The Devil’s Pact Chapter 23: The Last Boon

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The Devil’s Pact
by mypenname3000
Copyright 2013

Chapter Twenty-three: The Last Boon

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Violet lay panting on the couch, my cum trickling out of her cunt. I was enjoying the cock Lilith gave me as part our bargain. For the next two hours, I would have the cock. I knew why Lilith wanted me to have the cock as her price. It had nothing to do with her wanting to give me a pleasant experience. No, she was hoping I would become addicted to the pleasure, to be unable to give it up. Lilith had bitter resentment to all us humans, and seemed to delight in causing us misery. Once before, she tried to tempt me to use my boon to Mark’s detriment.

And part of me wanted to keep the cock, I was disturbed to learn. Particularly as our goth slut, Lillian, knelt down and started licking my cum out of Violet’s tight cunt. My cock was hardening again. Lilith also gave me incredible stamina and watching Lillian, dressed as a perverts wet dream in a slutty, schoolgirl outfit, eat out innocent-looking Violet’s creampie was getting me hard and ready to go again.

Around the room, the sluts were fucking each other. They were all present, save Willow, Jessica and Noel, who had day jobs. The other ten were enjoying themselves. God, I could fuck all these girls if I kept my cock. No, what about Mark. Part of me ached for him. Part of me was mad at him for the hurtful things he said. But that was just the spell, I had to keep telling myself. Right now, Mark was up upstairs fucking his younger sister, Antsy. Whatever spell afflicted them seemed to make Mark and Antsy desire each other, and only each other. Mark no longer found me attractive. Or any of our sluts, or even any other women. Just his sister Antsy.

At noon, if I was strong enough, Lilith would tell me about the spell. In the mean time, my cock was hard and I had this insistent drive to stick my cock up whatever hole was willing. God, no wonder guys were such horny bastards with this thing between their legs tugging at their thoughts, just aching to be stuck in something, anything to get some relief.

Xiu was tonging Karen’s ass. I had enjoyed raping Karen’s ass when we were punishing her. Karen was a nun, once, and had tried to take our powers away. Thanks to Lilith, we broke her powers and made her our sex slave. Her ass was smooth, and firm, and I just wanted to thrust my cock up it.

“Move,” I ordered Xiu. The busty, Asian slut saw my cock and smiled happily, spreading Karen’s ass open for me, exposing her tight, brown asshole. “She’s ready for you, Mistress.”

“Oh yes, please use my dirty ass, Mistress” Karen moaned, wiggling her hips.

I rubbed my cock on her puckered hole, pushing slowly, savoring the wicked feeling on my cock shoving into Karen’s tight ass. The ring gave way and I was sliding inside her. Karen moaned like a wanton bitch as I filled her up. She was so warm and tight, I groaned, low and throaty, as the head of my cock rubbed against the silky walls of her ass, sinking deeper and deeper inside her until the soft cheeks of her ass pressed against my groin.

“Oh, Mistress, your cock feels so delicious up my ass,” she moaned as I started fucking her.

I groaned, closing my eyes as I enjoyed the amazing feelings running through my cock as her ass gripped it tightly. “Wow, this is so amazing,” I moaned. No wonder Mark liked fucking my ass. Not that I hated it, in fact I loved it, but man it felt amazing when you had the cock. “I love your ass, slut!”

“I’m so glad,” Karen panted. Her hips were starting to fuck back into my cock. “I’m so happy that my ass makes you feel so much pleasured, Mistress. Hmm, use me! Use my dirty ass to satiate your lusts, Mistress.”

Xiu was masturbating next to us, her large breasts heaving. Her nipples were pierced and pink butterflies dangled from her nubs. I reached out and grabbed her piercing, pulling her to me. Xiu’s mouth contorted in pleasure and pain. She was a masochist, enjoying pain with her sex. I pulled her up until her big tits brushed my arm and I captured her lips with a kiss, tasting the sour flavor of Karen’s ass.

“Finger me,” I hissed into Xiu’s ears, then nipped at her lobe.

She smiled eagerly, and stuck two fingers into her mouth, sucking her digits coquettishly. Then she slid her hand across my ass, giving my cheeks a squeeze before sliding down between my legs. She started caressing my pussy as I reamed Karen’s ass. Then she was sliding her fingers up inside me. Xiu held her hand still, so when I pulled out Karen’s ass, Xiu’s fingers slid deeper into my cunt. When I thrust into Karen, Xiu’s fingers slid out until only the tips remained. Back and forth. In and out of Karen’s ass, Xiu’s fingers in and out of my cunt.

I felt my passion build. Xiu’s fingers, Karen’s ass. My skin was alive with sensation. Xiu’s large tits rubbing against my arm, her hard nipples, the cold metal of her piercings, her warm breath on my ear. Xiu started moving her finger inside me and brushed my G-Spot. Pleasure quaked through me and I moaned. Xiu caressed my G-Spot, rubbing the sensitive bundle of nerves with a gentle touch and exquisite pleasure burned through me.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned as my orgasms rolled through me. My cunt squeezed on Xiu’s fingers and my ovaries tightened. I kept fucking her sweet ass as the pleasure kept radiating out from my womb. My strokes got more frantic, my cock was so close to cumming as well, and then I grunted as my semen burst from my ovaries and creamed Karen’s ass. “Jesus Christ, that was amazing!” I gasped. Cumming as a man and as a woman at the same time was so exquisitely nice. My breasts heaving, I pulled out of Karen’s ass and sat down on one of the recliners.

Xiu started cleaning my dirty cock, just like a good slut. Allison and Desiree were tribbing. Desiree was on top, rubbing her cunt on Allison’s while they kissed passionately. Violet was writhing as she came on Lillian’s face. Korina was cuddling with Fiona on the other recliner. Fiona’s face was sticky with Korina’s juices. Dusky Thamina lay on her stomach while blonde Chasity massaged her back.

“Give me a titty fuck,” I ordered Xiu.

My cock popped out of her mouth and her pillowy tits surrounded my shaft, silky flesh pressed against my throbbing member. She pressed her tits together with her hands and started to rub her melons on my cock. Up and down, her spit lubing the titty fuck. Her piercings swayed with her movement and I reached down and pulled on one the butterflies, watching her breast stretch as she titty fucked me.

“Oh, yes, pull my slutty nipple,” Xiu moaned. “Hmm, that hurts, Mistress. Harder, please!” I pulled harder on the piercing and Xiu gasped, her eyes fluttering from the mix of pain and pleasure.

I slipped my foot between Xiu’s thighs and found her wet pussy. I rubbed my foot though her slit, feeling her moisture coat my toes. Xiu moaned and rubbed her tits up and down on my cock harder, faster. I slipped my big toe up her cunt, feeling her silky walls sucking hungrily at my toe. It was so nasty, rubbing my dirty foot into her cunt as I pulled on her nipple piercing.

