The Erotic Tales Of Dana Jones – Landing The Contract Part 2

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Thursday afternoon, 12.40 pmDana Jones stood in front of the vanity units in the office restroom and regarded herself critically in the enormous mirrors. Her dark shoulder length hair normally pulled back into an ugly bun, was loose and wild looking. The tiny amount of make-up she usually wore wouldn’t have turned any heads in Los Angeles more popular singles bars, let alone the office, and that was fine. However, Dana was anticipating something a lot more exciting than an afternoon of looking at files. She needed a more sultry effect to make her wishes come true.Inspecting her usual business attire, Dana realized there wasn’t much she could do about her outfit. Not unless she had a complete change of clothes in her bag, and she didn’t. Even if she did, there would be an awful lot of raised eyebrows and inquisitive stares when she suddenly appeared in it.Not that her white blouse and black knee length skirt were unfashionable. On the contrary, her entire wardrobe was filled with such outfits, and they were the best she could afford. But ‘respectable’ came to mind when describing her office attire. Right now she wanted ‘sexy’. “Still, maybe I can…” she mumbled, her eyes sparkling with mischief. Throwing caution to the wind, she rolled the waistband of her skirt a couple of times. This made her slender waist look slightly thicker, a fact that irked her — but it was unavoidable and a price she was prepared to pay. Her ‘respectable’ just-above-the-knee skirt was now ‘sexy’ with the hemline halfway up her thighs. She cast a furtive glance around the restroom and quickly undid the top buttons of her blouse, exposing a good deal of her cleavage. Cocking her head to one side, she studied the effect of her alterations. “Never hurts to advertise the goods,” she chuckled and her reflection eagerly smiled right back at her. Checking her shoes, Dana smiled. They were sexy enough. Maybe they weren’t Laboutins, but they were fashionable, expensive, and surprisingly comfortable. The high heels made her toned legs look incredible. Not just incredible, but absolutely devastating, especially clad in sheer black stockings. Seemingly out of place in the summer, Dana’s stockings were the only visible clue to what she was really thinking about.Being a successful lawyer meant keeping yourself in control, and Dana’s poker face could fool even the best Las Vegas gambler. Moreover, anyone who’d had contact with her this morning would never have guessed that beneath her respectable attorney’s disguise, Dana Jones, wife of Mr Christopher Jones, was dressed and ready for an afternoon of wild, uninhibited, adulterous sex.o0oShe had woken up horny… and frustrated. A fitful night filled with raunchy dreams plaguing her subconsciousness was to blame. It was her own fault. The dreams were a result of a raunchy sex tape she’d watched the previous evening, one that involved a client she was meeting today. Despite experiencing a mind-blowing orgasm while watching the tape, a climax that left her feeling like a rag doll, Dana couldn’t rid herself of a gnawing feeling that she was missing something.When Chris woke, Dana saw he was still bearing a grudge from the previous evening, so she ignored him. In fact, he barely uttered a word before he stormed off to the shower. Lying in bed, the images that disrupted her sleep returned to haunt her and, immediately, she became aroused. Automatically, Dana slid a hand between her thighs. At first, she was content to caress her clit through the soft fabric of her knickers, but the sensations this caused increased her dilemma. Afraid of Chris disturbing her pleasure, but not wanting to stop, Dana decided to pull her sodden knickers aside. Holding her pussy lips open, she plunged two fingers deep into her silken tunnel and hurriedly fingered herself. Despite her haste, Dana heard her husband returning. Not wanting another row, she reluctantly stopped and pretended to be asleep.This frustrating interruption didn’t improve her mood, especially as Chris seemed to take ages dressing before going downstairs for breakfast. As soon as he was downstairs, Dana headed to the bathroom. While warm soapy water streamed over her body, Dana felt the tension drain away down the plughole — but an underlying feeling of not being fulfilled still persisted.Returning to the bedroom, Dana opened her wardrobes and gazed at her variety of outfits. She glanced briefly at the assortment of work blouses and skirts and picked out those she wanted. Still not satisfied, she approached her underwear drawer, her heart beating faster than usual, and yanked it open. Rummaging, she found what she was looking for and held it up to the light for inspection. Having made her choice, Dana carefully laid the items on the bed and experienced a brief moment of doubt. Then she heard Christopher slam a door downstairs and her resolve strengthened.The selected underwear was a present to herself after Brady, Cooper & Davidson, Lawyers Incorporated, confirmed her appointment. She’d found it by accident while surfing the internet. Somehow, a search request had got mixed up and led her to the website of a well-known adult store. After the initial shock, Dana’s natural