The Cline’s Conquer Time Ch. 03

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(This story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author’s consent. For fans of my stories, they know what kinds of things to expect. This story deals with similar themes as the stories by wannabeboytoy, seducedHylas, and Dark Betrayal, namely cheating, betrayal, and heartbreak. This series of stories feature some light sci-fi elements, but for the most part, they are in the background. If stuff like that isn’t your cup of tea, then you probably shouldn’t bother reading it. And finally, I do not condone any of these actions in real life. This is just a story. Enjoy.)


“Life is full of choices. Each choice can decide the rest of your life. Life can go in infinite directions. Different permutations, different outcomes. You can literally end up anywhere in life… with anyone. But I honestly feel, from the bottom of my heart, that in each and every one of these different outcomes, different destinies, I would have ended up with you.”


(Timeline D: Jackie Cline Flirts with Time)

Derek made his way across the reception hall, approaching his wife and the couple she was talking to. Making apologies, he scooped up his wife, who was clearly making the couple uncomfortable by trying to dominate their conversation, so Derek had to rescue his wife from embarrassing herself. As soon as he pulled her away, Jackie appeared next to them.

“Sorry about Heather, Derek.” Jackie said.

“Oh, it’s, uh, okay.” Derek said.

“Let me help you out. A man shouldn’t have to carry his drunk bride to the wedding suite.” Jackie said, rubbing his shoulder.

“No, it’s okay. I got it.” Derek said smiling.

“You sure?” Jackie said, styled eyebrows raised, seemingly hinting at something that he was not understanding. Derek thought it over. Jackie had made him uncomfortable all night. Sure, she had been nice, but she seemed very… flirty. Maybe that was just the way she was, but still, Derek was a bit freaked out by her. It might be best to stay away from her. But she was Heather’s sister. She wouldn’t do anything to ruin her sister’s big night and make him feel uncomfortable. Right?

“Uh, yeah, okay. I guess.” Derek said.

“Great!” Jackie exclaimed, flashing her white teeth at the husband. She stepped over to them and went to Heather’s other side, putting her arm around her sister’s shoulder. While he was supporting his wife’s weight as she stumbled around, Jackie just had her arm around her sister’s shoulder lazily, only guiding her as opposed to actually helping him carry her. She wasn’t really helping. It was as if her help was for show. But he couldn’t complain.

She was family now.

Jackie Cline, Heather’s older sister, had just turned 23, and she was already well on her way to walking in the footsteps of generations of Cline women. Her bank account was already packed, thanks to her many relationships with rich, older men. She had used her feminine wiles to secure one of the finest luxury apartments in New York City. She hob-nobbed with the big city elite, making connections with only the most wealthy and successful people in town. And not the only kind of connections in the sense of getting her name out there and attending the best parties. No, the connections she tended to make were the ones where her tight pussy and the big, fat cocks connected over and over again. Big, fat cocks attached to the richest, most powerful men in the city, whether it was millionaire playboys or CEO’s. So her bank account was nice and fat. While her younger sister was working hard, studying, living a humble life, her older sister was getting reamed out by giant dick on a regular basis and was crazy rich because of it.

So it was without question that Jackie was stunningly beautiful. Just absolutely perfect. An almost model-like face, with big, bright, stunning eyes and smooth, plump, sexy lips. She had shiny, brown hair, looked like the type you’d see in one of those hair commercials, done by the best stylists, cascading in chestnut waves down her back. Her tan was perfect, her skin ideally sun kissed, thanks to the summer she spent in her ex-boyfriend’s beach house in the Bahamas. Which, thanks to her scheming, cunning mind, was now… her beach house.

Jackie looked incredible. She was tall, much taller than her sister. Tan, much tanner than her sister. Gorgeous, much more gorgeous than her sister. While Heather was the bookworm, Jackie was the model.

