The Countess Ch. 12

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The car I was riding in pulled into the studio complex where we had our sets for the Code Women series. It took a while for me to get through security because I was in my new SUV, and it was driven by another person. We pulled up to the soundstage where the production was housed and walked in. My call was at 7:00 but other members of the cast and crew were already working. It felt good to be really working. The two months prior was taken up with production meetings, closing on the new house and the move. Sara was involved with problems at her family’s ranch.

We were going to start shooting in an hour, so I walked around the set checking the lighting with the DP. The actors were running lines and generally we were ready for the scene. My Asst. Director Sheela did a good job getting the shoot organized.

Ten hours later I called a wrap and shut down after shooting five pages of the script. I was pleased but I would have liked to gotten further. We would be back at it tomorrow. While this was technically my first directing gig, I had directed productions in college, and worked with a lot of directors, so I knew the steps. We would shoot for four days with Fridays reserved to look at the “Rushes” and make notes.

I slid into the rear seat of my SUV and waited for Philip my driver hired by the production company to show up. I argued with Bret that I didn’t need a driver, but she insisted. I had to admit that it gave me time to study the script and other production notes while commuting. The truth was that I was missing William, but he works for Sara’s family and was at the ranch.

Philip pulled into the driveway and parked the car in the garage. Normally I would be looking forward to spending time with my fiancée Sara, but she was called away to London on one of her cases last week. I was in the new enormous house alone. The other problem was that the place was construction site. We were building a pool and outdoor entertainment area and the back yard was a mess. I hired a construction manager to oversee the project when Sara and I got busy. I was amazed that we got the project designed, permitted and construction started so quickly. I walked into the house wishing it was my old house, because I knew where everything was located. We were still unpacking boxes and setting up the house. I was fighting my normal response of wanting everything to remain the same. The main tower of the house was equipped with an elevator. I took the elevator to the second floor where Sara and I set up our offices and went into my office. Since it was a big house with a lot of noises that were unfamiliar to me, I winced at every crack and groan.

I heard the elevator start to move and walked out of the room to investigate. The elevator door opened, and Sara stepped out.

“Kiss me Paul I’ve missed you,” said Sara.

I moved quickly and embraced her. Our lips met in a long-wet kiss. I did not expect her back before the end of the week.

“When did you get back?”

“I got back yesterday but had business at the ranch. I knew that you were busy getting ready for the first day of shooting, so I decided to not tell you. Will you forgive me?”

I was mad but I was also glad as it did allow me to concentrate on the production.

“Never do that again, Sara, not if I am busy or your busy, we are a team, promise?”

“Ok Paul, no secrets,”

I bent down and kissed her again. Normally we would go out to the pool and have a cocktail, but the yard is a construction site. We went down the stairs and over to the great room. I got behind the bar and mixed us a pitcher of martinis. Sara settled down in the couch and I brought the drinks.

“I think I should have done that, since you’ve been working,” said Sara

“Where is William, I did not see the Land Rover, or hear it come in?”

“William is back at the ranch helping there, he should join us soon, I helicoptered to LA and took a ride-share from the airport. You must have been studying your script that you didn’t hear me pull in. The driver even helped get my luggage in the house. I thought that you would still be shooting. I didn’t see your car.,” replied Sara.

“If you would have called, I could have sent Philip over with the Escalade, Sara.”

“I like the way you are fitting in to the rich lifestyle, Darling it fits you.”

Sara went silent, sipping her drink, and the look on her face was telling. Something was troubling Sara she was not the normal “take charge” personality that I was used to. I hoped that she would let me know what was going on. I got up and poured Sara another drink. I sat down and I kissed her cheek.

“What is going on Sara?”

“Nothing everything if going fine,” Sara replied.

I did not believe her, and I wondered if I should press her.

“Remember we pledged to support each other in this room, and I want to fulfill that promise.”

“I am upset that I left you with all this,” she said using her arms in a sweeping motion.

“No there is something Kartal Escort else going on,” I replied.