“Oh, Mistress, that feel so amazing!” Xiu husked, her dark, almond eyes shining with desire, her tongue running pink over her red lips.

“Hmm, here it cums, slut,” I moaned. “Get ready for my cum.”

“Yes, cum on my tits!” Xiu purred. “Please, Mistress. Shower me with your cum! Please, Mistress.”

My ovaries tightened, I yanked hard on her nipple as that powerful feeling of pleasure rushed out of my cock, spraying her breasts and face with my white, sticky cum. Xiu shuddered, moaning in pain as her tit stretched as I pulled on her nipple. Her body was trembling as she came, her naughty cunt flooding my foot. The nasty slut enjoyed being hurt and debased. She looked so sexy, dripping in cum and I bent down and tasted it. I enjoyed Mark’s cum, and mine wasn’t as salty and was sweet. I loved cum, and mine tasted great.

The only problem, it just wasn’t Mark’s cum.


I watched Mary from the shadows. The whore was enjoying my gift, licking her cum off the busty Asian’s tits. This was so delicious. I wanted to track down the nun who cast the Avvah spell on Mark’s sister and thank her for providing me with this opportunity. Mary was beckoning to the slut dressed like a schoolgirl. Lillian was her name. The whore was enjoying my gift.

Mary pulled the slut onto her lap and she happily sank down onto Mary’s cock. Her short, plaid skirt swayed about her ass, exposing the pale flesh as she fucked Mary. Another slut, big-titted Desiree, crawled across the floor and crawled between Mary’s legs and began licking at Mary’s cunt as Lillian rode her cock. Mary was throwing her head back, moaning in pleasure.

“Having fun, Lilith?”

Light flooded the Shadows as Lucifer appeared. I ground my teeth. He always was showing up, butting in when I was having my fun. “I am, Lucifer. I hope I’m not disturbing any plans of yours. I’d so hate to do that.” I hoped he heard the sarcasm dripping from my words.

“As I told you, Lilith. All outcomes serve me.” Anger seethed inside me. He was standing next to me and his light hurt eyes. Lucifer enjoyed burning bright. He was the Morning Star and shone as brightly as his pride. “Do you think she’ll choose pleasure over love?”

I shrugged. “All outcomes serve me,” I said. See how he likes the answer. I hoped he found it as frustrating as I found his bold assertions that every outcome served him. While it would be amusing for Mary to chose pleasure over love, I didn’t need her to. Chantelle and Lana were feeling out the local Wiccan covens, searching for women to worship me while my children grew in their bellies.

I could feel Lucifer smirking next to me. “Well, Lilith, enjoy playing your games, while you can.”

“Oh, I will, Lucifer.” Once my vessel growing in Karen’s womb is born, I’ll be free of the Abyss. Free to roam the Mortal Realm, free to experience all the pleasures denied Lucifer in the Abyss. Free to destroy Mark for daring to place his hands upon me, to stick his disgusting cock inside me. Mark had been foolish to let me fuck his slave, thinking it was of no consequence. He was a man, though, and understood the lengths another man would go through to stick his cock in a wet hole. As if I was a weak-willed as any pathetic man, I thought with a sneer. And what did he get out of it, some spells he could have learned if just tracked down the right book.

Lucifer was behind me, pressing up against me, his disgusting cock rubbing against my ass. “Such lewd, disgusting acts these mortals perform,” Lucifer whispered into my ear, his tone turning bitter, “to think the Creator expected me to bow to such…filth as humans.”

I groaned as Lucifer slid his burning cock inside me, pain and pleasure warring in my cunt as he took his pleasure in me. Lucifer was as bad as any man, using woman as mere vessels to satiate his lusts, not caring one iota about my pleasure. I was merely a convenient hole to stick his dick in. I focused on Karen, on the vessel growing quickly inside her, ignoring the cock inside me.

I just needed to figure out how to get Karen away from Mark, now.


Noon approached as I flooded Thamina’s cunt with my cum. About the living room, the other sluts were cuddling with each other, my cum leaking out of pussies and asses, splattered on tits and faces. I was enjoying the cock, a little too much, and I was torn. I loved Mark, but the intense, focused orgasm of a man was becoming addictive. My cock was still hard and I wanted nothing more than to stick it into another woman’s hole.

After I had came in Lillian’s cunt, I had lied down on the floor and let Desiree straddle my cock and Lillian straddle my face. I ate my cum, sweet and salty, out of Lillian tart cunt. I loved eating Mark’s cum out another woman’s cunt, it was so wickedly delicious. It was hot and nasty eating my cum out of Lillian’s cunt, listening to her moan atop me, while Desiree rose up and down on my cock. But it wasn’t as satisfying as eating a creampie Mark made.

Then I bent Fiona over the chair and started fucking the red-head’s cunt hard. Doll-faced Korina, her arm still in a sling from getting shot, knelt between our legs, licking at my cunt, licking at my cock were it penetrated Fiona’s pussy. Her tongue felt wickedly soft as she lapped about my cunt. When I unloaded inside Fiona, I felt a pressure in my bladder to pee. And in my cock. That was interesting.

“Korina, do I still have a urethra in my pussy?”

“No, Mistress,” she answered in shock. “It’s gone.”

I smiled. “Clamp your mouth to Fiona’s cunt and get ready?”

I relaxed my bladder, and enjoyed the sensation of piss shooting out of my cock. It was almost like cumming, that same feeling of release, and was slightly pleasurable. I sighed happily, as my urine splashed into Fiona’s tight cunt, running past my cock and leaking out of Fiona’s cunt into Korina’s waiting lips.

“Oh, Mistress, what are you doing?” Fiona moaned. “It feels like you’re douching me!”

“I’m pissing in your dirty cunt,” I sighed. The stream was dieing down, only a few more squirts left.

“Oh, wow, Mistress,” Fiona moaned. “That’s so nasty! Thank you for using me as your toilet.”

“Thank you, Mistress, for letting me drink your piss,” Korina cooed. “It was mixed with your tasty cum and Fiona’s delicious juices.” Her tongue was licking at our crotches, lapping up the piss staining us.

I pulled out of Fiona and more urine mixed with cum and cunt juices poured out into Korina’s eager mouth. Yellow piss ran down her chin, her throat and down her breasts and belly. Korina latched her mouth to Fiona’s urethra and Fiona relaxed her bladder and started pissing into Korina’s mouth as well.

“Oh yes, drink my piss, Korina,” Fiona moaned. “I love it when you do.”

“You piss in her mouth often?” I asked, stroking my cock.

