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THE CLOSET SURPRISEPart II really don’t know where to start in describing this. It all happened so fast – well, sort of. Things happened slowly, but when the threesome happened, that’s when it really picked up speed. I guess the best way is to tell you a little bit about myself and the things that happened to me over the past few years.I was married when I was 21 because I was pregnant. It was a lousy marriage, but what could I do? After ten years, my husband left me. I admit it, I had let myself go, but in a way, the divorce was the best thing that happened to me. It forced me to face things head on. I went out and got a full time job. I arranged for day care, for my son Steven. I don’t know how I did it, but soon, I was working full time at a travel agency and loving every minute of it. By the time I got up to speed on the travel business, Steven was in high school and pretty much old enough to take care of himself. Things started looking up. I made good money that enabled us to buy a small house. I got a car. As an added benefit, the weight started falling off of me. I didn’t return to the look of that twenty one year old girl, but I didn’t look bad as a 35 year old woman. The better I felt, the more I wanted to work out, which I started to do. And as I got more seniority in the travel agency, I was able to take a lot of those freebie trips you always hear about. Some of those trips, I see now, led to the events that I’m about to tell you about. Actually, probably the biggest thing that led to these events was my physical conversion. By working out, I got my body back. A body that seemed to get me in more trouble than my twenty one year old body ever did. I always had big breasts (36C’s), but the pregnancy made them bigger (36DD’s). After I had Steven, they stayed as 36DD’s, but you really couldn’t tell because of all the weight I gained. When I started working out, the fat left, but the breasts stayed. A nice fringe benefit. Also, my hips got a bit bigger during the pregnancy, but the working out knocked the fat off of those as well. The result was a bigger, curvier behind, and some say, a sexier shape for me. A true hour glass shape if you looked at me from the front, and almost an “S” shape if you looked at me from the side. I started noticing the results about a year after I started working, but I didn’t notice the looks and stares from men until after about six months of working out. Not that I didn’t like it, mind you. I enjoyed flaunting my body, especially in the summer time, wearing tight T-shirts and halter tops. I also went out and got a new, short haircut that just changed my look completely. With my dark skin (I’ve got a little Portugese in me!), I tanned easily and well. I was hit on many times, with some guys even propositioning me outright. Fortunately, I have an open mind and laughed them off. But as the years went on, I sometimes wished I had taken them up on their offer. So now I’m 46 and Steven is 25. He still lives at home, after just getting out of the Marine Corps. He joined right after college and did four years. I missed him terribly, so I’m happy to have him home now. I enjoy the company around the house. The effect of the military on him can’t be missed. He’s not the skinny high school k** anymore. What college did for him emotionally, the Marines did for him physically. I sometimes sneak peeks at him going into the shower. We were both pretty open, living alone together, so it was not uncommon for him to jump in the shower, leaving the bathroom door open. He picked right back up on that habit as soon as he got home. That’s where I get my quick peeks, admiring that firm solid body, those muscles flexing under the taut skin. I make sure I position myself in the house so I’m walking by just as he drops his towel. I know what you’re thinking, but at the time it really was just curiousity for me. I wanted to see how my son turned into a man. If you had seen him when he was in high school, you’d know what I mean. On the other hand, I noticed him doing something similar. I can tell he’s looked at me, only he hasn’t been as subtle as I have. I’ve caught him a couple of times staring at my breasts or my behind just a little bit too long, then he’ll make eye contact with me and look away. I can’t blame him though after being away all that time in the desert with the Marines. I’m sure there wasn’t much there in the way of women for him. Besides, it’s all harmless, what does it matter if he takes a look at me? He’s a man, it’s normal. I should let you know that while Steven was in the Marines, I took the opportunity to “sow a few wild oats,” so to speak. After all those men started noticing my body, and since I had gained a large amount of seniority at the travel agency, I decided that some of my free trips should be to some of the more tropical climates on the globe. Actually, I made sure I went to Jamaica several times. While I outwardly told people I was just going to Jamaica, I was actually going to the resort known as Hedonism. In case you never heard of it, it’s an all-inclusive resort that lives up to its name. Nudity is a given, if that’s what you want. And if you want lots of sex, that can be had too. It’s all there, just for the asking. It can be as sedate and calm as you want, or it can be as wild and swinging as you want. It’s all up to you. When I first went, I was a little apprehensive of walking around a beach resort nude, but that apprehension left very quickly. I remember getting to the hotel and checking in on the first day of my first trip. I showered and changed into a one piece bathing suit and made my way down to the pool. I went to the pool bar where I ordered myself a nice Jamaican mixed drink. After two of those, I was in the hot tub, naked with twenty other people. It didn’t take much coaxing, because it looked like so much fun. I couldn’t believe how much fun I had that first night….. and the next night… and the next. The men couldn’t get over my breasts. They kept remarking how big and firm the were – which excited me! As a result, I made up for some serious lost time that week, considering my marriage. I lost count of the number of guys I had glorious sex with that week. Many of them were men 20 years my junior, and I loved every minute of it. It sometimes makes me wonder if that’s what made me take those looks at Steven. Since I had seen young guys at Hedonism and had sex with them, maybe I wanted to see if he was similar to them?On one of my trips, I met another woman, around my age, named Arlene. As it turned out, she works for a travel agency in a city about an hour’s drive from my house. We met at Hedonism (at the hot tub of course) and hit it right off. On this particular trip, a group of swingers from Minnesota was meeting at Hedonism, and naturally, Arlene and I joined in on the fun. Since meeting her, we’ve gone to a few swingers parties here. She knows some swinger friends near where she lives and they have party about every other month. It’s great for me because Arlene’s friends live about 45 mintues from Arlene, so that makes the distance even further for me. Not much of a chance of running into any fellow partiers on the street around here! The great thing about Arlene is that she shares my new taste in younger men. A few times we’ve “shared” and even traded some of the guy’s we’ve met! It’s made for some interesting times! So by the time Steven got home from the military, I was in shape, with a killer body, and a lot of sex experience under my belt. And now I was living with a 25 year old man, who I hoped wouldn’t cramp my style. My fears were unfounded though. Steven went right out and got himself a great job with a parcel delivery service. He said it was temporary, but I’m sure he enjoyed it. Hell, the parcel guy at my job was a hunk (unavailable, unfortunately) and all the girls drooled over him. From