The Dork Pt. 01

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All characters are over the age of 18.


From the way he wore a beanie, constantly even in summer, to the way he quoted Star Wars and Star Trek, Tron Haran was a dork. Even his name marked him as a dork, Tron was named after a movie from the eighties. Tron has tried to pass it off, with one could say even more cringe, as T-Ron, in an attempt at a street name. Tron tried even Ron, but Harry Potter destroyed that, in as much that he and the companion character both had red hair. Tron had enough issues, he didn’t need to be a Weasley as well. Tron was lanky and tall, pale and full of odd often sudden mannerisms. To avoid even a hint of the Weasley scenario he dyed his hair dark brown, however few saw it as it was in the woollen prison of his beanie.

Tron as dorky as he was still had friends, not a lot, but they were loyal. Ones that helped you hide from bullies. Friends that did everything together often to keep safe, and some times just to have a social circle. Tron’s family was a mix of opposites, his step father and step brothers were avid sportsmen mostly swimming and wrestling, not Tron’s scene. Oh they had tried, but it was a failure. Tron was not like his athletic and adonis step father and step brother, not just appearance but in likes and actions.

Josip his older step brother had a new beautiful girlfriend or fuck buddy every weekend it seemed. Blonde, brunette, petite or busty they all went into Josip’s room Friday night and come out Saturday hair messy and makeup running. Tron was envious as Tron’s only female interaction was Tabitha, his groups token girl, although cute in the gamer girl sense, Tabitha was over awed by the college supermodels Josip scores every weekend. Greg, Tron’s step father, was if he wasn’t married to Tron’s mother the biggest whore, but with Tron’s mother he was the biggest married whore.

Jude, Tron’s angelic and petite mother stood at well below average height. Jude however had the attention of almost everyone, male or female for her figure and bust. Tron saw his mum as his mum, sadly many of the boys at school saw a petite milf with epically large equipment.

Tron’s sister Sarah took after Mom, and Tron could see the coming years as half the school lined up to fuck his big breasted sister. It saddened him most that Sarah looked forward to this happening. Sarah was lined up by her mother with contraception and a spare room in the house – literally to fuck in. Thankfully that spare room became Tron’s lair. However it came at a cost, Sarah’s ire as he had cock blocked her and needed to be punished. At the end of the day Tron trusted his Mum and his dorky friends and few others.

Tron entered his room closing the door with a click and a clack from his solid lock. He had gotten this to prevent anyone getting into his room. Tron enjoyed his voluntary solitary confinement. Knowing only a determined fireman with an axe could get in to get him. A bed, double, a desk covered in computers and miniatures and paints, finally a floor covered with clothing and papers. Most dungeons and dragons notes, others magazines. A single window above the bed marked the only hint to the outside world, even this was censored by a blind.

Sighing Tron collapsed into his gaming chair. Stretching with his foot to toe the power button for his computer. Dressed in a dark navy wooden jumper, slacks and boots, Tron sighed again he was home. It was late afternoon, his step dad was still at work, his mum busy making something in her craft room and the outside world could go to hell as far as he was concerned. Like all teenage boys he had an idea for some entertainment. Tron undid his belt, then button and then zip. Each step was a tease to him. Each movement a call to action in his loins which entrapped as they were only increased the desire to release.

Tron was a dork, from the way he wore a beanie to the odd mannerisms demetevler escort and martial art moves, he cemented his Dork status. Tron however had a blessing, something he kept hidden, for as well as his sister and mother had j cup breasts, Tron had an equivalent. Nine inches in length and at least an inch and a half wide depending on arousal Tron had a massive cock. Tron had read about what to do with his cock as he became a teen. He perfected his pelvic floor to prevent premature ejaculation and he could get hard very quickly. However Tron’s blessing came with a curse.

Cum, sperm, knuckle babies, blow, jizz or a million other terms Tron blew streams of it. Sometimes chunky other times watery or even a ropey combination of the two. What ever happened he made a mess. So Tron used condoms, large ones that felt tight on his cock. He didn’t mind as the tightness added to the ecstasy. Even thinking about rolling a condom on made him twitch a bit harder. Tron squeezed his legs together, swearing as he felt a load of precum smear through his jocks, in volume akin to a typical mans load. So messy was having a wank he reconsidered his entertainment and decided to save it for after nine when the world was, at least in his house, asleep.

