The Customer (Dexter’s Saga) Ch. 37

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This story is dedicated to all the real Super Heroes of our time – The Service men and women of our Armed Forces and First Responders.

This story is a work of pure fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental, and no harm or slanderous intent is implied or intentional.

I hope you enjoy my work, and if you have any comments or ideas that may inspire new work, please feel free to contact me – all E-mails will be answered to the best of my ability. [email protected]

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End of Chapter


“You will comply and do so, willingly,” he said reaching out and tenderly holding his crotch and giving it a bit of a gentle squeeze, “or I will see to it that you become a eunuch,” the caliph released his grip and said shaking his finger under his nose. “Do not force me to do that as you know how I will I miss seeing and playing with those big balls of yours. Is that understood?”

“Yes Master!”

“I will determine when and if you will kill him. Again IS THAT UNDERSTOOD!” shouted the Caliph..


Friday, Jesse and Yethro took off from the capital and drove up to the lake. They hitched up the Chris-Craft to the trailer and then hauled it up to the big lake and set it in the water. By the time they were finished it was nightfall and Yethro asked, “Now do you wish me to place the canopy up so we can sleep on board, or do you want to take a hotel room for the night?”

“I think I would rather sleep in a bed on land. You know neither of us is getting any younger and….”

“Hold on there,” Yethro shouted and playfully punched Jesse in the arm, “Are you speaking for yourself, because I’m not that old and neither are you!”

“Sorry, but I was thinking of your comfort. You know you are not getting any younger. Besides even I’m finding it difficult to do the things that I did at 24. And I can only imagine how you must feel. This hooking up and hauling this old boat is beginning to make me tired. And then to have to sleep on those hard cushions…. I think I would like a nice yacht with a spacious stateroom to sleep in. I don’t know if it is my aging or my just getting spoiled and soft that is making me feel this way.”

“You might be right now that I think about it. It would be nice to have a bigger boat with full sleeping accommodations. We could keep it up here on the big lake and then we would not have to haul this boat around every time we felt the need to do a little real fishing. It might cost a fortune, but I think we could afford it now. How about if I give it to you and Ronnie for a wedding gift instead of that trip? I’m sure that I can find the money. If not, perhaps we could sell the cabin and move our vacation spot up here. Remind me to look into it when we get back.” Yethro said.

“Like hell I will! You are not going to sell our cabin. I will kill you if you do that. We will need the cabin more than ever once Ronnie and I are married. All week long she is going to insist that I have to bed with her. You and I will need a little ‘love nest’ to run away to. How could you even think of selling the place where we fell in love? It would be like … I don’t even know what it would be like,” Jesse fumed.

“OK! OK! It was just a thought. Let’s take a room for the evening and get some sleep,” Yethro said and the two of them rented out a room for the evening.

Early the next morning they boarded the Chris-Craft and headed out to the Canadian side of the lake and started fishing in the early morning mist. No sooner had they had dropped their lines into the lake when a Canadian patrol boat came alongside and asked to see their papers. When they handed over their papers, one of the officers recognized Yethro and apologized for interrupting the Governor’s fishing.

“Sorry about this, Governor. I hope we did not scare all the fish away, but we are just doing our job. We will see to it that you are not disturbed again. Is there anything else we can do for you?”

“Well, we are here not only for the fishing, but to meet a Canadian friend of mine that has a yacht he wants to unload on me. He wants to convince me that once I leave office I should think about trading in this old Chris-Craft for a somewhat larger ship and perhaps live the life of a retired sailor here on the lake.”

“Well it would be a pleasure to have you up here and perhaps we can go fishing sometime together. By the way, our hunting is also fantastic up here and I know all the good places to both fish and hunt. It would be my pleasure to act as your guide.”

“Now that is an offer that I cannot refuse. I will look forward to it. Officer –Officer? I’m sorry Ataşehir Escort what is your name?”

“Lt. Macloury, but everyone calls me Mac.”

“Jesse take this man’s name and phone number,” Yethro said. “Well, thank you Mac. This is my son Jesse and he is both an avid hunter and fisherman as well.”

Mac reached out his hand and said, “That invitation also includes you.”

“Thank you, Mac. I’ll look forward to it.”