what I heard, those guys got all the action they could handle. So I was under no false impression that Steven would be leaving any time soon. The job kept him out of the house for most of the day, and with the new friends he was meeting, he was staying out late too. So I pretty much still had all the privacy I wanted. Many times I was out of the house on my dates before he got home. I couldn’t bring any guys back to my place, but then again, I rarely did that anyway. There were only a few times when I did that, so it really didn’t affect me. Things went along fine until one day I noticed Steven was going out a lot. I assumed he had dates (how could he not, he is so handsome!). I asked him one night, and he said he had a date, but he didn’t go into much detail. I decided to let it lie, figuring he wouldn’t want me cramping his style either. Still, it was good seeing him going out. One Sunday night I got a call from Arlene, who I hadn’t heard from in several weeks. She told me about this great new guy she was seeing. “So, who is he, what’s he like?” I asked.”Oh, he’s a nice stud, with a great body. Really nice to talk to, too, but who cares about that, right?” Arlene replied, laughing. “He’s really buff, with a nice big dick! I just love it! I think I might be getting more than I can handle!””What?”, I asked incredulously. “Miss Arlene getting too much? Now I’ve heard everything! So where did you meet him?””I met him at the Crazy Horse, that bar not too far from my house. We’ve been there before.”Yes, we had. The Crazy Horse was a well known “meet-market” where Arlene and I shopped together many times for young studs. We did very well there, especially in the summer time when it was hot and we’d be wearing short skirts and skimpy tops. Most of the guys we met there, ended up being one night stands. Many times, we had forgotten their names by morning. It looked like Arlene had been doing a little shopping on her own.”So what’s the deal,” I said, “have you been holding out on me? You pick up guy and don’t give me my shot at him?””That’s why I’m calling you,” a wounded Arlene replied. “I’m not holding out on you. It’s just that ever since your son got back, I haven’t heard a word from you.” She was right. Although Arlene knew all about Steven, she had never met him. In the six months that he’d been home, I had given all my attention to him and none to her. “I’m sorry, you’re right,” I said. “I’ve been so involved in getting Steven settled back in that I’ve forgotten about my friend. How can I make it up to you?” I asked.”Well,” Arlene said excitedly, the hurt gone from her voice. “I was thinking of the Closet Surprise! We haven’t done that one in a while!” Ah yes, the Closet Surprise. Actually, I came up with that one. About two years ago I met a nice young hunk. We saw each other for about six weeks, which, by my and Arlene’s standards, was a long term relationship. After one of our sex marathons he mentioned to me that he’d like to try a threesome sometime and wanted to know if I had any friends who might be interested. I played it coy, telling him I’d never done one (never mentioned Hedonism to him!), and wasn’t particularly interested. He was a little disappointed, but little did he know that I was about to put a plan in motion that would give him what he wanted. What I did was I planned a night out with him, letting on it would be our usual dinner, drinks and sex date. What he didn’t know what that I had secretly called Arlene and told her to come to my place at about 10 PM. I told her to get naked, and hide in the closet in my bedroom. My date and I would get home and give her a little show (both Arlene and I liked to watch from time to time). After I had the first wild session with my man, I’d casually walk over to the closet, tell him to get ready for a surprise, and then pull a nude Arlene out by the hand. You should have seen his reaction. He went beserk! You know what I look like, but when he saw Arlene, his eyes almost fell out of his head! Arlene’s a blond, with shoulder length hair and 38DD breasts. He told me later, just seeing two busty, curvy and naked older ladies with him in the same room nearly drove him over the edge. He pounced off the bed, picked up Arlene and threw her on the bed. He immediately went for her pussy. She was loving it, she couldn’t believe his reaction. When I saw what was going on, I jumped in too. He said I had fulfilled his ultimate fantasy: Two women, two pussies, two mouths, two bums, and four tits… and believe me, he tested every hole. The Closet Surprise was a success. We tried it again with some of Arlene’s friends. It worked like a charm every time. “Hmm, that sounds like a great idea! It’s better in your house because you have those louvred doors on your closet. I’ll be able to see out, but he won’t be able to see in. What night are you doing this and when should I be there?” Just reliving the first time got me hot for the experience again!”How’s this Friday night sound? I’ve already lined up a date with him!””Sounds great,” I said, “Friday it is.” Just as I was to ask for some more details on her new guy, Arlene interrupted.”Oh damn, there’s my call waiting. Hold on?” “Sure,” I said.Arlene came back on. “Linda, it’s my sister, she’s been trying to reach me. Listen, just be here before 11 and ready to go. I’ll call you from my cell phone when we’re on our way back to my apartment, ok?””Ok, fine, see you then. Bye.” Ever since we came up with the Closet Surprise, we’ve had keys to each other’s places, so everything was all set. The only problem was that it was Sunday, which meant I’d have to wait five days before the fun would begin. Oh well I thought, that will just let me build up a bigger head of steam!The week went by slowly. Steven and I saw each other in the evenings and watched TV. We had a great time chatting about our days. He seemed very happy. I caught him staring a couple of times, too. When we would watch TV, I’d change into my flannel nightie, with nothing underneath, topped off with a silk robe. Just for fun, I wouldn’t tie the robe closed. The nightie had a low cut, V-neck, so it showed off my cleavage. I caught him a couple of times looking at it when we were sitting together on the couch. In fact, he would sit on the couch next to me only when I had the nightie on. The other nights, when I wasn’t wearing it, he’d sit on the chair next to the couch. It was fun testing and teasing him this way. When he should have been looking forward at the TV, he’d have his head turned all the way to the left, looking at my tits. I’d let him look for a while, then I’d look at him. He’d quickly turn away when I did. At the end of the night, when I’d get up to go to bed, I’d stand up, stretch in front of him, then lean over, directly in front of him to give him a kiss goodnight. Since I wouldn’t wear a bra, I’m sure he got a good look down there, albeit a quick one. I loved teasing him like that!Thursday night, I got up and gave him the usual show. I then stood up, and was about to turn away, but Steven held my hand. This held my robe open. This wasn’t a good thing, since my nipples had rubbed against the flannel, and they got hard. It was either the flannel, or it was the outline of Steve’s cock in his pants that made them hard. Whichever one it was, here I was, standing in front of my son with no bra on and my hard nipples jutting out from under the fabric. “What is it Steven?” I asked. “I just wanted to let you know, I’ll be out late tomorrow night,” he said with a smile, still holding my hand. His eyes never left my breasts. “That’s fine,” I replied. “I’ve got some plans too.” Little did he know what those plans were. Going over those events in my mind made my nipples even harder. “Ok, I’ll see you Saturday morning, I guess. By the way, do you want me to turn the heat up?””No,” I said, a little confused. “Why?” “Well, you look a little cold.” He grinned and motioned his