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THE ELEVATOR WENT UP WHILE PATRICIA WENT DOWN!So we received an envelope in the mail it was real fancy embossed in gold leaf and everything I looked at Patricia she looked at me and shrugged so I opened it the cover said “Your Invited!” I opened it up and there read “To our home warming party!” It was from our friends Tommy and Suzie Wong he had made a fortune in the market and had bailed out before it crashed only an insider tip had saved him from disaster so it seems they just moved into a new highrise building The Millennium Tower in San Francisco it showed a picture of this super posh residential building which happens to be one of the top ten buildings in the world how amazing is that! Of course Tommy has a huge suite on the top floor twenty five stories up I couldn’t even imagine what he is paying to live there that type of money is way beyond me! I saw Patricia staring at the tower with wide eyes she has such lovely eyes so dark and shiny they light up my heart every time she smiles at me which is often I pulled her close and said “Wish I could afford to have us live in a place like that!” Not really wanting to but wanting to hear what she had to say about it but Patricia just turned to me smiled her most amazing smile shook her lovely head no “I love our house the one we bought together and fixed up just for us the one I share with you my adoring husband I don’t want to live in the clouds I want to be here with you!” I drew her into my arms “That’s what I hoped you’d say!” I threw the invitation onto the table picked Patricia up in my arms and carried her off to the bedroom where I slowly undressed her she looks so beautiful naked her black hair cascading over her fair skin her lovely face so sexy when her almond shaped eyes get all smoky hot in anticipation of sex and we fell on the bed in a tangle of limbs Patricia liked to slide down the love pole she would put me on my back kiss me all the way to my cock then kiss and suck that till she felt it was ready then she would perch herself on top of it and work it into her tiny pussy she was built so small down there I always worried that when she decided to have a c***d there was no way a baby was coming out of there a C section would be the only way out and that would leave a scar on her perfect body but that was for the future right now she was putting me inside her I could feel her lips stretching to take me in so after bouncing a few times I popped inside her so unbelievably tight I had to fight not to cum right then after she came bouncing hair flying I pulled her to me rolled us over and drilled her good just like she likes pounding her pussy until it gave up its secrets gushing her own cum all over my thrusting cock until I could hold out no more and filled her with every drop inside me! I lay there spent and thought that we would just cuddle until we fell asleep but Patricia had other ideas she got me hard again by working a finger or two into my anus she knows how I love that and licking the length of my cock with her expert tongue after I was ready she got on her stomach and stuck her cute little bum in the air and began fingering her own tiny but oh so versatile little asshole I watched her finger disappear into her as she moaned that she wanted it there hey whats a guy to do I always give Patricia whatever she wants lucky dog that I am she always wants more! I lubed up my cock and put a big spit of saliva at the top of bahis siteleri canlı her ass crack I watched it travel down slowly and when it reached her anus I plunged my cock into her instead of pulling away Patricia always pushes backwards wanting more of my cock inside her wiggling her butt until she has it all I kiss the back of her neck as I slowly slide my long thick cock up into her hotness “Faster fuck me Faster!” she demanded so I pulled her up onto her hands and knees grabbed her hips and pounded her ass as hard as I could her hair was flying back and forth along with her lovely tits I reached up and gave them a good squeezing pinching the nipples hard to make her cry out she loves that! Now Patricia has a tight pussy but her ass is like fucking a straw and it wasn’t long before I felt familiar stirrings in my already depleted balls picking up Patricia’s feet I raised them up so I could see them the sight of her pretty little peds always turns me on then I felt her cum and her already tight anal muscles contracted gripping my cock like a hungry Anaconda I could hold out no longer and with a cry of release I filled her precious little bum with all the cum left in me and surprisingly there was a lot for as I finally slid my much used cock from its tight haven a gush of thick white cum bubbled out of her bottom I told her to hold that pose and took a quick photo with my smart phone I would upload that later to our website where other hot photos of Patricia and myself await the curious…Finally sated Patricia and I just lay in each others arms talking and touching like we always do after sex… it was going to be wonderful day!See Tommy and I courted Patricia long before he made his fortune we were just a couple of guys in college hanging out shagging girls having fun we were kind of the odd couple Tommy and I as Tommy was Chinese slender but muscular I am German Irish blond hair hazel eyes but a bit tall and broad shouldered we turned a few heads when we entered a room so here we were at a bar just chatting having a drink not really looking to score when in walks Patricia we both saw her in the mirror and practically got whiplash spinning around to get a better view and what a view it was she looked fantastic in an extremely short black skirt her legs so long and beautiful demanded attention hot black high heels encased her tiny feet…but then you looked higher and under her gray sweater her ample breasts arose two lovely hills topped by some sexy visible nipples and then I looked higher and saw her face framed by her long silky black hair she was gorgeous luscious red lips perfect nose and dancing almond eyes she had to be the most beautiful Chinese girl I had ever seen and we both set out to win her I figured Tommy had the advantage being Chinese himself but I was not intimidated and as she sat at the bar I made up my mind to win her! We introduced ourselves and began chatting with her she said her name was Patricia and that she was a cultural exchange student over here from Hong Kong she said that after cramming for a huge final that she needed to let off a little steam so here she was…it didn’t take long before we were talking like old friends she was so warm and funny I practically fell in love with her right there and then came my moment a beautiful song came on one that you could dance to and I offered my hand “Please dance with me!” I said to Patricia she looked bet siteleri into my eyes and smiled I got lost in those eyes and as I swept her into my arms and danced away my