The patrol boat took off with as little disturbance as it could until it was almost out of sight just as the sun began to burn off the early morning mist.

About 10am another rather large boat pulled up and dropped its anchor. After hailing each other, Yethro maneuvered his small boat along side the yacht and moored to it.

“Now this is more like the boat I was thinking of yesterday,” Jesse smiled as ladder was lowered and both Jesse and Yethro climbed up onto the deck. Up top they were met by a handsome well developed man in long flowing Arab robes and a powerful looking bearded black man carrying an AK47, whose body was covered with many tattoos. Yethro did the introductions.

“Jesse, I would like you to meet His Eminence, Haroun ibn Mohammed, known as the Caliph of the Moslem State and a very good friend of mine. Your Eminence, this is my son and heir, Jesse ibn Allwadii.”

Haroun looked Jesse up and down and reached his hand out to Jess and shook it formally and then grabbed and hugged Yethro.

“It’s good to see you again my old friend. The last time, if I remember right, you looked more like a desert rat. It has been too many years since we parted. And now look at you, the Governor of a state, rich, prosperous and now a father. It’s nice to see you and meet your son at last. This man, Dawud, is my slave and also my confidant. Yethro, he will see to your comfort while Jesse and I get to know each other.” Then to Jesse he said, “I don’t know if Yethro has told you or not, but he has asked me to put my approval on this adoption of his. You must know that we Moslems are very protective about the Prophet’s name and blood. I wish to question you and get to know you before I put any stamp of approval on you as his son and thereby recognize you as a direct blood link to the prophet.”

“With all due respect, your Eminence, Yethro is my father and not even you can change that. I could not care less for your ‘blessing or approval’. The only reason I am here is out of respect for my father and his deep feelings about his religion and its customs, which I someday wish to share, understand and accept. While your “Blessing and so-called approval” would be more than welcome — it is really not needed.”

The Caliph was enraged at Jesse’s effrontery, but calmed himself and said, “Well, the young lion cub has a bite. I was warned about that!”

“Whoever gave you such a warning was right! Know that when it comes to my father, I do bite and I bite deeply!” Jesse fumed.

Rather than be offended, the Caliph smiled and laughed. “Ahh! A man after my own heart,” he said. “You have the spirit of the Bedouin. I really should not be surprised seeing the stock that you wish to become a part of.” Then, switching to Arabic he said to Yethro, “So far, I think you have chosen well.” He then continued in Arabic, “however, before I approve your adoption of him there are still many more questions I must ask. I must test him and prove to myself that he is ready for the plan and mission we hope he will embark on. You know that once I approve this adoption, he will inherit not only your name and property but our bloodlines as well. Without this approval there is no way that Islam would recognize him as a Caliph. Is this understood? I must be 100% sure before he can be considered for the position of a Caliph or allowed to claim that right. Do I have your permission to proceed?”

Yethro started to answer in English, but the Caliph put up his hand and said “Arabic only! Or does he understand the language?”

“No,” Yethro answered in Arabic. He has only the rudimentary knowledge needed to read the Holy Books. The Imam, Rashid and I are trying to teach him but, as most Americans, he finds it very hard.”

“So, Jesse, you read Arabic but can not understand it yet?” asked the Caliph.

“Yes, Yethro and my future brother-in-law are doing their best to teach me, but I can not get my mouth and mind to form the words yet.” Jesse answered half in very bad Arabic and English.

“At least you are trying. It is of little importance now and I’m sure you will learn in time. You are a very bright young man and it will come quickly to you,” he said in English. “Now, if you please, I would like you to come with me to my stateroom where the two of us will be more comfortable. Just you and me as I would like to get to know what kind of man wishes to be the son of Yethro,” he said and then turned to the Judge and said to his bodyguard, “Dawud, you take Yethro to the fantail and see if you can catch some fish or something. Bostancı Escort I suspect that Jesse and I will be talking for quite a while.”

Haroun took Jesse by the arm and led him into his stateroom suite, while Dawud led Yethro to the rear of the ship where line and fishing poles had been placed. Yethro sat down and started to fish while Dawud prepared some food and drinks. Into one of the drinks he placed a pill to put Yethro to sleep. He then sat down next to him and watched him drift off.