“Hmm, yes Mistress,” Fiona moaned. “Ever since that Sunday in the hotel room when you made me piss on Korina, we’ve been drinking each other’s piss.”

I had started fucking Allison’s cunt as I had watched Fiona kneel down before Korina. Korina’s doll face contorted in pleasure as her stream of urine splashed into Fiona’s mouth, running in yellow rivulets down her mouth and body. And then they licked the piss off each other’s porno izle bodies, tenderly cleaning each other up. After Allison, I enjoyed Desiree’s ass while Desiree ate my creampie I left in Allison. Then I had Chasity and Karen’s suck on my cock together, delighting in two tongues, two mouths, pleasuring my cock. I shoot my cum all over their tits and pounded Violet’s ass as I watched Karen and Chasity lick my cum off each other. Then finished off in Thamina’s cunt.

The clock on the cable box read noon, and my cock suddenly softened and then began to shrink, reducing until it was just the hard little clitoris it started out as. Lilith was waiting, so I walked into the kitchen, the sluts following, and sat down at the dining room table. And waited, impatiently. I had made my decision. The cock was amazing, but I needed my randy stallion inside me. I needed to drink his cum, from his cock or a woman’s cunt. I needed to be held by him and stare into his blue eyes and hear him whisper, “I love you, Mare.”

Suddenly, lust washed over me, my nipples hardened, my pussy moistened. The sluts all moaned as Lilith’s presences washed over them. Violet knelt behind Thamina and began licking my cum out of her cunt. Allison was going down on Desiree while Chasity started rimming Allison’s ass. Karen and Lillian slipped into sixty-nine while Korina knelt carefully before Fiona and ate out the red-head’s cunt. I stood up, looking about for the demoness.

“So, what have you chosen,” Lilith purred, pressing up behind me. I grit my teeth as pleasure washed over me. Lilith was sex made manifest,and her merest touch could make someone cum, unless you’ve felt it before and were ready to fight it. And having her lush body pressing into your back was almost unbearably pleasurable. Her nipples were hard, tits pillowy, and her pubic hair silk on my ass.

As the lust surged through me, memories of the pleasure I felt with the cock filled my mind, how Allison’s cunt felt when I came insider her, the way Fiona gasped as I pissed in her cunt. Watching Chasity and Karen licking my cum off each other’s tits. My resolve wavered for a moment, and then I remembered what I really craved. Mark’s cock. Mark’s cum. Mark inside me, filling me up, his rough lips on mine as he kissed me. His boyish grin and piercing blue eyes. The sweaty musk of his body. Lilith’s body pressing against me, her nipples hard on my back, was sending electricity through my body, tingling my nipples, my pussy, my achingly hard clit. I pictured Mark’s cock plunging into me, over and over, and shuddered as I orgasmed.

“Mark,” I answered, gasping as my body shuddered in passion, my juices running sticky down my thighs. “I choose Mark, Lilith.”

“Your loss,” Lilith murmured in disappointment and backed away from me. “A nun got to his sister and used the Prayer of Avvah on her, making her a trap,” Lilith explained. “Mark and Antsy will forever find each other attractive, and no others. You saw Mark and yours threads, right.”

I nodded. Normally, our souls were connected by two red threads, entwined tightly together, so tight they almost seemed one thread. This morning, I saw golden wedges, forcing our threads apart. We were still connected, but slowly those wedges were growing, separating us more and more. Mark and Antsy were connected by a red thread and a black chain bound together by a golden chain.

“Once your threads are forced apart, Mark will be lost to you forever,” Lilith said. “There is a spell, very dangerous to perform, that can break the prayer. It is called Chabab. It will only work if you truly love each other. If not, both of you will die. So, are you sure you don’t want the cock and life, or gamble on the fickle feelings of a man and death.”

“I’ll gamble on Mark,” I told her, without hesitation. Mark loved me. He freed me from his control. And I loved him.

“Very well,” Lilith said, skeptically. “You will need to bring him to orgasm inside you. When he spills his seed, you must say, ‘Chabab,’ and, if you two truly love each other, the Bond of Chabab will bind you together so tightly that no power in Heaven or Hell will ever be able to come between you.”

“That’s it?” I asked, frowning. That was easy. Too easy.

“Ahh, but how do you get Mark to fuck you?” Lilith pointed out. “He no longer finds you attractive and nothing I can do can change that.”

“Then…I’ll overpower him,” I said. “And force him.”

“By yourself?” Lilith smirked.

She was right. Mark was bigger than me. I might get lucky, but one of us, probably me, would get hurt. “The sluts will help me.”

Lilith laughed derisively. “Did you forget his powers. He’ll just dominate any person you recruit to help you. Unless…”

Unless what? I frowned, then a cold feeling sank into my stomach. “Unless, I use my last boon to get Mark’s power. The power to make anyone do what I want.” I didn’t want that power, that responsibility. Mark enjoys playing god with peoples lives, and I was afraid of it. Afraid what I’d do with it. I had struggled with the guilt of what Mark did to these woman, the guilt at how much I enjoyed their degradation. “And then, I have to use the Zimmah spell to make my Thralls immune from Mark’s power.” God, I would have to fuck my father.

A naughty tingle went through my cunt.

“How do I make Mark…desire me? Is there a spell?”

“Yes,” Lilith answered. “But, you humans made something vastly superior. I believe it’s called Viagra.”

That would be easy to get. I could have Willow, our doctor slut, get me a prescription. “Fine.”

Lilith smiled nastily, her violet eyes delighted in my pain. “And you better hurry, who knows how long before Mark is beyond your reach.” I wanted to claw out her violet eyes.

I drew in a deep breath, clenching my hands. Once I used my last boon, Lilith would be out of our lives for good, banished back to Hell. “Lilith for my final boon I want every human, save for Mark, to do whatever I tell them to do.”

“Done,” Lilith murmured. “Our Pact is finished. My time on the Mortal Realm is complete. But, before I go, I have another agreement to fulfill with you and Mark. There are many other spells for you to learn, other magic a Warlock can possess. Seek the ‘Magicks of the Witch of Endor.’ The ancient tome will complete your education.”

And then she was gone.

I took a deep breath, trying to think. I would need thralls, four or five to overpower Mark safely. Who should I choose to be my Thralls. I grabbed my phone, flipping through my address book. There was one number, listed as Pee Slut. Right, the girl from the restroom of the Clam Diver, the club I went dancing at last week with Diane. She had a sexy mouth and took to being a pee slut so easily.

“Hello?” a woman’s voice asked after I dialed Pee Slut.

“Hi,” I was suddenly nervous. Mark always was so confident when he made people do what he wants. You need to have that same confidence, Mary, just believe it will work. “I met you in the bathroom at the Clam Diver last Wednesday. I made you drink my pee.”