eyes never left hers those dancing lessons I took last year paid off dividends that night as Patricia and I swirled around the floor there was not a lot of room but we made the best of it she was an excellent partner matching my every move lithe and graceful we made quite a striking couple Tommy knew I had won her for when the dance ended we remained holding each other lost in some magic spell! She sat close to me and even rested her lovely hand on my thigh when the night was over and I dropped her off at her dorm alone Tommy had hooked up with another girl and was still having a great time back at the bar…So I asked to see her again and she said yes I kissed her hand and then encouraged by her smile kissed her lips as well after that night we saw a great deal of each other double dating often with Tommy and Suzie she was the girl he met that same night I met Patricia they hit it off Suzie is the daughter of Irish immigrant parents strikingly beautiful with auburn hair and sea green eyes Tommy was hooked the moment he laid eyes on her and it was funny but when we went out people assumed Suzie was with me and Patricia with Tommy but people soon realized who was with who after a few minutes and I’m sure we were the talk of many table conversations all around us but we didn’t care we were happy we were in love and love conquers all does it not?On the night of the party Patricia and I drove over to San Francisco… its such a beautiful place and living there would be amazing but its just a little too busy for us really we prefer a more rural setting there are no high rises where we live Spanish style villa’s dominate the landscape we live in Santa Cruz which isn’t cheap either but located on the Pacific the views are spectacular and we love to watch the surfers and sometimes we take our small boat out into Monterey Bay “The jewel of the Pacific” I call it… being out there watching the breeze blow through Patricia’s lovely hair the cry of the seagulls… no we’ll never leave there we found paradise and we’re staying! Patricia snuggled up to me resting her hand on the inner side of my thigh that usually means shes feeling a little frisky so I waited until I caught a light then nuzzled her neck and kissed her ear which were exposed from the beautiful jade hair combs she was wearing this evening they had lovely Lotus blooms on them meticulously crafted so lifelike you could almost smell them! She looked at me and smiled but there was a look in her eye and I knew she was thinking about something and I also knew that I was going to like it what ever it was…We stopped outside the building and gazed upward towards the twenty fifth floor which appeared to be hovering up there among the clouds we both said “Wow!” together and giggled this was going to be quite an evening and I couldn’t wait to see Tommy again so I drove us on over to the gate. Security at the Millenium Tower was expecting us and we were guided to the guest parking area situated underneath the tower it was well lit and meticulously maintained and as we walked over to the elevator’s that would take us to the lobby I slipped my arm around her waist I felt her hand resting on my butt she liked that sometimes she’ll use my ass to steer me around a store we en güvenilir bahis sitesi might be in it tickles me that she does that just one of her many little quirks that I find so wonderful!The lobby was incredible so opulent and pristine yet tastefully decorated we were very impressed…the Intake Director as she called herself an exceptionally beautiful young woman with a thousand watt smile directed us over to a private elevator we were to punch in a special security code that would allow us to enter the elevator I looked at Patricia shrugged my shoulders and said “What no retina scanner boy they really cheaped out here!” Patricia played right along with me “At the very least!” She sniffed pretending to hold her nose in the air…that cracked me up and we both entered as the doors swished open with a soft ding sound.I knew I was in trouble when Patricia suddenly turned pushed me back against the wall her eyes were flashing dark fire and a mischievous smile was decorating her sensual lips she opened my jacket unzipped my fly I knew better than to argue with her when she was like this I just let her have her way it always turns out being fun for me anyway…Patricia kissed me slipping me a little tongue then continued on down until she was kneeling between my legs I wondered if they had security cameras in here but that thought vanished as her soft lips kissed the head of my cock she drew me in with her tongue laying it under my cock and licking it back into her lips she began to suck me as I watched the floors rise would she be able to get me off before we reached the top? My money was on Patricia for as I watched her head bobbing on top of my cock her special ruby red lipstick never leaving her busy lips she pulled out my balls and began to manipulate them the way I like and I felt a heat rising inside them I would reward her for her troubles soon as long as I had the time to finish that is…so as the elevator rose from nineteen to twenty floors I felt the suction from Patricia’s sweet mouth increase twofold that was it I was ready and the orgasm she created started in my toes worked its way up my legs to my throbbing balls then straight up into my brain and while my body convulsed with pleasure my cock was exploding geyser’s of cum which Patricia was happily gulping down and then I looked at the door and we had reached the twenty fifth floor I heard a soft ding and the doors began to open I stood there stunned but then miraculously we were standing there side by side and the doors opened to reveal Tommy Wong and his beautiful wife Suzie I smiled wide and glanced at Patricia and caught her swallowing the last few drops of my cum then her smile lit up the elevator and it was so beautiful I forgot to be embarrassed and when Tommy threw his arms open for a hug I grabbed him and gave him a huge bear hug Tommy usually hates that opting for little short guy hugs but tonight he didn’t seem to mind! Then he kissed Patricia and I thought of where her lips had just been and I giggled to myself Tommy if you only knew I thought to myself then I kissed Suzie who looked like a swimsuit model at the Grammy’s elegant yet so sexy her auburn hair was glowing it was so shiny! “You knew we were coming?” I asked Tommy he just grinned “I had the front desk alert me when they saw your name on the guest log come on in we’ll show you both around!” Their place was amazing and the view spectacular we had a wonderful time telling old stories making new plans to do things together I caught Patricia looking at me and that look was back in her eye Uh Oh I was in for it tonight…I wondered what else she had planned for me…I could hardly wait to find out!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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