curiosity, and the celebratory wine she’d drunk got the better of her and she began browsing. Amazed at what was on offer, her shopping basket soon contained a wide range of things, including this raunchy lingerie set. It was black, her favourite colour, and it revealed more than it covered. Designed by someone who clearly appreciated what men liked and also knew the feminine form, it consisted of tiny thong panties, a delicate lace patterned corset, which offered little support but displayed a huge amount of flesh, and sheer stockings which fastened to the corset by means of suspenders.Luckily, Chris was absent on business otherwise she never would have gone through with it. But, after pressing the send button, Dana — by now quite drunk — switched off the computer and went to bed, forgetting what she’d done. However, when she arrived home the next day, a Fed-Ex notice pinned to her door informed her that her parcel had been delivered and was in her backyard. When she had taken it inside, Dana opened the plain brown package, her hands trembling and heartbeat racing. Giggling like a schoolgirl, she picked out the contents, nervously inspecting each item before going on to the next. Once the array of toys lay on the bed, Dana tried on the lingerie set. She looked stunning. It didn’t matter from which angle she looked at herself, she oozed sex appeal. However, despite being proud Tunalı escort of how she looked, Dana knew she could never let Chris see her dressed like it. He would flip. After concealing her toys, she stuffed the lingerie into the back of her underwear drawer and that’s where it stayed — until now. Dana started dressing. With consummate pleasure, she placed the corset around her body and, making sure her breasts felt comfortable, she began fastening it. Then she carefully inserted her toned legs into the silk stockings, smiling when she connected them to the suspenders, one by one. She stood and inspected her appearance in the mirror, noting how sexy she looked, before reaching for the tiny pair of lace panties. Dana reached behind for the tiny sliver of cloth, nestling between her buttocks and adjusted it until it sat snugly. Then she turned left and right, each time admiring the view while fighting a battle with her conscience. Deep down, she knew what she was doing — or, to be more specific, what she was planning to do — was wrong, on more than one level. Although she looked smouldering hot, she knew a married woman should only wear such outfits for her husband. Thoughts of Chris darkened her mood again. He had made it obvious what he thought of her and last night’s rejection was the last straw.Somehow, Dana had forgotten how angry he was after catching her with some pornography. He’d gone off the deep end, despite the fact it was work related. Although accepting her explanation at face value, he’d gone to bed in a huff, leaving Dana to her own devices. Unlike Chris, Dana was not a prude and she could look at the photos with a certain objectivity. However, included in the evidence, was a raunchy homemade movie that tested her professionalism. She failed the test. The content was so hot, she forgot why she was supposed to be watching it and used it for personal gratification. Although she’d experienced a mind-blowing orgasm using her fingers, Dana’s thirst for sexual release had not been quenched. Climbing into bed, she woke Chris and told him she wanted to make love. That idea backfired — in a big way. Christopher hit the roof. He shouted at her for coming to bed so late, shouted at her for waking him at an ungodly hour, and shouted at her for acting like one of those whores she’d been looking at all evening. Then he turned his back to her and went to sleep.His words hurt, and salty tears ran down her cheeks as she lay sobbing in the darkness. A lot of thoughts went through her mind, not all of them pleasant before she fell asleep.Now, standing in front of the bedroom mirror, admiring herself, Dana knew exactly why she was dressed like this. She’d had enough. While she ran her hands over her body, she suppressed any guilt feelings her conscience threw at her. ‘He hasn’t touched me in months. So, if he doesn’t want me anymore, then I’ll find someone who does.’ The image of her client’s cock and what she could do with it if she had the opportunity, crashed into her thoughts. The length and thickness both frightened and excited her. Dana felt the moist heat returning between her thighs and briefly caressed herself. Her arousal increased and she applied more pressure. Watching her reflection, she ran her free hand over her firm breasts and her nipples responded. The small buds hardened and pushed against the see-through fabric, eliciting a wispy smile. This developing vicious circle nearly took control of her and it was only through impressive will-power, and the fact that she would be late for work, that she stopped. “That’s why I’m wearing this,” she announced proudly, seeing her erect nipples poking through the translucent corset.Dana reached for the rest of her clothes and slipped on her blouse and began fastening it, still admiring herself. “If everything happens like I hope it will, then this ‘fuck me’ outfit will be exactly the right thing to wear.”With fingers trembling with excitement, Dana hastily continued to