The Country Club Ch. 04

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Neil and Mandy play host to a most unusual family gathering


Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. This story follows on from the Holiday Loving series and Chapter 1-3 of The Country Club. While it is stand alone, it will make more sense to read those stories first.


After the singles group, we discussed the fetish family, who were booked for the weekend after next, and Neil had suggested I might like him to shave my pussy completely bare, instead of having the landing strip I usually sported after being waxed quite some time ago, even before we first met. We also discussed fetishes and he confessed that pussy shaving was one of his. While he hastened to add that my pussy was simply wonderful as it was, he did say that he enjoyed the idea of shaving a woman’s pussy and also the feeling of running his fingers over a completely bald pussy. I pressed him for details and he told me about a call girl he’d been with before we met who had a completely bald pussy. His descriptions made us both really horny and we had a wonderful morning romp in bed.

Once that was over, we remained naked on the beautifully warm spring morning and after breakfast I covered the bed with plastic and he prepared some warm soapy water and a razor. I lay on the bed while Neil carefully shaved the landing strip as well as paying attention to the few hairs that were still apparent on my pussy lips. Once he had finished, he smoothed some cream over the whole area, making me feel really horny once again.

“Well,” I said to him, “Judging by your massive erection, you must be horny too.”

“Absolutely,” he replied, slowly running his fingers over my soft hairless pussy, “I want to feel my pubic area rubbing against this smoothness while my cock’s buried deep inside your slippery love tunnel, which right now is running love juices like crazy.”

He pushed two fingers into me effortlessly to demonstrate just how slick and ready I was.

“Lie on the bed, darling,” I told him, “I want to ride you to heaven.”

He did and I straddled him, then engulfed him with my dripping vagina as he cupped and kneaded my breasts in his strong hands. I began moving back and forth slowly, teasing him, trying to delay his orgasm as long as possible in the hope of having several myself.

The feeling of my hairless pussy against him was amazingly erotic and even with slow movements, I quickly reached my climax. I felt it concentrating in my crotch then blasting through my whole body. Neil released my breasts and used his hands on my hips to continue the movements after I lost all control of myself. The sensations welled upwards, seeming to burst through the top of my head, causing me to scream in ecstasy as his cock head stimulated me deep inside and my clit rubbed against the root of his rampant log.

My release lasted for what felt like a long time. Neil continued to move me slowly the entire time until I returned to reality, when he once again massaged my breasts while I moved my hips in a faster, snapping motion, intent on bringing him to his climax. My efforts paid dividends quite quickly and Neil’s hands became less coordinated as he was overcome with sensual feelings until he arched his back, thrusting deeply inside me and I felt his hot cum squirting into the end of my tunnel. It was beautiful to feel him cum and to watch my darling enjoy all the sensations he was feeling, but I was totally satiated and didn’t need to cum another time.

By the time we’d showered and dressed, then put away the shaving equipment, it was lunchtime.

“We’ll have to make this a weekly occurrence,” Neil told me over a fresh salad, “That way you’ll remain nice and smooth instead of prickly, and it’s a great way to wind down after a weekend entertaining guests.”

“You reckon you’ll be able to keep up?” I asked, “Fucking everything with tits all weekend then making love to me on Mondays?”

“Well, it’ll be fun to try,” he grinned in reply.

We checked our emails and found a response from both the wedding party and the fetish family group. The wedding was not for several weeks, so we concentrated on the family, who told us they would phone that afternoon. A short time later they did, and explained that they were a sexually open family group, numbering over 30 adults. Children did not attend gatherings and were cared for in one of their homes by the older, under-18 members of the family. They tried to have three or four gatherings per year but they had found that the judgemental attitudes of those organizations running suitable venues made it impossible for them to return.

I bahis firmaları was talking with Edith, who described herself as the most senior female family member, the mother of several of the group and grandmother of a few adult grandchildren and many younger ones. I asked what behaviors, in particular, the other organizers had objected to.