“Oh, yes,” she sounded embarrassed. “I-I remember.”

“Good, what’s your name?”

“Avialle Willard, but everyone calls me Via.”

“Via, you’re my sex slave,” I told her. “You’ll do whatever nasty thing I tell you to do.”

“Ohh, okay,” she said. “Uhh, I don’t know your name.”

“Sluts like you call me Mistress.”

“Okay, Mistress,” she said.

“I need you to go immediately to 1011 Violet Meadows, in Parkland,” I told her, giving her my father’s address. “And wait for me to arrive.”

“I will, Mistress,” she said excitedly. “I’ll leave work right away.”

“Good.” I hung up. Then I dialed the next number.

“Hi, Mary,” Sandy purred when she answered the phone. She was Mark’s mother, and someone his powers didn’t work on.

“Hey Sandy, I need you to invite your son over for dinner tonight,” I ordered. My powers would work just fine on her, however. “Tell Mark that you really need to see him, okay. Say whatever you have to. Just get him to come over.”

“I will Mary,” Sandy said. She paused. “Samantha intimated some things to me yesterday. Is…is everything all right?”

“Remember how I told you we had enemies?” Sandy answered yes. “Well, one of them placed a spell on Antsy and Mark. That’s why I need your help.”

And I begin to explain my plan to her.


My stomach rumbled. I had been making love with Antsy all morning and I needed a break. Antsy was up, walking about the room. My cum covered her body, dripping out of all her holes. She was like an addiction, I just couldn’t get enough of fucking her. She was all I needed. No other woman compared to her.

Fight, the voice whispered. It was getting fainter and fainter. Don’t forget her. Fight!

Fight what? Who shouldn’t I forget?

“I’m going to clear out Mary’s clothing,” Antsy said. “You don’t need another woman’s clothes in our bedroom.”

“No, of course not, Antsy,” I said, admiring the curves of her body. “Want some lunch. We’ll get Desiree to whip up something.”

“Sure,” Antsy said, pulling clothing out of the closet until she had a pile in her arms.

I followed her downstairs. I found all the sluts in the living room looking all freshly fucked. They were all naked, their ugly bodies on display. Someone’s cum was leaking out of their holes, though I saw no guy around. Well, I didn’t care to fuck any of their ugly bodies ever again, so any man was welcome to them. I felt bad, every other guy in the world had to settle for some ugly, homely woman. Only I got to fuck Antsy, the only beautiful woman in the world.

Mary was with them, naked as well, hanging up her cell phone.


“Mark,” she said, cautiously. “I…”

“Here’s your clothes,” Antsy interrupted, dropping the pile of clothes at Mary’s feat. Then she pointed at a few of the sluts. “Go get the rest of her clothes out of my bedroom. Now!” The sluts scurried to obey. Last night I told them Antsy was their Mistress.

Hurt flickered across Mary’s face. “Of course,” she sadly said, and fished through the clothes and started to get dressed.

“Desiree, Antsy and I need some lunch,” I ordered Desiree. “And puts some clothes on, no one wants to see such ugly women running around naked.”

“Yes, Master,” Desiree said, jumping to obey.

Fiona came downstairs with my cellphone. “Master, your mother is on the phone.”

“Hey mom,” I said, after taking my phone from the slut.

“Mark, I really want you to come over for dinner, we need to talk,” my mom said. “I…I need some company. It’s been really hard, since your dad died.”

“Yeah, okay,” I replied and looked over at Antsy. “Mom wants us over for dinner, tonight. She sounds lonely.”

Antsy shrugged. “I guess we should.” I could see it in her eyes, she’d rather be fucking me. I’d rather be fucking her, too, but mom needed us.

“Okay, mom, we’ll be there around five. Love you, mom.”

Mary was dressed, some unflattering skirt, show far too much of her ugly legs, and a loose blouse, and was walking to the door. “Mark, I love you. Just fight, okay, hun.”

Fight! “I…I…lo…” the words were so hard to say. “love y-you!”

Mary smiled, tears glinting at her eyes, then she was gone. I heard her car start and she drove off. Why did I hurt so much inside. Then I saw Antsy, naked and beautiful and my cock got hard. She was smiling so enticingly at me.

“We have a few minutes to kill,” I told her.

“How shall we past the time?” she asked, walking towards me. Then she knelt down and sucked my cock into her mouth.

What could be better that this?

Mary, barely a whisper now. Fight.

Antsy swirled her tongue about my cock’s head, bringing a soft moan to my lips. How could Mary better than my baby sister. Anty’s hand was stroking my shaft as she played with my tip. She looked so beautiful on her knees before me, her hazel eyes shining with pleasure. The pleasure was increasing and I closed my eyes in joy. I grabbed the sides of her head and began forcing my cock deeper inside her.

Antsy didn’t fight as my cock brushed her throat, just relaxed and let me deepthroat her. Her hands wrapped around my waist, gripping my ass as I began to fuck her mouth. Her hands pulled me deeper into her mouth. Fuck it felt good as my cock head forced itself down her throat over and over again.

“Love your mouth, Antsy!” I moaned. “Fuck, it feel so amazing.”

I could feel my cum boiling in my balls, so close. I pulled back my cock until just the tip remained in her mouth and held her head tightly. My cum flooded her mouth in three large blasts, white cream leaking out the sides her mouth as she struggled to swallow my huge load. Finally she released my cock, smiling happily.

“Thanks big bro,” she cooed. “You fed my mouth, but my other lips are hungry, too. Down here.” Her hands reached down and ran through her sticky slit, coming away with a mix of our cums. “My poor little pussy needs to be fed, too.”

I smiled and let her push me back onto the couch as Antsy straddled my hips. My cock was hard and ready, eager to be back inside my baby sister’s cunt. Antsy moaned so deliciously as she sank down on my cock. The best cunt in the world. I captured her cum stained lips in a kiss and enjoyed my sister’s tight snatch as she rode my cock.

“Oh, God, your cock feels so good inside me, big bro,” Antsy moaned. “I love you, I love you so very much!”

I wanted to tell her how much I loved her, but a tiny part of me fought the words. You love Mary, that part of me faintly whispered. That was ridiculous. How could I love Mary when my baby sister was made for me, my perfect woman. And I was made for her.


I parked my car in front of my father’s house. On the way, I picked up three more sex slaves. Joy, the woman who waxed me at the Heavenly Creatures Salon. And April and Felicity, the two virgins Mark and I deflowered last week. And there was Via, the pee slut, waiting for me in nurses scrubs, teal bottoms and a white, flowery top. What did she do for a living? Well, that didn’t matter right now.