Not that being the bookworm was a bad thing. That’s what attracted Derek to Heather. She was a nerd, just like he was. He was never the type to go after the sexiest girl around. They just weren’t his type. Not that they didn’t have their appeal. But Derek liked down-home, regular, funny, hard working girls.

Jackie didn’t work. Ha! As if a real Cline woman would work. No, she spent her time keeping herself fit and gorgeous. Her belly was flat, her legs were firm, and her ass was out of this world. It rode proudly, keçiören escort firm and perky, round like perfectly ripe fruit. Her ass swayed when she walked. But none of these features compared to her proudest feature. Well, her two proudest features.

Her mother always told her that big tits were her ticket to the good life. And they fucking were. Huge, jutting, perky, fleshy DD’s sat on her chest like a work of art. As soon as any man saw them, whether bare or covered in her tight molded clothing, they went into brain lock. All those men could think about was getting their hands on her tits, that sweet succulent flesh, and squeezing them while Jackie convinced them to give her whatever the fuck she wanted. And she was very successful.

Her relationship with Heather was… interesting. There was no animosity or anything between them. It was just… Jackie looked at her sister like a naïve child. Jackie loved her sister and cared for her deeply, but it was clear they were too different to ever be best friends. Jackie just didn’t understand how Heather could live such a boring life. And Heather always wanted her to understand her way of life. She wanted Jackie’s approval desperately, but she would never get it. They were cordial, they kept in touch, but they just had nothing in common. They were two different types of women. Heather was a regular woman. Jackie was a Cline woman.

It was widely regarded that it was in poor form to wear white to a wedding. But Jackie Cline, ever brazen, wore a long, silky, pearly white dress. And yet, no one questioned her choice. The fashion police were not judging her. And there was a good reason no one was looking down at her for wearing a white dress: she was rocking the shit out of it.

Her dress was very thin and airy, molding to her body while looking like it could fall in a puddle at her feet at any moment. The thin straps clung to her shoulders, indenting into her firm skin. Much of her chest was left exposed as her dress was very low cut, allowing everyone to get a glimpse at the tops of her bulbous breasts. Her skin was like silk, her chest so smooth that anyone looking at her would just want to feel her soft skin.

The amount of cleavage left exposed was incredible. Her large breasts were so round and full that they appeared to be perfectly ripe fruit, pulsing with energy, bursting to be free. They were packed into her dress but anyone looking could see the full shape of them. They could see every nook and cranny of her creamy orbs. Her big fat nipples on her big fat tits were packed into her tight little dress, just barely. Everyone could see them.

The dress molded to her flat, fit belly before cascading out around her prominent hips. Her dress fell in waves to just below her knees, only allowing people to see the lower halves of her firm, creamy legs. She wore matching white high heels, and any woman could tell you those shoes looked like high-end expensive stuff. The stuff you only find at the fanciest boutiques.

And as she walked, her silk clad ass was being shown off to the appreciative eyes of every male in the room. Just a round, heart-shaped, ripe, squeezable, spankable ass. The kind of ass you only found in porn. The type of porn where asses like hers were brutally fucked and spanked and the women came like crazy.

Derek was stunned by his wife’s sister’s beauty. She was one of those girls that looked unattainable, especially to a guy who had been called a nerd all his life.

Jackie was getting tired of the men she was regularly getting banged by. Sure, the near constant sex she was having was great, but it was getting a bit too boring. Just the same types of dumb, douche bag guys, with all the same moves. She was looking for something a bit more fulfilling. A bit more fun. A bit more… nasty!

Jackie just wasn’t cumming like she used to. Sure, the men she fucked were built and had nice big dicks, but their fucking lacked that level of pure filth a slut like her needed. She had been on the lookout for something to quench her thirst. Multiple men, married men, nothing quite fit the bill. But now, at her little sister’s wedding, the little sister who idolized her so very much, all Jackie could think about was how this Derek could be the one who could satisfy her the way she needed.

He was so fucking hot, oh my god! He honestly looked like a model. The kind you would find in magazines, hunky guys advertising cologne. Not even close to the lanky, dorky guy she expected when Heather told her she was marrying a physicist.

