The Club, Ch. 6 – The Newsagents

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The Club

Chapter 6 – The Newsagents

I had found initially when The Club and my position in it had been explained, I expected strangers everywhere to hand their cards and show me their keys to my chastity belt. Forcing me wherever I happened to be into some sex act. It was both humiliating, nerve-wracking and really, really exciting. When nothing happened I began to think it had been exaggerated or perhaps something said to arouse me. Or maybe there weren’t very many members outside of those I had already met. It went to the back of my mind as I settled into my routine. One evening Mr. Savage sent me on one of my regular errands, to fetch some newspapers and magazines from the local newsagents. He told me I could pick up some sweets for myself if I wanted some and gave me a short list of things for everyone else. It was early evening when I was sent to get a newspaper for my Master and I was surprised when a card was slid in front of me, I panicked a little. I looked up. It was the shop owner. I had seen him so many times. “You may be wondering why I haven’t shown you the card before. It’s quite simple. Every member of my family is a Club Member. My wife, my father. I needed them both to be home to cover the store while we enjoyed your company. Two of us will be with you, while the other covers the store. We will take turns. Mr. Savage expects you back in a couple of hours. Go through that door there.”

I obeyed. I stepped through into a back living area and on the couch were an older naked man and a middle-aged naked woman. In front of them was a huge selection of sex toys, a few I wasn’t familiar with. She got up, saying nothing. She started stripping me. Then pawing me and walking around and examining me. Pulling my ass cheeks apart, something I was familiar with and loved. Opening my mouth. She was rough. I wasn’t yet used to that, but I found I liked it. The man’s cock was already getting hard. She grabbed my hair and pulled me to my knees. Kicked at my feet indicating she wanted me to spread my legs and roughly pushed my head to the mobil porno floor. She grabbed a paddle and spanked me several times. Making me yelp. She strapped on a dildo and to my relief lubed it up. Lined herself up with my pussy and pushed in. She yanked my hair back. She fucked me that way until she could see the man’s cock was good and hard from her performance. Then she pulled out and pulled me over to him. He had me straddle him and forced me down on his cock roughly. She reached over for the magic wand and some clothespins. She attached the pins to my nipples. The sensation they produced pulling deep moans from me. She grabbed my hair again, pushed the dildo back in and got me in a rhythm on his cock while pushing in and out of my ass with the dildo. I was moaning even more loudly by this point. His cock felt so good. He started up the wand. “Put your hands behind your back slut,” he ordered. “You better cum for me you little whore.” He barked his order at me. “That’s right dad, you tell the filthy little cunt. You fill that cunt up with your cum dad and then I am going to clean it out, come on dad, fill her up for your little girl, fill that filthy little whore cunt.” I was just a toy for them. I toy for their game. Something to be used. And I loved it. I wanted his cum in me and I wanted to feel her tongue lick it out of me while he watched. I thought of that and I came hard and then I felt him unload his cum into me and she drove that dildo in deeper too. And he held the wand on me. I didn’t know if I could stand it. She held her hand over my mouth, I was making too much noise. I came again. “It’s all in their baby, you eat it up like a good girl now.” She pulled me off his cock and laid me over his lap and started licking my pussy out in front of him. It felt so good. So filthy. I didn’t care. Mr. Savage usually had me describe any sex I had that he wasn’t present for him in detail. I thought of that too. Being hooked up to the milking station while I was being fucked or maybe he would have me entertain everyone with the details, he had done that alman porno too while I was being fucked. Being fucked and being made to describe humiliating sex acts in detail whatever they may have been but also I had to be honest about how much I had enjoyed them. It always made my cheeks burn. Admitting how much I had liked whatever depraved act it had been. How much I liked being used for my Master’s ultimate pleasure. He loved hearing about it. He would often cum over my face as I told him.

The woman got up and started putting her clothes on. She looked at me. “He has the recovery of a teenager.” She smirked and went off I assumed to relieve what I also assumed was her husband.

I was still on the older man’s lap. He came over and pulled me to my feet. They took me through to a bedroom. He tossed me down on the bed like a rag doll. I didn’t know what to do. “Don’t you dare move slut, stay right where I put you.” He undressed. The older man got some rope out. One bound my breasts and the other my hands. My hands went on a hook which they had attached overhead. They attached a spreader bar between my knees. They put a bit gag in my mouth like I was a horse. I had never had one of those in my mouth. Then they both stood back and took some photos. “These are for George and us of course.” The man rubbed my tattoo, my mark. Pushing his fingers inside me. “George is very lucky to have his mark on you. You little whore, you love this, your cunt is dripping. I know my wife just cleaned you out and you are positively dripping again. I think you need a little spanking. I think you are such a filthy little girl you should always be spanked, don’t you think so dad?” The older man just responded with his hands on me. They took turns spanking different parts of me. My ass, my bound breasts, my exposed spread pussy. I flinched and squirmed and moaned and I loved it. My ass got redder and my pussy wetter. Finally, they decided to fuck me and I felt them both drive their cocks into me as I hung helplessly between them. They alternated between alexis texas porno driving into me at the same time and cramming their cocks together inside me and one pulling out while the other pushed in. It drove me wild. My orgasm built quickly and they could feel me cum hard on their cocks, my muscles contracting wildly against them. They weren’t done though. They kept going for what seemed an age, pounding me so hard, pulling on my poor breasts. The old man reached for the wand. He pressed it hard against my clit and sent me into wild spasms, I couldn’t control myself but he wouldn’t let up. It was too much. I was screaming through the gag begging him to stop. Begging them to cum inside me, please. I was a wild thing gone mad. Thrashing. They came.

The old man left and the woman returned a few minutes later and stripped. I was still hanging helplessly. She put several pillows between my legs and started eating my pussy again. This time eating her husband’s cum out of me. I was so sensitive. I squirmed and moaned with pleasure. “She was gentler with me this time, she cooed. That’s it baby give me your juicy little pussy. That’s it. You’re all mine, shhhh little one, just give it to me….” Her soft words only aroused me more in contrast to the harsh treatment I had endured. As she licked me and fingered my ass slowly, her husband removed the ropes from my breasts and a wave of sensation hit them and he started gently sucking them. Drinking the milk. “Make sure you leave me some baby. Oh, you’re such a good little girl. You know we’re going to do this again don’t you little one. There you go. We’re going to be good friends, aren’t we? You’re going to be a good little whore.” She rained kisses on my pussy and inner thighs. Pushed her tongue deep inside me. Then she pulled herself up and she joined her husband. They both suckled on my breasts. It was so erotic for me. It always was. Feeding from their little fuck toy, they sucked on me until they had made me cum again.

I was sent home covered and filled with cum. Instructions from my Master apparently, he planned to clean me himself. He greeted me at the door. “Do you have my Newspaper and Magazine? Upstairs to the bathroom, quickly now.” I couldn’t wait to tell my Master all that had happened.

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