The Enforcer Ch. 23

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Jillian was gripping me tightly as I rode my bike towards town; we were followed by a hummer with six officers, three Canadians and three Americans. My chopper roared below me as the road howled by us. Jillian was still not comfortable with the loud roar of my hog, but to be fair I have a monster of a bike, and we were going a hundred and forty kilometres per hour.

The road was new, and it was flat, but my chopper has a hard tail, so the ride was still a little jarring to Jillian. She held on to me tightly all the way into the village. We had decided to go into town to meet with the mayor, and also to give our six friends a feel for the place, and an idea of where we might have to chase our foes if things got out of hand.

Colonel Fitzgerald asked me: “How much support can we expect from the local police?”

“More than half the force is in on the deal with the Colombians, the loyal ones will account for two dozen more people, but I have been given permission to deputise another eight dozen gang members if we need it. We have been training them, so even the weakest members of the training class could be used to secure the town.”

“Hum, I don’t want this to spill into the town, so let’s get a dozen of your best men, and seven dozen of the mid-level ones deputised.” He paused, thought for second, and then asked me: “Do you have the means to get them regular police outfits?”

“Yeah the mayor is in on the sting, I can meet with him today if you want the men to be able to integrate into the town before we strike.”

“That sounds good to me, we will scope out the town while you talk to the mayor.”

“We should have brought Phillip; he has connections all over town, and would have been very helpful.”

“Nah, I think we should keep a low profile for now, but make certain he warns the town properly the day of the sting. We want to minimize casualties.”

“Actually I don’t want to minimize casualties, I want no casualties, and I will do everything in my power to prevent them; the town’s people come first, then my men, then yours, but I also would prefer to avoid killing any of the Colombians, although I will not hesitate to dispatch them if they endanger anybody else.”

“That is a lofty goal; I wish you luck in carrying it out.”

“I will use my best men, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves; I will take Jillian to meet with the mayor.”

Jillian had been holding on to me during the entire conversation, and since I was still on my bike, she had not moved much either. I sped off to the town hall, leaving the colonel and his boys to explore the town a little.

When we reached the town hall we noticed Ronal coming out the front door. He noticed me and quickly walked up to me. When he reached me he asked, in a business like manner: “What brings you here today Vinny?”

“I need to see the mayor, I require a favour ASAP, and I also need to talk to him.”

“Certainly, follow me; I am certain he will be anxious to see you once I tell him you are here.” Jillian finally let go of me, and Ronal noticed her for the first time and softly asked: “Who do you have with you today?”

I got off the bike and help Jillian off as I said: “A new friend I picked up in England, her name is Jillian.”

Jillian pulled off her helmet as I spoke. When Ronald saw her face he smiled. He softly said: “You are a very beautiful girl Jillian; it is a pleasure to meet you.”

Jillian replied casually: “Nice to meet you also. I take it you’re a friend of Vinny’s.”

“You could say that, what brings you to our fair country?”

“A need to get away from a vengeful ex boyfriend.” She paused, hugged me closer, and then added: “I also followed my loves here.”

Ronal was a little less happy upon hearing that, but kept his smile as he said: “I assume Vinny is one of them.”

“Yes he is, and Mandy is the other.”

Ronal turned to me and asked: “Who is Mandy?”

I replied: “She is one of my lovers, and a childhood friend.”

Ronal was puzzled, as he said: “I thought you were lovers with Maya and Candy.”

“I am, but they permitted me, well actually told me, to make love to other women. That led to a very interesting afternoon, where I met a few new friends, and found out that Mandy had joined my gang too. Well things snowballed and I have a much higher number of lovers now. But I still love Maya and Candy deeply.”

“Well the mayor will be happy to hear that, but I have no clue how he will take the rest of the news.”

“I think he’ll be fine with it. He has already met Amber, Lynn, Mandy, Sarah and Kimberly; I think he will be happy to meet Jillian.”

“You have been busy haven’t you?”

Ronal guided us to Daniel’s office. When we arrived he greeted me warmly: “Nice to see you Vinny. It has been a few days; may I ask who you brought with you today?”

“Hi Daniel, this lovely creature is Jillian, I picked her up on my recent trip to England. She and Mandy have hit it off rather well.”