Dad should be home from work soon. I still had a key and opened the door to the small, three bedroom rambler that I grew up in and let the sluts in. I had them all undress and enjoyed the sight of my four naked sex slaves. Joy, with her amatör porno dusky Vietnamese complexion, small breasts and friendly smile. I remembered that pleasant morning of making love to her in the Heavenly Creatures Salon. I discovered tribbing with Joy, as she lay atop me. Via was the opposite of Joy. White skinned, huge tits and several piercing. There was a heart charm dangling from her bellybutton and her clitoral hood was pierced with a golden ring. A black strip of hair above her pussy was all the bush she had. Via’s face was framed by black, streaked with red, and her pretty lips were smiling and I remember how eager they were to drink my piss.

April and Felicity were not nearly as nervous as they were last week. April stood proudly naked, her budding breasts topped with hard nipples. She looked so sexy with those glasses perched on her face framed by her bushy, brunette hair. Felicity had bigger tits, her black hair braided and thrown over her shoulder to nestle between her tits and a saucy smile on her face.

I hid in Missy’s old room, leaving the door cracked. I heard a car pull into the driveway and footsteps. Through Missy’s lacy curtains I could see the silhouette of my dad as he walked towards the front door. Key rattled metallically in the lock and then the door was opening.

“What the heck!” my dad exclaimed. Years of teaching had condition swearing out of his vocabulary he always said.

“Hello, Mr. Sullivan,” purred Via. “Mark sent us to entertain you.”

“Did he,” my dad said. Was that an excited hint to his voice? My dad must have really enjoyed Fiona last Friday and seemed eager for another tumble with a woman.

“Yes, we so want to fuck you,” April cooed.

I heard some wet smacking. He’s kissing one of them. Then a giggle. “Umm, you feel so big,” husked Felicity.

“So big and strong,” Joy said, in her heavy Vietnamese accent. “I bet you fuck long time.”

“Let’s get these pesky clothes off,” giggled Felicity.

“Hmm, so I get to play with all of you,” my dad asked, excited. Clothes were rustling, the sluts were stripping my dad naked.

“All of use,” Via said and there was more kissing sounds.

My dad moaned. “Umm, suck my penis.”

“Wow, Joy, how do you take that much into your mouth?” April asked in amazement. I could see it in my mind, Joy kneeling before my dad as she deepthroated his cock.

“It’s called deepthroating,” Felicity said.

“Oh,” April answered.

“To the bedroom,” Via said.

The group was all giggles and kisses as the trooped down the hallway. My dad’s bed creaked and my dad was moaning again. “You must relax your throat,” Joy was explaining. “And then you can take him, April.”

“Okay,” April said, and I could hear wet, sucking noises. That nerdy teenager was trying to deepthroat my dad. She must look so cute and sexy, with those tiny glasses perched on her delicate face, her mouth bulging with cock as she struggled to slide my dad’s shaft down her throat. I reached underneath my short skirt and began to stroke my moistening pussy.

“Have you ever been blindfolded?” Via asked, remembering the plan. “It makes sex so much more exciting.”

“No,” Sean answered, hoarsely.

“Good, we can make a game of it,” Via purred. “Who’s sucking at your cock now?”

“Um, the girl with glasses,” dad answered.

“Wrong,” April giggled.

“The girl with a braid?”

There was a wet, popping sound. “Yep,” Felicity answered.

My dad blindfolded, I walked quietly into the bedroom. I didn’t want my dad to know he fucked me. He was too nice of a guy and would feel guilty about fucking his daughter. Unlike Mark’s mother, I couldn’t change his outlook at all. There was one person all Warlocks couldn’t affect. For me, and other women Warlocks, it was our fathers. For Mark and male Warlocks, it was their mothers. Blindfolded, my dad would never know the pussy fucking his cock was his precious daughter’s tight cunt.

When I entered the room, my dad was naked on his back. One of his ties was about his eyes. Via was sucking at his cock, bobbing her head up and down. April was kissing my dad while Felicity had guided his hand between her legs and he fingered her tight slit. Joy knelt down and started licking at his balls. I walked silently up and tapped Joy on the shoulder and the girl slipped off the bed and I took her place.

Via released his cock and moved out of the way as I straddled my dad’s waist. I was dripping wet as I placed my dad’s cock at the entrance of my cunt. I grit my teeth, stifling my moan as I slid down onto his cock and slowly started to fuck him. This was so wicked, fucking my dad while he thought I was someone else.

“Who’s fucking you?” Joy asked.

“Umm, she’s tight,” my dad moaned. “Glasses girl?”

“Nope,” April said and then kissed him.

“How about the girl with a braid?”

“Nope, you’re fingering my cunny,” Felicity giggled.

“How about the Asian girl?”

“Oh yes,” Joy moaned, standing at the foot of the bed. “Your cock feels so good inside me!”

“You feel so good on my penis,” my dad moaned and I smiled. “Such a dirty girl!”

I started fucking faster and faster as Joy moaned a string of dirty, nasty things. “You’re stirring my cunt up! Your cock so big! So hard! You fuck me so well! Ohhh, such a nice cock!”

The pleasure was rolling through my body as I rose up and down on my father’s cock. This was so wrong, so wickedly wrong. I clapped my hand over my mouth and let out a muffled moan. Behind me, Joy was moaning wantonly. I bet it’s not the first time she’s had to fake an orgasm, she was so good at it. If I didn’t know she was acting, I’d swear she was getting the fucking of her life. Via had a naughty smile on her face and she caught my nipple into her mouth, sucking on my sensitive nub gently

“Oh, Mr. Sullivan,” April moaned, straddling his face. “I need my poor little pussy licked. Would you mind, sir?”

“No,” my father groaned, swiping his tongue through the nerdy girl’s cunt.

“Oh yes, pet my little kitty,” April moaned. “Your tongue feel so good, Mr. Sullivan.”

I leaned over and captured the little minx’s lips with a kiss. Her tongue was quick and agile as she kissed me back. I ran a hand across her body, feeling her budding breasts. My dad’s cock was hitting different parts of my cunt as I leaned over, and felt even more amazing. I rotated my hips, moving faster and faster.

Felicity shuddered on my father’s fingers. “Oh, yes, yes!” she gasped. “Ohh, thank you Mr. Sullivan. That was a great cum.”

I could see my dad’s lips were sucking hard on April’s clit and the nerd was sliding her cunt all over my dad’s face. I broke the kiss with April, throwing my head back. April bent down and captured my other breast and I had two sluts sucking at my tits. My fucking was growing faster and faster, my orgasm was coming closer and closer. Pleasure tingled from my nipples as two wet tongues swirled about my hard nubs.

