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THE DOCTORI have often wondered about my sexual fascination with my parents, aside from the obvious appeal of something taboo and forbidden. As I was growing up I was happily delighted to start growing breasts and pussy hair at a very young age, I was already a full c cup at the age of 14. I am currently 18 and you could portray me as a voluptuous 36dd pear shaped rosy nipples – 30 waist – 40 inch hips, 5 foot 4 with full curly auburn red hair, with an hourglass figure.Following the agreement my mother and I made, I would be allowed to fuck my boyfriend only under the condition that I go through weekly inspections of my pussy and asshole, so that she can keep a close eye on my sexuality.One Sunday morning after a delightful night at my boyfriend’s place, I had a sex inspection with my mother at 8am. Entering the bathroom, I saw she was already seated on the side of the bath. She was also naked as to make me more comfortable with the process. It was not the first time that I appreciated how sexual and beautiful she looked. She had large droopy pear shaped breasts with long brown nipples, and a thick curly bush of brown hair above her pussy. But her breasts had somewhat dropped over the years and weren’t as full and sexy as mine.While inspecting my pussy to see if it was shaved and clean, she inserted a finger inside me, quickly took it out and brought it to her nose. After sniffing it a few times, my mother said: “Oh honey, your pussy smells pretty strong, I think you might need to set an appointment with my gynecologist, Doctor Sandeeb for this. You might have an infection, go get dressed it’s important we go see him immediately”I looked at her and said: “But mom, I still haven’t showered, and I had sex last night!”She glared at me and responded quite angrily: “This is more important than your silly vanity!”I ran back to my room, my big tits flopping around; I quickly put on last night’s clothes of a dark sheer deep plunge bra, a pale blue blouse and a pale beige mini skirt. I was looking for a clean thong or any underwear for that manner while my mother barged in the room and yelled: “Hurry up, there’s no time for you to look for underwear, I got an appointment for you in 20 minutes, we have to run!” I hopped in my heels while she basically dragged me out of the house.We got to Doctor Sandeeb’s office in record time, my mom driving like a fierce mad woman on pcp. When we entered the doctor’s office, I noticed that it was a bit strange that there was no receptionist, and that Doctor Sandeeb answered his door himself. He was a friendly looking man, clearly East Indian, a little bit fat with a belly, but he had nice eyes behind his glasses and a friendly smile. He wasn’t utterly grotesque or ugly just not particularly the type of man that I’m attracted to.He greeted us warmly then ushered us into his examination room, where he told me promptly to undress.Taking off my blouse, I noticed that both of them were staring at my breasts still clad in my sheer bra. The doctor smiled and said: “I see you have very large and very slutty breasts for your body shape and your age, I bet you must enjoy all the male attention!”I blushed with pride and embarrassment, while my mother replied: “Yes doctor, you’re right she does have the big breasts of a fuck slut!”I proceeded to undress completely taking off my bra and the little beige mini skirt. I did feel it a bit strange that I was undressing in front of the both of them while they were staring at my body. But I kept it out of my mind as this was a purely medical examination. While I took off my bra and my I had to fight the urge as to not cross my arms to cover my breasts and to cross my legs to cover my pussy. I noticed both of them were openly staring at my pussy. Doctor Sandeeb while still hungrily glancing at my pussy, smiled and said: “Nancy, I’m happily surprised, it’s very good that you went without underwear marsbahis güvenilirmi today, it shows you’re proud of your sexuality and of being a woman, and that you’re not afraid of how your pussy smells to others.”I was glowing under the compliment; he was so nice to me that I decided to arch my back to put my tits on better display and also to separate my legs so to show him my pussy lips.Glancing between my now parted legs, he said: “Nancy, I’m also glad you shave your pussy and your anus like your mother. I see she taught you very well on how to behave naked in front of a man as well, to not hide yourself but rather to offer yourself. It makes this examination much easier for me. Some women are not very considerate, they come here hairy and some even com with their pussy filled with sperm, how disrespectful is that!”My mother then looked at me with very proud eyes and said: “Yes I make sure she’s very presentable, every week I inspect her pussy and her anus to see if she’s been keeping herself shaved. That is how I noticed her strong smell and decided to come here for an examination.”Feeling now very shy about the doctor’s comments I said: “Oh doctor I didn’t shower this morning so that you can smell what the problem is, and I think my vagina still has some of my boyfriend’s sperm in it, is that ok?”My mother then looked at me with a scorn on her face