“Well, we have some strange traditions in our family,” replied Edith. “Firstly, we have very open views about sex and nudity. No clothing is required; what is worn is for warmth only. Members of the adult community engage in sexual activities with one another, meaning that incest is usual and accepted. We also have a wide range of sexual fetishes, which certainly adds interest. I’ll explain further when I visit. Could we come to meet you and inspect the facilities, say, tomorrow early afternoon please?”

I had agreed that would be fine and proceeded to tell Neil about the call. He was, of course, full of questions but the answers would just have to wait until Edith’s visit.

The following afternoon Edith, James, Simone and Harry arrived and Neil and I conducted them through the complex, which they considered to be extremely suitable for the gathering they had in mind.

“I gather that Edith has told you a little about us,” said James, who appeared to be Edith’s partner, while I thought that Simone and Harry were also partners, but I had been unable to work out their relationship, if any, to Edith and James.

“Yes, a little, but we’re really interested to hear more,” replied Neil enthusiastically. “We’re also quite open about sex so it would take a great deal to shock us or to prevent us from welcoming you to the club.”

I noticed Edith and James glance at each other, then, as though some decision had been made, Edith suggested that we go somewhere quiet for a cup of coffee and a discussion. I thought this a little strange but nevertheless invited them into our lounge. Once we were all seated with refreshments, Edith began.

“Our family, or maybe it should be called a community, is very open sexually. Most people have some form of sexual fetish, and usually in society this is suppressed. In our society it is fostered, as a measure of individuality, and the expression of each person’s fetish is encouraged as far as is healthily possible. Some things are not. For example, if a person had a fetish about cutting off men’s penises, that would certainly be discouraged. However, if a woman had a fetish for erotic jewellery, or a man for penis jewellery, or a woman for tightlacing corsets, then these things would be permitted and encouraged.

“There are some fetishes where a person has a fetish about doing something to somebody else, for example, a man might have a fetish about shaving a woman’s pussy, or may wish to inflict pain on a woman in some way.”

I glanced at Neil, to find him grinning back at me.

“That is quite permissible so long as it’s consensual,” continued Edith. “There is also no birth control within the group and sexual intercourse takes place between any consenting adults. The gene diversity is ensured by members of the family who choose to take outsiders as partners. Marriage is permitted within the community or between community members and outsiders, and in fact we have a wedding taking place when we’re here.” I noticed that Simone and Harry looked at each other lovingly as Edith paused; I guessed they may be the couple to be married.

I couldn’t help myself. “So, if there is no birth control, how do you limit the number of children?” I asked.

“Well, every male in the family, and that includes the male partners of the women in the family who have come into the family as partners or by marriage, has their DNA on file. So, when a woman does become pregnant and gives birth, a DNA sample is taken from the baby and the father is determined. Once a male has fathered two children, he is then either banned from any further sexual activity within the community or is sterilized. Occasionally it turns out that he may father more than two because he impregnates a woman before his previous baby is born, but that doesn’t happen very often. Nobody yet has chosen to be banned; all males who have fathered two children have then been sterilized.”

I had never even considered that I may have any fetishes, let alone a fetish of sterilizing men, but as Edith told me this I felt a warm flush run through me at the thought and felt my pussy become sopping wet beneath my panties.

“So how is that done?” I asked, curious despite myself.

“That is entirely the choice of the male. Most choose to be vasectomized but some choose to have other options to prevent the production of viable sperm. The main form of this is either chemical castration or the removal of the scrotum, forcing the testes into the pockets against the pubic bone where they began life. This means they can no longer regulate their temperature and therefore are unable to make viable sperm. Sometimes this is assisted by the man’s partner, who applies heat to his balls using a heat pack kaçak iddaa of some sort every few days. These procedures in no way affect his virility and all men continue with a normal sexual life for as long as they choose. In fact, as some men age they choose to go onto hormone treatment to enable them to maintain or increase their sexual abilities. My husband, James, is one of those who had his scrotum removed and he is still very active sexually even without hormonal assistance. I have two lovely children, Simone is the oldest at 20.”