dress. Reaching behind to zip her skirt, she felt ready. Her mind was made up. Now it was up to Robert Cranton-Smith, the young stud whose magnificent erection had become an obsession for her. “All I know,” she muttered, stepping into high heels, “is that if he’s game, so am I.”o0oThursday afternoon, 12.45 pmIn the restroom, Dana, having rearranged her clothing as best she could, reached for her makeup. Before reapplying her eyeshadow, she smiled at her reflection, her green eyes sparkling. She took more care than normal and, after a few minutes work, they looked mysterious and exotic, especially with the mascara emphasizing her long lashes.A touch of blusher gave some colour but, more importantly, it accentuated her high cheekbones. Genetics had been kind to Dana and her Northern European ancestry was easy to see. Almost done, Dana reached for her lipstick. She had bought it along with the lingerie and she had never used it. She knew it was the finishing touch. Pausing for a second, Dana studied the lipstick, poised only inches from her mouth. The glossy cherry red was definitely provocative, and if folklore was to be believed, undeniably sexy. “If this doesn’t help, then nothing will,” Dana muttered and pursed her lips. Satisfied with the result, she surveyed her work. A tingle of excitement ran down her spine. “If this doesn’t get his motor running, then nothing will,” she giggled, spraying her delicate neck with a musky perfume. A tiny squirt down her cleavage — and she was done.The restroom door closed behind her and Dana turned toward her office, a smile decorating her lips. “Dana Jones, the office mouse has left the building,” she mumbled, “and Dana, the sex goddess… well, office goddess, at least,” she sniggered, “has arrived.”Confidently walking to her office, Dana noticed that guys who normally ignored her were now watching her with more than a little interest. Pretending not to see the flirty smiles cast in her direction, Dana continued onward in a cloud of euphoria. Feeling the hungry stares empowered her. ‘If only you knew,’ she thought and added an extra wiggle to her hips for the fun of it.Entering her small reception area, where Suzie was busy filing documents, Dana started explaining what she wanted Suzie to do when her client arrived. The young secretary glanced at her boss and was momentarily speechless. Trying to hide her shock, Suzie blinked rapidly. But, with her mouth hanging open, she was in danger of catching flies. In all the time she’d worked for Dana, Suzie had never seen her boss looking like this. Back at her desk, ulus escort bayan she couldn’t stop staring. The outfit was much the same, but the hair and makeup were definitely different. Suzie knew Dana well enough to suspect something unusual was going on but refrained from commenting. Then her boss leaned over her desk, treating the secretary to an eyeful of cleavage. Not only was a good deal of Dana’s firm bosom visible, but a sexy bra was also in view. Then Suzie realized it wasn’t a bra. ‘Jesus I can see her nipples.’ Unconsciously, Suzie raised a hand to her mouth before averting her gaze.Then Dana straightened and Suzie noticed the anxious expression. ‘What the fuck?’ Suzie wondered, struggling to believe what she was seeing: the sexy clothes, the exotic makeup, and the anxious behaviour. ‘No, not anxious,’ Suzie corrected herself — ‘excited’. Had she landed in the twilight zone? Suzie grinned inwardly while speculating some more. Maybe this transformation has something to do with Dana’s next meeting. Whatever it was, Suzie perceived, correctly, that it was none of her business but she did approve of the new Dana Jones.”Suzie, when Mr Cranton-Smith arrives, you can show him through, okay?”Although Dana’s voice sounded friendly, her secretary and friend heard the tension. Dana heard it as well and blanched. She knew her instructions to Suzie were unnecessary, but because she wanted everything to be perfect this afternoon, she couldn’t help herself. Suzie, although a first-class secretary, was young and carefree and sometimes she had a different way of doing things and Dana’s nerves were frazzled enough.Suzie assured her boss that she knew exactly what was expected and she wouldn’t let her down. That brought a sheepish smile from Dana and she apologized and moved off toward her office. Then another thought entered her mind.”Oh, and when they arrive, hold all my calls until we’re done. Okay?” Again, Suzie nodded indulgently and waved her boss away. “And don’t forget to bring in the coffee, will you?” Dana said, entering her office and missing Suzie’s bemused expression. Once inside the sanctuary of her own office, Dana stood by the window. She was restless. She glanced at the wall clock. Her client could be arriving at any moment. With butterflies in her stomach, she looked at the street way below but knew the chance of actually seeing him from this height was pretty much zero. After tormenting herself, Dana sat behind her desk and fidgeted with anything and everything. o0oThursday afternoon, 1.00 pmAfter a discreet knock, Suzie escorted two handsome gentlemen into her office and Dana’s heart skipped a beat. From the photos and video, she recognized Robert Cranton-Smith — but who was the other man? Despite her surprise, she stood up and walked around her