The Day Before

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“Do you think anyone else made it?” asked Jess, lying down by the far right corner, opposite of the door. “I don’t know,” replied Jacob, sitting next to the door of the bomb shelter. He raised his head and faced his little sister, but he couldn’t see anything. It had been about two months since they ran out of fuel for the generator, leaving them in total darkness. Since then they were left with nothing to do but eat, sleep, and talk. Lately, however, there wasn’t much left to say to each other. Most of their conversations were about memories before the war started, which only left them depressed afterwards. Jacob ran his hand through his black hair, which had now grown somewhat long. He thought about how he must have turned twenty one sometime while they were down there, his birthday being in September. He never could have imagined spending his birthday locked away in a bomb shelter with no one but his little sister. The attacks began three months ago in the middle of August. Jacob and Jess were the only ones home when the TV channels switched, broadcasting emergency messages that warned of the impending nuclear attacks. Jacob didn’t waste any time, grabbing his little sister and leading her out into the bomb shelter as quickly as possible. Within minutes they could hear and feel the explosions, shaking the ground beneath them. Since then it had just been the two of them. They had been careful about using the water and food that was in the shelter. Jacob limited how much they could consume, making sure it would last. Jess was quite disappointed about this because she wanted to wash her body. Although they couldn’t see each other, the smell of the room clearly revealed that they both needed a shower badly. However, they were lucky enough that the bomb shelter had a separate storage room. At least they were able to keep the less pleasant odors trapped in there. A week escort after the generator failed, they had decided to use their clothing to wipe away some of the grime from their bodies. However, this caused their clothing to hold a horrible odor which they locked away in the storage room also. They were completely naked, and even though neither of them could see each other, they were very embarrassed for a few weeks. Jacob sat there silently, questions constantly popping up in his head. He wondered when they should leave the shelter. Was it too soon? Would they get sick from radiation if they left now? What would they do after leaving? “Are you awake?” whispered Jess. No reply came. “Jacob,” she tried again. There was still no answer. Jacob had heard her clearly, but pretended he couldn’t. He wasn’t really up for talking at the moment. Jacob continued his thoughts in silence, until he heard an unusual noise. It sounded like drops of water splashing against the floor. Jacob was about to call out to Jess and ask if she heard it too, until another sound came. A short, soft moan shot out through the darkness. Jacob recognized it as his sister’s voice. Jacob decided to not speak, suddenly realizing what was happening. Jess was fingering herself, believing her older brother to be asleep. However, Jacob wasn’t sleeping but instead listening to his little sister as she continued moaning. He felt quite awkward, wondering if he should say something to let her know he could hear her. If he did say something though, she would know that he was aware and she would be completely embarrassed, so he decided not to. Besides, he understood that Jess needed self-pleasure just as he did. In fact, it had been a while since Jacob had pleasured himself. It was hard for him lately. There was nothing to use as a visual aide, and when he tried to imagine girls from his past, the thought of them bayan escort being dead now made it uncomfortable. Furthermore, his memory of the people he knew had faded a little. The only person he could visualize in detail was his sister. Jacob remembered her straight, black hair that flowed down to the top of her chest. Her blue eyes lit up her sweet face. Although she was only sixteen, Jess had developed quite fast. Jacob didn’t know exactly how big her breasts were but he assumed they were at least a D cup. The rest of her body was quite fit and attractive and if she had not been his sister, Jacob would have loved to explore her body. Jess continued her pleasure, thinking that Jacob was fast asleep. She had her back against the floor, her legs spread wide as two of her fingers steadily delved in and out of her wet pussy. Her heart started beating faster from both her own actions and the fact that at any moment her brother might wake and catch her. The thought of being caught only excited her more. Jess let a few more moans escape from her sweet lips, slightly louder than the previous ones. Jacob couldn’t get the image of his little sister out of his head. In his mind he had stripped her clothes from her, envisioning her as he knew she was, laying entirely naked only maybe ten feet away from him. His cock stirred as he continued listening to her moans. He couldn’t resist anymore, reaching down with his right hand and grabbing his dick. He figured he might as well enjoy himself as well. He sat there in the corner, listening as Jess continued. The sound of her fingers sliding against the juices of her wet pussy grew louder. Jacob began stroking his dick in sync with the sound of his sister’s fingers. His dick was growing, almost to full size now, precum beginning to form at the head. Jess stopped for a moment to let another finger join in. When she stopped, she escort bayan suddenly noticed a sound coming from Jacob’s direction. She paused for a moment, worried he had woken. Silence filled the room once again. She waited for some time to make sure he was still asleep. Her fingers returned, satisfying the craving she had put off. As the three fingers slipped between the lips of her pussy, a loud moan shot out from her. Jess quickly drew her left hand up to her face, covering her mouth. She didn’t stop, however, continuing the motions in and out. Sweat rolled down her cheek, her body now on fire as her heart pounded louder. Jacob was stroking his dick even faster now. It was completely hard, reaching towards the ceiling. He could slightly hear the sound of his own strokes but assumed there was no way Jess could hear him over the sounds of her own moans. The two of them approached their orgasms, both feeling as if their hearts were going to beat through their chests. Jess moved her hand from her mouth, not caring about the noise anymore. She placed it on her left breast instead, pinching her nipple and running it between her fingers as she shoved the three fingers even deeper inside. The muscles in her leg started tightening, followed by the rest of her body. She arched her back in ecstasy, her fingers ramming inside even harder as juices flowed out over them. One very loud moan, almost a scream, shot out from her. After Jacob hearing his sweet little sister scream, Jacob stroked his hard dick even faster, pushing himself to orgasm. A moan unexpectedly shot out from him as well, which we quickly stopped. However, he couldn’t stop the cum shooting out from his dick in an explosion, in the direction of his sister. He quickly stopped, afraid she had heard him, but there was only silence. Jess laid there on the floor, her heart racing as she breathed heavily. She removed her fingers slowly from her soaked pussy, moving her arms to her sides. As Jess put her right hand on the metal floor, she felt something wet touch her hand. It was a warm liquid, slightly stick to the touch.

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