The Contract

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I had a good childhood. Nice parents, two older sisters, plenty of friends in the neighborhood. Things changed around 10th grade. All of a sudden girls and boys were different, sex entered into the picture. For some reason, I was horrible around girls, just couldn’t talk to them, relate to them. I was a brain, made perfect grades. Looking back, I was a nerd, tall, skinny, gawky, interested in technical things. It lasted through college. I was a virgin at 22 when I finished college and went to work in the high tech field. I was with a small start-up company and we worked forever. Long hours, lousy diets, but stimulating in a way because we were breaking new ground.

That’s when I was introduced to whores. My very first sex was with an extremely well built, very attractive whore. I loved it. She sucked my cock. Actually I think she made love to my cock. She told me I was bigger than most men and that she just loved my cock. She told me how to do the same to her body, so I learned to suck her breasts and lick her pussy and discovered that I liked it all as much as she seemed to. Then we fucked. And fucked. The best evening and night of my life. It cost a lot but my boss paid for it, for me and several other male employees. So I started using whores as often as I could either get my boss to pay for them or else afford them myself. Good whores, higher priced whores who were universally attractive with great bodies. Ideal sex partners in my opinion.

Then another guy I worked with and me had an idea for a product and we got some venture capital money and started our own company. Once we had proven our concept a very large corporation paid us millions of dollars and bought us out. I then started work on a variation of that product and managed to create my own business. A very successful, fast growing business. I have offers to buy my company and some day I might accept one of them. But for right now, I’m doing fine. My own business, more money that I know what to do with — I have a staff that invests it for me but much of it goes back into the business. And I get fucked regularly by high priced whores.

I’m 26 years old and have a degree of fame, at least in the high tech world, the business world, and I enjoy my life a lot.

I get a phone call from a counselor at the high school I went to some years before, asking if I would talk to a group of students, seniors, about the college experience and working and making a living. I remember that he taught there when I was there and I agree. So, here I am at my old high school, standing with Mr. Beltran, a gray haired man who’s taught for thirty years and now is a guidance counselor, in the front of a classroom as young people file in.

“There’s Racquel,” he says, “I didn’t expect to see her here.”

“Who?” I asked, I hadn’t really been paying a lot of attention.

“Racquel Gutierrez,” he says, nodding toward one side of the room. “The good looking dark haired girl. Sad story behind her. Her parents were illegals but she and her brother were both born here and about four years ago, the rest of her family were killed in an automobile accident. So she’s been a ward of the court, living in foster homes. When she turns eighteen in a short while, she’ll be tossed on her own, the county quits paying for foster care once you’re eighteen. She’s perhaps our best student, very smart and extremely nice. But she’s going to be on the street in a few months and yet here she is trying to find out about college and life.”

The girl he mentioned was indeed very good looking. Hispanic, dark hair, dark eyes. Seems tall and slim and yet I can see she has a definite female body. Seventeen years old, a student with no make up on, yet beautiful. She could be a model or actress, she’s such a beauty. Not a cute face, like the girl next door, but high cheek bones and an aquiline nose. If she were an actress, she should be cast as the queen, very regal.

And then the class starts and I have to talk and answer questions. When the class ends, several students come up, including the dark haired beauty. She tells me she has no money at all, needs to find a job and wants to go to college. I tell her that I knew a guy that worked as a janitor at the Chevron refinery in El Segundo at night and went to the University of Southern California. USC , not some state school, and he finally graduated, paying his own way. So it’s possible, particularly with student loans. She needs to find a job better than flipping burgers. I suggest that Mr. Beltran could help by perhaps aiming her at some government job, at the state or country or even the federal government, the pay is much better. Perhaps even private companies, like manufacturing companies. I said that perhaps my company might even have a job for someone with a high school education even though the top jobs all go to people who are technically capable, usually with a lot of education. Privately, as I look at her, I think that she might make a terrific high priced prostitute. I’d be very willing to pay top dollar to fuck her.

