The Dream

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The DreamShannon is standing there at my computer trying to “ping” my computer, whatever the hell that is, she turns a lock of golden blonde hair in her fingers as she always does. Shannon’s habit of doing this makes me want to pin her hands down to the desk as I enter her from behind. Sitting in my chair I can see the bottom of her ass peeking out at me from the short dress she has on today. Is she taunting me? Does she want me to fuck her right here? What if her husband walks in? What if my wife finds out? I can hear my wife’s voice calling my name already. With a shake, I’m awoken by my wife. “Huh, yeah?” In an exhausted voice, I answer. “The cat! Will you let the cat out?” She mumbles in a half asleep half awake voice. “I’m going to kill that cat!” I think to myself. Standing up, my cock springs my boxers because of the dream I just had, using the waistband I pin it back. The wind from outside meets my damp head from the sweat that I had built up from grinding the bed thinking about how good Shannon’s pussy felt weeks ago. I can’t sleep now. I longed for her tongue to meet the warmth my cock. I longed for the passionate kiss flavored with my pre-cum. Turning on the bathroom light I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Shaking my head I ask myself, “what are you doing?” Armed with lotion I slide my hand over the head of my cock. It feels so good, only if it was Shannon, I tilt my head back as my hand continues down my shaft, to the base and then back up. It feels so good I moan. Back down again, after some more stroking and thinking about bartın escort Shannon’s tits bouncing up and down with each hard fuck, my cock begins to twitch. I moan out, “Fuck me, Shannon!” This sent me over the top, my cock twitches harder and this time, each throb lets out streams of warm cum. Satisfied I throw the towel down after cleaning myself. I get in bed and snuggle up to the wife with resentment. Even though Shannon meets me in my dreams and thoughts every day, in real life I have not talked to her since we made love in the server room. My friend (Shannon’s husband) and I have eaten lunch couple of times and made awkward small talk. I wonder if my friend can tell that I know how good his wife feels. To my relief he doesn’t seem to know. My outlook pops up with a new message. It looks like I’m going to a product demo for the new BMW that is releasing. I’m so excited because the even is in Daytona Beach, Fl. I read through the other people attending the event and my excitement turns into a feeling of excitement and nervousness. Shannon’s name is on the list of people going, but her husband’s isn’t. This can’t happen again. She is my friend’s wife and I am married with k**s, I reason with myself, but part of me wants it to happen so bad. Most likely the lower part of me. Months go by and it’s time for the trip. My wife drops me off at the airport. I do the appropriate I’m going miss you things. Not that they were sincere but I was trying to keep my marriage together for the k**s. It was early, I didn’t know anyone, so I figure I will bartın escort bayan have a drink or two for the nerves of flying. I don’t drink but once a couple of years. I sit down at the airport bar and order a New Castle. My mind is racing. I’m thinking how to avoid Shannon. At work when I do see her it’s a group setting so I don’t have a chance to talk to her. Sometimes I’ll see her and my friend which for me is super weird. By the time I come up with my game plan I’m pretty tipsy. I figure I will only see her in groups of people, never be alone with her in Daytona I tell myself! And for the love of God don’t check her out at the beach. Seeing her tits busting out of a bikini would be the death of me. Approaching my seat on the airplane, a quote by The Eagles comes to mind, “this could be heaven or this could be hell.” There she was sitting next to my empty seat. I give her smile that says I’m tipsy as I sit down. She returns the smile. There is a moment of silence that seems like an eternity. “Do you fly much?” She asks me. “Some” I reply. I could tell she was nervous but not from me sitting there but from the fear of flying. “How about you? You fly much?” I ask. “Huh, no, not much.” She said as she twirled her blonde locks in her fingers. I bite my lip because she was so damn sexy doing that thing with her hair. I think the booze gave me more courage than I would have had without it, I touch her hand to say “It’s going to be okay.” She relaxed and we talk and flirt. Never bringing up that one time in the server room but it’s escort bartın fresh in my mind. The sexual tension is building as we flirt and laugh. Time goes by Shannon gets the flight attendant’s attention and requests a blanket. The attendant is gracious enough and brings the blanket. I ask Shannon if she is cold, covering herself she smiles that crooked smile, and says I have another plan. Under the blanket, I hear a zipper being undone. Shannon pulls my hand under the blanket and I feel warm flesh where her dress slacks were. The dress slacks that accented her perfect ass. Her thighs were smooth I notice as my hand made its way up her leg. As my hand was busy moving up her leg I gave her tits a firm squeeze. This made her thrust her hips toward my hand. Shannon’s pussy was just as smooth as her legs. I grab her pussy with my hand and then I give her pussy a firm playful smack. She gasps. She is so wet. I slide two fingers into her as her gape welcomes my fingers. I slide my finger in and out of her. Sliding them out of her I begin rubbing her clit with a big slow circular motion. My hand is cover with her juice. My cock is hard and throbbing from the pleasure I’m giving her. The circles get smaller and more pinpointed on her clit, she is thrusting her hips into my hand. I kiss her to try to keep her quiet since there are people in front and behind us. The kiss sends a volcano of warmth through her body. She is shattered with an orgasm. Her vaginal muscles clench, I slide my fingers inside her again, she pulls them from her trembling pussy and begins to suck her own juices off them. The people in front of us are trying not to know what’s going on, but her booming orgasm tells all that I just finger fucked Shannon on the plane. She whispers in my ear “Thank you.”She nods off until we land.

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