desk to shake hands. Her first impression was that the stranger was a sharp operator. Like a wild deer approaching an unknown waterhole, he moved cautiously. When she held out her hand, it took him a second before he took it. As their eyes met, Dana corrected her opinion. He wasn’t cautious, he was deliberating. He wasn’t prey, he was a predator. Like a hawk soaring on waves of thermal energy, constantly watching for any signs of weakness, he retained every little detail, however unimportant so he could use it to his advantage. Only when he was ready to pounce would he unleash an attack. Knowing an alpha male when she saw one, Dana guessed the stranger had but one goal in life. To win. She wondered if he was he going to make life difficult for her. She hoped not. “Hi, Dana Jones. How do you do?” His gaze swept over her body, lingering briefly at her chest before taking in her short skirt. For a moment, Dana felt naked and vulnerable. When he looked back at her, a shiver of excitement ran down her spine. He might be a player, and he definitely was a predator, but she couldn’t deny her attraction to the dangerous stranger.”Hello, I’m Mark Waterhouse, Robert’s business manager. Pleased to meet you.” His handshake was firm and reassuring. Only an extraordinary amount of willpower stopped her from blushing. Then she turned her attention to Mr Robert Cranton-Smith. ‘He’s even more handsome in real life than he was on television, well computer screen,’ she corrected herself, proffering her hand. He might be a good deal younger than herself but he oozed a confident charm that verged on arrogance. Only his disarming smile saved him. Like Mark had inspected her, Dana’s eyes flicked over Robert’s body. She’d seen how hard it was in the video, and researching him this morning, she found out why. He lived dangerously and the long hours of extreme surfing, free fall rock climbing, and HALO parachuting, had toned his body to perfection. The memory of what she’d seen the previous evening flashed through her consciousness and her gaze strayed to his groin. She smiled wickedly. Maybe it was knowing what he was packing, or maybe it was the way he oozed sexual energy, but when their hands touched, Dana’s skin tingled. It was as if an electrical current passed through their fingers, and Dana felt her temperature rising. Convinced she was blushing, she searched his face for any reaction and saw him watching her intently. A knowing smile appeared and Dana wondered what he was thinking. Recovering her composure, she gestured to the chairs in front of her bureau while returning to her seat. Both men watched Dana’s pert bottom wiggle gracefully as she moved behind her desk, but she didn’t see Robert wink at his business manager. After everyone sat, Dana used the intercom to order coffee, noticing the smirks on the men’s faces but choosing to ignore them. Mark Waterhouse opened his attaché case and began sifting through his papers when the office door opened and Suzie appeared carrying a tray of refreshments. Dana watched with interest as Robert turned and stared at her secretary as she approached the desk. Dana suppressed a smile. Young and independent, Suzie was part of the ‘fuck you’ generation. She did what she wanted, said what she thought, and if you didn’t like it, then, “Fuck you.” Despite this, she had a first-class brain and a kick-ass body. It was the bane of Suzie’s life that not many people knew how intelligent she was because they couldn’t look past her beauty or challenging dress sense. Dana knew differently. Working alongside Suzie every day, she’d learned to accept the young secretary’s quirks for what they were. Dana’s husband, on the other hand, thought Suzie was the devil incarnate. The first time they met, Escort yenimahalle she convinced him she shared a house with five other people and weekends were one big orgy.Although Dana’s dress code today was an exception, for Suzie it was the rule. Her blouse always had too many buttons undone, resulting in lots of bare skin and designer bra straps or, if she was feeling particularly rebellious, an unlimited view of her braless chest. Mind you, that was nothing compared to the skirts Suzie wore. If her blouses were risqué, her skirts were shameless.Calling them short was like saying the Pope is a religious person. Definitely true, but somehow not really doing the description justice. Suzie wore incredibly short skirts. Some could be called minis — but they were the more respectable ones. The ones that barely covered her buttocks were more commonly described as a wide belt. Today’s skirt belonged to the second category.Because he was sorting out his papers, Mark was unaware of what he was missing, but Dana saw Robert watch the young secretary walk between their chairs to serve the coffee. She also saw the way his eyebrows rose when Suzie began serving the beverages. Dana waited patiently for her coffee to be poured and, after filling both men’s cups, saw Suzie lean forward with her cup. That was a mistake.Robert Cranton-Smith watched Suzie serve Dana and couldn’t believe his eyes. Right in front of him, the young secretary’s short skirt rose, revealing not only her firm thighs but also her very shapely buttocks. His voyeuristic pleasure was further heightened when her pouting sex, tantalizingly covered