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The exchange Student….Every semester my university gets exchange students from all over the world; Europe,Asia and the USA. Its an interesting heady feeling seeing all these mingling going on and it sure gives one ideas.I’m doing my masters in HRM and naturally i have seen them come and go, always with a thought and wish, but never actually acting on them. Well Jordan changed all that. She, like most American white girls, was always carrying a backpack full of whoknowswhat and smiling to strangers in that im trying to be polite manner. I noticed her one afternoon seating alone under an out door seating area reading a novel and i thought to myself why not go make small talk and see where it leads. I found her seating with her legs curled up under her in the way only girls seem to be able to and asked if her plan was to get leg cramps and she giggled “not really, why do you say so?” I pointed out that if i tried seating like she was i will only be inviting cramps and she laughed saying yeah,that can happen the first time but you get used to it, its very comfortable actually.I was glad of the thawing ice between us and promptly introduced myself as Dez to which we shook hands and told me hers. Those hands, phew, soft and moist; almost like she never used them for anything other than just lathering herself up.I was absent mindedly stroking and feeling her hand with both mine and told her her hands were amazing and she looked up at me saying i got nice long fingers myself. We talked the expected talk about where who is from and what we are both studying, you know the kind talk strangers get into. She told me that she really didn’t know a lot of other exchange or local students and was not a very social person especially in a new environment. Well, i told her she had kırşehir escort found a friend in me. It was obvious she wanted to talk more because she closed her book and invited me to sit if i wasn’t in a rush. Of course i wasn’t in a rush and hell yeah i was only to happy to chill with her for a while. We touched on all subjects possibly under the sun; religion, politics, homosexuals and marriages and i figured i should be a gentleman and leave while she still seemed interested in talking to me, you know, leave her wanting. We agreed to meet the next day, Thursday, at the refectory for lunch so we exchanged numbers.I went to my lab dazed and still smelling her scented hand, day dreaming about those bluish green eyes of hers. Thursday couldn’t come quick enough. Well it did and lunch was full of chit chat in a noisy eating area. I inquired about her timetable and she was free all weekend, but i wasn’t, i had a paper to finish. She said she didn’t mind seating with me while i typed. We hang out on Friday, Saturday through Sunday while i worked, nothing eventful. At that point i wasn’t so sure what my intentions were and i guess neither was she because all we had was banal talk and taking turns typing out my school work. We finished Sunday in time for lunch and she wanted to show me her dormitory. I still was unsure but not hesitant and off we went. She still had her back pack with a laptop and some other oddities in there and i could tell it was straining her back but i had my own bag to carry. Her room was ordinary but neat. She ordered pizza and said she was gonna take a quick shower while we waited for it. Cool. The pizza while she was showering and i announced its arrival. She came out of the shower with a towel around her and i had no where to go to escort kırşehir give her space since it was a single room. She opted to change half hidden by the closet doors which in effect hid nothing at all and changed into some bikini kind of shorts and a tank top. I asked if she wasn’t gonna put any body lotion on and she said she forgot because of my presence, so i offered to do it for her then. She consented and i got to work.She stood in front of the bed on which i set and i rubbed the lotion on my hands generously and started at her feet. They were kinda muscular but still lovely-heck, everything about her was lovely, brown tied back her, perky not too small or large breasts..she was just right, athletic. I worked slowly up to her knees and behind them to which she giggled asking if i had done this before. I said no and continued my journey up to her thighs and she held the top of my head with her hands to steady herself. No one was talking. I pulled her closer so i could reach her upper body but i still couldn’t reach, so i asked her to lie on the bed. She did and i worked slowly on her tummy doing lazy circles and i noticed her eyes were closed. I couldn’t touch her breasts because she had a bra on so i reached under, she arched her back and i unclasped it. Her bobs fell into my eager palms and i knit them like fresh dough, pinching and softly pulling her erect tits at the same time. She lifted her butt off the bed and slid her panties off to reveal a triangular trim just above her moist but clamped pussy lips. My word!! What a sight,i stared mesmerized and she giggled again twisting her legs asking what. I couldn’t talk so i just trailed my fingers towards her crotch and she responded by opening her legs. The musky smell coming up my nose told kırşehir escort bayan me all i needed to know; this was a pussy in need of serious attention. I was stooping above her and i didn’t even notice her undoing my belt, dropping my jeans and boxers. I only came to attention when i felt those magical hands softly cupping my sagging balls and stroking my cock up and down in the slowest motion ever. Clear liquid was dripping at the end of my now swollen head and she asked if she could lick it off. I didn’t trust my voice so i just nodded and felt her warm breath and moist lips enveloping my organ. My knees gave and i had to steady them on the bed. She must have sucked cock before because i was moaning like an idiot while she continued pulling on my balls with her not so short nails. I remembered i still had my hand on her pussy when i felt her pushing her pelvis up towards it. I started softly diddling her very erect clit at the top of her gorgeous cunt. I concentrated on the very top part of her slit and that just drove her mad. She was bucking and biting me at the same time but not really hurting. I knew she was coming because she just was not in control any more and she had forgotten about her fancy sucking. When she calmed down, i asked her if she had rubber and she got up, opened the closet and took one out. She pulled it over my throbbing penis and commented on my size. I’m about 1.98 Meters tall, slender and coffee colored. I don’t like pubic hair but then it was very short. This allows my dick to stand out proudly ad I’m confident of my tool, a good 40cm long, not monstrous but not negligible. She got on the bed and promptly gave her butt up for me. Her brown asshole kept winking up at me and her pussy was just sloppy wet and sightly open, a true cameltoe pussy, puffy and meaty in a way that just leaves you speechless. She took a hold of me and guided me inside of her. Her pussy closed up when i hit the entrance, but when i pushed through, it made a popping sound and just swallowed me up to my balls….

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