Then I’m gone and that’s over. Actually it isn’t Side escort over. I go to Human Resources the next day and say that if a young girl named Racquel Gutierrez comes in they should seriously see if they could offer her some work. I even tell them, this isn’t an order, I’m not saying you have to, I just know this girl is looking for work so if we have something she could do, it would be kind if we could employ her. Then, about three or four days later, I’m coming down the elevator, out into the lobby, and this beautiful young girl runs up to me and kisses me. I mean really kisses me, on the lips and seriously, and tells me how she just got hired. I look around embarrassed. Later, I talk with one of the women in Human Resources who smiles and says I looked as if I had been ambushed when Racquel ran up to me.

A week or so later, I stop into the company cafeteria for lunch and Racquel is there so I sit across from her and ask how things are going. She gushes out a lot to me. Because of Mr. Beltran she’d filed for scholarships and had actually been offered some at a couple different colleges. She had also realized that she’d have to wait a semester or two before she could start because she wasn’t making that much money and she needed to pay for a place to stay and for food and clothing. Because she had no credit history and no bank account, she had to pay cash and it was all very close but she was exuberant about thanking me for giving her a job. Even though I make sure she knows I didn’t personally hire her, she still gives me the credit. Apparently she turned eighteen, the county stopped making any payments to her foster family, so she was out. At the same time, she had this job so she found a cheap motel by the day to stay at until she got her first pay check. She was behind and in debt but could see her way clear to getting started. She kisses me again. Fully on the lips, a real kiss.

I feel for her but am not sure what to do. So I do nothing. A week later, I run into her in the cafeteria again. She’s running into problems. The guy who runs the motel wants payment from her even though she hasn’t received her first pay check from us. Apparently he was willing to use her body in lieu of cash. I pull a hundred dollar bill out of my wallet and give it to her and suggest she use it. Then I do something that perhaps I shouldn’t have.

I tell her that she is beautiful. That a lot of men would be willing to pay a lot of money to use her body. She could get much more than just a free week at a cheap motel. She could make good money as a high level prostitute. She wonders how I know this so I tell her that I use prostitutes regularly and they make very good money, around a thousand dollars for one night. Of course they have a limited life as a high wage earner but it’s a way to get her through tough times.

“But, I’d have to have sex with whoever hired me, wouldn’t I?” she asks. “Different races, fat or slim, nice or obnoxious. And I’d have to do whatever they wanted.” I agree that this is true. She then goes on, “It’s not like they’re all you. I mean, it would be easy to say yes to you but perhaps not to many of the others. You’re nice, you’re good looking, you’re kind.”

We have a gym in the company so I work out regularly but good looking was something new to me.Her answer gives me a thought though. You have to understand my mind doesn’t work the same when it comes to females. “So, I could hire you and pay you to have sex with me?” I ask.

“Oh, that’s a whole nother subject,” she says. “It was just my response to your suggesting I become a prostitute.’

A bunch of thoughts run through my mind. I’d used prostitutes a lot, perhaps hundreds of times. So, I had used the same one several times. I had never planned on it but using the same one more than once was not bad, based on my experience. So I say. “Just for discussion, let’s say I offer to pay your way through college, to support you as you go to college, and in return you sleep with me, you’re my, uh . . live-in companion.”

She just looks at me for a moment. “Since this is just for discussion, I’d probably agree to do that. But why should you pay thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands before it’s over, to support me through college when all you’re getting in return is sex.”

“I’ve been using prostitutes for years. I spend something like $70,000 or more a year on them. So using you wouldn’t cost me a lot different and I’d have you available a lot more often than the hired girls that are usually there for just one night. I hadn’t thought of it but you might even be a bargain for me. Besides, you’re extremely attractive. I can’t imagine I’d be giving up anything by using you.”

“How would I know that you’d actually come through and not just use me and then kick me out?”

“Oh. I never thought of that. I know me and I know I wouldn’t do that. But, we could draw up an agreement that says I support you through until you finish college in exchange for your, uh, companionship.”

“How about the rest of the time. I will need clothes, need to eat, Side escort bayan how do I manage to live?”

“I guess I’d have to pay for that, too. As a percentage, it probably wouldn’t add a whole lot.”

“You’re serious about this, aren’t you? I mean, if I agree, you’re willing to do everything you’ve said.”