bursa escort head in such a way to make me glance down at my breasts. There were my nipples, fully erect. So much for my game playing. “Now Steven,” I scolded, closing my robe and folding my arms across my chest, “you shouldn’t be looking at your mother that way!” I said it with a smile.He replied, “Hey, what do you expect, when your mother’s a babe, you can’t help but look!” I gave him a playfull little slap on his muscular bicep. “Don’t be calling your mother a babe, I’m far from it!” I started to blush.”I mean it,” he said. “You look great!” “Well, thanks, it means a lot coming from you!” I leaned over again and gave him a kiss on the forehead. I lingered there for a few seconds, to give him another good look. Don’t ask me why I did it, I just did. Maybe it was the excitement of the situation that caused me to do it, but I did it. “Goodnight!” I said, running up the stairs. I was on air! He made me feel so good! Coming from him, I knew his remarks were sincere. I got into bed, now anxiously awaiting the next night. I had a lot of tension to blow off!Part III got home from work at about six thirty that night. I couldn’t wait for my bit of fun in the evening, it had been a long week. I went upstairs and showered. I then picked out a casual outfit. I didn’t put much thought into it, because I’d be naked as soon as I got to Arlene’s place. The only thing I had to worry about was certain undergarments, so I got out a nice black thong and fishnet thigh-high stockings. I then put on a bra to match the panties. I threw on a regular pair of slacks and a nice sweater. I slipped into a pair of sexy pumps. I topped all of that off with a string of pearls around my neck. It didn’t matter, all anyone would see would be the thigh highs and the pumps. I planned on being absolutely naked (except for the pumps and stockings) when I got into the closet. I drove over to Arlene’s place, getting there about 10 o’clock. I let myself in and helped myself to a couple of glasses of wine, just to get loosened up. I went into her bedroom made sure everything was ready. Her bedroom was set up perfectly for this. Her bed came out from the wall and was parallel to the closet doors. There was a night table and a large armchair with an ottoman between the bed and the closet. The bed was only about 10 feet away from the closet. From inside, I’d have a perfect view of everything. I went straight over to the closet and opened the doors. I made some space in the middle of the closet, pushing Arlene’s clothes aside, and getting her shoes off the floor so I wouldn’t step on anything. I closed the doors to make sure I could see out. The doors were louvred, so I could see out through them fine. With the lights on in the bedroom and no light in the closet, I’d be able to see out, and no one could see in. I grabbed one of Arlene’s robes out of her closet so I could wear it while I was waiting for her call. I went into her spare bedroom and got ready. I stripped naked, leaving only the pumps and the thigh highs on. I put my clothes in the closet in that room, so in case our guy came into the room, he’d have no suspicions that anyone else was in the apartment. I looked at myself in the dresser mirror. Steven was right, I was a babe! Not bad for a 46 year old woman! Not skinny, but certainly not fat. Voluptuous, or “zophtig” to use an old term. Curves in all the right places and breasts that some women gladly pay $10,000 for. How could he be wrong? I had no problem getting guys, so how could I not be a babe. My denial of my beauty must have been from all those years of being put down by my ex-husband. Leave it to my son to make me feel better about myself. What a great son he turned out to be, and what a babe he was himself! If only he wasn’t my son, I thought….. I snapped myself out of it when the phone rang. I quickly put on the robe and ran for the phone. It was Arlene.”Are you ready?” she whispered. “Yes, I’m ready. Where are you?””We’re leaving Mulligan’s now. I brought him here to get us loosened up a bit.”Mulligan’s was bar about 10 minutes from Arlene’s place. It could be wild from time to time, but it was a great place to meet guys. Any time I wanted some sex, I could be sure to find it there. “Ok, sounds good. Listen, don’t keep me waiting in that closet. Just get here and get him in the bedroom!””Don’t worry,” laughed Arlene. “He’s primed and ready. He’s been rubbing his boner up against my ass all night! There won’t be any talk when we get there. I’m going to strip him as soon as we get in the door.””Okay, see you in ten minutes.” I hung up the phone. I put away the wine I’d been drinking and washed the glass. I made sure there was no evidence of my presence and went to the bedroom. It was a little difficult walking on the heels, because the wine had gone right to my head, so I was a little tipsy. I left the bedroom door open a crack so I could hear them come in. Sure enough in less than ten minutes I heard the lock turn on the apartment door. I got up from the armchair and got in the space in the closet I had made earlier. I let the rob slip off my shoulders and I tossed it aside in the dark closet. No need for this tonight, I thought. I pulled the doors closed and waited. In a matter of seconds, the light to the bedroom came on. I saw Arlene enter the room, then her body was suddenly pulled back, almost out of my view. All I could see was the back of her. She was naked, with two muscular arms around her back. Our partner for the night, who was also naked, had grabbed her, picked her up, and was kissing her. He started walking forward, holding her and kissing her as he walked, with Arlene’s legs wrapped around him. I couldn’t see his face because Arlene’s hair had most of his head covered. As he walked toward the bed, he turned so his back was facing me. God, he was a stud. He was about six foot two, nice and buff as Arlene said, with a beautiful tan. Arlene put her feet down and moved away from him. She knew I was in the closet and wanted to let me see what he looked like. She casually took him by the right hand and moved to her left. This would turn him so he’d be directly facing the closet. My eyes were focused on his crotch. The first thing I wanted to see was his huge dick. His body turned and I wasn’t disappointed. His cock had to be eight inches long, if it was an inch. I instantly felt my pussy cream when I saw that. There was a large strand of pre-cum hanging about six inches down from the tip of head. I was mesmerized. No matter how many times I’ve done this, or how many times I’ve been with a guy, the first sight of his penis drives me wild! Then I heard Arlene. “Well Steven, I guess my package delivery man has a nice big package for me!” I froze. “Steven”? It couldn’t be. Please don’t let it be! I instantly moved my eyes from his crotch to his face. Oh my God!!! It was him! It was my own son! Here I was, naked, in a closet, in the midst of a scheme to participate in a three way with a guy, and the guy turned out to be my own son!My mind raced. What should I do? Do I run out? I can’t do that, Arlene will stop me and everything will be exposed! If I stay, I’ll be in here all night watching my son fuck my best friend. Then what? Come out and tell him what a magnificent job he did? Come out? I’m naked for chrissake! Even if I did come out, how could I explain my nudity??I tried to calm down. I was burning up with shame and embarrassment. How would I get out of this? I thought of calling Arlene’s phone to maybe distract her, but damn, my cellphone was in the closet, with all my clothes, in the spare bedroom. There was nothing I could do without exposing myself and my son to extreme embarrassment. Then I remembered. Arlene said she was going to put on a show first, which was her way of saying that she was going fuck the guy before pulling me out of the closet. This would give me time to think. Maybe they’d be in a certain position where they