“Oh,” I replied, my pussy flooding as I was lost for words. “What do the women in the group think of this requirement?”

“Oh, they accept it without question. Men and women born into the family know what will happen from the time they become sexually active, while men who marry into the family know full well what happens before they make the commitment. We’ve never had anyone refuse and, as I said, we’ve never had anyone leave the family due to this requirement.”

“So, as well as this you must obviously engage in incest,” I queried.

“Oh yes, of course. It is the duty of every father to take his daughter’s virginity when she turns 18 and all the girls are aware of this. Because discussions about sex and the family are open, young women, that is, those who have begun menstruating, in the family understand that it is their duty to keep themselves pure until the official deflowering, which happens at the first gathering after a young woman turns 18. It is a mother’s responsibility to introduce her son to sex when he turns 18 also. In fact, we have one at the next gathering; Clare, my younger daughter, has just turned 18. As I mentioned, we also have a wedding at the next gathering, which you are most welcome to attend, Simone and Harry are being married. Weddings are a little different from usual weddings. After the young couple are married and have ceremonially made love in front of the assembly, it is the duty of all the guests to make love with the just-married partner of the opposite gender. Fairly obviously it is not a requirement for the groom to reach orgasm with each female guest, but on one occasion that did happen. The family’s grown since then, however.”

By this time, I was feeling extremely horny and knew that my pussy was flooding. I just hoped it didn’t show too much, although I realized that these people probably wouldn’t be at all concerned if I simply lifted my skirt and masturbated in front of them. However, I was still very curious so pursued another line of questioning.

“You mentioned about men being sterilized. How is that done? I mean, do they go off to a hospital or what?” I asked.

“Oh no,” replied Edith, sounding shocked, “Nobody from the family goes to a hospital. They’re very unhealthy places. We have several members of the family who are doctors and one who is a surgeon. We also have a very well-equipped mobile operating theater where the operation is performed. One of our menfolk has just fathered his second baby so he will be sterilized this weekend too. I’m not sure what method he’s chosen but I do know he won’t be leaving the family.”

“Well, it certainly sounds like you’ll have a busy weekend,” I said, then turned to Neil with an unspoken question on my face. He gave a slight nod. “Despite what you’ve told us, we are very willing for you to use these facilities for your family gathering. If you could let us know by email your requirements for food and accommodation we’ll have that all arranged. Our standard rates, menus and range of accommodation are on our website, so just complete the booking form and return it, then we’ll look forward to seeing you. Will you be arriving Friday night or Saturday?”

“Most Friday night, some Saturday. The formal part is scheduled to begin after lunch on Saturday with Clare’s deflowering ceremony. That’s followed by Harry and Simone’s wedding late afternoon, then Sunday morning we have the sterilization procedure. That gives the guy time for a bit of fun before he’s rendered incapable for the next little while. It also gives him a final opportunity to possibly impregnate someone, maybe even Clare, but we won’t know that for another nine months of course. You’re both very welcome to attend and take part in any of the activities, although you won’t need to stop your birth control if you’re on that; we’ll make an exception for you.”

“Just a final question,” added Neil, “If only the men are sterilized after two children, does that stop the women becoming pregnant by having an affair with an outsider?”

“Oh no,” replied Edith, “They can always take that course of action and it would, in fact, be considered very acceptable as it broadens the gene pool. But why would she? Usually she will have two children at least and, because all women, married or not, may have intercourse with any male they choose, she has access to many family men if she wants them, so really there is little temptation to find an outsider to love.”

“Time we were going,” said James, “Thank you for your time. We’ll get the information kaçak bahis to you and look forward to spending a weekend here soon.”

We all stood and farewelled each other, with hugs all round, then Neil and I walked back inside.

“I feel sooo horny, honey, please take me to bed and fuck me,” I said, my arms around Neil’s neck.

