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Subject: Small Town Sauna – The Cubicles 2 Tom and I were sitting in the bar in the sauna, enjoying a drink. We’d already had an enjoyable time upstairs and were resting and recharging. Tom had been my first regular fuckbuddy but since he moved across the country we didn’t see each other too often. We had amazing sex when we got together but otherwise had little in common. We’d once made the mistake of trying to see if there was anything more between us and booked a romantic night away in a country hotel. We started with dinner but by the time dessert came we’d run out of things to talk about and were browsing on our phones. Luckily I’d bought a new type of lube for us to try so we spent the rest of the night fucking each other stupid. Now we were swapping stories of our recent adventures. I told him about the guy who answered the door to me naked except for high heels and suspenders and insisted on leaving them on and being called Vanessa as I fucked him. He told me about getting hot and heavy with a guy when his wife arrived home unexpectedly. He’d had to run out the back door and drive home in his boxers. We laughed as we caught up with each other’s lives. “I think I’d like to go facedown in one of those cubicles” I said when there was a lull in the conversation. “Really? Why?” asked Tom. “Last time I was in a bathhouse, there was a guy that wanted to fuck me and I chickened out. I kind of regret it now. I’d like to be a bit more adventurous” I said “Ok, so what are you thinking?” “Maybe you could stay nearby, screen the guys that are interested” I put my hand on his knee. “And maybe you could help start me off?” Tom drained the last of his beer. “Let’s go” said Tom and slid off his stool. I followed him and we headed upstairs. The sauna was a good bit busier than it had been earlier. More of the cubicle doors were closed then open and the few left open were mostly empty. There was just one guy lying on his back in one open cubicle. No one was lying on their front which was good for my chances. Tom grabbed some sachets of lube and we found an open cubicle. I slid in first and Tom followed me, he locked the door behind him. We threw our towels in the corner. We were sitting facing each other so I pulled myself forward to sit on Tom’s lap. I wrapped my legs and arms around him and he pulled me into a kiss. Tom was a fantastic kisser, smooth and full of passion. I could feel his dick growing hard underneath me pushing across my balls and against my taint. Tom grabbed hold of my ass cheeks with his hand, and reached inside with his fingers, I felt his fingers pull against my hole, then his middle finger pop inside. He eased it up inside me slowly, then held it in place. He twisted his hand slowly, allowing his finger to gently feel all around my insides. After a few twists, he slipped it out. “Turn around,” he said. I climbed off his lap and turned away from him. Still kneeling, I bent forward at the waist. I felt Tom’s hand clasp onto my buttocks and squeezed, he moved downward and his face moved in between my asscheeks. I let out an involuntary squeal as I felt his tongue lick my asshole. It was ticklish but felt really good. He moved his face up, giving me a wet tongue bath all along my crack. Then he started to give my hole some special attention, getting his tongue in as deep as he could. I squirmed with pleasure. I heard rustling coming from behind me as he tore open a sachet of lube with his teeth. He moved his face away and I felt his fingers again. He wiped some of the cold, gooey lube into my ass, this time he inserted two fingers, they also felt cold and sticky inside me. Again he started to twist his wrist slowly so his fingers moved around. I could feel him pushing against the muscles of my ass forcing me to get used to their presence and to relax. “Are you ready to go?” Tom kocaeli escort asked me after a couple of minutes of ass fingering. “I think so.” I replied “Ok, I’m going to open the door, and we’ll see what happens from there. I promise I won’t let anything bad happen to you”. Tom pulled his fingers out and I heard the lock of the door click . I felt him climb out of the cubicle and open another sachet of lube. He rested a hand on my lower back and with his other he grabbed his own dick and started jerking it to get it as hard as he could. Tom stood just outside the cubicle door and I backed up as far as I could. He pushed his dick into my ass crack and wiped it up and down inside it. Then he held it in place against my hole and pushed forward. The head popped inside. I stiffened. Tom’s dick was 5 inches long and thin but at this moment it felt too big for me. I sucked in my breath sharply. Tom rubbed my lower back. “You’re ok,” he said, “I’m going to hold still as long as you need”. And he did. I took some deep breaths as I adjusted to the invasion in my backside. The pain started to recede as my muscles expanded around his dick. I started to breath more easily “I’m going to go for it, if you’re ok. Try and push out against me” said Tom. He pushed forward again and very slowly and gently eased himself further inside me. As I did, I pushed