both couldn’t see me, and I could sneak out. I’d tell Arlene later that I suddenly felt sick and had to go home. Heck, if it worked, as far as she would know, I wasn’t even there. Damn, why did I throw that robe away into a corner of the closet? I’ll never be able to find it!While I was thinking all of this, Steven and Arlene moved to the bed. Steven was hungrily sucking on Arlene’s nipples. She was writhing with pleasure. This went on for about five minutes when I hear Steven say, “Ok Arlene, let’s go. You owe me some head, remember?””Hmmm, that’s right. A matter of a little bet I lost, isn’t it?” “That’s right,” Steven replied. What the bet was about, I could only imagine. I watched as they changed positions. Steven lay back on the bed, placing a pillow behind his head, and supporting himself with the headboard. As he moved, his huge penis bobbed and weaved all over his crotch. Arlene got off the bed and hopped back on, placing herself in the blowjob position. She stradled one of Steven’s legs, letting her pussy hair graze his shin. She was in the doggy style position, so her big breasts hung low, one on either side of his thigh. She made sure she positioned herself to make sure I could see everything. She even held her hair back with her free hand and grabbed his erect cock with the other. She then brought her head down, and in a flash, all eight inches of my son’s dick was in her mouth. Steven let out a loud, guttural moan. He was clearly enjoying this. Arlene worked his cock like a pro. She should have, she has lots of experience. I watched, transfixed, as she moved her head up and down. Her lips moved over the relief that made up the surface of Steven’s shaft. Up and down her head went, until his cock was glistening with a mixture of his pre-cum and her saliva. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The vision had its effect on me. I couldn’t take my eyes off of that scene. My knees started to get weak. I instinctively reached for my pussy, which was soaking wet. I was watching my son get head, and it was turning me on! “Yeah, that’s it, suck that cock Arlene! Make me cum!” It was Steven. I had never heard him talk like that before. Arlene responded by moving her head faster. Clearly she wanted to make him cum. That was usually the plan we used during the closet surprise. Make the guy cum quickly, so he’ll last longer for the second round. Arlene was sucking with abandon now. Steven was watching her, his eyes focused on the head that was giving him so much pleasure. Gradually, his head started to loll back. He was getting close. I watched him. He started to tense up, his toes started to curl. His cum was building up inside him. It was only a matter of seconds now. He grabbed Arlene’s head with both hands, which gave the appearance that he was moving her head up and down on his shaft. His body stiffened, and he let out a huge groan. Arlene stopped sucking and waited for it. Steven’s body bucked and I could tell he was emptying his balls down Arlene’s throat. Arlene moaned as the cum gushed into her mouth. From the look of Steven’s spasming body, he must have fired three or four full loads down her throat. I doubt she even tasted it because his cock was so far down her throat that I’m sure the cum went straight into her belly. God, it was so hot to watch! Arlene let Steven’s cock fall out of her mouth. She looked up at him and smiled. She kissed his body as she moved up towards his mouth. Her heavy breasts grazed his skin, the nipples pushing his chest hair out of the way as they moved up. Arlene met his mouth and gave him a deep, open mouthed kiss. I’m sure Steven tasted his own cum when she did that. He didn’t flinch at all. “So are we even?” asked Arlene.”We sure are” replied Steven, sounding a bit out of breath. “Damn, I think you get better everytime you do it. Now, what’s this surprise you were telling me about?”My heart lept into my throat! They were discussing the surprise already! I had been mesmerized by their act that I had totally forgotten about a possible escape! Instead of watching them, I could have been looking for that damn robe!”Just a few more minutes, my dear. Let me go to the bathroom to freshen up a bit,” said Arlene, as she ambled off the bed. As she moved, her big breasts shifted lewdly on her chest. Steven followed them with his eyes. As Arlene moved to the opposite side of the bed, away from the closet, Steven rolled with her, squeezing and hefting her breasts as she moved. Arlene was now facing me, and Steven had his back to me. Arlene stared at the closet, while Steven massaged her breasts. After a minute or so, she moved away telling him that she’d only be a minute. That was our signal. Go to the bathroom, and tell the guy you’ll “only be a minute.” It was the signal to the closet girl to get ready. Arlene danced off to the bathroom. She closed the door, so she probably really did want to freshen up (she got all modest when she had to use the toilet). Steven was lying on the far side of the bed, with his back to me and the bedroom door. He was so close to the edge, that his right arm was hanging over the side of the bed. Now was my chance. If I played my cards right, I could slip out of the closet, out of the bedroom, into the spare room, gather up my clothes, throw on my overcoat and be out of the apartment. Even though I’d be naked underneath, as long as I had my overcoat and keys, I could slip away. Damn, if only I had found the robe! Now I’d be wasting valuable time looking for it! I crouched down in the closet to feel around the floor for the robe. I knew it had to be near my feet, but Arlene wasn’t very organized, so I didn’t know if I was picking up a robe, or a pillowcase. It didn’t matter, because I found it right away. Relieved, and perhaps a little too happy that I found what I was looking for, I went to stand up. I was still feeling the effects of the wine and as I moved, my high heel slipped out from under me. I fell to my side and hit the wall of the closet. I felt myself starting to fall backwards. When that happened, I reached up to grab something, anthing to steady myself. I grabbed Arlene’s clothes and, because I had lost my balance, whatever it was I grabbed, I pulled off the hangars. A few of her winter outfits fell to the floor in a heap, making a muffled, but most decidedly discernable thud. The metal hangers that formerly held the clothes clanged loudly against one another. That was it. I was dead. There was no mistaking that someone, or some thing, was in the closet. I confirmed this by looking out. Steven had flipped over onto his side like a puma, staring at the closet. In a second, he was off the bed and making a bee line for the closet. I couldn’t believe it. Here I was, wearing only high heels, thigh highs, and a pearl necklace and my naked son was about to find me hiding in his lover’s closet. Could it get any worse?Yes. He didn’t hesitate for a second. He tore both doors open and immediately and looked in. There I was, for all intents and purposes, naked. I didn’t even have the robe to at least partially cover me because I dropped it trying to maintain my balance. I tried to cover myself with my hands, but my breasts were too big. Really, all I could cover were my nipples. “Mom!?” whispered Steven. At least he had the presence of mind not to speak loudly. “What the hell’s going on? What are you doing here?” He quickly looked over his shoulder to the closed bathroom door. Arlene had flushed the toilet, and had turned on the bathroom sink. In a matter of seconds, she’d be out. Even though he whispered, I told him to hush. I pleaded, “Please don’t say anything Steven! It’s a long story, I can explain later. The most important thing right now is to get me out of here! And not a word to Arlene!””But you’re naked!” As I spoke to him, I saw escort bursa him lower his eyes to my breasts. He continued to stare at them as he talked. “What’s going on?”I