“Good to hear. How is Maya doing?”

“She’s Escort İstanbul adapting to life with the gang. She still has a few things she does differently, but nobody notices any more. I am also happy to tell you I have finally built a place for all of the girls and me to live.”

“I hope it’s safe.”

“It’s less than an hundred meters from Max’s house, and we have just about finished a barracks that sits beside it, all of the gang’s elite members will be next door. So I am pretty certain everything is quite safe.”

“Wonderful to hear my friend. So what brings you into town today?”

“I am here to recruit your help, we are taking down the Colombian’s this week, and the security staff at the university should fall next week, and with any luck, we will be able to finish the clean up of the police force soon after. So I need some patsies to take all the praise and anything you can spare to protect the town. I am going to send a contingent of my boys to help defend the town in case the fight spill beyond the expected borders.”

“Of course, anything I can offer is yours. I will have a general emergency plan created ASAP, so if needed we can move everybody in town into a safe location.”

“Thank you. I have some business to attend to this afternoon with the RCMP and DEA boys they brought with them, but once you’re ready just have Ronal sent word to Max, and Sid will come to meet with you and iron out any details we may have missed.”

“Sid, isn’t that Sarah and Kimberly’s father?”

“Yes it is. I have put him in charge of defending the base during the sting. So he will be best to talk to in order to organise a well split defence between our base and the town.”

“Sounds good to me. I will stop by your base myself later today. I miss my daughter and want to see the new stuff you’ve built with my own eyes.”

“You know you’re always welcome at our base. The gang may be a little rough when they first meet you, but they won’t hurt anybody who is related to one of my girls, and they will protect my girls with their lives.”

“Is my daughter just one of your girls?”

“Daniel, I love Maya, just like I love all of my girls. I know calling them my girls seems impersonal, and even a little derogatory, but I only use the term for their safety. If their names are hard to come by then they are harder to target.”

“I have to admit I had never thought about it like that, but you’re right; that must them harder to identify. I believe you love Maya, and I will always respect you for saving her life, and her girlfriend’s, as painful as it is for me to admit that.”

“They love each other, which is all that matters in my eyes.”

“Maya is happy, that is all I need to know. But enough of this conversation. You have to go and I am going to call it an early night and head over to your base to see Maya. Later my friend.”

With that I headed back out with Jillian as Daniel returned to his office and finished up his day. When we got outside I got on my bike, and Jillian spryly hopped on behind me. I brought my hog to life and headed out towards the main strip. It only took us five minutes to reach it. Phillip told me that we pretty much had every store on the street affiliated with us.

I took Jillian with me as I went into each store and introduced myself. Even the three stores who had not signed on with us were happy to meet me. Jillian and I ended up getting quite a few free things and promise of more in the future. I told each store that they would be asked to help with something in the near future, but that I was not yet certain when. I also told them that Phillip would be in contact with them to give them more details as they emerged.

Jillian had a good time looking around all the nice shops while I talked with the owners. She got a few things, which she put in the saddle bags I had hanging on the back of my bike. Jillian and I ended up having lunch in the diner. It was on the house. We talked a little and cuddled while we ate. It was getting late by the time we met up with Colonel Fitzgerald and his boys.

He told me that his covert ops specialist had arrived and would introduce us when we got back to the base. Jillian and I hopped onto my hog. She was getting more comfortable with the roar of the engine by the minute, but she still loved to hold on to me tightly. The ride back was slower; I stayed at the speed limit the whole way. But it gave Jillian a chance to get used to being on a chopper.

We got back to the base as the sun began setting. I hugged Jillian and asked: “So little girl, how did you enjoy your first ride on a real hog?”

She bubbled over with joy as she said: “I loved it. I can’t wait to do it again.”

“You know you will have to learn to drive a bike at some point. You should ask Mandy to show you hers, it a little less intimidating, but it’s a solid ride.”

“I didn’t know she had a motorcycle.”

“She has a crotch rocket, as we call them, it’s fast, with a soft tail and an engine that whines, İstanbul Escort Bayan unlike mine that roars.”

“I will talk to her about it. Are you coming inside?”