out against him, trying to expand my ass against him. It worked. He went fully into me and It didn’t feel any worse. In fact it felt familiar. Tom had fucked me many times before, but never in such a public situation. Tom swivelled his hips in slow clockwise motions. It felt so good, he was putting just the exact amount of pressure into it and I could feel all my discomfort melt away and only the pleasure of him filling me. He started to pull out of me and thrust back in. As he did he started making comments such as “Oh yeah, such a tight ass, feels so fuckin good'” Tom was not normally a talker during sex. He sounded ridiculous, like a porn star acting for the camera. He was trying to draw attention to us, get a crowd to gather. It did feel good though. He was hitting my prostate just right each time and I was loving it, I know he was enjoying it too. He was hard as a rock and was fucking me at a steady pace. “You want some of this ass?” I heard him ask someone. I didn’t turn around. I knew Tom was looking out for me. “Sure” came a slightly nervous sounding reply. I felt Tom pull out of me and move back. Someone else stepped forward to take his place. “Hi” he said “Is it ok if I…er..” he trailed off. “Yes” I nodded as I said it, still not turning to face him. I heard him tear open another sachet of lube and I could feel him jacking himself in preparation. He put a lube covered hand to my ass and slipped a finger inside. I was well coated from Tom but you can never have enough. He put his dick against my asshole and very slowly started easing himself in. Once the head was in he stopped “Is that ok?” It was so I just nodded. Tom had my ass well prepared so this new cock felt comfortable. “Cool, well just say if it doesn’t and I’ll stop”. The guy continued to ease into me, and he kept going. I could feel a tightness building into me again, he was a bit longer than Tom was. But it didn’t hurt, I could take him. Once I felt his balls against my back side, he stopped and held still. This time I moved my hips slightly, shifting my weight to adjust to him. “Ok?” he asked again. This time I responded by pulling away from him slightly and then pushing back. Wow. I felt that. A mixture of pain and pleasure went through me. I did it again. The same. This felt different to Tom, but not necessarily in a bad way. I slid forward and back on his dick a few more times. I then stopped to see what he would do. He began to fuck me, he was varied in his technique, he would kocaeli escort bayan speed up one minute, then slow right down. He would mostly make short strokes but then every once in a while, would almost pull fully out and then slowly push back in, then hold still for a moment. He didn’t touch me with his hands at all, I don’t know where he had them as I still hadn’t looked back at him. He was letting out low moans of pleasure. My own dick had gone limp, I could feel it slapping against my thighs as I pummelled forward but it didn’t bother me. I was focused on the new sensations I could feel in my ass. “I think I’m going to cum” he said in the same low tone which he was moaning. “Where will I go?” “Up to you” I replied. He made another couple of shallow thrusts then he pulled out. He rested his dck just above my ass crack, and I felt his hand wrap around it. He gave a few frantic jerks, and then with one more long moan, I could feel his cum splattering onto my back. Some of it splashed halfway up my back but most of it pooled just above my ass and I could feel some of it drip down. “Thank you, that was brilliant. Thank you so much.” He said, as he gathered himself. I wasn’t sure what to say, it felt a bit awkward. My ass felt kind of empty now. I’d enjoyed being fucked by him and wanted some more. He left and it was suddenly quiet. “Tom?” I asked quietly. No reply. I listened. I could hear the occasional person wander behind me, a cubicle door open or close. There was sex sounds as well, someone was really going at it not too far from me but it was muffled by a closed door. I lay there with my ass still in the air, twitching slightly from what it had been through. I was debating how long I would wait. I was feeling relaxing and up for more fucking but no one was biting. The longer I left it, the more painful I’d find it if someone else came along. Tom had vanished so I was on my own. I decided to give it five more minutes. I wasn’t waiting too long. I sensed someone stopping behind me. Then I felt hands on my ass. They pulled my ass cheeks apart, none too gently. A finger ran around the edges of my hole. Then this new guy bent forward and put his face into my asscrack. He didn’t go for my hole as I expected, instead he ran his tongue up above it. It felt good. I realised he was licking off the last guys jizz. Once he got his fill he moved to my hole. I felt his tongue go around the edges of my expanded hole. They started to feel slick as the cum covered tongue transferred to my ass. He stopped and moved out. I heard him spit. I felt it land just outside my hole. He put his thumb over it and pressed it into where he had spit, rubbing it into the other juices. That was all the preparation I was going to get as he held his dick