The Cucumber

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Big Tits

An early story of mine. A true story ghost written by me about my wife! Positive feeback, as always, is welcome and appreciated.


It was a Saturday afternoon and John was after me again. John gets this look in his eye and I know that he wants me. After a few caresses of my breast, the bulge in his pants is unavoidable.

We’ve discussed this many times, I just don’t have to have sex every night. Not every carress has to turn into a passionate, steamy, love session.

Saturday afternoon, was no different. He was horny and I was OK with it. Since I had a lot to do before going out for the evening, I took him to the bedroom and mounted him. John must have sensed that this was just a quickie to take care of him. Quickies like this were originally intended to just keep him happy and keep his eyes on me and no one else! In the beginning of our marriage, we made long passionate love, 2 or 3 times a week. To make sure his horniness didn’t cause him to stray, I gave him these little quickies another 2 or 3 times a week. Recently, the long intimate love making had fallen off to 2 times a month and I was the one getting horny! But then again, I did have a lot to do before we went out to a dinner and a movie, so he climaxed and I quickly got dressed and headed out to the grocery store to get the food for our Sunday dinner.

The store was fairly empty and I went about my business of picking out the few things we needed for Sunday dinner. I picked over the steak and found two nice pieces. The wetness from John’s come dribbled along my thigh and it made me remember that I had been horny and unsatisfied. I went down my list and checked off the items and ended up in the vegetable area. The tomatoes were nice and ripe, but the lettuce was somewhat rotten and the cucumbers were small and soft. The usual stock boy was there and noticed my look of dissapointment. I asked for larger, firmer cucumbers and some decent lettuce and off he trotted to the back room. Upon returning, I took notice that this “stock boy” had grown up over the summer and was no longer a “stock boy”, but a “stock man”. Carrying the crates, his young forearms flexed and I realized that he actually towered over me!

“What happened to you over the summer?”, I said with a smile. He look down at me, and didn’t get it at all. “I mean, you’ve gotten so big, so quickly”.

“Oh”, he replied. “I’ve grown 9 inches this summer and Maltepe Escort bulked up for football.” He had a youthful smile and I took the moment to drink in exactly how he had “bulke up”!! I noticed that he was embarrassed and then I saw why. I had turned him on! Poor boy, had a growing errection that would not go unnoticed! It was big and getting bigger the more he tried to hide it. Quickly, he picked up an old crate, made and excuse, and hurried to the stock room area where the rest rooms are. I felt bad and delighted at the same time. I walked my carriage back to the rest rooms where I thought he went. As I did, I thought how nice it was to have someone get horny over me. I felt another small amount of fluid escape my vagina and the heat was building up.

I reached the restroom and noticed that the old beat up rest room door was closed and locked. He must have been in there. As I turned to go, I heard a mumble from inside. With no one around, I peeked through a crack in the door. I could see his back to me, but then, I could also see the mirror. He had his pants down around his thighs and there, in his hand, was his cock. I gasped at it’s size. His large hand wrapped around it and gently pulled the skin back and forth. It was so much bigger than any I had ever seen before, I just stared for a moment. I took a deep breath, grabbed my cart and headed back toward the vegetables. I had to get out of there as the juices were flowing from my vagina like a river out of control, so were my thoughts. I tried to think about the price of milk or how small the heads of letter were. . . but then the vision of that cock came back. So much bigger than John’s cock, but shaped very much the same. A large purplish head with veins protruding down the sides. Even his large hand couldn’t completely wrap around it, imagine my hand on something that size! Imagine sliding down on it! It would split me in two! Just how big was it? Could I take something like that inside me? Again, I fought the urges, but again my thoughts interupted me . . . it was both longer and thicker than John and John was not exactly small – just average. I tossed a head of lettuce in the basket and then looked at the cucumbers and there it was.

A cucumber, that was long and thick like the stock boy’s cock. It was the only one of it’s size and particular shape. I reached down and picked it up. It was heavy in my hand and my fingers İstanbul Escort gripped the thickness. Yes, this was the same size and pretty much the same shape. I decided to buy it as well as some others. At least this way, my curiosity of the boy’s size would be satisfied by a simple measurement when I got home.