“Oh gosh, gonna come,” my dad moaned, muffled by April’s cunt. “Keep going, so close. So close.”

“Yes, cum in me!” Joy moaned. “Flood my nasty cunt with your delicious cum! Fill me up!”

My own orgasm was nearing. This was so exciting. My dad’s cock was nice and big, and filled me up so deliciously. I went faster and faster, grinding my clit against his pubic bone on the down stroke, delighting as his cock rubbed back and forth against my pussy walls.

“Oh man! Here it comes!”

Warm semen flooded my cunt. The same sperm that once flood my mother’s cunt and made me was now spilling into my womb. Oh, it was so wicked, so nasty. My cunt constricted on his cock as I came. Behind me, Joy drowned out my muffled screams with her fake orgasm.

“Yes, yes!” she moaned. “Your cum so good inside me! Fill me up! Hmm, yes! Love when a man cums in me!”

“Umm, yes!” moaned April. The little, nerdy slut was cumming, too. “My little kitty’s cumming! Oh, fuck yeah!”

I got off my dad as Felicity sucked his cock into her mouth, cleaning off my juices and the last of his cum. I retreated to the living room. One by one, the sluts slipped out and bent down between my thighs. First was April, kneeling down before my naked cunt and taking a single, glorious lick up my slit. “Zimmah,” I muttered. Energy seemed to run out of the bedroom, from my father, into me and April and there was a moment where I could feel her.

“Oh, Mistress,” April gasped, a smile on her beautiful, innocent face. “I’m get to be yours forever.” There was a current of awe and wonder to her words and I bent down and kissed her. “Yes, you’re mine, little slut.”


“That was a great dinner, mom,” I said, pushing back the plate of pork chops and applesauce.

“Oh, thank you, Mark,” my mom answered.

“Yeah, it was delicious,” Antsy said, flashing me a smile on her perfect face. She was a younger, and far prettier, version of mom and my cock was half-hard as my thoughts drifted to fantasy of bending her over the table and fucking her right now. But my powers didn’t work on mom, so I couldn’t risk my mom finding out about us. Mary may have convinced my mom that incest with her son was okay, but would she feel the same about me fucking her baby girl? Who knew how she’d react.

My mom was up, clearing away the table. “How are you doing, mom?”

She sighed. “Sometimes I feel fine, then it hits me that your dad’s dead. That…” she swallowed. “That it’s my fault. And then I weep and weep until I feel wrung out.”

The doorbell rang. “Oh, Antsy, could you answer that. I need to speak to your brother in private, anyways.”

“Sure,” Antsy said, heading for the door.

“Follow me, Mark,” mom said and lead me to her bedroom. The carpet in the hallway had been ripped up. It’s where my dad died. I guess it was ruined.

“What is it, mom?” I asked. “I’m not interested in sleeping with you. That was just for the spell.”

“No, its not that,” my mom started to say when I heard footsteps heading down the hall. Several of them.

The door banged open and Mary walked in, flanked by four women. I recognized three of them. There was Joy from the wax salon, and April and Felicity, the two virgins Mary and I deflowered. The fourth woman I didn’t recognize, she had black hair with red streaks. All five women held a pair of handcuffs in their hands. Fear suddenly spiked my stomach. Black outlines surrounded the four women, they were Thralls. But to whom?

“Mom, watch out,” I shouted, looking back. My mom looked calm and I really looked at her and noticed a faint, blank outline about her. Crap, I had been avoiding looking at her ugly face that I didn’t notice that someone made her a Thrall.

“Mark,” Mary said, stepping forward, the other women spreading around me. There was love on her ugly, freckled face. “Please, just cooperate. You need to fight the spell and let me help you.”

Fight, the voice whispered, so very faint. So faint, in fact, I almost thought I’d imagined the voice.

“I’m sorry, Mary, I just don’t lo…” a cough strangled my voice. I wanted to say that I didn’t love her, but I couldn’t bring myself to say the words. Because, you still love her, the voice faintly whispered, just fight a little longer. “I’m sorry I don’t find you attractive anymore, but this isn’t the way.”

Mary sighed. “I’m sorry, too. Get him, ladies.”

I stuck my hand into my pocket, pulling out the Nextel as six women, my mom included, jumped at me, small hands grasping my arms, my chest, anywhere they could get a purchase. I pushed April off me and she fell back onto her ass. Felicity was scrabbling at my Nextel, trying to take it from my hand. My bodyguards were outside. They had guns. Mary brought this upon herself.

I pushed the talk button, the Nextel chirped as it connected to the network. “Master to anyone!” I shouted into the Nextel. “Help!”

Felicity pried the Nextel out of my hand and threw it to the floor. That didn’t matter. My bodyguards would have heard my call for help. They would be storming into the house any second, guns drawn, ready to help me.

“Mark, I took the Nextel away from your bodyguards,” Mary said calmly, “and sent them up the street. Back at home, I told everyone to turn of their Nextel. No one’s coming, so just stop fighting! I don’t want to hurt you. Please, Mark.”

My stomach sank. “Then stop attack me!” I protested, trying to fight against the six woman.

I struggled and we fell back onto my mom’s bed, the springs creaking in protest at our weight. Mary had my left arm and snapped a handcuff on my wrist. Fuck, this was just like the nuns attack all over again. Why was Mary doing this? Was she mad because I chose Antsy over her. I couldn’t help how I felt.

“I’m sorry, Mary!” I shouted. “But I lo…like Antsy, now!”

She was getting closer to handcuffing me to the brass bed frame. No! Fear surged through me. I threw off Joy and my mom from my right hand, balling my fist and swung with all my strength at Mary’s face. And…I couldn’t hurt her. Something inside me, some last vestige of feelings for Mary, stopped my hand inches from her face. My hesitation cost me as Mary ratcheted the handcuff onto the brass bed frame, trapping my left arm.

My mom and Joy were on my right arm again, and Mary was helping April and the other girl as they struggled with my leg. I kicked and shoved, causing the strange girl to stumble back. Mary sat on my leg, pinning it beneath her weight. I wanted to kick her off, but that same vestige of feelings within me stopped me again. Mary snapped the handcuff about my ankle and the then to the brass bed frame, trapping my left leg.

And then, it was over. Six women pulling on my right arm and then on my right leg and I was spread eagle, helpless before them. What was Mary going to do to me? Fear hammered at my heart. Mary was stripping off her clothes, her ugly breasts with those disgusting freckles came into view. And that ass, far too plump. Not the tight, firm ass of Antsy.

“Where’s Antsy?” I gasped, remembering she went to answer the door. “What have you done with her?”

“She’s fine,” Mary answered with a soft smile. “I wouldn’t hurt your sister. It’s not her fault what’s happened to the both of you.”