“I’m sorry Jillian, but I am already running late. I have to meet the covert ops specialist and head out to spy on the Colombians. I will be back in a couple days. Give my apologies to the rest of the gang.”

“Ok, I will miss you.”

I brought her close to me, and placed a loving kiss on her lips. Then as she was recovering I said: “I will miss you too, but this has to be done little girl.”

“I know, but it still does not make it any easier.” A tear was running down her cheek.

“I am a survivor, I will be back, and probably without any injuries either.”

“I will count the hours.”

“Don’t think about it. Have fun with Mandy and the rest of the pack. I am certain they will also miss me. You can all get into a lesbian orgy if you want too.”

She giggled at the thought, and then said: “We’ll see, I may just do that.” With that said she waved at me and headed into the house.

I turned and headed to the Hall to meet my partner. When I arrived I noticed a new set of bags, but nobody new, so I asked: “Where’s the new the guy?”

I felt a soft tap on my shoulder as I heard a female voice say: “New girl.”

I turned to see who it was, and was caught off guard when a beautiful young woman in battle fatigues caught my eye. She was about the same height as Jillian, but had a much heavier build. It’s not to say she was fat, but she had wider shoulders, and a much more voluptuous body. Large red lips, and golden mane and beautiful blue eyes.

My eyes stayed locked onto her face, so I did not see just how good the rest of her body was till later. But she was fine. I will describe her, but it will have to wait, after all at this point I did not see anything but the strength, passion and sexuality in her face.

I unsteadily said: “My name is Vinny, may I ask who you are?”

She smiled as she said: “My name is Bethany, but call me Beth. I am the covert ops specialist that will join you on your mission.”

I shook her hand I said: “You are a fine looking woman; I hope you will not be insulted if I say that your beauty rivals many of the best looking girls here.”

Before she could respond a guy behind us hollered: “The place is filled with foxes. I really have to see if I can find one that will keep me company until the strike.”

Beth snarled back: “You guys are such pigs. Get a fucking life, I am tired of hearing about your God damned conquests and one night stands.” She softened her expression as she softly said: “I am sorry about that outburst Vinny. I just can’t stand those assholes’ attitude towards women.”

“No worries Beth, I don’t share their views, but I can’t yell at them either, this is a biker gang, and many of the girls here just want to fuck and forget. It’s a biological need for them. I see their point of view and have on occasion just fucked for its sake, but if I have a choice I prefer to make love to women that want a relationship.”

One of the guys behind me growled back: “Bullshit, from the talk I hear you have over a half dozen girls that you fuck on a regular basis.”

I calmly said to Beth: “Would you excuse me? I have to discuss something with one of your associates, I will be right back.” I turned to the idiot and calmly said: “I would suggest you get all the facts before you insinuate anything about the leader of a biker gang that you’re visiting.”

He retorted crassly: “Or what, you are a piece of fucking scum, you are the lowest piece of shit on this planet.”

I casually said: “I am going to give you one chance to take that back. Make your decision wisely.”

He roared: “Fuck you, I am wearing riot armour, I am not afraid of some ignorant biker.”

I turned back to Beth, shrugged my shoulders and softly said: “Please forgive me for this, but he does need to learn.” I turned to the moron and rushed at him with all my strength and his face froze as I lunged at him. He was wearing a full set of riot armour, minus the shield, but he had on the helmet too. That is probably the only reason her lived through my strike. He fell to the floor in agony after hitting the wall ten feet behind where he had been standing.

I got up and purposefully marched towards him as he covered himself and curled into a foetal position, all hope of keeping his dignity now lost. Blood was seeping from his lower lip as he cowered on the floor. None of the other guys tried to stop me. I picked up the idiot by his collar, and held him off the floor. I pulled my free hand back, seeing my movements, he covered his face. I stopped my hand and calmly said: “Consider this your first and only warning. The rest of my boys are not as nice as me. Treat us with respect, or you will have a most painful stay. ” I put the wimp down softly. Then I turned. My eyes caught Beth’s.

Beth softly asked: “What was that about? I know he was rude, Anadolu Yakası Escort but why the strike?”

“I am sorry, I might have overdone it, but I just can’t stand a person insulting me or my lovers.”