saying: “Oh you naughty little dirty pig! Didn’t you just hear the doctor, coming here with your pussy filled with sperm is very disrespectful.”The doctor then raised his hand as if to stop her and said: “In this particular case, it’s good that the little sperm filled pig didn’t take a shower this morning so that I can clearly smell what the problem is.”Then looking at me he said: “Nancy would you mind climbing onto the examination chair and put your feet in the stirrups?”Smiling at the fact that the doctor defended me in front of my mother, although a bit puzzled as to why he repeated that I was a pig, I climbed onto the examination chain, placing my feet in the stirrups, my legs spread and my vulva opened for his inspection.The doctor looked at my body up and down, he took a second to adjust his pants then moving in between my legs he said: “I will need to stimulate your clitoris so that your cunt generates the smelly fluids in question. Oh nothing to worry, your mother is here with us to make sure everything is a proper examination.”I looked at him closely then at my mother then said: “Yes, that’s fine Doctor.”The doctor then proceeded in gently parting my lips and freeing my clitoris, I was already wet from all the attention I had been given so far, but I was looking forward to being caressed so I didn’t mention anything. I then felt the doctor gently pressing and rubbing this thumb over my clitoris. I closed my eyes, arched my back and enjoyed the pleasurable sensation. Without realizing it, I was now caressing my breasts and pinching my nipples while the doctor increased the rhythm of his back and forth thumb motions. I softly cried out:”Ohhh yes, that feels wonderful doctor!”The doctor replied: “Your clitoris is very responsive! You must get a lot of healthy orgasms.”My mind clouded by pleasure, not fully realizing where I was, I continued moaning while saying: “Yes I do love having a man lick my clit till I cum”Seeing that I was enjoying myself a bit too much the doctor then released my pussy and said with a nice smile: “Aside from the spunky sperm smell, I think I see or rather I smell that the problem might be a little lower. Actually there’s no problem with your cunt. Since I’m your mother’s doctor as well, I can tell you this strong pussy odor would have alarmed me initially, but since you smell like your mother everything is fine. It’s your normal sexual fragrance dear, nothing to worry about, it’s actually quite exciting! Now let us proceed with taking marsbahis yeni giriş your temperature.”Glancing between my legs, I saw him grab a thermometer and while one of his hands spread my cheeks apart, the other inserted the thermometer inside my asshole. I grunted in surprise! Waiting a full minute, he then removed it, looked at it and then smelled it. He then glanced at me and said:”Your temperature is normal my dear, on the other hand, your rectum smells really bad. There are 2 options for us, I can either give you an enema, which most girls your age find very uncomfortable or we can proceed with my own method of cleansing your rectum and bowels. It’s really up to you, but I rather we do not do the enema in my medical opinion”My mother seeing my confusion quickly responded: “Doctor, we’ll proceed with your expert opinion and go with your own method instead of the enema!”The doctor looked at me and said very excitedly: “Nancy, if you would please get off the examination chair and climb on all fours on the bed, so that I’m more comfortable in performing this complicated procedure”Quickly taking my feet off the stirrups I climbed out of the chair. My heavy breasts wobbling, my nipples very hard and erect from him touching my clit, I climbed onto the bed, on all fours facing away from the doctor, presenting him my pussy and asshole.I heard my mother and the doctor shuffle behind me as they got closer. I the felt someone parting my cheeks and sniffing my ass, then I heard my mother’s voice: ” Yuck, Doctor, you’re very right, indeed she does stink! It really is her anus that smells bad, not her pussy, my mistake!”While lowering my head in embarrassment to the bed, I heard the doctor reply: “Of course my pet, her ass is dirty, the poor little vixen clearly doesn’t understand how to clean herself!”Still with my ass cheeks parted, my anus pulsing involuntarily under their gazes, I heard the doctor squeeze something cold and wet from a bottle onto my butthole.Giggling while the doctor rubbed the lube on my anus I said: “Ohh doctor, its cold and it tickles!”I then felt pressure at the entrance of my butt hole, then a flash of pain as I was penetrated roughly, I cried out: “Hmmpff! Doctor that hurts!” I looked over my shoulder seeing my mother parting my butt cheeks while the doctor was positioned right behind me thrusting forward from his pelvis.The doctor then replied angrily between slow long thrusts inside me: “Well my little dirty slut whore, it’s because you’re not correctly stimulating your pussy! Kathy why don’t you help her do that, she’s clearly very ignorant anally on top of having a stinky smelly pussy! Her ass is so tight she’s milking my cock! She’ll be an expert at this in no time.”My mother let go of my cheeks, reached under me and pinched my clit roughly. I let out a yelp of pain and