The Dallas School Girls Pt. 06: Group

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When my wife first mentioned what she called, The Dallas School Girls, I thought of them as simply a clique of women, and one gay man, all in their 60s who had stayed close friends since middle school. I met most of them at parties or dinners. They were all smart, successful, and quite beautiful.

It wasn’t until after my wife passed away that I learned the real secret of the Dallas School Girls.

I suggest reading at least the intro to this series to help get things started. -Emmerson

Have you ever tried to decide what to wear to an orgy?

When Jan showed up at the hotel to pick me up, she was wearing a simple satin wrap-around, almost a bathrobe, with sandals and no stockings.

She sniffed the room and cringed, “did someone’s dog piss in your room?”

“You’re close. Not a dog but a bitch.”

Her eyes narrowed and her lips tightened. “Jill.”

I nodded.

“Sondra said she tried the Golden Shower with her once, without asking. Sondra sent her packing.”

“I suspect she’ll be more polite in the future.”

“Do I want to know what you did?”

“Let’s just say, I added to the mess and she was very submissive after that.”

“Jill and submissive. Those are two words you don’t hear together very often. Well, I’ll let the other girls know to keep an eye on her tonight. It might be time to revoke her honorary membership.” She took a second glance at me and went into “wife” mode. “Is that what you’re wearing? You’re the cock of honor. Maybe something less … complicated?”

“Like yours?”

Jan untied the loop in her wrap-around, letting it fall open to reveal her beautiful breasts and nearly fully restored white pubic mane. I took a step toward her, but she raised a finger to stop me. “If you start eating my pussy now, we’ll never make it to the party.”

“Would that be a bad thing?”

She closed her dress. “Not for me, but I think Cy has plans for your ass.”

“Cy will have to get used to disappointment”

“Come on, Lover. Let’s get you ready.”

Within a few minutes, Jan had me in loose cargo shorts and a lavender linen shirt. No underwear at all. “If you get hard, everyone will know it, Jan smirked.

“Isn’t that the plan?”

“It is that.” She took my hand and we shared a long tongue kiss. “Let’s go get fucked, Lover.”

We did stop at the front desk to let them know housekeeping may need extra help with the room.

+ – + – + – + – + –

We rang for the elevator at Meryl and Mitch’s skyscraper condo. When we stepped off at the penthouse alcove, we were greeted by Roxanne, not surprisingly already naked. But the surprise part was the handsome young stranger who had an arm around her waist, holding her bent over as he fucked her ass.

Jan had to laugh, “Hello, Roxie. Who’s your friend?

Didn’t you meet Adam? He was Sondra’s escort at New Year’s Eve party. She didn’t think it would be fair showing up tonight without someone to share.”

“Very considerate,” Jan ran her fingers though his chest hair and down his perfectly cut abdomen into his pubic bush as he kept pounding Roxanne’s back door. She kissed her friend’s ear. “Don’t you get enough of this from your husband, Roxie?”

“Not this big! God, you have got to give him a ride, Jan.”

She opened her dress and licked the escort’s face. “You want in this cunt, come find me after you’ve cleaned up.”

I leaned down to give Roxanne a tongue kiss. She grabbed my hands and held them to her large boobs.

“Fuck me, sweety. Give me a DP before one of the other sluts takes you from me.”

“Maybe later Roxanne. I think Jan is the first slut on my dance card.”

I joined Jan as she walked through the entry hall into the main living space. The last time I was there was when Meryl and Mitch caught me in a foursome that spiraled into a mind-blowing, if short-term affair with a younger woman named Carmella.

Meryl walked past, nude, as is her preference, carrying a tray of champagne flutes. In case you aren’t familiar with my previous encounters with Meryl and Mitch, let me begin by explaining that Meryl is a breast cancer survivor by virtue of a radical mastectomy; that is, the removal of all breast tissue, leaving her looking like, in her words “a Ken doll without the abs.” Only a thin, scar crosses her chest where her nipples once were. She takes great pride in being a survivor, flashing her scar at everyone from the door man to the mail carrier. She and her husband Mitch are avowed hedonists, taking pleasure whenever and wherever and with whomever they find it.

That the evening’s festivities were being held at their place was no surprise since they already had one room converted to a “playroom,” with thick padding on the floor, soundproofing all around, and quick-release manacles attached to the walls at varying intervals.

As Meryl went by, I commented on the dozen or so champagne glasses on the tray. “Think it will be enough?” I tried to joke.

“It will get things started,” said the woman coming out of the kitchen. I turned to see Carmella walking toward us, carrying taksim escort a tray of her own. Unlike Meryl, she was not completely nude, wearing only an apron that covered her lap. Also unlike Meryl, her breasts were a good size with small tan nipples on olive-colored skin.

