and lips.

It was a beautiful sight, Veronique’s soft, wet folds of skin couched between firm, perfectly shaped buttocks. The most perfect sex sandwich.

I slowly positioned myself behind her, and slipped two fingers inside her, hearing her moan as I did so. I finger fucked her slowly, adding a third finger until her cunt became sodden with her cum. As she was reaching climax, I replaced my fingers with my cock, roughly thrusting deep in to her so she came as my length reached as far as it would go.

She screamed her approval, as I continued to pound her from behind, not allowing her any respite from the orgasmic spasms still coursing through her body.

I heard Jacque begin to mutter under his breath, as his cock was still being devoured by Chloe, and guessed he was about to come. I was right. He exploded inside Chloe’s mouth, then slightly withdrew to continue shooting his load on her face and her tits.

Chloe was too distracted by her own orgasm, as Veronique’s efforts on her clit triggered the floodgates.

I was nearing my own end game, which was apparent to Jacque by the tones and actions known to all men, as they approach ejaculation point.

“Inside her” he said. “Fill her pussy with your cream”.

10 seconds later I did just that. My cock shot out my jizz like a fucking canon on repeat, deep inside Veronique. But she had not yet climaxed again since the attentions from my fingers.

I needn’t have been concerned however, as after I withdrew, and my thick, hot cum began seeping from her cunt, Jacques lay on his back between her legs, as she remained bent over the sofa, and began lapping her clit and pussy lips with his tongue, spreading my seed as he did so, and occasionally licking his lips to taste me for himself.

A minute or so later, Veronique shrieked with delight as her second orgasm flooded her body, mixing her juices with my own.

Chloe then turned her attentions on my wilting cock, taking it first in hand, stroking it slowly back to semi-stiffness, and then in her mouth to give it the full kiss of life and resurrect it back to full rock-hard state.

As the tip of my rod passed her lips, her tongue jammed in to its eye, prising out the remaining drops of cum, “Mmmmm” she said as she lapped it up.

I was gently manoeuvred in to place, lying flat on a rug in front of the fire. Chloe straddled me and slowly lowered herself on to my throbbing member, moaning softly as it pierced her womanhood and slowly made its way inside her tight, young cunt.

I lifted my hips and rose to meet her, and saw her throw her head back, thrusting her tits forward, nipples rock hard and silhouetted by the flicker of flames from the fire.

A shadow fell across my eyes, as Veronique lowered herself on to my face, and ground her sodden pussy lips into my mouth, still slick with my own cum.

Chloe and Veronique began kissing and fondling each others breasts, whilst the former continued to ride my cock and the latter ground her clit hard on my teeth.

I couldn’t see Jacque. Until that is, Veronique suddenly stood up and Chloe lowered herself forward on to me, and kissed me. Then I saw Jacque, with his swollen shaft, dancing and bobbing in the half-light, move in to position above and behind Chloe. Then I felt him.

His cock entered her ass. On the other side of the thin wall of skin separating his cock from mine servicing her pussy.

It was an odd feeling. Kind of like being in the same sleeping bag but fully clothed!

Chloe was mouthing all sorts of dirty talk, clearly willing and Eskort wanting to be taken in any way shape or form, demanding to be fucked hard and treated like a piece of meat.

Veronique meanwhile decided to keep herself occupied by using a dildo she retrieved from a drawer. One of those with a suction cup on the end. It was black and fucking massive.

She stuck it to a smooth piece of wood panelling on the wall by the side of the fire, then bent herself forward at the hip and backed herself on to it, gasping and shuddering as it began to part her labia, then probe her deeper and deeper.

My brain was fried. At the start of the day I was lost in a strange land, at the end of the day I had lost myself to an orgy of fucking I had only fantasised about.

Two gorgeous insatiable women. Servicing ones snatch while another bloke I had only met a couple of hours ago buggered her ass; the other one, who I had already fucked, impaling herself on a big fucking dildo stuck to a wall. Surreal is an understatement.

Chloe had cum once. She made no mistake in letting us know. I had lasted longer this time around, having shot my first load in to Veronique. As was Jacque.

I’m not sure I approved of what happened next, but I certainly was not going to say anything and spoil the moment.

Rather than fill Chloe’s ass with his seed, Jacques withdrew and stood up. He turned towards his wife, doubled over at the waist pounding herself backwards on to the fake cock; he grabbed her by the back of the neck and pushed her lips on to his cock, making her suck what had just been withdrawn from another woman’s ass.

He fucking deep throated her too; coming on to her tonsils. She barely flinched.

I tried to take my mind off it by gently indicating Chloe should get up off me to change position.

We both stood, then I turned her round facing the fire, and positioned her hands to grip either side of the large oak mantel piece. The shadows of the flames were prancing across her pussy and tits, sweat beginning to form and slowly roll between her cleavage.

I stepped in behind her and re-entered her as she gripped the mantel, my hands cupping both her breasts, my fingers clamping her nipples between them.

I pumped her fast now, her wetness making her tight hole seem like a cavern due to the lack of friction. Sweat poured from both of us, making her breasts slick and slippery.

She was nearing climax, her panting and mewling at an ever increasing pitch providing the soundtrack by which to gauge her level of arousal. I was fit to explode to. My cock ached, my balls tightened and I could feel the tingling sensation grow along my prick; the prelude to my release.

I fucking roared out load as I thrust deep inside her with one last cruel shove of my hips, almost pushing her in to the flames; and she screamed as both of our respective sex juices poured from us clashing somewhere inside her, melding in to one elixir of spent passion.

We were both panting, utterly exhausted.

We both glanced towards Veronique who had Jacque’s sperm on her lips and chin, and rivers of her juices glistening on her legs and inner thighs, where she had squirted from the constant, sterile attentions of her thick rubber dildo. She let go of a loud groan, as the man-made cock finally delivered its own form of release.

The night did not end though.

Showers and baths were taken. In twos. Partners swapped and changed. Exploring of bodies and foreplay involving improvised toys.

Its remarkable what a gentle brushing of a clit with a toothbrush will do to a woman. Trust me, its like tickling their feet but 10 times more sensitive. Lots of water splashing over the bath and cursing resulted from both women when I performed this on them.

The rest of the night was spent in my room. Jacque and I fucked both women numerous times, in many different positions. Chloe was tied to the bed at one point and pleasured by all three of us in turn.

The women fucked each other, with and without the use of Veronique’s extensive toy collection; while we rested our sore cocks. God knows their pussy’s (and arses) must have been smarting to, but they both craved more. No wonder Jacque had to share his wife, no man would service her needs alone. It also explained the toys, for use when no other playmates were around in such a remote location.

Jacque let slip a confession that when his good lady was so frustrated that he and her toys were just not enough, she even drove to either a local “beauty spot” to meet and fuck any decent looking guy (or woman, but preferably a guy, as she craved the feeling of a warm, pulsating cock inside her) or had sometimes sold herself to passers-by as a lady of the night, by standing on a street corner in a nearby town.

Chloe seemed just as wild. And Jacque’s confession prompted one of her own.

Chloes Story:

She confessed to fucking her Uncle, her dads brother, and had gotten caught. Hence why she was touring around, or gone walkabout. She was more like an outcast. Though the way she told it, it sounded more like her Uncle had taken advantage of her than the other way round to me. Thing is, it was clear she was not innocent in her role in the tryst either, she knew what she was doing and let him seduce her.

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