When I arrived home, I was calm again and we quickly unloaded the car and John put away the groceries as I got dressed and we went to the movie.

The next day was a holiday and John and I flirted with each other all morning. It was something I rarely do as he gets so horny so easily and I don’t want him chasing me around all the time. This time was different, I was horny too. I put on the steaks and began to make the salad. There it was; the other cucumber that was shaped like the stock boy’s cock. The cucumber brought back visions of the stock boy and his large cock. Suddenly, I was soaked between my legs. I took John into the living room and took off his shirt, then his pants and finally his underwear. His cock stood at attention and I began to suck it as he stood there. I love to suck his cock. The feel, the smells and the taste just get me super wet. I brought the head onto my tongue and licked the underside where it is so sensitive. John pulled out of my mouth and mounted me. With a swish, he was quickly all the way in me. It felt good, but just before I climaxed, he pulled out and lay next to me.

“What’s the matter, honey?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” I replied.

“You seem distant”

“I was just getting into it when you stopped” I said.

“I’m sorry” he said. “Still, something’s up. What’s going on?”

I looked at his cock. I’d never seen it deflate when he hadn’t come. This was new. It was going limp right before my eyes.

“Honey” I said, “Sometimes, I just want to suck you.” My thoughts drifted to the cucumber and that massive cock. I thought how great it would be to try and slide that big dick inside of me. It was too big to suck, but just imagine how it would fill up my vagina.

“I love to have you suck me, I just wanted to make you happy” of course, John was still on the previous conversation.

“I’m glad you want to make me happy” I said quietly and touched his chest hair. “Let’s try something different, just for a change. In the kitchen, there is a cucumber on the counter. Let’s pretend that you and your buddy want Anadolu Yakası Escort to get laid” I said with a wink.

I was surprised at how quickly he returned with the large green vegetable. I took it from him and looked him straight in the eye and began to lick his cock’s head area. John’s cock thickened immediately. I sat up and lifted my knees toward my chest opening my cunt lips as wide as possible. I positioned the cucumber at my cunt lips and rubbed it back and forth very slowly. My juices ran down my crack and across my asshole and that was a great sensation. John was watching me and I realized that he had never seen me masturbate since I rarely ever had to. I held the cucumber with two hands and eased the head of the cuke slowly passed my lips. It was thick, very, very thick. I closed my eyes and firmly pushed it in only about 1/2 inch and I felt stretched. I gently eased it out, and then slowly pushed again. This time, it went in about 3 or 4 inches and I thought I would pass out. I little cry escaped my throat.

Removing the pressure for a moment I eased it back, I then shoved it deeper again. Now, half the cuke was in, but clearly it was as deep as John had ever penetrated. I opened my eyes to see my husband watching with great fascination. He was stroking his cock and the precum was covering his cock head. I again closed my eyes and focused on the cuke and began to work it deeper until I was completely filled. I slowly worked it in and out starting with a nice rhythm. The tingles started in my toes and I begged John to put his cock in my mouth. I sucked it hard with loud slurping sounds. I was losing control.

With my left hand forcing John’s cock into my mouth, my right hand drove the cucumber at a steady pace in and out of my vagina. I fantasized that the stock boy was driving that big cock hard within me. The juices flowed out of my vagina and tickled my anus. My clit was being rubbed and pulled each time the cucumber drove into me. The cock in my mouth was bigger than I had ever felt it. Each stroke of the cucumber reduced my level of control over my body as the tingles continued in my toes and rapidly moved up the back of my legs. When the tingles reached my spine, my whole being convulsed in a blast of a climax, like none I had ever had. John pulled from my mouth and squirted all over my chest and stomach.

I lay on my back with my chest heaving and covered with cum. Both John and I were exhausted. Reality began to creep in.

John sat up and kissed me deep and long, “Thank you that was spectacular”, he said.

“No, Thank you!” I smiled.

“I think we should go out for dinner” he replied.


“Because the steaks are burning!”

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