The Club

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The young woman lies motionless on the oversize bed, its six walnut feet buried deep in an antique Persian rug surrounded by walls beautifully covered in brocade fabric. A crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling, unlit in the early morning hours. At her feet is an Italian silk comforter, carelessly thrown back in reverence of summer.

A sudden gust raises the curtain, allowing the morning sun to shoot through the briefly opened aperture. A capsule of sunlight briefly illuminates her slender hand, held willingly hostage between shapely and well tanned inner thighs. Cast in alternate light and shadow, her knees straighten slightly, while farther up the exquisite nude body, disheveled copper-colored hair spills across the satin pillow.

The alarm begins its annoying buzz and she groans, rolling over to hit the snooze. She pushes the hair from her face and squints at the clock. It can’t be time to get up yet. Grumbling, she rises from the haven of her bed and pads naked to the bathroom for a quick shower.

She emerges from the steamy bathroom wrapped in a thick towel. She moves to the kitchen and fetches a cup of aromatic coffee and returns to her bedroom to dress for the day. Tossing the towel aside, she quickly brushes her long copper-colored hair and slips on a simple black lace bra and panty.

Standing in front of her closet, she first chooses a mid-length skirt and blue blouse before deciding on a pair of smart black velvet heels. Surveying herself in a full-length mirror, she adjusts her hair until she is satisfied with her appearance.

On the way out, she grabs her purse, checking to see that her cell phone is in its assigned pocket, and her keys. She steps outside, into the warm sunlight, locking the door behind her.

She drives the short 3 miles to her office, the trip uneventful as always. She sighs, wishing her life had more excitement. Her friends led exciting lives, she thought to herself. Why can’t I?

The first half of her workday goes by fast and lunchtime approaches. She and her two best friends, Lila and Nick, always have lunch together at a little restaurant called Gaston’s. She saves her files on the computer and grabbing her purse, she heads to Gaston’s.

Her friends are already there when she arrives and the waiter quickly shows her to the table. A quick round of hugs and they all sit, perusing the menu.

“How’s work today, Jess?” Lila asks.

“Oh, the same old, same old.”

“Yeah, I know that feeling,” Nick laughs.

Jessica smiles at them, deciding how to word her question. “Guys, I have to ask you something.”

“Shoot,” they say in unison.

Jess blushes slightly, “Do you think I’m, uptight?”

“No!” Lila quickly protests.

“Come on, Lila, be honest.”

“Well,” Nick starts, “you are a bit on the conservative side.”

“Great,” Jess mutters, hanging her head, “just what I thought, I’m a stick-in-the-mud.”

Nick laughs, “No, Jess, you are far from that. You Maltepe Escort just haven’t quite learned how to leave the work you at work and let the real you out to play.”

Lila nods. “Exactly! Hey, Nick and I are going clubbing tonight, why don’t you come along?”

Jess starts to protest but changes her mind. “Ok, sounds like fun. How about you pick me up about 7?”

“Great! It’s settled then. Let’s order.” Nick motions their waiter over.

After placing their orders, Lila says, “Hey, Jess, when was the last time you went clubbing?”

Jess blushes again, “College. Why?”

Lila giggles, “Then I think I’ll come over about 6 and help you pick out an outfit. I’ll bring some of my clubbing clothes as well.”

“Ok.” Jess smiles.


Jess jumps as her cell phone rings. She picks it up, fumbling and flips it open. “Hello?”

“Hey, Jess, it’s me,” Lila’s voice answers.

“Oh. Hey. What’s up?”

“I thought I’d call and tell you to go ahead and take a shower before I get there. That way we have more time to pick your clothes.”

“Well, that makes sense, ok,” Jess responded. “So, I’ll see you about 6 then?”

“Yup. Bye.”



Jess pulls in her driveway at 5:30. She quickly unlocks the door, tossing her purse aside and kicking off her shoes, shedding her clothing as she made her way to the bathroom. After a quick shower, she stands in her bathroom, debating whether or not she should wait in her towel or get dressed. The doorbell made the decision for her.

“Come in, Lila,” she yells from the edge of the living room. “I’m in my bedroom.”

“Ok, on my way.”

Lila steps through the door wearing an impossibly short skirt and an incredibly tiny shirt, the heels of her boots clicking across the hardwood floor as she strides to the bed where Jess is sitting.

“Oh my God, Lila!” Jess giggles.

“You like?”

Jess shakes her head, still giggling.

Lila shrugs, “Oh, well, that’s ok. Let’s see what we have for you to wear, missy,” she says and dives into Jess’s closet.

A few moments later, Lila emerges, a frown on her face. “Well, good news and bad news. The good news is, these heels are perfect!” she pulls a pair of black six inch heels from behind her back. “Assuming, of course, that you can actually wear them,” Lila pauses, “The bad news is, none of these clothes will work!”

Jess sighs, shoulders sagging.

“Never despair, I have just the thing for you,” Lila giggles and reaches for her own bag. She pulls out a shimmery black skirt and white t-shirt. “I went tame for your virgin trip,” she teases.

Jess reaches for the sensible panty she had laid out on her bed. Lila glances at her, shaking her head.

“Part of the experience is going commando!” Lila grins, “All those people, rubbing up against you, mmm, it’s bliss!”