lowered one hand to my pussy, in an attempt to cover it. Ironically, that gave him more of my breasts to look at, so I really didn’t accomplish anything. “Quiet, it’s just a little game Arlene and I sometimes play. You can’t say a thing to her!”If Arlene ever found out that I was Steven’s mother, she’d tell the world. Not in a vindictive way, mind you, but in a gossipy way. Arlene loved a juicy piece of gossip, and I knew she’d never be able to keep this a secret, not for the long term anyway. I knew that someday she’d tell someone about this little event. It would get all around our little circle of swinger friends, and would eventually get out even to our non-swinger friends. They’d eventually find out at work. I’d be ruined. Even though nothing could be proven, just that rumor floating around would kill me in the community. With that, we both heard the water shut off and Arlene call, “Hey my little studmuffin, are you ready for round two?” She spoke through the door, probably drying her hands as she spoke. We heard the door being unlocked.”Don’t say a word, just pretend you don’t know me!” I dropped all pretense of trying to cover my nudity. I pushed Steven away, back toward the bed, and pulled the closet doors closed. In one leap, he was back on the bed, trying to look like he’d been lying there the whole time, acting horribly non-chalant. Arlene bounded out of the bathroom, and told him that it was now time for his surprise. At least I knew she hadn’t seen us talking.My mind raced again. I knew if I had tried to run past Steven, he would have followed me out of the bedroom, asking me to explain. Arlene would have heard us, would have come out of the bathroom, and we’d be exposed. I thought that maybe if we pretended we didn’t know each other, I could finesse my way out of the threesome. Heck, I had already seen them have sex, so watching them go at it again wouldn’t be that bad. After she let me out of the closet, I could at that time tell her that I didn’t want to participate, that I was only in the mood to watch tonight. I could just watch them again, then while they were in the midst of it, walk out of the room, get dressed and get out of the apartment. Steven knew not to say anything, and when I spoke to Arlene later, I could just tell her that I wasn’t feeling well, so I had to leave. This train wreck of a night could have a fairly decent ending. The damage would be confined to me and Steven. Arlene quickly moved toward the closet. She looked at Steven. “Remember the time you asked me about doing a threesome? Well, that got me to thinking and I decided to arrange one for you!” She was using the basic script that we used for all the guys we did this to. In a flash, she opened the doors, shouting “Ta-da!” as she did so. There I was, naked. I didn’t move. Arlene, seeing this, got a quizzical look on her face. Normally, the closet girl would jump out of the closet, yell “Surprise!,” and happily put her arm around the other girl. For obvious reasons, I couldn’t do it. Arlene looked at me and reached in and grabbed my hand. She pulled me out into the bedroom, and with a bit of a glare in her eye loudly said, “What, are we a little shy tonight?” “I guess I’m not feeling too well,” I meekly replied. I was now standing in front of my son, naked, holding hands with another naked woman. My naked son was on the bed, looking at both of us. I stood there wondering how I got into this mess. Arlene made the introductions. “Steven, this is Linda, Linda, this is Steven.” “Hello,” I said. “Pleased to meet you.” I didn’t hold out my hand.”Hi, nice to meet you,” said Steven. This was followed by an awkward silence. I started to get the feeling that Arlene thought something was up. I had to nip this in the bud. If she thought something was amiss, she’d dig with both of us to find out what it was.”So, Arlene, where’d you find our little studmuffin?,” wrapping my arm around her shoulders. “You think he can handle both of us?” I laid it on thick, and it worked. Arlene’s demeanor changed in flash.”Oh, I don’t think so. You saw the opening act. He’s probably only good for one more round!”, teased Arlene.Steven was listening intently now, the look on his face changing from shock to smug. “We’ll see about that,” he chimed in. I noticed he had that gleam in his eye that he had last night. He was also sizing me up. Maybe I shouldn’t have said what I said. In my effort to avert Arlene’s suspicion, I seemed to have inadvertently given Steven a green light. “Arlene, how about another bet?” said Steven.Arlene replied, “Ok, what is it?””How about I make both of you come twice tonight before I come once? Oral cums don’t count, I’ll just make you both come by fucking. Is it a deal?” I couldn’t believe what he was saying. Did he actually think we were going to fuck? Or was he just playing along? “Oooh,” cooed Arlene, “that sounds good doesn’t it Linda?”I was lost in thought, thinking about what he had just said. My mind drifted to the thought of Steven fucking me doggie style, while I had multiple orgasms. It was a thought that I didn’t immediately put out of my mind. All of a sudden I felt a nudge from Arlene. “I said, doesn’t that sound good Linda?” I snapped out of it.”Yes, that sounds great!” As a said it, I slowly stepped back a little so I was behind Arlene. When I knew she couldn’t see my face, I gave Steven a dirty look. He wiped the smirk off his face fast, now knowing that he went a bit too far. “Ok then, it’s a bet. If you don’t make us each cum twice, then you lose,” said Arlene. “And you know what I want if you lose.”Steven regained his composure after my silent censure of him, but he still played along to keep Arlene in the dark. “Okay,” he replied. “If I lose, then, well, we do what you want. If I win, then I get what I want.” I noticed that Steven blushed a little bit when he said that. The curiosity go the better of me. They were speaking as if they knew an inside joke, and I wanted to know. “Arlene, what do you get if you win?”, I asked, with feigned sweetness in my voice.”If I win, then I get to fuck him in the ass with my strap on.” Arlene said this with a big smile on her face. “If he wins, then I have to be the entertainment at an upcoming bachelor party for one of Steve’s friends. Arlene said this with a big smile on her face. Obviously, she didn’t care if she won or lost the bet. “Arlene!”, cried Steven, “do you have to let everyone know??,” cried Steven.I just smiled. I knew that Arlene tried to do this with every guy she went out with. Many times she got to do it, but only if she let the guy fuck her in the ass first. She made the guy think that she didn’t like it, but I knew better. She loved it. The only thing she like more than getting fucked in the ass was fucking a guy in the ass with her strap on. She loved the feeling of power it gave her. She took it with her to Hedonism and usually was able to talk at least one woman into letting her fuck her with it. Steven looked at me sheepishly. So, he had lined up a gangbang. I guess I know where he got his sex drive from. All this talk had actually had a relaxing effect on me. The k**ding around had calmed me. I knew I’d be able to control the situation now. With that in mind, I decided to get things started. The sooner those two started the sooner I’d be out of this crazy situation. “So, why don’t you guys start the wager,” I said. “Come on Steven, let’s see how long it’ll take you to get a cum out of Arlene.” “Okay,” he replied. He took it as a challenge. I noticed that he was looking me over again, fascinated with my breasts. “But first I need to get primed up. How about giving me a feel of those titties?”Arlene jumped right in. “Oh yeah, doesn’t she have the best tits you ever saw Steven? Mine are big, but I wish they were as firm and high as Linda’s. Mine sag too much.” As she was saying this, she reached over and hefted my breasts, one in each hand. “God, they’re so