Sara’s hand moved to my thigh and she started to rub my cock. I lifted her hand off and kissed it. She looked at me and kissed my cheek. I put my arm around her shoulder and brought her lips to mine.

“Darling, the situation at the ranch is worse that we thought. Daddy is very upset, and it is affecting his health.”

“What are you doing about it?”

“We sent mother and father to Spain to relax. Jessica my sister’s daughter is with them, Cameron and my sister are at the ranch, and he is doing a good job taking charge. But I am worried about my father. The family will be dealing with the legal fall out for years.”

“Sara, I made a commitment to the production and I need to see it though, but if you need anything from me, all you need to do is ask. Bret could step in and we found a really good assistant director. By the way I love you darling.”

Again, her hand moved to my thigh and began move up and down. I moved over and our lips met in a long kiss. It was weird that we were the only two people in the gigantic house. Despite my wanting for everything to remain the same it was good that I moved out of the house that I bought with Linda, my murdered lover. I was beginning to feel better about the new surroundings.

“Bret is five months pregnant and is handling the responsibility of the production company; I could not ask you to step away from your production,” said Sara.

I kissed her again, I was glad that the two women in my life were friends with each other. Sometimes that worked against me, but it was good that they were not adversaries.

“Darling, I am sorry about this, I thought we would be having parties every weekend, the place would be filled with friends, but it is not working out the way I wanted. Will you forgive me?”

I kissed Sara again and brought her hand to my cock. She massaged my privates in only the way she could. She saw the worried look in my face, this was a big stress to a relationship.

“Darling, are you wanting something?” she asked.

“I want a magic wand to make the construction site disappear replaced with our pool and entertaining area. With the wand I would fix the ranch problems. I want to take your clothes off and make love to you.”

“Well, the family can handle the ranch, but it will take time. We will just need to weather the construction. I should hang the rendering in here so we know what it will look like when finished. But I think that I can do one of those things, right now.”

I grasp Sara’s wrist and we went up to our bedroom. Sara went to her bathroom and I waited in the bedroom. She emerged naked looking great.

“You are over dressed, sir.”

“I know but I am having too much fun looking at you, darling.”

She crossed to where I was standing, and she started to take my pants off. Her hand moved my boxers down to my ankles. My cock was standing at 90 degrees, she grasped the shaft massaged from base to tip. She faced me and with her hands directed my cock into her pussy.

“Now Paul do you think that you can pleasure me standing up?”

I began to move my cock in and out of her pussy, I put my arm around her neck and brought her head to mine and we kissed.

“I am sorry darling, but I need you naked and in bed,” commanded Sara when we broke.

I lost my shirt and watched her get in bed. I joined her and we kissed. I moved over her, and my cock found her pussy. I remembered just four weeks ago when we first made love in the new house. I was still getting used to the space. The bedroom was the size of the three bedrooms in my old house; with his and hers dressing and bathrooms.

“Paul if you are not going to fuck me why are we in this position?”

Shaken out of my thoughts I started to make love to Sara. I felt her breathing deepen and her vagina clamped on shaft. I kissed her and strained feeling my cock release.

“I know that you have a lot on your mind, darling, but, when we are in the bedroom, we both need to concentrate on making love. I am wondering if you are fully committed right now?”

Her words perked up my feelings. It was a pleasure to have the real Sara back. I wanted to make love to her more times than she could stand. I moved down and breathed in her marvelous scent. My tongue explored her vulva, and I felt a slight recoil when I found her clit. I moved up and latched on to one of her breasts and used my tongue to massage her nipple. Finally, our mouths met, and my tongue explored her mouth, touching her teeth. My hand and finger explored her pussy and found her clit root and massaged the area. I was rewarded by a large spend of her fluid.

I was ready to go and mounted her for the second time that night. Being inside of Sara was fabulous. Her cunt was well lubricated and warm. Our mouths met in a long kiss and she managed to capture my tongue. I continued to fuck her and felt my cock Pendik Escort release its load.

“Don’t go to sleep on me sir, I have not had the pleasure of your company for two weeks and I am starved for attention.”