Jess shrugs, “Why not?” she giggles and tosses the panty back on the bed. She glides the soft material of Ümraniye Escort the skirt up her legs and over her slim hips. The thin fabric clings to her hips, stopping a little above mid-thigh. She pulls the shirt on and over her softly rounded breasts.

“Wow, Jess! You look hot!” Lila’s eyes roam Jess’s body, taking in the full breasts straining against the material of the shirt; the shapely legs; and the nicely rounded ass the skirt was clinging too. Lila grins, “If I was a guy, I’d so do you.”

Jess blushes, color staining her cheeks. “Thanks, Lila,” she says as she sits on the bed to slip her shoes on. Jess runs her brush through her thick hair and applies a soft makeup, completing her look for the night.

Outside, a horn honks, signaling Nick’s arrival. The two women grab their purses and head out to the waiting car.


At the club, Jess finds a table and orders a drink while Lila and Nick dance.

After a few moments, a tall, attractive man walks up to where she is sitting. Jess has had several drinks by now and was feeling pretty buzzed.

She didn’t even notice him at first. His shadow fell across her table but she didn’t think anything of it. Many shadows had fallen on her table. Then he said hi. She looked up into the face of Adonis. Or so the whiskey thought. He had dark brown hair, bright blue bedroom eyes and a full sensual mouth that begged to be kissed and nibbled on. Jess was all too ready to oblige. He was wearing a black silk shirt and black jeans that hugged the muscles of his legs.

Jess looked up, smiled and said hello. He asked if he could sit and she motioned for him to. He sat opposite her and introduced himself as Paul. He ordered another round of drinks and they made small talk. Jess was drawn to him, his eyes pulling her in as if they were a whirlpool on the ocean and her but a tiny ship.

He was intelligent and had a sense of humor. Their conversation didn’t revolve around sex, which, in a way, surprised her, considering the environment they were in. They talked about work, their lives outside of work and many other innate things. He asked her to dance and she accepted.

Paul led Jess to the dance floor. As they began dancing, at first with a space between them, they still talked. The music grew louder and they had to move closer to be able to hear each other. Their bodies were pressed together, rubbing, grinding in a purely sexual seeming manner. Jess’s pulse quickened. She was surprised to find herself getting so wet by this innocent contact with him.

They danced until the song ended. The next was a slow number and before Jess could head back to the table, Paul wrapped his strong arms around her slim waist and pulled her close. She felt chest pressing against her nipples, making them harden. She should have been embarrassed, but wasn’t.

His hands were on her waist and they slowly slipped lower, over the curve of her ass. His hands and fingers were slightly callused, İstanbul Escort catching a bit on the fabric of her skirt as he cupped her round bottom. Paul pulled Jess closer and she could feel his cock, hard and throbbing, through the heavy denim of his jeans.

Jess felt his lips brush her neck, then her ear. She moaned softly, part of her praying he didn’t hear, the other part, hoping that he did. Her eyes closed, head tilting to one side as his moist lips continued their assault on her neck and ear. She felt her heart racing and her fingers dug into his muscular shoulders.

Jess felt rather than heard the deep growl that escaped his lips. His strong fingers gripped her ass, pulling her tight against his erection. Her head fell back and his mouth found the hollow of her throat.

She didn’t know what had come over her. Was it the drinks, the atmosphere or this man? She wanted him, on a purely animalistic level. Jess found herself pressing her body tight against this strange man.

Paul’s mouth left her neck as he turned her around. His hands moved up her body to cup her breasts, his throbbing erection pressing against her rounded bottom. Jess moved her hips, grinding herself into him.

One of his hands left her breast and moved between them, unzipping his jeans, freeing his cock. He raised her skirt slightly, easing the pulsing head between her cheeks. He waited for any sign of resistance from her and finding none, he guided himself into her wet sex.

Jess moaned, pushing her hips back towards Paul, taking more of him inside her. Her mind was screaming to her to stop, but she didn’t listen. The need coursing through her body overrode her brain’s warnings.

Their bodies moved with the music, his erection sliding in and out of her slippery channel, passion building in time with the song playing. Each note brought them higher, closer to the peak they both so eagerly wished to reach.

The music, the gyrating bodies around them and the alcohol heightened their senses, making every touch, every movement, every breath an experience all its own, mixing together to fuel their need. As the tempo of the music increased, so did Paul’s thrusts, bringing them that much closer to release.

Jess’s cries of pleasure were muffled by the wailing music, her crest, as well as his, crashing over them at the same moment, causing their bodies to tremble. Her breath coming in gasps as he slipped out of her, readjusting her skirt as the music came to a halt. Paul grabbed her hand and led her back to the table, his seed dripping down her thighs with each step.

Nick and Lila were already seated when Jess and Paul reached the darkened table. He pressed a quick kiss to her cheek and handed her a slip of paper with his number on it.

“Give me a call sometime, Jess. It was a pleasure to meet you,” he grinned at her.

Jess blushed, “You too, Paul.”

Lila gazed at Jess’s flushed cheeks, the question readily apparent in her eyes. Jess just smiled and watched as Paul walked away.

“What time is it?”

Glancing at his watch, Nick said, “It’s a little after 1 a.m.”

“Oh man! I am beat,” Jess yawned.

“Me too, let’s go home!” Lila said and the three friends left.

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