The tray had no less than 8 pink plastic bottles with screw-on tops.

She bumped my hip with her bare butt as she passed. “Hey there, Mister.” She stopped to give Jan a deep kiss on the mouth before kissing both her nipples. “Always a joy to see you, Jan.” And she followed Meryl down the short hallway and through the door into the Playroom.

Things were well underway when we walked in. Roxanne was now on all fours, still being buttfucked by Adam (“quite the staying power,” Jan observed.) who, in turn, was taking it in the ass from Roxie’s husband, Cy.

Roxanne pushed her face into Sondra’s bulging cunt, as the big woman held her hair and pumped her tongue.

Jill was also on her hands and knees. Her husband, Jim, was fucking her doggy style as she sucked Mitch’s prodigious cock.

Meryl had cornered Debi and was holding her face between her thin legs.

I scanned the rest of the room. “The Rabbi wasn’t invited?”

“Dallas School Girls only. And their significants.”

Jan stepped over to a set of shelves and wall hooks with various coats, purses, etc. She removed her robe and hung it on one of the hooks. I grabbed her from behind and bent her over the low shelf. Quickly spreading her cheeks, I started kissing and licking her ass, pushing my tongue deep into her tight pucker.

Jan looked down and laughed, “I hope you don’t plan to kiss me with that mouth.”

I stood up, grinning, “Nope. I plan to kiss Carm.”

“Oh, this will be fun,” Jan opened my pants and my hard dick swung out into her hand. She knelt down to kiss and suck me, bobbing her head deliciously, “has she noticed?”

“Who cares?” I thrust into her mouth, “OUCH.”

Jan had let her teeth drag across the head of my dick. “Has she noticed?”

I looked around. Carm was arranging the bottles of lube on a side table, casually glancing our way and licking her lips. “Yes. She just did.”

“Good, I’ll be watching.” She waved as she walked away. “Oh, Mitch darling, are you going to let Jill have all the fun or will you fuck me with that beautiful cock of yours?”

I saw Mitch turn toward her, his dick pivoting from Jill’s mouth as if targeting Jan’s pussy. Before I could look away, I felt a hand on my butt. “Get left behind, mister?” It was Carm. She had abandoned the apron and was wonderfully, proudly naked.

She grabbed my hard cock and pulled me to the floor. Once on my back, she straddled my hips and lowered herself onto my dock. Her groan was low and soft, “Oh, I have missed this cock.”

“Meryl and Mitch haven’t kept you entertained?”

“They’re fun and everything. Meryl is downright insatiable and you can’t beat Mitch’s cock for size,” both of us glanced over where Jan was laying on her back on the mat, knees to up to her tits, rocking her hips and screaming obscenities as Mitch sawed his long, thick cock in and out, glistening from her juices.

Carm leaned down to kiss me. She sucked in my tongue, then paused. “Am I tasting Jan’s ass?”

“You have an educated palate.”

“Mmm.” She sucked me deeper, as she settled down to rotating her hips around my dick, “And your cock just fits me,” she ground her clit onto my pubic bone, “ooohh baby it fits me perfectly.’

“I’m a fan of his dick, too,” Jill was standing over my face, naked, her beautiful pussy dripping onto my mouth. I flinched away. She laughed, “I suppose I deserved that. But no funny business this time. I just want that tongue in my cunt.”

The Senator lowered herself over my face. I saw her reach toward Carm who took both her hands for balance. “I’m Jill.”

“Call me Carm. You’re the Senator?”

“Today I was the Senator. Tonight, I’m just a horny slut looking to cum as many times, and in as many different ways as possible.”

I licked Jill’s clit, making her twitch and ride my face faster.

“If you’re looking to take it up the ass, they don’t get better than this guy right here.” Carm tapped my chest between Jill’s knees. I sucked Jill’s clit into my mouth, against my tongue.

“Oh, don’t I know it. He gave my ass a full rogering just this afternoon.”

“And did you cum?” Always the subtle one my Carmella.

“Not only did I cum, I peed myself.”

That’s one way of looking at it.

Carm slapped my stomach as her cunt clenched my cock. “You made her pee? How come you never made me pee?!”

“Are you interested in … water sports?” Jill asked carefully.

Carm was humping me faster as the conversation got her blood going. “I’ve never actually tried it, but it sounds so deliciously vile, so horribly dirty. I’d love to find someone to share that with.”

Jill pulled away from my face as she rocked forward to kiss Carm. I heard the younger woman start to groan a surprise, then settle into a quiet moan as her mecidiyeköy escort hands found Jill’s tits.

“I bet Meryl and Mitch have a bathroom with a large tub.” Jill suggested. Carm gasped before stroking the Senator’s face.