by a tiny thong, came into view. Bulging delightfully between her slightly open thighs, he felt himself stiffening. Suzie suddenly gasped and coffee splashed over the rim of the cup. Alarmed, and then annoyed by Suzie’s unusual clumsiness, Dana gave her secretary a sharp look. Suzie saw none of this because she had her eyes closed in a manner Dana knew all too well. Then Suzie’s wispy smile disappeared because she was biting her bottom lip. Although Dana recognized what she was seeing, the reason for it mystified her. Then she saw Cranton-Smith’s eyes sparkling with amusement. Dana followed his gaze which was directed at Suzie’s rear, and immediately she knew what was happening. To say she was shocked by this behaviour was an understatement — although, with hindsight, Dana wasn’t surprised. Fuming now, she glared at him, but he ignored her. Then she saw Suzie deliberate push against the hand between her legs. In silent outrage, Dana gestured him to stop what he was doing but he was enjoying himself too much to obey her command. The gusset beneath his fingers was moistening nicely and, if Dana’s secretary didn’t mind him fingering her, then why should he stop having fun? Dana’s reaction only encouraged him. Deliberately, he stuck out his tongue at her and flicked it in a way that was unambiguous. Dana was torn between emotions. Although she was truly angry at him for creating a situation, she couldn’t deny what she was witnessing was a huge turn on. Images of him, more importantly, his huge cock, crashed into her consciousness and Dana felt her juices starting to flow. Casting a furtive glance at Robert’s business manager, she was relieved to see he didn’t appear to notice anything untoward. Because the voyeur in her didn’t want to miss any of the action, Dana swiftly returned her attention to Robert and Suzie. While Dana wished he would stop, the raunchy action compelled her to watch. His smirking irritated her beyond belief and she desperately wanted to wipe it from his face, but she daren’t do or say anything for fear of alerting Mark. Despite her misgivings, Dana secretly wished she was the one impaled on his fingers. Although she couldn’t know it, Robert had worked his fingers inside Suzie’s panties and her pink wetness eagerly accepted his intrusion. Dana watched fascinated while her secretary kept pushing backwards to increase the penetration and then she saw Robert wink at her. He started mouthing something.You wish this was you, don’t you?Dana’s eyes widened in surprise. Was she so easy to read, was the lust in her face so obvious? Chastened at how close he was to the truth, Dana stared downward to avoid his victorious gaze but, at the same time, she imperceptibly nodded her head. The moist heat between her legs was increasing and Dana badly needed rescuing.o0oAs if on cue, Dana’s distress was relieved by Mark Waterhouse. Ignorant of everything going on around him, Mark cleared his throat and Robert, realizing the interlude had run its course, withdrew his fingers from Suzie’s slick tunnel. They glistened with her juices. “That will be all, Suzie. You can return to your desk now,” Dana commanded.Aware that the hand between her legs was gone, but still on a sexual high, Suzie’s lust-induced trance was broken by Dana’s cold tone. Looking at her boss defiantly, Suzie recognized more than a small hint of jealousy in her sensual green eyes. Despite the surprise attack, Suzie had surrendered almost immediately to the fingers that so skillfully worked her pussy, but now she realized where she was and what she was supposed to be doing. Acting like nothing unusual had happened, she composed herself.She eyed her boss apologetically and saw Dana raise her eyebrows. Aware she couldn’t say anything, Suzie smiled inwardly as she realized Dana’s resentment wasn’t personal but was born out of her own desire. After asking if there was anything else they needed, Suzie turned to leave the office but not before smiling gratefully at her assailant.Mark Waterhouse, still unaware of what had taken place, watched the secretary leave and close the door. What he didn’t see was how Cranton-Smith, looking Dana straight in the eyes, raised a hand to his nose and began slowly inhaling Suzie’s musky scent, like a fine wine connoisseur, before licking his fingers. Dana was shocked and extremely turned on by his audacity.Cranton-Smith, on the other hand, was a happy man. He couldn’t believe things were going so perfectly. He couldn’t have planned it any better. He made a mental note to remind himself, that if this afternoon turned out exactly as he wanted, he’d give Miss Martin, who was busy doing something else for him, a big fat bonus.The events leading up to this moment had been started weeks earlier when Robert saw a picture of Dana. It was a holiday shot that Christopher Jones kept in his wallet. He’d been hired by Cranton-Smith and during a get to know you moment, was asked if he was married. By way of answer, Chris produced his wallet and showed Robert the photo.Robert, complimenting the man, stared hard at the photo and studied every detail, imprinting it in his memory. The image of a stunningly attractive Dana Jones, tanned and relaxed on holiday, had pushed a button in the younger man’s brain.

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