heavy Linda, how do you carry them around on that small frame of yours?”She had me trapped. What could I do, push her hands away? I wouldn’t have anyway, Arlene and I frequently played with each other’s breasts. But by Arlene starting the breast play, this gave Steven his in. I knew he wanted to get his hands on my breasts, and now it appeared he was going to. Steven moved toward me. “Aw Arlene, what are you talking about, I think your boobs are great! They look really good in that red sweater you wear.” I could tell he was being sincere. In a way it made me feel good, because when he said that, Arlene’s face lit up. She was a little self conscious about her breasts. And, he was right, I knew the sweater he was talking about. It made Arlene look like a Playboy bunny. As he moved closer, Steven moved his hands toward my breasts. Arlene’s hands were quickly replaced by his. What could I do? I had to stand there. He hefted each one, judging the weight. Then he squeezed them, gauging their firmness. My body moved a little bit as he manhandled my breasts. I always loved the feel of a man squeezing and fondling my breasts, and it was no different now, even if the man was my own son. My nipples started to harden, a fact not lost on Steven. He was now lost in lust. He just stared at my breasts as he massaged them. I looked in his eyes and he wasn’t focused on anything other than my breasts. All of a sudden, I felt something brushing up against my lower belly. I looked down and saw Steven’s raging erection. His penis had become erect, and as it did, the plum sized head brushed against my stomach. I gasped a little bit and pulled away. Seeing it this close made it looks three times bigger than when Arlene gave him that blowjob. A dollop of pre-cum had formed at the tip of his cock. It was a very erotic vision, seeing that huge missile, looking for it’s home. He, on the otherhand, hadn’t noticed a thing. I went to speak, but had to clear my throat before I did. I wanted to try to deflect the attention to Arlene. “Ah, Steven, Arlene, don’t you two have a wager to settle? It looks like Steven is ready to go.” “Yes!” cried Arlene, “let’s get started!” Steven reluctantly let go of my breasts. He looked a little disappointed, but the disappointment left his face when Arlene got on her knees and started sucking his cock. She sucked for about ten seconds, then stopped.”Oh, sorry Linda, would you like to go first?” Saying that made the whole thing sound a bit comical. Here she was, on her knees, with an eight inch erect penis inches from her face. She stopped what she was doing to ask me if I wanted to go first, as if we were in line for a buffet. “No, that’s okay Arlene. You go first. I think I’m in the mood to watch for a little while.” With that, I sat down in the armchair and watched. There was a big pillow on the chair, so I pulled it on top of me, finally getting to cover my naked body. As if it mattered. I was covering myself, but only after I had had a naked 10 minute conversation with my son, during which time he fondled my breasts. So much for covering up!Arlene worked Steven’s penis like the expert she was. Her head moved like a machine, back and forth over his engorged organ. Slurping sounds soon emanated from her mouth. She was making Steven’s cock nice and wet, and he was loving every second of it. Steven reached down and fondled Arlene’s breasts. She moved her arms so he’d have easier access to them. You could tell they had done this many times before. Many times, on all those Friday and Saturday nights, when Steven told me he was just “going out.” After a time, Steven pulled out of Arlene’s mouth. Still on her knees, she looked up at him with an almost pleading look in her eyes. Steven got on his knees and gently pushed Arlene on her back, right there on the carpet next to the bed. Since they didn’t go to the bed, they were even closer to me than they were in the closet. Their heads were faced away from me, so I had a clear view of each of their private parts. Arlene was lying down now, and Steven was on his hands and knees. He was slowly moving up her body, kissing it as he went along. He lingered for a while at her breasts, sucking on each of her hard nipples for quite a while. As he did this, his cock sort of floated in mid air. It was so hard, it just stuck out from him like another appendage. It swayed from side to side, in response to any movement of his body. His balls hung loose, apparently still filled with semen, even though Arlene had made a gallant attempt to empty them a few minutes earlier. I couldn’t believe that I was witnessing my son in this position. I never thought I would have seen the day, but here I was watching him about to have sex with my best friend. I thought that I’d watch them screw for a little while, then get up and maybe tell them I was going out for some water. You know, let them think that their little show had gotten me so hot, that I had to get up for a drink. I’d leave the room, then gather up my clothes and get out of the apartment. I wanted them to be in the middle sex, so there wouldn’t be any chance of them wanting to come look for me if I took too long. Steven positioned herself over Arlene. As he did, she drew her knees up to accept him. She placed one hand on his hip and the other hand on his penis. She rubbed the head up and down against her wet slit. When she thought Steven’s head had been lubricated enough, she stopped moving it and placed it at the entrance to her pussy. Steven flexed his body, and the head of his penis slipped into Arlene. With the head in, Steven repositioned himself a little bit and prepared for a full thrust. He didn’t waste any time. With one push of his hips, and, thanks to Arlene’s sopping pussy, his entire cock entered Arlene. Alrene let out a long, deep groan.”Ohhhhhhh!,” groaned Arlene. Steven looked at her and smiled.”Are you ready for the best part?” Steven asked her.”Yes,” moaned Arlene. “Fuck me please! Fuck me with your big dick!”With that, Steven pulled his penis back. I could clearly see Arlene’s juices glistening on his shaft. As he slowly pulled his penis out, Arlene’s pussy moved with him. Her pussy was so tight around Steven’s shaft that it looked like a doctor’s surgical glove around a wrist. His girth must be much bigger than it seems.Steven then started fucking Arlene like a true stud. He began slamming his hips against her with all his might. I watched intently. His balls were slamming against her ass. Arlene was thrashing about under him. After about 10 strokes, Arlene began the repetitive groan that I first heard that first night we met at Hedonism. When a guy is fucking her, and she’s really enjoying it, she starts saying, “Oh.”Not just “Oh.” It sounds more like “owe”, as in “You owe me money.” Only she doesn’t say it once. She says it for every stroke.Arlene was right in the groove. “Owe!, Owe!, Owe!, Owe!, Owe!, Owe….!”, she moaned. I had heard that moan many times. She said she never moans when she has sex, but there she was, moaning for all to hear. I guess she can’t hear it in the midst of the act. At least I had a witness this time…. not that I’d be able to use him. I knew that this was the perfect time to leave. If Arlene never hears herself groaning, she certainly wouldn’t see me leaving. Steven might see me get up, but if he said anything (which I doubted), I’d just tell him the glass of water story. The trouble was, even though I knew it was a good time to leave, I couldn’t make myself get off the chair. The longer I stayed, the better it got. And like an internet porn junkie, I told myself this next few minutes would be the last. Every time I tried to move, Steven would go to a different bursa escort bayan variation of the missionary position, which would cause me to stay. For every position, I thought of how I’d done that one before. Until he got to one I had never seen before. All of a sudden, Steven stopped. Keeping