All Jackie could think about was how fucking nasty it would be if she were the one to get fucked by Derek and not her cute younger sister. Yeah, Heather was a sweet girl, but she was naïve in the ways of the world. Naïve in the ways of the dark arts, the kind Jackie was especially talented in. God, how hot would it be to get fucked by her younger sister’s new husband, her rich, brilliant husband, on her wedding day! He was keçiören escort bayan hot. He was smart. He seemed to be sweet and loving. He was also built and most likely had a big cock, but he was so much more than that. So much more than any man she had ever been with. Jackie was positively smitten!

They walked towards the exit. Jocelyn was up on the stage, poised to sing when she noticed Jackie walking alongside young Derek. Jocelyn looked angrily at them. Derek was too distracted supporting his wife. If he hadn’t been distracted, he would have seen the smug smile Jackie flashed her mother, a smile of victory. Derek would have seen Jocelyn’s eyes narrow in annoyance. Derek also didn’t notice as they passed by Helena, and the disapproving shake of her head she gave them.

And if Derek had seen these disapproving stares, he wouldn’t have even understood them. He would have thought their annoyance was simply due to Heather being drunk. Sure, that was part of their annoyance. A small part, as their motherly instincts kicked in, as they looked in disappointment at the young girl who couldn’t afford to make this kind of mistake. She always seemed so smart, but she had made such an immature mistake. And she couldn’t afford to have any fuck-ups, not with the man she had landed.

As much as they loved Heather, it was obvious that he was so far out of her league it wasn’t funny. And if she wanted to hold onto him, she had to be perfect. She couldn’t afford any mistakes, cause there were a lot of more capable women ready to swoop in and take her place at the end of his cock. Jackie, Jocelyn, and Helena understood the ways of the world. Derek was a good guy, but if his wife wasn’t up for the job of keeping his balls drained, he would find someone who would. He was so young, so innocent, so inexperienced, so eager to please. He was ripe for the taking, ripe to be stolen and if a woman wanted to keep him she needed to lock him down totally. And all the Cline women rightfully suspected that Heather didn’t have what it took to lock a man like Derek down.

So this was the root of Jocelyn and Helena’s annoyance. It was jealousy. It wasn’t really that Heather was drunk. It was the fact that she had already lost Derek’s fat married cock. Jocelyn and Helena knew his throbbing cock would not end up in his wife tonight. Heather blew it, and due to that, the Cline women knew that his cock was now destined to end up in the warm, wet, tight confines of Jackie’s cunt instead. Heather fucked up, and now her husband would spend his night fucking her hot older sister instead. This infuriated Jocelyn and Helena. That bratty, impudent young slut didn’t deserve Derek. Well, yes, she was a much better match for him than Heather was of course. And she was far more compatible with him than 99% of all women. But Derek could have even better.

Jocelyn and Helena stewed in jealously of Jackie. Why would he choose Jackie when he could easily have either of them instead? Why would he choose Jackie when he could experience a whole new world by fucking one of their tight mature pussies instead? These young guys now a-days all know that older women fuck far better than younger girls. That was common knowledge. He knew deep down he was picking a fuck partner for the evening, and he chose Jackie. He chose Jackie, with her amazingly perky tits, perfect even tan, flawless, smooth skin. It was infuriating! Did Derek not understand the true delights of the mature flesh? Apparently, he did not. He was naïve to that fact, and due to that, Jackie would be on the receiving end of his no-doubt massive dick tonight. Bitch!

Jocelyn and Helena had no doubts that Jackie would easily succeed at bedding the young married husband. He didn’t stand a chance. Jocelyn knew it. Helena knew it. And Jackie knew it too.