“That sounds marvelously disgusting,” Carm giggled. “But not right now, I want to cum on my favorite cock.”

“I know what you mean. His tongue is making me crazy.”

Not that anyone would have noticed based on their conversation. But soon Jill started grinding onto my face, moaning my name while pinching Carm’s sensitive nipples. Carmella was bouncing on my hard dick, screaming louder with each bounce. She was close.

I saw a naked man step alongside Jill, holding his cock near her face. She looked up and smiled. “Hello sweetheart,” she said to her husband as she started sucking his dick. She pulled away to comment, “This is the nice man I was with all afternoon.”

Nice man? I thought. Were we in the same hotel room?

“He fucked my ass, then peed in my face until I sucked his cock covered in my own shit. It was … it was … FUCK HE’S SUCKING MY CLIT AND FINGERING MY ASS. GOING TO CUM, MY LOVE! CUMMMMING!”

Her pussy let loose a flood of cum around my face. I licked up what I could and swallowed it all.

“THAT IS SO FUCKING HOT. I’M GOING TO…” Carm quivered as her orgasm took over. She ground her clit down harder, sending shivers through her body and up my cock. I grabbed her hips, thrusting deep and hard until the head of my cock slammed her cervix. Carm screamed again as her pussy filled with my cum. Jill leaned over and kissed her once again as another orgasm rolled over her. This amazing woman with whom I had discussed marriage, settled onto my cock, setting off aftershocks as we all caught our breath.

Jill stood up, her cunt still dripping on my face. She held a hand out to Carm, helping her stand on wobbly legs, Carm stepped over my hips, blowing me a kiss as she walked away with Jill holding hands, in the general direction of the guest bath. Jill looked back at her husband. “Are you coming, Jimmy?”

“In a minute my love. I want to talk to your new friend.”

Uh oh. The husband of the woman I violated that afternoon wanted ‘to talk’

He put his arm around my shoulder, kissing the drops of his wife’s cum off my cheek. “I don’t mean to be out of line, but what exactly did you do to my wife this afternoon?”

“Um, exactly?” I was laying naked on a mat surrounded by a dozen other naked people doing naked people things, and this naked man wants ‘exactly,’ “Well you heard, she forced me to let her piss in my face, so I fucked her ass, while pushing on her bladder, making her wet herself, then made her suck the shit off my dick by peeing in her face.”

“Hm. The forced piss shower was her M.O. until this evening. When she got home, I was rushing to get ready for tonight, but she only wanted to lick my ass. I mean, eat the shit right out if my fucking ass! All the while, jerking me off with one hand and fingering her clit with the other. When I started cumming, she spun me around, took my dick in her mouth and drank my cum! Twenty years of marriage she has never given me a blow job, let alone swallowed my cum. It was always about what I could do for The Senator.”

I chuckled as I watched Jan sitting on Georgia’s face as she jacked off Cy and Adam. She screamed her orgasm as the two men shot their wads onto her tits and face. I turned to the other man, “Well, Jim is it? Well Jim, I guess you’ll have to accept that your wife has changed and make the best of it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I see an ass that wants fucking.”

I picked up one of the pink plastic bottles as I strolled toward Cy.

Smiling and covered in cum, Jan saw me walking their way with the pink bottle in my hand, stroking my cock to keep it hard.

Still holding Cy’s dick, Jan climbed off Georgia and laid on her back. She brought her knees to her chest, rocking her hips until her tight sphincter came into view. She said something to Cyrus, who grinned and started licking her asshole as he fingered her pussy. She bucked and groaned, enjoying his expert attention.

Soon she gripped his hair pulling him up to kiss the taint from his tongue. Jan took hold of his long, thin cock, guiding it to her butthole. Cy’s fit ass tightened as he pushed forward. Jan was no stranger to anal sex and Cy slid into her ass with relative ease. She reached between them and stroked her clit as she smiled at me.

Suddenly, Roxanne was standing in front of me. “Are you going to butt fuck my husband, baby? Are you going to fuck Cy’s ass? Because he’s been bragging to everyone about how he’ll take your anal cherry.” I chuckled at that. “Let me help,” she continued with enthusiasm. I stopped walking and looked at her. Roxie’s big tits were red from an evening of abuse. Her nipples were swollen and covered in cum from various sources, some dried and some fresh and dripping. Cum also dripped from her smiling face, as she looked at me bright-eyed.


She immediately avcılar escort dropped and started sucking my cock. In the midst of their own bacchanalia, no one took a second glance at the beautiful grandmother in the center of the room sucking my cock as she fingered her clit.

No one except Jan who I saw roll her eyes back and cum. Cy was pumping her ass vigorously.