In the meantime, Haroun took Jesse into his stateroom and told him to relax while food and drinks were sent in. They sat around a small table and talked. He asked Jesse about how he met the Judge and how their relationship had started. Jesse did not go into a lot of detail. “I am sorry that I can not recall much of my early life before this as I suffered from amnesia and Achmed’s forceful…. In any event the Judge and my doctors decided that in my case it was well to leave sleeping dogs sleep. I must admit that I have tried to remember, but I too came to the concussion that it was better this way. I do not care, nor do I wish to know what my life was like before I met the Judge and he freed me from that brothel and changed my life forever. Who knows and I might have been worse then a prostitute. I might have killed someone. Although I really doubt that. However, Yethro did have his friend, the Chief of Police run my prints through the records and they could find only that my name was ‘Poindexter’ or something like that and I had no criminal record. Yethro made me forget the past and introduced me to a wonderful life and for that I am grateful. I now have a wonderful home, a great job and I have met a beautiful girl that will be my wife.”

“This girl Rania, from what I hear, is according to Sharia law your wife now.”

“Yes, but I can not, according to American law exercise my husbandry duties until she is of age.”

“Another bit of American stupidly.” The Caliph got up and walked around while continuing to question him. “As a young man this must be very hard on you This girl, I know her family well and they will require you to produce many children. With your history do you think you will be capable? I mean you are a homosexual are you not?”

“I am a bisexual. Like most men I know it will be my duty to produce offspring. I will do my duty. As far as my other activities, from what I see Sharia law does not prohibit sexual relations with others both within and without of marriage. Men are permitted to have both male and female concubines in their Harems. Are we not even permitted and promised this in Paradise? If not there then why not here on earth?”

“We do seem to bend that law a bit.” He smiled, got up and walked behind Jesse and place one hand on his shoulder and with his other hand he reached into his robe and withdrew a rag from a plastic bag he had hidden there. Quickly, before Jesse realized it, he pressed the rag over Jesse’s face and held him imprisoned as the surprised young man struggled and tried to fight off the effects of the drug. “No, don’t fight it my friend! It is better for you to relax. It is just a little bit of chloroform. You will not be harmed too much.”

Jesse, taken by surprise, was struggling but soon fell into a deep sleep. Haroun removed the rag and placed it back into the bag. The Caliph ran his fingertips over the comatose face and lightly slapped Jesse’s cheek to make sure he was really out. Getting no reaction he then hoisted him over his shoulder and carried him through the connecting hatch into his bedroom. “Welcome to my den little Lion.” He said as he sat him on the edge of his bed and sat down next to him. Knowing that this beautiful young man was in his bed, unconscious, completely vulnerable and unable to protest in anyway really set his libido on fire. He could hardly control himself. His cock was already tenting his robe. He placed his strong dark fingers on Jess’ smooth white chin and looked into his vacant eyes. ‘Ya Rab’ (Please God), a thought ran through his mind, I hope I haven’t overdosed him? He quickly undid the young man’s shirt and ran his hand over Jesse’s broad chest to test if his heart was still working. Wonderful, he could feel the heart beating strongly and he relaxed a bit as he watched, as if spellbound, the chest rise and fall. The tips of his eager fingers ran over the hardening nipples. He smiled, as he heard Jesse moan giving him further assurance that all was well. If he could help it he did not wish to hurry. From that first time one of his spies had showed him pictures of Jesse, he had planned for this moment! He wanted to enjoy this as much as possible. But, he could see that the chloroform was wearing off! He did not really have much time. Besides Yethro might getup, become alarmed and do something stupid. While there was much to be done, he had no desire to overdose him. After all what fun was there in seducing a dead fish? He liked it when his prey were not drugged into oblivion Kadıköy Escort or overdosed to the point where they offered no resistance of any kind.