What was she talking about. She was on the bed, now, unzipping my pants. What was she going to do to me? Was she going to cut off anal porno my cock. I struggled, harder, the handcuffs biting into my wrists. I felt as helpless as the time Karen had me. Was she working with a nun? No, all the women had black auras and Mary had her red aura.

“Shh, hun,” Mary cooed, trying to sound sexy. It wasn’t working. She fished out my soft cock, stroking it in her rough hand, sucking it into her disgusting mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head of my cock, trying to get me hard. But how could she, only Antsy got me excited. Her attempt at a blowjob was terrible. Finally, she gave up, releasing my cock.

“Give him the Viagra,” Mary ordered with a sigh.

Joy was holding a bottle, fishing out a blue pill. I clamped my mouth shut but Joy just pinch my nose. No, I wouldn’t cooperate, I would fight. My lungs started to burn as I vainly tried to hold my breath. I had to breathe. My heart was pounding, darkness was fuzzing the edge of my vision. Have to breathe. My mouth opened, I sucked in a lungful of sweet air, and a blue pill dropped into my mouth.

“Swallow,” Joy said, clamping a hand over my mouth and pinching my nose. I had no choice, I swallowed the pill and Joy released me mouth.

“Okay, clear out sluts,” Mary ordered.

“What’s going on, Mary?” I asked as she pressed her disgusting body against mine, her rough hand stroking my cock.

“You’re under a spell, Mark,” Mary answered. “A nun got to Antsy. Made her a trap for you.”

That was impossible. No, it’s not, the voice whispered, barely audible, more like an echo of a voice, or maybe a memory. Just fight a little longer, the memory whispered.

“But it’s okay,” Mary continued. “I’m going to free you, Mark.”

I felt my cock stirring in her hand, blood beginning to engorge my cock as the Viagra took effect. Her hand was starting to feel good, stroking roughly on my shaft, and I shifted my hips about as pleasure began to radiated from my engorging dick. Mary smiled, stroking my cock faster. My cock had grown to its full length and I shifted as the pleasure begin tingling through me. Mary rubbed the pre-cum leaking from my cock, rubbing it about my sensitive head.

“I think you’re ready Mark,” she cooed and straddled my waist.

“No, please, Mary,” I begged. “I don’t want your nasty pussy on my cock! I only want Antsy’s cunt on me.”

Her pussy sank down, slowly, engulfing my cock in velvety warmth. “You have to remember how much you love me, Mark,” she moaned, as she slowly begin to ride me. “Remember how I trembled before you, the first time you saw me naked, in the Starbucks. How nervous I was?”

I could see Mary, standing naked next to Cynthia and Vivian. The moment I saw her naked, she was my favorite of the three. Her lovely auburn hair, gathered in a pony tail, her breasts covered by a dusting of freckles. Vivian had huge tits and Cynthia had a wicked smile, but neither had held a candle to the beauty and innocents of Mary. She smiled so beautifully the first time I squeezed her plump ass.

I shook my head. No, that couldn’t be right, only Antsy was beautiful. Right?

“After you fucked both Cynthia and Vivian, you said I was your favorite,” Mary moaned, her breasts bouncing before my eyes. “You said I was yours forever as we kissed on the floor of the Starbucks. You whispered, ‘I love you,’ the first time you came inside my pussy.”

I remembered being on top of her, fucking her on the Starbucks floor. No, making love to her. Her pussy felt amazing, like silk, as I moved inside her. Mary’s body was warm and soft beneath mine. We had stared into each other’s eyes, her eyes were a deep green, so beautiful. We stared into each other’s souls and I saw love inside of her. That’s when I knew she was mine. Forever.


No, no, no! Not Mary, Antsy’s the one I want forever. Remember her hazel eyes, Mark. Antsy loves me. She’s the one I need. I gritted my teeth, struggling not to cum, closing my eyes.

The memories were flooding my mind, whispering, just let go and cum, Mark! Let Mary save you! No! I struggled against those words, those memories. I was being torn apart between Mary and Antsy. My soul was ripping, tugged in too directions. If I came, Mary would win. I’d lose Antsy and I’d be stuck with this ugly hag.

She wasn’t always ugly, the voice whispered. Remember.

Images flooded my mind. Mary biting her lower lip, cute as a button. Mary sleeping on her side, a curl of auburn hair contrasting with her fair cheek, a slight smile on her face. Mary’s face contorting in pleasure as I made her cum. Her emerald eyes sparkling with lust and joy. Mary’s face, drool leaking down her lips, as she slept on my lap. Mary turning around, her hands covering her pussy, and the revealing her freshly waxed lips, the fiery heart of pubic hair above her tight, bare slit. Mary, wearing one of my shirts and nothing else, painting on our balcony. Mary standing in the shower, her auburn hair dark and wet and plastered to her gorgeous body. Mary smiling, Mary crying, Mary laughing so sweetly. Cuddling with Mary on the couch, watching that terrible Grey’s Anatomy show. Mary holding my hand with comfort and love.

I opened my eyes. I could almost see the beautiful Mary from my memories superimposed on the hag riding my cock. It was getting harder and harder to fight against the pleasure of her cunt. It was like Karen all over again, soon I would cum, there was a limit to what I could endure. Eventually, my body would betray me and I would lose my Antsy.

“Remember the Space Needle as the sun set behind the Olympic Mountains,” Mary begged. “Remember how you felt, what you said to me, as you proposed.” She held her left hand up, showing the black diamond ring. I could remember when I saw that ring, how beautiful and perfect it seemed sitting in the display case. “Remember, Mark, please!” She was crying as she pleaded with me. “I love you, Mark, please remember.”

I had knelt before Mary. She had this stunned and excited look on her face. I almost dropped the box as I pulled it out of my pocket, I was so nervous. And I said, “Mary, I stole your heart and you stole mine, and while we may not have known each other long, it has been long enough for me to know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” And she said yes, over and over, excited and crying all at the same time.

“When you…kissed…me,” I struggled to say, “after I…proposed. Time seemed…to stop.”

“Oh, Mark,” she whispered, and bent down and her lips were warm on my lips, full of love. Time seemed to stop and there was only Mary and I, connected body and soul. I felt something inside my soul, hard chains binding me to Antsy and I struggled against them, straining to break the steel. They were keeping me from my Mary, my beautiful, naughty filly.

My love.

My cum shot into her pussy and Mary broke the kiss. “Chabab!” she shouted, as her orgasm rolled through her, her cunt constricting on my cock. I could feel the chains on my soul shatter and energy flowed between Mary and I. It was so intense. Our souls merged together, briefly. For a single, perfect moment, we were one. I felt how much she loved me; the deep, strong river of love that carried her through the pain of the last few days. And Mary felt how much I loved her, how hard I struggled against the spell, trying to break free, to hold on long enough for my sweet Mary to save me.