“It’s nice to know that I am good for something.”

There was a slap on my butt. “Paul, you are the man that I love don’t ever let me hear you say that again!”

“Sara, several months ago I promised never to raise a hand to you, and I expect the same from you.”

“It was just a love tap, darling, but I wanted to remind you that you are loved, and the sad sack act that you put on at times is not appreciated.”

I moved over her and found her mouth. We kissed again and my hand started to massage her pussy, my finger again invaded her slit and massaged the clit root. She started to move in response to my actions.

We both fell asleep and I was the first up; another advantage for having separate bathing and dressing areas. I could dress while Sara slept. It was 6:00 when Philip arrived and backed the car out of the garage. I slipped in the back we were on the way to the studio. I looked over the notes I made to the script. I made a note to see if there were last minute changes, when I got to the set. I asked Philip to take the car home after he dropped me off and make himself available to Sara. I had no idea when William would return, and I was sure that she would not stay around the house with the construction activity going on. The last thing I needed to think about was Sara hailing ride services.

I looked at the traffic and the city buildings as we drove by. I reflected on how easily I was getting use to having a driver. Sara and I did not have the time to hire full time help which was something we needed to do. The four weeks that I have been living in the house made me realize that we needed the help. Again, I was horrified that I was becoming a member of the privileged class.

Philip pulled the car to the soundstage and I slipped out of the back seat with all my gear and watched the car move away. I walked on to the set that was buzzing with same activity that was there yesterday. Everything looked good. My phone buzzed with a text message from Sara, “Darling, could you do without the car until you wrap this evening?”

I texted back “Philip and the car are on the way home to be at your call.”

Shortly there was a reply; “Love you darling, see you this evening.”

We started shortly after I received the text messages and we got in a better rhythm and completed ten more pages before I called a wrap. There would be two more days of shooting in the studio and next week we would move outside. I was pleased with the progress Bret was pleased also, she dropped by throughout the day.

My car pulled up and Philip jumped out and opened the back door. I got in Philip put my gear in the back, and we were off.

“The Countess was very happy to see me this morning, sir”

“Did she work you hard?”

“No sir I took her to her office downtown, then home before I picked you up.”

We pulled into the driveway and I saw Sara talking with the construction manager. I asked Philip to allow me to get out before he put the car in the garage. I walked up to Sara and George and listened to their conversation. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Philip put my equipment in the house and walk to his car.

“Oh darling, George thinks that the project is going well. They will be shooting the pool with gunite next week.”

That was good news I was so tired of the backyard being a construction site. George wanted to meet with us on Saturday to go over options for some of the design elements and we agreed on a time. He left us alone and I was sorry that Philip had gotten away, I thought that it would be good to take Sara out to dinner and we needed a driver. It didn’t look like William was back yet if he was coming at all.

“Paul I could use one of your martinis right now, darling.”

I was about to say something that I would regret so I kissed her and led her into the house. We walked through the hallway to the great room where the bar was located. I noticed that Philip put my briefcase and laptop backpack in the mud room. I made a note to retrieve the items later. Now all I wanted was what Sara wanted a cold martini.

“Darling, you could get naked and that would make it that much sexier,” said Sara with a laugh, as I mixed the cocktails.

I kissed her when I brought her cocktail. The doorbell rang and I went to the front door and found an Uber driver with several bags from a restaurant. I signed the chit and pulled ten-dollars out of my wallet.

“Sara, I love you!” I yelled as I walked to the kitchen.

“Yes, darling I know. White wine Paul,” said Sara as she walked in and started to get plates and glasses out of the cabinet. I found a bottle of white wine in the cooler and quickly extracted the cork.

“I couldn’t get a private chef on short notice, so this is the Göztepe Escort next best thing,” said Sara as we sat down at the small table in the kitchen. I thought this was better as we could eat naked if we wanted. It reminded me of the time I used restaurant delivery. We shared the various dishes that Sara ordered and what was also nice that the only things that needed cleaning were the dishes that we ate from.