then a moan of pleasure as she started slowing lovingly caressing my swollen bud.The doctor then leaned even more forward, pushing himself deeper into me as I moaned again in pleasure and pain. Now panting like a bitch in heat, I looked over my shoulder to see the doctor raising my mother’s skirt and lowering her panties as she continued rubbing my clit. I saw him look hungrily at my mother’s backside while saying as he continued to fuck my rectum: “Kathy why don’t you show us your big floppy hanging breasts so that I can compare them to your daughters’. Nancy clearly has much better natural breasts than your old big cow udders. Seeing them will help us to decide what kind of breasts you should get when you get your tits done next month.”To my dismay, I felt my mother take her hand away from my pussy, and I saw her unbutton her blouse and unclasp her bra, letting her large heavy floppy breasts free. I smiled; very pleased that I had much nicer breasts than her, clearly I had her beat in that department!The doctor told her to back up marsbahis giriş onto him, and he then bent her over so that she could access my pussy again with her hand. I felt such a relief when I felt her thumb gently circling my clit again.With my mother close to him, I saw him over my shoulder put a finger inside her asshole. She winced from the pain but was soon moving back and forth on his finger. She said: “Oh doctor, I also need to be pleasurably stimulated, your finger is hurting me.”He glanced at her with an angry scowl, clearly angry at her for distracting him from penetrating me with his cock; he sighed impatiently and slowly slipped another finger from the same hand into her pussy. Slowly, she increased the tempo of her fucking herself on his fingers, until she was lost in a frenzy of movements, groans and moans.I then saw him give her a violent slap on her ass cheek while removing his fingers from her pussy and asshole. He said angrily: “That’s enough Kathy, it’s not the time for your cleansing appointment. Today, we’re taking care of Nancy!”Looking at his fingers he brought them to his nose and sniffed them, then licked each finger while saying: “Humm yes, you two do smell very much alike!”It made me so happy to hear those words while my mother was gently stroking my clitoris, just imagining my mother and I having the same taste and smell made me violently cum on her hand.Having clearly dismissed my mother, the doctor picked up the pace of his thrusts inside me. I felt and heard the doctor moan and cum in my rectum, while I was still convulsing from the throes of my orgasm, my mother now no longer touching my pussy but lovingly pinching my nipples under me. My mind clouded with pleasure I heard the doctor say in a husky voice: “Very good Nancy, now your asshole is all clean and filled with my cum, just like your pussy is filled with your boyfriend’s cum. They’ll now smell the same so you won’t be noticing any strange odor coming from either your pussy or your ass.”While he was pulling his cock out of my asshole, I saw that his cock was quite small and very hairy, his balls were sweaty and also covered in pubes. I was amazed something that small could give me such anal pleasure and pain!Buttoning up his pants, he said: “In the future I suggest coming to see me at least once a month so that I can thoroughly clean your asshole. We can set up monthly recurring appointments on Sunday mornings.”My mother also was getting dressed answered for me: “Doctor Sandeeb, I think that it would be best that she came at least every 2 weeks. She’s quite a dirty slut you know, and she’ll need to be on a more intensive cleansing program than your regular patients”.Looking at my mother, then glancing at my rectum, he quickly inserted a finger inside me, then pulled it out, smelling it and tasting it while I was still recovering from my orgasm he said: “Yes you’re right Kathy, she’s definitely clean now, but before the procedure it was quite horrible, yes every 2 weeks will do perfectly! Ok Nancy get dressed, we’re quite done here and I have other patients to see”Groggily, I managed to get down from the bed, put my skirt on and my blouse on. Not realizing that I had forgotten my bra, I slipped into my heels and my Mom in tow left the office.It was only until we were in the medical building parking lot, and all the men were glancing at my chest that I realized that I had left my bra at the doctor’s office and that within my pale blue blouse my post orgasm aroused nipples were clearly showing and my breasts were swaying freely with my steps. I didn’t care, I thought let them look and enjoy themselves.Walking back to the car, my mother looked at me with a devilish smile and said:”By the way Nancy, you’re such a big titted bimbo sometimes, there was nothing wrong with your pussy that’s just the way it smells after a man comes inside you and you don’t wash yourself. Doctor Sandeeb is a great doctor but also he’s a friend of the family. He’s been dying to see you naked and fuck your ass for a while now! Honestly how could you believe a doctor’s office would be opened on a Sunday morning!”I looked at her with utter surprise and yelled: “Mom!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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