Tron decided to ignore his slowly awakening penis and focus on his group chat. Currently some pop culture chaos was going on, however his mind drifted. Outside he heard his sister and friends hit the pool. A mower droned in the background adding to the patina of sound that made up suburban life. Tron clicked on the app that activated various cameras he had hidden through the house. Installed initially to give him warning of parental invasion. The cameras became widespread and now he had views in all the house, except for bathrooms and bedrooms, though he did have four for the pool. Sweeping through the house he saw his parents in their usual places. Dad was in the home gym, mum in her craft room.

Sarah and her friends had indulged in their mad minute of splashing and diving, and were now attempting to get a tan in the afternoon sun. The swimwear on all five were all very revealing, Tron soaked in the image. The beast in Tron’s pants responded to glimpses of bikini clad breasts and groins of high waisted one piece swimsuits. Tron’s semi erection was annoying him and he stood and went to his bed flopping on it. Sighing he tried to think of other things as wanking it now would be a mess and dinner was yet to come.

A door opening and then suddenly closing caught Tron’s attention. He could hear voices in the hall way down from his bedroom. The wooden second story wooden floors acting as a perfect amplifier to the event. It wasn’t what was said that caught Tron’s attention, as that was garbled. It was how the message was said. Hushed, delight and a hint of desire, those tones were unmistakeable, neither could they be recreated. It was most likely Josip and a girl he snuck in, not like that was required. He had captured Josip’s sneak encounters many times. Still…

At least getting up and doing this took the attention off the hardening roof beam in his pants. A cold shiver from air cooled semen swabbed from his pants to his cock added to the distraction. Flopping into his chair he gave the heated chat a a vague glance, something about deep fakes and Keanu. Tron clicked on the camera software and cycled back, he could he admired to himself go back months. Thankfully he only had to go back a few moments. A click and a cycle through cameras and footage found him his answer.

Josip walked up to the door, it was the spare room, used now for storage as it was one of the coldest rooms in winter. Opened the door, quickly closed it looked around, grinned and then opened the door again. Part of Tron sighed Josip was setting up some kinky interlude with a new girl. He analysed Josip’s approach, green satin escort demetevler boxers, semi hard and no shirt to show off marvellous muscles. Josip even had a condom package in his right hand. Tron now was curious, Josip trended to have his girls in the debauched comfort of his room on a bed. This one must have a getting caught kink. What a weird one to have. Tron paused for a minute, he had to see what she looked like. Cycling through the clear filter he found her.

“Jesus,” Tron uttered. His heart jumped in beats per minute and his cock moved in his pants. Shaking his head he made the app full screen. Perhaps it was a glitch several recordings meshing together. He watched again looking for jumps and lines, tell tales the recording had glitched. It was in mistake able his mother. “Jesus,” he said again once again his heart beats jumping per minute and the plank like cock in his pants protested its growth. “Jesus,” to check he even watched a few more times.

Jude, Tron’s Angelique mother walked calmly towards the storage room door. Then checking behind her, opened the door and stepped in, closing the door after she went inside. Everything there looked normal, her long blonde hair was in a bun, she wore a bikini top admittedly straining at the size of her bust, and long blue yoga pants. Her large ass hugged by the clingy material. Then a few minutes later Josip comes down the same hallway. Josip has a pretty large bulge a smile and a condom. “Jesus,” Tron uttered again the enormity of what he captured hitting him.

Then he heard it, a clunk of the spare room door opening and closing.

“Shit,” Tron said in a half whisper he scouring and investigation had, he thought as he looked at the large clock he had on his wall, taken half an hour. “Half an hour,” Tron said as he turned to the company screen. Tron opened the live feed and watched his brother walk up the hallway red faced and with a clear wet stain on the front of his green boxers. Josip had a red face and a cocky smile. “Jesus shit,” Tron said in astonishment.

You there?;)

The ping of the message awoke Tron. It was Tabitha he one and only girl that he could call friend. A pariah just like himself, she if he could just get the courage would be his girlfriend. Until that day or the heat death of the universe they would have to settle as friends. Tron responded by saying he was in the middle of something and if he could chat later, he said this of course with a meme of Picard saying – busy, fapping.


Tabithas text emoji ping came just as he watch his busty mother walk out of the storage room his brother Josip has just vacated. Jade walked with a smile down the hallway, Tron watched it several times now, something was off, and then it dawned on him, her pants had a huge wet patch and her pony tail was tied beneath the shoulder and side strap of the bikini top. Could that happen normally? Tron questioned then shook his head.