I put a hand on Roxanne’s head, easing her away. “If I cum in your mouth, it will defeat the purpose,” I smiled and kept walking. Soon I was standing behind Cy, listening to his low, manly grunts as he fucked my love in the ass. Jan gripped his shoulders and grit her teeth as her orgasm grew, along with her high-pitched cries.

I knelt down and squirted lube onto Cy’s upturned anus. He paused for a moment and looked back. “I hear you’ve been making promises Cyrus.” I spread the lube around his tight hole, which relaxed quickly. “Now, I’m here to collect. I’m going to have your ass, since you are having hers. Is that alright?”

He stared at my large dick. “Your cock,” he groaned, still pumping Jan. “Let me suck your cock first.”

“Your wife has already taken care of that,” I said as calmly as possible as my blood pressure rose. ‘Now all that is left,” I slipped a finger through his sphincter and he groaned, “is to get you ready, Cy. Roxie?”

“Oh, yes, I love this part.”

Roxanne held out her hand as I poured lube into her palm. As she rubbed her hands together to warm it, I kissed her gorgeous tits, sucking the nipples and fresh cum. Roxanne gasped, then continued, inserting two fingers into her husband’s butthole.

I felt a tap on my thigh and Jan grinning at me with her palm up. I poured lube into her hand, no small task considering how much her body was bouncing and convulsing. When she had plenty in her hand, she grabbed my cock, spreading the slick fluid the length of my shaft. I groaned in delight, watching Roxanne put a third finger in. Cy moaned as she stretched his anus and filled his rectum. Cy sucked one of Jan’s nipples, making her cry out and grab his head.

Cy looked at my cock once more as I spread the lube over the swollen head.


I looked up at Roxanne who had her entire fist in her husband’s ass, probably not for the first time. She grinned at me and nodded. We switched places as I rose into a crouch behind Cy. Roxie quickly kissed a drop of pre-cum off the tip of my dick, before guiding me to Cy’s wide-open ass. His smell was overpowering and it was all I could do to not start licking his hole. But my cock was past the point of being denied. I leaned over his back, angling myself down, and pushed in easily.

Cy hissed as my head squeezed through his ring of muscle, then sighed as I slid in, deep and easy. He pumped Jan faster, sliding himself up and down my cock.

“Oh, Cy, yes.” I think Jan and I both said together. I kept fucking him, enjoying the feeling of his rectum squeezing my thick rod.

I caught the slight smell of urine and felt hands on my ass cheeks I glanced back to see Jill leaning close to kiss and lick my anus. Carm stood over her, stroking her pussy in heightened anticipation, her olive complexion still carrying the sheen of a light layer of piss. Each time I pumped into Cy, I pulled back onto Jill’s tongue. She was groaning, “I love the taste of your ass,” as she licked deep into my dark hole.

It seemed I had unleashed a new monster.

I was getting closer and pumping faster. I heard Jan’s cries growing to a familiar shriek. “GOD YES! FUCK MY ASS YOU HORNY BASTARD FILL ME WITH YOUR HOT SEED AND MAKE ME CUM!”

Jan’s dirty talk always hits me dead center. My orgasm was deep and strong, firing stream after stream into Cy’s ass. He shouted “FUCK YES!” And sent his own cum into Jan’s pulsing rectum.

“Are you cumming?” Jill pulled me out of Cy’s ass and sealed her mouth over my cock, sucking my cum and tasting his taint. I continued to fuck her face, noticing Carmella on her back, licking Jill’s clit. Then Jim was at Carm’s pussy, sucking her cunt but with his eyes focused on his wife’s ass that flexed and tightened every time she bobbed on my dick.

The sensation was incredible, but was getting to be too much. I gently pushed Jill away. “No no no,” she whimpered, “I want to taste his shit. I want to swallow your cum. Pleeease.” Like a child who thinks saying please will make all the difference.

“Senator,” I said softly, “I think your husband wants to fuck you.”

“Jimmy?” She turned and saw he him hunched over Carmella’s pussy. “No no, darling. Don’t lick there. You don’t know what you’ll find.”

“Piss? You’re piss, Senator? It tastes wonderful.”

“Oh, God” Jill gasped. “Come here and drink from the source.”

Jim crawled under her and started licking her clit. Jill lowered her head in a perfect sixty-nine, sucking his dick as a small stream of pee dribbled into her husband’s mouth.

The scent of urine drifted to my nostrils again and Carmella took my arm, “Let’s leave them to it,” she turned me to where Jan was now on her back, with Georgia crouched over her face and Adam pumping her pussy as she screamed. “Your lady does know how to enjoy herself. Well, I should shower or no one will want to shag me for the rest of the night,” she looked at me with a mischievous grin. “But it was worth it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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