“So you admit to having more than a single girl in your bed.”

There was no accusation or animosity in her tone as she spoke. So I replied: “Yes it is true I love more than one, but that does not give any less value to my feelings.”

I walked towards Beth as the rest of the guys went to their injured member. Beth softly said: “Why don’t we talk about it more while we monitor the Colombians?”

“Sounds good to me, let’s go.”

Beth wrapped my arm around her shoulders, then wrapped her arm around my mid section as she softly said: “You’re alright Vinny; I think we will make a good working pair.” We walked out arm in arm and headed towards the vehicle depot.

“If you’re up to it, a brisk run to the enemy base is probably our best course of action.”

Beth smiled as she said: “From what I heard that is a good three clicks over rough terrain after we are dropped off at the closest road to the Colombians’ base.”

“Yep, but this way we can be quiet, and if we take survival packs we can also be self sufficient.”

She grabbed her pack as she said: “If you’re up for the run, I’m also game.”

I grabbed a pack as I said: “Let’s do it. I will get one of the gang to drop us off.”

Beth nodded her agreement and we headed out with a survival pack each and nothing more. A short drive later and we were dropped on the side of the highway. Then our ride sped back to the base. Beth and I quickly disappeared into the light brush.

The area was mostly sand that had been piled there. The area had served as a sorting area for road building materials. The shrubbery had already made a comeback, and so had the tall grasses, however the few trees that were growing were still very small and did not afford much cover, but fortunately for us there were plenty of large dirt piles all over the place, and they served as good cover. An even greater bonus was the light compaction of the soil. We could dig ourselves a foxhole and nobody would be able to tell it was fresh.

Beth and I ran silently through the light foliage, we had gone two clicks when we heard a truck coming our way. The search lamps they were flashing told me it was a sentry. I quickly motioned to Beth to hide in the brush. She found a bush and hid in it. It was an evergreen, and would serve her great as cover; her small frame was completely hidden by the bush as she squeezed into its centre.

I was not so lucky; due to my larger frame I had no hope of using the foliage as cover. I had only fifteen seconds to disappear, so I quickly found the closest shrub, laid down behind, and covered my body in a good dusting of sand, drew my two dart guns and laid low to the ground, poised for combat if needed.

The truck roared up, doing about thirty clicks. Their spotlights were aimed in towards Beth as they drove up, their tires less than a foot from my arms. They never saw me, I was too close and their own lights hide me. Beth stayed calm and didn’t move, so they didn’t spot her either. They were talking in Spanish, but they were purposely quiet. These weren’t normal members; they had been trained to listen for noises.

At that point I realised that Beth and I would have to be very careful as we spied on them, they were looking for spies, and they would no doubt be aggressively searching during the day.

When they had left our location I got up as Beth was climbing out of her bush. She looked at me and said: “That was a little too close for comfort. Those aren’t just thugs; they know what they’re doing.”

“I agree, and they will be aggressive in their searches during the day. Do you think we should spend the day here, or do you want to head back before sunrise?”

“We need intel, so we are going to stay until we have it.”

“Ok, I will build us a covert place to spend the day, let’s get closer to their base.”

“Sounds like a plan to me, I will scout closer to their base while you build our shelter.”

“Ok, but be careful, I’m certain they have placed booby traps and mines by their compound.”

“How can you be certain of that?”

“It’s what I would have done if I was in their shoes.”

“You think they’re as well trained as you are?”

“No, I have already downgraded their options to meet their skills. If this was my base I’d have no mines, they’re too simple to use against my boys. I’d have cameras and paint mines. I’d have my enemies lit up so brightly that they would glow.”

“Oww, that’s mean, I like it; I really like it.”

I smiled as I said: “You will have to stick around for a few days after we are done this. I think we would make good friends.”

“We’ll see Vinny. Now we have a job to do, let’s go.”

We resumed our run towards the Colombian’s base. We were soon a half a click from their base. I figured this was the closest we could be and still be able to stay hidden. I reasoned that at five-hundred meters distance we could still see, but if we were quiet could also avoid being seen. I picked out a spot were there was already a large pile of dirt; it had no real foot prints close to it, so I figured it would do.

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