his cock in her, Steven grabbed Arlene’s legs under the knees, and pulled them up so the backs of her legs were against his chest. He then moved forward, putting one hand on either side of Arlene’s head, and hiked himself up on his toes. Now, only his two hands, and the toes of his feet were holding him up over Arlene. This move had the effect of pushing Arlene’s legs back toward her body. Her feet were locked over Steven’s shoulders. They were face to face, with Arlenes’ legs forming a barrier in between them. I had never seen this before. I decided to watch this one for a while. Steven started pumping his body into Arlene. His shaft was glistening with Arlene’s pussy juices, as it slid up and down in Arlene’s cunt. I couldn’t believe it. His penis was like a piston sliding in and out of a shaft. Arlene’s moans became louder and more throaty. I knew she was about to come. Steven was plowing here like there was no tomorrow. It was a wonder that he hadn’t come already. While all this was going on, I had totally forgotten about my plan to leave. I also noticed that my hand had wandered down to my crotch, beneath the pillow. While Steven and Arlene had been enjoying the sex, I enhanced my viewing experience by massaging my clit. The more Arlene moaned, the harder I rubbed. Before I knew it, I, as well as Arlene, was on the verge of a climax. The next thing I knew, Arlene was screaming in ecstasy. Steven had made her cum, simply by fucking her. I watched her writhe in pleasure under Steven’s beautiful body. He kept pounding his penis in her as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure rippled through her body. It got to the point where Steven had to stop thrusting so she could stop thrashing about. Steven stopped and looked at Arlene, who was all flushed and sweaty. She had a huge grin on her face and looked as if she had just run a marathon. She held Steven’s face in her hands and kissed him deeply on the lips. Then she told him, “Thanks lover, but I need a while to recover. Why don’t you work your magic on Linda for a while?”When I heard my name I snapped out of my trance. I stopped rubbing my clit and realized that I had never acted on my plan to leave the room. I also realized that I had shifted down on the chair, with my legs splayed wide apart, with nothing but the pillow covering my hand and crotch. I then noticed Steven looking over his shoulder at me. Steven immediately moved off Arlene. I heard his still erect cock slide out of Arlene’s drenched pussy. Steven quickly stood up, as if somehow knowing that if he didn’t act fast, the opportunity to have sex with me would be lost. I admired his beautiful body. My gaze fell over his sinewy chest, down to his well toned abs. His thighs were tight and well formed. But in the middle of all that firm muscle was the biggest and hardest penis I had ever seen. It had me in a trance-like state. Strangely, I didn’t move. I just sat there, naked, with my legs open and only a pillow between my pussy and Steven’s raging hard on. I couldn’t move. I didn’t want to move. The images that I had just seen in front of me acted like ropes that bound me to the chair. I couldn’t take my eyes off Steven’s cock. I knew that I should have moved and covered up, but I just couldn’t. The urge to experience that iron bar penis was just too much. I knew if I looked at Steven’s eyes, I’d communicate my assent to him. If I didn’t look at his eyes I thought, it wouldn’t happen. Strangely, the roles were now reversed: While Steven was looking in my eyes for any signal of my assent, my eyes were glued to his erect penis. But I was getting weaker. I wanted that penis in my pussy so badly to bring me to orgasm, that I betrayed myself. Slowly, my gaze lifted up, and I met Steven’s eyes. He stared into my eyes and I into his. I don’t know what was going through his mind, but I’m sure he decided to wait a reasonable amout to time to see if he could guage any objection from me. I knew one thing: My eyes didn’t say yes to him, but they didn’t say no. With that, and with Arlene quietly moaning on the floor, Steven started moving toward me. I could see his cum smeared penis bobbing in the low light. When he got to the edge of the chair, he quickly stooped down and, grasping it at the ankle, raised my right leg. He lifted my leg high, almosting lifting my ass off the chair. I let the pillow drop – or did I throw it? – to the floor. Steven now had me opened up, open for whatever he wanted to do. He crouched down, grabbing the base of his penis. He moved his penis to the entrance of my vagina. I couldn’t believe this was happening, but I had no control over it. The urge to experience the great sex, coupled with the excitement of something so taboo and decadent, clouded my ability to do anything. I then felt it. I felt the tip of his penis rubbing up and down the lips of my pussy. He was getting my pussy fully lubed up for his entry. A few seconds later, I felt the tip of his penis spread the lips of my vagina. It was happening. At that point, I looked in his eyes and he looked in mine. We both knew we were at the point of no return, the point where we both could stop it all and say, well, things got a little out of hand, but at least we didn’t fuck. It was clear neither of us wanted to say that. With one move of his supple body, Steven quickly entered me. I couldn’t believe the sensation. My head automatically fell back, and I let out a deep, guttural moan. It was unbelievable! His cock touched me in places that hadn’t been touched in a long time. Then he started stroking, stroking like it was the last sex he was ever going to experience. I really don’t know, but I think that it was on his third stroke that I exploded in orgasm. At that point, I dropped any pretense of holding back. My hands roamed all over Steven’s body. I felt his back, his firm ass, his shoulders. I was in heaven. I even reached up and presented my mouth and tongue for him. He reached down and sucked on my tongue, and I on his, and all the while he was pumping away at my soaked pussy.I just watched as he pummeled my body with his. My fat breasts rolled up and down on my chest with each stroke. The flesh on the thigh of my upright leg rippled with every slam of his body against mine. I could feel his penis hitting the back of my vagina. His tongue was deep in my mouth. I could hear the wet sloshing of his penis in my soaked pussy. The scent of my sex filled the air. By now, Arlene had recovered. She had moved up off the floor and was kneeling next to the chair. She watched Steven’s cock hammer me mercilessly. She was rubbing me all over, feeling my breasts and twisting my nipples. When Steven wasn’t kissing me, she was.”Isn’t he the best?”, cooed Arlene. I could only nod and moan in agreement. Arlene moved her hand down to my pussy and placed her hand over my clit. She let two of her fingers move to either side of Steven’s pumping penis. As Steven pushed through Arlene’s fingers, it caused her hand to stimulate my clit with each stroke. It also gave Steven the added sensation of her fingers “gripping” his penis. I knew Steven was getting close. His groans were getting louder and his strokes were getting faster. I could feel his penis expanding inside me. Although I was lost in the lust of the moment, I still had the presence of mind to think about the eventual outcome. If things kept going the way they were, very soon my own son would come inside me. Although I had gone this far, I didn’t want that to happen. Even though I was 46, I was still getting my period. I was on the pill, but nothing is foolproof. The last thing in the world I wanted was to get pregnant by my own son. I was taking enough chances without a condom, and after seeing how much semen he put out when Arlene sucked him off, I knew I’d be taking a huge load. It took me all my strength to form the words. I had to be careful, because in the condition I was in, I didn’t