He didn’t. Instead he reached down behind me and pulled my skirt up around my waist, then with his other hand pushed my panties down, where I was able to push them to the floor and step out of them while unfastening Neil’s jeans, pushing them and his undershorts down. His cock was hard and wet. I reached my arms around his neck, pulled myself up, wrapped my legs around his waist as he held an ass cheek in each hand and then lowered me onto his cock. With my weight pushing me downwards, I slid quickly and easily onto him until my clit was pressed firmly against his pubic bone. I bit his neck lightly, trying to prevent myself from cumming as thoughts of the last hour rushed through my head. It was useless; in a few seconds, I was in full orgasm, my hips thrusting against Neil as my movements caused his cock head to massage the end of my love tunnel and my clit sent pulses of liquid electricity through my over-stimulated body. Neil held me as I writhed and shuddered, then slowly became peaceful once again.

“Whew,” I said, once I was fully recovered, but still firmly impaled on Neil’s still rigid cock, “That was really something. I just got so hot from that conversation.” I reached downwards and cradled Neil’s hanging balls in my hand. “I can’t imagine you having these pulled up inside you all the time, honey.”

“Nor can I, sweetheart, but perhaps after we have our children that may be an option we choose. The whole of the conversation was really hot.”

“I agree. I’m so looking forward to the weekend with this family.” I pulled myself up and pushed away from Neil. “He’ll have to wait till later,” I told him, bending down to kiss the head of his shining, wet cock. I let my skirt drop, tossed my panties towards the laundry, gave Neil a little wave and walked outside.


Family members began arriving early on the Friday afternoon, led by Edith, James, Simone and Harry. We showed Simone and Harry to the chalet we had set up as the honeymoon suite, while Edith and James put the final touches to the arrangements we had made for catering and the main hall, where the public activities would be taking place. It was interesting to greet each group of new arrivals due to the frequently obvious signs of fetishes. Several of the women were proudly topless with numerous items of breast jewellery on display. One couple removed their outer clothing as soon as they arrived, revealing their bodies to be totally covered in thin, semi-transparent latex rubber. Several women were naked except for very tightly laced corsets around their midriffs, while one woman had strong rubber rings around the bases of her breasts. Men were not exempt from fetish bondage, several having their balls tightly tied and other, more mature men had obviously had their scrotums removed resulting in their balls being pulled hard upwards into their crotches. One man had a cock cage fitted over his penis preventing them from even being aroused; a painful situation to be in with all the arousing sights to be seen.

Group members socialized together, chatting around tables in the sun, swimming in the pool, or entertaining themselves in small groups in their cabins. They came together at sunset when James welcomed them all here and gave Neil the opportunity to also welcome everyone, outline what was available and give the obligatory health and safety briefing. I found it interesting to look around the group; many were naked, often showing off decorative effects on the body; many were dressed in strange outfits including very tightly laced corsets, breast compressing devices, saddle strapped pussies, cock and ball devices to enhance or diminish men’s obvious attributes; and the couple dressed in rubber had been joined by another couple in similar attire.

“This weekend we have three events to celebrate,” announced James, “Firstly, Simone and Harry are marrying tomorrow afternoon.”

There was clapping from the group, each member looking around to see the happy couple who were cuddling together in the back row.

“Then we have Clare, who will be deflowered by her father, Roy, after attaining the age of 18 last week. Congratulations, Clare.”

Again there was applause and a few whistles as Clare was sought out visually, a ravishing blonde dressed in a brief bikini, blushing furiously at the left edge of the gathering.

“After her deflowering, which will take place tomorrow morning at 10am, she will, as usual, be available for others to experience. The third event is that Evan has been identified as having his second child with Carole and will therefore be sterilized on Sunday morning.” Again there was cheering from the group, with a few women calling out to invite him to their beds anytime after he was no longer fertile. “The interesting thing about Evan’s sterilization is that he has chosen to have his scrotum removed. So, any women wanting to become pregnant by Evan, you only have until Sunday morning.

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