“I love you, Mare,” I whispered as she panted on top of me. “I’m so sorry.”

“Shh,” Mary said, kissing my lips. “It wasn’t you. It was a nun.”

Mary got off me and I admired her beautiful, plump ass as she walked over to her clothes. When she bent down, her tight pussy, messy with my milky cum, flashed between her legs and I felt my cock hardening.

“You’re so beautiful, Mare,” I told her.

Her smile was so beautiful when she stood up, her perky breasts jiggling as she walked back to the bed. She kissed me on the lips and then began unlocking my handcuffs. She kissed my chaffed wrists and ankles as she released each limb. Freed, I grabbed Mary and pushed her onto her back, kissing her lips, forcing my tongue inside her mouth as I climb atop her. My sweet Mary was once again beneath me, wet and willing.

“Oh, Mark,” she moaned, guiding my cock to her sopping wet pussy. “Fuck me, I need you so badly!”

I slid inside my sweet Mary, my naughty filly. A nun had attacked us, but that could wait for later. All that mattered was that I had my Mary back and together we could overcome anything. I kissed her again, her lips salty with tears. Her legs wrapped around my waist, her hips bucking up to meet my thrusts. I broke the kiss, nuzzling at the slope of her neck, sucking hard. Leaving a hickey, marking my Mary as mine for all the world to see.

“Yes, fuck me!” she moaned. “My mighty stallion! Fuck your naughty, little filly! Ride me hard, stud!”

“I love you, Mare,” I whispered into her ear. “My sexy, naughty filly!”

I pounded her harder, our groins slapping together with urgency. I could feel her hard, little clit rubbing into my pelvis, bringing gasps of pleasure to her lips. I stared into her deep, green eyes, into her soul, delighting in the love I saw there. Her cunt was amazing on my cock, the best cunt in the world.

“I only need you, Mare,” I whispered. “I could be happy only with you.”

“I love you Mark,” she gasped. “You’re my world! I just need you, your cock, your delicious cum! Please, flood my naught pussy! Please!”

“Yes,” I moaned. “Here it comes, my delicious filly. My wanton lover!”

Our groins came together once, twice, thrice, and I was flooding her cunt. Her pussy spasmed on my cock, milking all my cum out as she screamed her passion wordlessly. I kept thrusting until all my cum had filled her up, had emptied from my balls. And then I rested on top of her, inside her. Her lips were soft as she kissed gently at my lips.

“It’s time to go home,” I told her.

“Yes,” Mary sighed happily. “All the sluts miss you so much.”


I was tired as I got off the plane. I was back home in Washington State. It had been nearly thirteen years since I’d left. I wondered how Sean was doing. And my daughters, they must be all grown up and beautiful. I wanted to go and see them, ached to see them, but that would only bring more pain. That part of my life was over, taken away from me by Kurt.

It’s why I had to stop Mark from destroying anymore lives.

A sudden pain clenched my stomach. I saw a bathroom and stumbled inside it, entering the stall. What was happening. It wasn’t pain, I realized, more like the memory of pain, of the nerve stabbing agony I experienced when I had appendicitis as a kid. What was going on. Oh, God! Please take this feeling away, I prayed as I fell to my knees before the toilet. And then it was gone.

My body shuddered as a hand reached through my dress and the Ecstasy came upon me.

“The Bond of Avvah has been broken,” Ramiel the Angel whispered into my ear. “Our opening gambit has failed.”

“What do we do now?” I asked. My pussy moistened beneath Ramiel’s touch, my nipples hardened in my bra.

“A messier plan,” Ramiel answered sadly, his hard cock sliding into my pussy and an orgasm shuddered through my body. “A far messier plan.”


“Hey, Carlos,” McKenzie, my bubbly producer said as she walked up to my desk in the KING 5 newsroom. “How’s that story about Mark Glassner coming.”

“It’s weird,” I answered. “Something hinky is definitely going on. Agent Peterson, the FBI agent that led the raid on Mark’s house last Thursday morning is being sweated by OPR. They think he’s dirty, that Mark bought him off.” He had been working on a story on Mark Glassner when that FBI raid messed everything up. He could hardly run a story about this Mark when the FBI was saying it was all a case of mistaken identity. But, if Peterson was dirty, his story had life again.

“Really,” McKenzie’s eyes lit up, sensing a juicy story. “Is this sourced?”

“I got a friend inside the Justice Department,” Carlos says. “The evidence against Mr. Glassner is pretty substantial and yet Agent Peterson let him go and does that interview with Jessica from channel 7 where he just embarrasses himself, claiming Mark is innocent and the entire raid was just a big fuck-up.”

My phone chirped. I had gotten an email from someone named Brandon Fitzsimmons. I frowned, why was that name familiar. Right, Mark was living at his house, shacked up with the guys wife. “Holy shit,” I muttered when I opened the email and saw the photos attached.

“I am I seeing what I think I am?” McKenzie asked greedily as she looked over my shoulder.

“Yeah,” I nodded. This was going to be an explosive story.

“This is leading the eleven o’clock news,” McKenzie ordered. “Get this ready, Carlos. Oooh, we’re going to scoop everyone else!”


I clicked send, my e-mail off to Carlos Guiterrez of KING 5 news. I had attached some of the juicy photographs Doug, my PI, had taken of my house and that bastard, Mark. I was about to close Outlook when a new email arrived from Doug. I had hired him to surveil Mark and everyday he emailed me the surveillance logs. Doug was a great PI, he helped me out when I divorced my first wife. I stashed him in a rental house that had a good view of my backyard and he was watching the houses with telephoto cameras, laser mics, and all sorts of other high tech gadgets.

“Brandon, this is some wild stuff I got,” the email read. There was a video attached.

I downloaded the video and was looking at my dining room. Mary was sitting at the dining room table, other naked women were lounging about. Suddenly, a silver haired woman in a transparent dress appeared out of thin air. The audio on the video wasn’t great. Luckily, Doug had provided me with a transcript. It was a fascinating read. Mary was negotiating a deal with a demon to rescue Mark from some problem. One line from the transcript caught my eye.

Lilith: “Done. Our Pact is finished. My time on the Mortal Realm is complete. But, before I go, I have another agreement to fulfill with you and Mark. There are many other spells for you to learn, other magic a Warlock can possess. Seek the ‘Magicks of the Witch of Endor.’ The ancient tome will complete your education.”

“Other spells,” I read aloud. “complete your education.” This tome might just be what I need to give me a chance against Mark. I’d need it.

I opened up Google and started my search.

To be continued…

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