“What the fuck?”

Tron liked to think he was a ninja, socks made no noise on hardwood as her surreptitiously made his way down the hallway. Everyone was downstairs getting ready for dinner, Tron estimated he had ten minutes before his mother or one of the others came looking for him. He decided to give himself more time and yelled from the stairs.

“Mum, don’t feel well I am having an early night.” He waited for the usual responses his mother said to call her up if he got worse, he listened to his family begin to eat dinner. The hallway sped by, he nodded to his camera’s secret location. Opening the door he knew there was no creak. Leaving the door open was the best idea he thought.

The room was musty, boxes of junk lined one wall and a large curtained double window looked out onto the pool. The old bed, single, was his before his parents upgraded. The sheets were disturbed. Tron looked around. What demetevler escort bayan could tell him what happened here, he felt like he was in a murder mystery spy movie. Tron his heart rate rapidly climbing looked for anything. Only after frantically scanning the room did he see it and almost laugh out loud at Josip’s arrogance. There in the old plastic bin his mother had once used for crafts was a wrapper. It was a torn condom wrapper, as Tron moved his prized evidence he spied something of amazing worth. A used and tied condom.

Well you had better scour the whole library.

Tron nodded to himself agreeing with Tabitha’s post. Tabitha and him shared a love of porn and masturbation, they never showed each other as they were both self conscious but they did talk about pictures and vids. Tabitha looking at porn with him and being a girl made his loads when he did come more than substantial. Tron imagines that it was because he had a massive crush and she shared his enjoyment of multiple cream-pies and monster cocks. He typed that he was about to do that starting from a week ago and leading up to today, . He had shown Tabitha the vid and then the picture of the cum filled condom and opened packet. Her response had been loud if it wasn’t text.

Ok. Get back to me I’m off to wank over incest porn.

Tron shook his head with a grin. Although his cock was hard he hadn’t thought to cover it with a condom yet or even to masturbate. Tron clicked his web cam off. Stood up and secured his bedroom door with a slide bolt, walked towards his desk and dropped his pants. His thick half erect cock rose like a cobra from his groin, sighing he walked towards his desk opened a hidden book safe on the shelf above his computer and pulled out a condom. His eyes widened when he realised they were the same brand as his brothers.

Pinching the tip he rolled it over his sensitive head and forced it down the shaft the latex entrapping his slowly hardening cock. He had mixed feelings about the situation. On one hand his mother had outwardly the most Milf body he could imagine in the other hand he did not want to imagine Josip with a stupid grin naked and plowing her. Well Tron didn’t want to imagine it, his cock was quite happy with the thought. Sitting at his table he let his cock voice free as the latex prison it was in tightened pleasingly around his swelling cock. One hand on the arrow key the other on the mouse he went to work, Tron’s cock bobbing in thin air.

He found another instance, a day earlier his brother had been doing laps and his mother gave him a wage and next thing you know his mother similar outfit to before bikini top and yoga bottoms made her way to the spare room, Josip soon to follow. The smoking gun or could he say full erection in this instance was Josip’s departure, his cock uncontainable in his speedos.

“Either he likes moving furniture or…” there was a knock at the door.

“Yes,” Tron acted in his best sick voice.

“You ok honey?” It was his mother. His big breasted milf mother that until his mind could prove otherwise was indulging in hardcore sex with her step son.

“Fine mom, just a bad headache,” now he had a hard on, “I’ll be ok, just need an early night.”

“Ok sweetie,” she said it in her super mom voice and he had to eradicate thoughts of that voice, her face and ropes of cum. He tried and failed as he heard her walk off.

“I need a camera in that room,” the thought was so obvious he said it out loud. Until now he had sworn off any cameras in any area where personal secrets were to be revealed. Tron was a perve but not that type. However now all ethics were to be expunged as the theory of incest needed to be disproved. The house was dead and when he scooted down the hallway and into the room. Cringing at the sound of spraying the hinges, Tron shut the door, without a sound. He tossed the condom back in the bin and quickly set up one of his tiny but powerful cameras. Escaping unseen, Tron returned to his room and sealed the door. Undoing his pants and sitting down Tron found some nasty anal porn, his aim to tire himself out so that he could sleep. All he needed to do now was wait. Waiting was going to be the hard part.

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