“I haven’t thought about it very deeply but, yeah. I’d be willing to do all that if you are willing to up hold up your side. I mean, prostitutes always make me feel as if they enjoy what’s happening, are willing to cooperate in anything practically. Anything sexual. It has to be something that we both enjoy, that’s to both our advantages. You can’t hate what’s happening and begrudge every moment and neither can I. We’d have to include an out, a way for either of us to cancel the agreement if it isn’t working.”

‘What about my working here?”

“I haven’t thought it through but if you’re going to go to school full time and spend nights with me, you’d have to quit working here or maybe anywhere. The job with me would be full time.”

“Huh,” she says, looking at me. Then she grins. “I’ll do it. Do we start today?”

“Well, let’s see. We need to get you on the pill if you’re not on it. We need to get you clothes to see you through school. We need to apply to whatever school you want to go to, get whatever scholarships we can. Get you a credit card and what, a driver’s license or some ID? A passport for when I make trips overseas. But I guess that could happen later if you wanted to start right now. I’m certainly interested in starting as soon as possible. You’re a beautiful woman, Racquel.”

“I need to quit my job. I sort of hate to, I liked having a job. But I think this will be better. Maybe you can write up the agreement. I’ll go get my clothes out of the room I have and pay the greaseball that runs the place. Cash. Then I come back, what, here and ask for you?”

No. I’ll write down my address, why not come there. I’ll get out of here early and be home before you. O.k?”

An hour or so later, she’s at my door. With four cardboard boxes containing everything she owns. Pictures of her father and mother and brother, letters from schools about scholarships, clothes.

“I’m sorry,” I told her, “I never thought. How did you manage to get all of this here?”

“I called a cab. I gave the driver the hundred dollars you gave me and asked him for fifteen dollars. I used that to pay the man who ran the motel where I was staying. I think he was unhappy, he had anticipated getting a different kind of payment. But I’m not unhappy. And then here, the cab driver helped me get the boxes into the elevator and even gave me a few dollars back from the hundred. So I’m here.”

“I never planned ahead. I need to find some place for you to keep all of your things. I have plenty of room, it’s just a matter of picking some place convenient. Well, now that you’re here, we should move on. Maybe we should start by taking a shower, getting clean, is that o.k?”

“Sure, if that’s what you want.” She’s being submissive, maybe scared a little about what’s going to happen. We move into the bedroom and I start getting undressed so she does too. Then she’s naked. I can’t help notice that she’s really looking at my erection.

“Racquel, you’re absolutely beautiful. You have the sexiest body possible.” I knew she would have a good body. But she was even better than I had imagined. Still tall and slim looking with that beautiful face. But a great ass, round and firm and standing up tight. Almost no stomach. Lovely breasts, Not huge pendulous things, probably “B” cups or maybe a little more but perfect on her body. Firm and all up front, her nipples almost pointing up. Gorgeous legs, long and shapely. A definite thick thatch of dark hair between her legs.

“Would you mind if I trimmed your pubic hair? I’m used to girl’s being shaved clean there, no hair to get in the way, to get in my mouth or teeth,”

“Mouth?” she says, quietly, perhaps not meaning to even say it out loud. She has a quizzical look in her eyes that slowly goes away as she realizes what it must mean. She smiles. Maybe more than a smile, a sort of dirty grin. “No, if you want to shave me, that’s o.k.”.

I’d never shaved a girl before. I figured I shave myself every day, it can’t be too difficult. I know I need to start by using scissors to trim the hair down to a stubble. “I need to get some scissors,” I tell her and go into my office area and get some office scissors. “Let’s go into the bathroom.” Once in there I look at her and think about how to do this. She looks at me and I think she knows that I’m not sure how to proceed.

She goes to the toilet, lifts the seat up and straddles it, standing facing me. She squats slightly, pushing her legs out, spreading her thighs more open. “Maybe like this, so the hair falls into the toilet and can be flushed away.” Here is this perfect female sexy body, opening her pussy to me with no hesitation. I don’t know what I thought before but I was a little surprised that she seemed to have so little Escort side bashfulness about her body.

I have to kneel on the floor, my stomach against the toilet as I hack away with the scissors. “I don’t want to make a mistake here,” I tell her.