From the freezer I pulled two cocktail glasses and ice. I mixed two martinis and poured them into the glasses.

“Call it a post dinner cocktail, darling.”

“You’re too good to me, I think that I would like you to make love to me,” said Sara as she sipped the cocktail.

“I think I need another drink,” I said and then laughed.

Sara put on her pouty face thinking that I would not make love to her. That was the farthest thing on my mind. One of our phones started to ring and realizing that it was mine I reached for the counter where it was dancing and picked it up. The display read “Bret Peterson”

I quickly swiped the answer button and held it to my ear.

“You only call when there is bad news,” I said.

“Well it is bad, Lisa Golden was involved in a car accident and is in the hospital. I don’t know any more than that, but this will put a crimp in our production schedule. We will meet tomorrow morning and we can discuss changes to the schedule.”

“Is she OK what are the extent of her injuries?”

“Paul, I don’t know, I hope to get a report from her agent soon,” said Bret.

We talked about some other things and then we disconnected. Sara looked at me with an inquiring look and I explained that the actress playing our main character was involved in an accident. Sara stood and motioned for me to stand.

“Get the keys to the car we are going to visit her,” she said.

“Not before I get more information, Sara; Bret did not know what hospital she was taken to.”

My phone rang again, and it was Bret. “She’s fine Paul just a few scratches; some idiot hit the passenger side of the car she was driving. The hospital wants to keep her overnight for observation.”

Bret and I discussed the changes to the schedule, I said that I thought that we could shoot around her until she heals. We signed off reconfirming the meeting scheduled in the morning.

Sara was standing beside me like a cat ready to spring. “Sara sit down, and I will get you a martini.” She moved over to the couch and I brought her a cocktail. I kissed her and said I had some work to do. I walked to the elevator and was about to close the door when Sara jumped in.

“I have work also, darling.”

We rode up to the second floor and I went to the room I was using for my office and she went to hers. I pulled the script from my bag and read over the pages that we were scheduled to shoot tomorrow I highlighted the scenes with Lt. Collins, the character played by Lisa Golden. We could shoot the scenes that did not include her, but it would be a short day. I looked over the script and schedule for Thursday and saw that Lisa was scheduled for the majority of the scenes. I would bring that up with Bret to get her opinion.

There was a knock on my door. “Darling, I am going to get some wine do you want some?” ask Sara.

“No, I’m fine. Thanks for asking?”

I heard the elevator move as I went back to what I was studying. Sara and I established a policy of not invading each other’s space as we both handled confidential information. Sara had to be more discreet because of attorney client privilege. I couldn’t let the plot of the next big blockbuster get out. My computer beeped at me letting me know that I had an email.

Bret sent me a message that Lisa would be on set in the morning, but we would meet to discuss other issues. “Check out this link to The Hollywood News society page, you will find it interesting.”

I went to the website and was blown away by the headline. “Rogers and Salsbery move in to Red Rock Road swankienda” The gossip article went on to talk about Sara’s and my moved to the new house and how the place is a major construction zone. “Sara is sporting a very nice ring on the left hand and we are all waiting for the formal merger.” Was a line that caught my attention. It also mentioned that Sara was connected to Carol Pears’ crusade suing Hollywood notables on charges of sexual harassment. The last line in the piece was that the author expected wild parties at our house.

“If the Countess of Redding’s reputation is what we think it is, it will be the place for interesting parties, and charity soirees.”

The last graph in the article mentioned that Code Women Executive producer Bret Peterson and hubby were awaiting a new addition. The piece also mentioned her birthday party and the “large Bauble on her right ring finger.” “The Countess, Paul, and the Bret and George Cummings were seen at Toulouse, a few weeks ago celebrating Bret’s birthday. She was sporting a large Bauble on her right ring finger; good job Mr. Cummings.”

I moved back to my email app and hit the reply button and sent a reply to Bret thanking her for the update and for the link “I will share it with Sara, by the way you got some ink also.” I signed off saying I would see her in the morning.

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