against my hole, grabbed hold of my hips and pushed in. Sweet Jesus, it was big. I thought the other men would have me prepared but no, I was being completely filled and stretched. I let out a large gasp of surprise. I tried to pull forward but he had a tight hold of my hips and I couldn’t move. I had wanted this and now I had got it. I was going to make the best of it. I tried to make myself relax so I could adjust to this new pain I was feeling. I clenched and unclenched and it seemed to help. He moved his hips back and thrust into me again. I felt a fresh wave of pain. I cried out again, it was like I was being torn apart. But I still didn’t want it to stop. I braced myself against the back wall with one hand. He pummelled my ass slowly with long thrusts, I cried out each time, I didn’t know if I would ever get used to this pain. Then I felt a sting on my right buttock and an audible slapping noise. He’d smacked me. It hadn’t hurt, not really. More gave me a jump as I wasn’t expecting it. It worked, that distraction pulled me out of focusing just on my pain. I izmit escort could feel a wonderful churning sensation in my balls as he pinged off my prostate. I could feel a slickness in my ass as he fucked me and I could both feel and hear his balls slap against me. I put my other hand on the wall and pushed back on his dick. I was rewarded with another smack, this one my left buttock. I pushed back into his as he fucked me, the pain was still there but it was just a part of it now, enhancing the incredible pleasure I could feel in my entire lower body, all the way down to my legs. Including my own dick, which to my own surprise had gotten rock hard again. It was bouncing around underneath me with a thin string of precum dripping off, connecting to the plastic mattress underneath me. He released my hips and slapped both my buttocks at once. Then he slipped his hands underneath my body, put his hands on my chest and pulled me upwards. He pressed me into him, my back was against his chest and his hands rested on my pecs. I cried out again, his dick was still inside me and the shift in position took me by surprise. Bracing me against him with his right hand, he started fucking me a lot faster and harder than before. His left hand slipped down my body, and grabbed hold of my cock. He started jerking me as hard as he could. He put his head on my shoulder and rubbed it against my neck, I could feel his stubble scrape against my skin. I leaned back into him, as close to him as I could. I forced my ass back against him and put up my hand and pushed his head against mine. I could feel his mouth nipping lightly on my shoulder. I was screaming my head off but it was all pleasure now, he was working my dick a mile a minute and ploughing into me almost as fast. I was heading over the edge. “Fuck” I yelled as I started to shoot my load, it was so intense the first volley shot all the way across the cubicle landing just short of the wall. He kept hold of my dick the whole time, squeezing each time another load shot out. I heard him make a loud grunt noise, the first sound I’d heard him make the whole time we were fucking. He was flooding my insides with his semen. He stopped moving, pushed forward as far as could and held still inside me. He bit into my shoulder, not hard enough to break the skin. I could feel the wetness falling from me and down my legs. He squeezed me tight against him as his orgasm subsided. After holding me for a few seconds, he released me, I knelt back down on my hands and knees. He pulled his dick out of me. A fresh raw pain went through me along with an empty feeling. I heard him grab his towel. I turned my head to see what he looked like but he was already gone. Instead I saw Tom peek in. I turned over onto my back and lay down, I could feel my own jizz on my back, I moved back to allow Tom room, he knelt down and crawled in. He put his hands on my knees and gently moved my legs apart. He crawled up over my body and brought his face to mine, giving me a kiss. I felt his dick against my wet, throbbing hole and as he lay down on top of me, he easily slipped inside me. “Jesus,” said Tom, “It’s like a cave down there”. He raised himself on his hands and began making gentle movements, slowly fucking me. “Fuck off” I laughed. I clenched as hard as I could around his dick. I was full of cum and lube now and Tom’s dick felt so perfect inside me as he effortlessly pleasured himself. “Where did you go to anyway?” “I met this guy with a huge dick and I just had to have him fuck me. Feel for yourself.” I put a hand on Toms ass and aimed a finger at him hole. Sure enough his ass felt open and lubed up. “But don’t be mad at me, I sent him straight over to you after” “He was massive,” I said “I wasn’t sure if I would be able to take him. How big was he?” Tom has increased his rhythm, I sensed he was nearing a climax. “Ben! He was only about 8 inches!” Tom laughed, and then with a series of moans, he spilled his seed inside me. He collapsed down on top of me and kissed me again. “My friend, you have a long way to go”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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