She actually laughs a little. “I sure don’t want you to either.” It was awkward with the relatively large scissors but I kept moving them around and snipping away and was getting most of the hair off. “I’ve never had anyone spend so much attention on me there,” she says.

I lean in and stick out my tongue and lick her lips lightly. “Oh, I plan on spending a lot of time here, I bet you’re delicious.” I can hear her sucking in a breath as I lick her. “I wonder if my electric razor will work,” I say. “I think I have the hair down to where it should.” I flush the toilet and the hair disappears mostly. Some sticks around the edge. I get up, put down the scissors and get my Remington. It runs on a battery fortunately, I probably couldn’t get a cord long enough to get to her. I start at the top and work my way down and around her lips.

“Oh,” she says and then again.

“Does it hurt, should I stop?”

“No, I’ve just never felt anything like that before. It sort of vibrates.”

So I finish, hearing her breathing hard, holding her breath at times, I think. “O.k. we can now wash each other in the shower.” I tell her as I pull back and stand up. She reaches down and rubs herself, first looking down and then looking up at me with almost a shy smile, then straightening and moving forward, away from straddling the toilet. I can’t help myself, having this beauty naked for my pleasure gives me an overwhelming emotion and I press against her, put my arms around her and kiss her. She puts her arms around me and kisses back. I push my tongue into her mouth and she licks my tongue and pushes her tongue back.

She’s seemed submissive but here, she’s returning my feelings with her own, she’s holding me and kissing me as much as I am her. I’m used to using whores. They’re high priced ones, good at what they do, so they enter into the sex with what seems to be enjoyment, often are even aggressive. I have to realize that Racquel is not an experienced whore, she’s probably used to the man being the aggressor. She may even be hesitant at first to do what she might feel like until she knows if I’ll be acceptable to her moves.

In the shower, I use my bare hands and soap to wash her perfect body. I tell her how sexy she is and what a great body she has as I wash. I spend time on her breasts, kiss them, lick the nipples after rinsing them. I turn her so I can do her back, then down to her magnificent ass. A really beautiful ass, full and round and firm. I feel it, kiss it, massage it slightly before moving down her legs. I then have her turn. I’m kneeling, my face to her pussy. I ask her to spread her legs slightly, then use my fingers to pull open her lips. Pink, delicious insides showing, I get my tongue into her and lick up and down. I slide a finger down to find her vagina and push into it slightly, then move my tongue to replace the finger and lick inside her some more. I lick up to where her clit must be. It’s not obvious but as I lick I can feel it change shape a little. She’s sucking in her breath, making small noises. I then wash her and her legs and stand up and tell her it’s her turn.

She starts by kissing me, on the lips, then the neck, then the shoulders, then she starts washing me, from the shoulders down my chest. She’s quiet but feeling my body carefully. I turn and she does my back, my butt, my legs. I turn again and my erection is in front of her face. I have a large cock. Really thick at the base and sort of like a spear, narrowing some with the head larger again, like a roundish arrowhead. None of the professionals have ever managed to take much more than the head into their mouths. I have no idea if Racquel knows anything about sucking cock although she soon will if she doesn’t already. I wait to see what she does.

She touches my cock, runs her fingers along it. She wraps her hand around it, grasping it and starts moving her hand back and forth, masturbating me. She looks up at me, not saying a word, grins and then looks back at my cock. She leans forward and licks up one side of it, then bends her head and licks the other side. She licks the head and puts her lips around the head and sucks on it, licks it inside her mouth. She starts doing everything a little faster. Her jacking me with her hand gets faster and in the process, she swings my cock some. It comes out of her mouth and she uses her mouth to catch it again. She does this over and over, like she’s playing a game with herself. She never gets more than the head in her mouth and then it pops loose and then she’s catching it again with her lips and sucking it in, all the while jacking me off fast and hard. I’m going to cum and tell her. She flicks her eyes up at me, either not understanding or not caring because she just continues to play her game and then, my head in her mouth, I shoot off a big load. She moves her head back, a mouthful of sperm I’m sure, and looks at my cock as it shoots again, hitting her in the face. She glances up at me and then looks back at the cock and gets hit again. She grabs the head with her lips and swallows it again as my last load fills her mouth.

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