He put one arm around Jesse’s waist to steady him and moved his other hand down and rested it on Jesse’s crotch and began a slow and steady massage. MMmm it felt like this Jesse was packing a few pounds of meat! Jesse’s head lolled to the side and rested on his abusers shoulder as he moaned again. The Caliph could feel the bulge growing and was ecstatic as he blew in Jesse’s ear. Then taking the ear lobe in his mouth he sucked and nibbled on the sweet morsel, while continuing his gentle massage of the dazed stud’s crotch. Yes, his new friend was reacting well, very well! He could feel the heat rising from Jesse’s crotch and try as he might he could no longer restrain himself. He unbuttoned Jesse’s shirt and ran his hand up under the T-shirt and over Jesse’s smooth chest. Touching his nipples and circling the nipple with a finger tip. He removed his hand and licked his fingers then reinserted his wet fingers and twisted Jesse’s nipple. He heard him sigh and groan again. Good, he thought he is becoming really hot. He lifted the t- shirt, leaned in and nibbled at first one then the other now hardened nipple. This caused Jesse to groan even more.

He eased Jesse’s shirt off his shoulders and slowly let it slide from his extremely well developed torso, then tossed it into the corner of the room. Then he pulled his T-shirt over his head and tossed that as well. As his dark eyes roamed down the white chest they focused on the waistband of his Levis where he spotted Jesse’s underwear just trying to peak over the top. Playfully, he wondered half allowed, now what would he be wearing, white briefs or boxers? Just which would Jess favor? Not wishing to prolong the uncertainty much longer, Haroun, unbuttoned the top button and slowly unzipped the fly. Surprise of surprises, not tidy whites or boxers nor was he commando, but a pair of sexy skimpy white bikinis! ‘Y’allah’, the only thing that would have been sexier would have been if they were black see-through mesh cord or lace. Well, one can’t have everything he thought as he continued his kneading and massage again producing quite a bulge, one that was trying its best to escape the tight confines of the skimpy cloth. As the pants fly spread open trying to release its huge package the Caliph erotically lowered the pants while Jesse continued groaning.

He arranged the dazed stud’s body so that his back was on the across the bed and his feet were dangling over the side and quickly unlaced and removed his sandals. He then gently and slowly removed Jesse’s pants and added these to the pile in the corner. He stood up and stepped back, observed and contemplated the blond bikini clad figure lying prone and so vulnerable. There it was, the object of his desire, lying on his bed with nothing but that piece of thin rag hiding the hidden treasure. (Was this what paradise was made of?) Had he died and went to heaven? It must be because he could think of nothing better than this. Although he was sure Jesse was not a virgin — who needed those seventy virgins when one had someone like this, here on earth?

Jesse was completely out of it and unaware of what was happening around him and to him. His eyes were open, but they were unfocused, but he was moving his arms a bit. His head was still rolling back and forth. The Caliph had all he could do to restrain himself from jumping on the comatose body right then and there and possessing it.

Acting quickly, fearing that Jesse might regain his full senses, he decided to make sure that the young man would not escape. First he lifted Jesse’s body onto the bed completely laying him out spread-eagle fashion. Then he placed a big pillow under his backside forcing his mid section up into the air as if it were a ritual offering. He fastened his wrists and ankles to ropes that he had attached to the four corner posts of the bed. At this point Jesse again realized the predicament he was in and began to struggle.

“Don’t fret, my pet, I will be right with you. Now that I have prepared you ¬– I must get myself ready. The Caliph stripped down nude and got on the bed next to the bound hunk. He ran his hands over Jesse’s magnificent body, coming to rest on the enormous bulge, still trapped in his briefs. Jesse began to moan again as The Caliph looked up at his face. His eyes were glazed, his breathing was a bit rushed but his lips were moist and slightly parted. The Caliph reached up and put his lips on Jesse’s, forcing his tongue into Jesse’s mouth, but Jesse turned his head in resistance. Haroun reached into the night table drawer, pulled out and opened a small brown bottle of poppers. He tried to hold it under Jesse’s nose but he turned his head tying to avoid the aroma. This will not do! He grabbed and cradled Jesse’s head with one arm and forced the bottle under his nose. The helpless victim gasped and the Caliph thrust the bottle of inhalant directly under his nose. Forced to inhale deeply, his body jerked and twisted and then slumped as the drug hit him. “What’s that… nnoooo… no..,” he babbled, his head lolling back and forth in a sexual high. “Relax, enjoy it!” the over excited Arab cooed into his ear calming him down.

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