The Cuckold’s Reward – Alistair’s Story – Part XVIII

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Julie raised herself up from the table on her elbows, looked down at her pussy and then looked at the two men standing half naked in front of her. “I hope you two are going to clean all this mess up.” Alistair and Jeff looked at one another. “Cuckold’s first,” Jeff said with a smile. Alistair stepped forward. He was used to going down on Julie’s soppy pussy now. He was used to feeling all that stickiness on his cheeks and having his tongue greeted by the remnants of sex. He was more than happy to oblige. Jeff stepped forward too but he had other plans as he leant over and kissed her on the lips before turning his attention to her breasts. Alistair heard Julie’s soft moan and looked up to see one of her nipples between Jeff’s teeth. He also felt Jeff’s fingers searching for Julie’s clitoris. Whatever Julie had planned for that evening had gone completely by the wayside now. The quiet dinner for herself, her husband and her lover had turned into something completely different. She had not intended having sex with either men. She wanted to rest herself for Jeff’s sexual Karşıyaka escort bayan onslaught the following evening followed by another night of rest in readiness for Abdul’s week of constant pussy pounding. Abdul’s visit was now cancelled and she was now stretched across the dining table being touched, licked, nibbled and fingered by her husband and her lover. She had also been fucked by both men. Julie suddenly found herself going from being in control to being controlled. She should be the one calling the shots not the other way around. Both men brought her to orgasm and then Jeff lifted her off the table only to lay her face down over it again. Alistair looked down at Jeff’s raging hard on. He knew exactly where that was going now or at least he thought he did until Jeff started to look at the large jar of kitchen implements. “Hold her down a second Alistair?” he said. Alistair stepped forward and held his hand on her back while Jeff went and picked out a large wooden ladle. “So, young lady, you intended not letting Escort bornova me have sex with you tonight hey?” he said as tapped her fairly lightly on her bottom with the ladle. She said nothing and Jeff tapped her again but harder. “Ouch!” Julie shouted. “Will I ever hear the word ‘no’ from you again, young lady?” he asked as he hit her once again. “No!” Julie shouted. Alistair could see her bottom cheeks beginning to redden. “Good,” he told her as he hit again, “you’re cunt will always be available for me. Do you understand?” “Yes,” Julie told him. Jeff handed the ladle to Alistair before stepping up behind Julie. Alistair watched him as he held his cock and poked at her opening. Julie groaned as he pushed forward. “Is that good Julie?” She groaned again. “Tell him Julie,” Jeff said, “Tell him my cock feels good.” “It’s good. It’s good.” “Tell him it feels much better than his Julie,” he told her as began to thrust harder and deeper into her. “Yes, it feels better than yours Alastair.” Alistair began to feel his cock üçyol escort stiffening. He was being taunted. He was being manipulated. “Who gives you the best orgasms Julie?” Jeff asked her. Alistair already knew the answer to that one but he still wanted to hear it from her lips. “You do Jeff,” she told him breathlessly. Jeff held her tightly by the hips as he began to thrust harder and deeper into her. Alistair watched his glistening cock moving in and out of her. He heard her soft moans turn into cries and screams. He didn’t need to be told who satisfied her the most, he could see for himself, but he still wanted to hear it from her own lips. “No one makes me cum like you do Jeff ,” she cried out in the final throes of her orgasm. Alistair watched as Jeff’s thrusts slowed right down and then came to a halt. He knew that he was emptying his last drops inside her. He also watched him pull out of her and saw the stream of thick cum following on behind. He wanted to clean her again. He wanted to not just clean her but also pleasure her with his tongue again. He started to kneel down behind her but Julie stood up. She had other ideas as she pulled her dress over her head. “Come on,” she told him as she walked from the room. He knew what was coming next even before they reached the bathroom. He didn’t need to be told to lie down in the bath and ready himself for her.

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