want the wrong words to come out. “Steven,” I whispered. “Don’t come inside me. Come on me.” Steven freaked when I said that. His eyes got to be the size of saucers. He started pumping faster and moaning louder. I think the experience of hearing his own mother, at the same time giving him the green light to come, and, on top of that, to come all over her, pushed him over the edge. What little reservation he had to fucking his own mother was obliterated when I told him to come on me. He gave five or six final thrusts, then, with a bellowing scream, pulled his penis out of me. I watched as he moved his hand to his massive organ. He started stroking it ferociously with his hand. Arlene giggled and moved her face next to mine – into the line of fire, so to speak. (She loved it when a man came on her!) I didn’t know whether to move out of the way, or stay where I was (I also enjoyed having a man cum on me!). Steven was stroking his penis at light speed. All of a sudden he stopped stroking and groaned. The first blast of cum fired out of his penis and flew over both of our heads. I’m sure that it continued over the chair and hit the wall behind us. He continued stroking his penis, but ever so slightly, directed his penis downward. He was aiming for Arlene! The next blast of semen soon followed the first. This one was about six inches long and hit Arlene directly on the head. The first two inches landed on her forehead, and the rest of it landed crossways on her face. She had a line of cum streaking from her hair, across her nose and across her mouth. I’m sure a big dollop of cum wound up in her mouth. I was just staring at Arlene, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw Steven make another adjustment. He turned his penis just a little bit to the right. He was aiming for me! It was my turn to get a shot of cum! I couldn’t believe it! Not only did my son fuck me, he was about to loose his load in my face! Before I could do anything, I could see the cum coming out of the tip of his penis. Since I was directly in front of him, it caught me square in the face, just below my nose. The great force of his cum surprised me. The shock of it caused me to open my mouth, and his cum dripped into it. The next shot immediately followed and hit the back of my throat. Without thinking (I was still caught up in the sheer lust of the moment), I swallowed the cum. As I swallowed, I watched the remainder of Steven’s cum shoot from his penis, all over my breasts. As soon as it landed, Arlene reached over and began licking his semen from my breasts. Steven, out of breath, fell backwards and landed on the bed. He was breathing like he had just finished an Iron Man competition. Arlene was still licking the cum off of my heaving breasts. I too was breathing heavily, after having the fucking of my life. I’ve had some great sex, but the sex I just had had to be the best. The only reason it was so great had to be due to the “taboo” factor. Arlene finished her licking, got up and jumped onto the bed with Steven. She started kissing him with her cum smeared (his cum) mouth. Soon, they were laughing. Apparently, it was a great time for them, as well. They looked over at me and beckoned me over. I got up off the chair and walked over to them, admiring both of their sweaty bodies. Arlene still had Steven’s cum on her face. She was kissing him all over. When she got down to his penis, she put it in her mouth, cleaning all my juices off of it. I put my hands on my hips and started laughing. “Well I guess you two had a great time!” I said to both of them. “I know I did!” winked Steven. He put his hand out to me. I took it, and he pulled me to the bed. He pulled me over him and Arlene, who was still licking his cock, and had me lie down next to him. He started kissing me and made his way over to my neck. I didn’t resist. “God, you’re a great fuck,” he whispered in my ear, as he squeezed my ass. “So are you, baby, so are you,” I replied. We looked into each other’s eyes and smiled. I smiled, even though, at the back of my mind, there was the guilt of having committed i****t with my son. Still it was the best sex I had ever had, even if it was with my son. At that time, Arlene dropped Steven’s penis from her mouth and moved up next to Steven. “Well, it looks like you lost the bet, big boy”, she said.”Yeah, I guess you’re right,” said Steven, meekly. “I don’t know what happened”, he continued, “usually I’m good for a lot longer.””Maybe Linda had something to do with it”, offered Arlene. Steven and I looked at each other with a look of fear. Did Arlene suspect something?”I know she’s your type, Steven. An older woman with dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin, and big tits! Isn’t that your ‘fantasy’ woman you always used to tell me about? That’s probably why you couldn’t last as long as you usually do. And I knew you couldn’t last with Linda, that’s why I lined her up for the threesome. Now I win the bet!” Arlene smiled with a twinkle in her eye knowing that she was now going to get a chance to fuck my baby in the ass with her dildo. “When are you going to collect?,” I asked. “Oh, how about in the morning,” replied Arlene. “I think we’re all tired, and could use the sleep. With that, we all cuddled together, and in a matter of mintues, we were all fast asleep. Part IIII woke up at about 4:00 AM. The bed was a tangle of bodies, with Arlene and Steven snoring loud enough to wake the dead. I looked at the clock, saw the time and saw that they were dead to the world. I wasn’t about to hang around till morning and get involved in another fuck session. Arlene had plans to use a dildo on my son, and I really didn’t want to be around to see it. Not that I wouldn’t enjoy watching it mind you, but I figured that I’d easily get dragged into the scene, like I did last night. And I knew Arlene. She’d probably want me underneath sucking Steven’s cock while she reamed him with the dildo. Thanks, but I’d been through enough for one night, and that would be too much, even for me. I quietly got out of bed and and made my way over to the closet to find my pumps. As I walked over, I noticed a stain on the wallpaper. I felt it. It was still damp. Sure enough, that was Steven’s first blast of cum. It went over our heads, the chair, and splattered all over the wall. God, what a stud!I found my pumps on the floor in front of the chair. I picked them out and tip-toed out of the room. I went to the spare room, threw on my overcoat and picked up the rest of my clothes. I left a note for Arlene, saying that I forgot that I had a client coming in at 10 AM to arrange a trip to Hawaii, so I had to leave to get ready. I asked her to call me later that evening. I left the note on the counter, and slipped out the door. I got in my car and drove home. I had a lot to think about during that drive. I was innundated with conflicting feelings. On the one hand, I was beating myself up for letting myself have sex with my son. On the other, I was thinking about what a beautiful feeling it was to finally be able to make love to someone that you really love so much. I know it’s a cliché, but the thought came into my head, “How could it be so wrong, if it feels so good?” I pulled into my driveway and went into the house. I showered, washing Steven’s cum off my body. I thought of the bizarre situation I was in, taking a shower and washing my own son’s semen from my face and breasts.I dried off, and went to bed for a well earned rest. Although I had had the time of my life, I had made a decision. That would be the first and last time Steven and I would have sex. I vowed to have a long discussion with him about what happened and make it clear to him that it was not to happen again. I had to salvage our mother/son relationship. I went to sleep with the thought of Steven holding me in his arms after a night of wild lovemaking.

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