Jackie smiled smugly as they escaped the reception. It was now just Jackie, Heather, and Derek. Jackie was satisfied that she was the victorious one. She was the one who would spend the night with Derek. Jackie had been very observant, and she had seen she was not the only one who had eyes for Derek. Her mother wanted Derek, and, despite her pleas otherwise, her grandmother wanted fuck the shit out of him as well. And it wasn’t just her fellow Cline women that wanted him. There were others, like that girl who worked with the hotel, what’s her name. Then there was that girl that was hanging around with her grandmother, the one from the fashion magazine, Audrey. There were others too, even a few women from his own family that were looking at him in a way you shouldn’t look at a blood relative. A few of his female cousins, and some other women whose relation to him she didn’t know. Then there were the heaping amounts of women who had no chance with Derek, but you could tell they would be fingering themselves to thoughts of him. Derek was the prize of the wedding, a prize Jackie had claimed as her own.

Jackie loved her sister. She did. But she had blown it big time. escort keçiören Jackie knew that if you have a man that is such a stud like Derek, with as big of a cock as Derek surely did, you do not give him a moment for his eyes to stray. You need to make sure his big cock is constantly well cared for. And Heather had already failed at that. And sure, this was her sister’s husband, but no slut can resist the lure of a throbbing cock forever, especially when attached to a hunk like Derek. The only barrier between Jackie and that cock was her sister. And that barrier was flimsy at best, as flimsy as the tiny thong covering her sweet cunt. Even if Heather was totally sober, that wouldn’t stop Jackie from flirting with her hunky brother-in-law, tempting him, teasing his beefy married cock. Derek would succumb to her hot body eventually, so all Heather had done was speed up the timeframe of her seduction. Jackie expected Heather to be in the way of her quickly planned seduction, but now that Heather had drunk herself out of the picture, it was Jackie’s opportunity to make her move. To do what Heather couldn’t. To lock down the cock that should belong to Heather. To steal a married dick that shouldn’t be stolen. Yeah, this dick was supposed to be the property of her sister, but… who cares?

He was hot. She was hot. Derek and Jackie would be quite a fine duo. Jackie could tell that her and him would be very sexually compatible. Him, so hot, so studly, so nice, so sweet, so innocent, so… malleable. And her, so gorgeous, so hot, so sexy, with such big tits, and a perfect round ass, and such a tight pussy, and such a completely filthy mind. She knew she could make a real sex monster out of him, a true sexual beast addicted to the filthy fucking she could provide. She could make him hers. She would make him hers.

She couldn’t hide her smile of anticipation. He had married Heather, but by the end of the night he would be vowing his love to her older sister instead. His first fuck as a married man would not be with his wife. If that wasn’t a bad omen for the sake of their marriage, she didn’t know what was!

Jackie knew she would have to take it slow. Derek seemed easily intimidated, and her typically aggressive approach could scare him off. She had to work herself close to him, slowly but surely, until they were too close for comfort. Too close to run away. Too close to do anything else but fuck!

So, Jackie crossed off a few questions that she would typically ask her studs because she knew that might scare him off. The type of aggressive flirtation that is perfect for seducing guys who are out on the town ready to hook up. You know, her asking if the man she is with has ever seen tits as big as hers. If his big hands could fit around her big breasts or would they get overwhelmed with their softness. Or she would ask him how much he cums, like, does he fire off for half a minute or much longer. Like, could he fill a cup full of his tasty cum, or just muster a miserable dribble? Did he have what it took to fill up all of her holes with cum and be ready for more? If any man could withstand this onslaught of questions without backing down in fear, then he had earned a night getting his brains fucked out by Jackie and her wondrous body. But this approach was for guys ready to get picked up for sex. Derek wasn’t like that.

Derek was scared to death of strong women. The only reason he ended up with Heather was that she was as awkward and shy as he was. He was so hot and eager to please that it was a wonder no girl had taken advantage of this fact. He was the type of guy that was built to be bossed around by a strong, aggressive, dominant woman. The type of man to do whatever she tells him to do. The type of man to carry her bags while she buys such expensive things. The type of man to do chores around the house while letting his lady love make sure her tan was just perfect. The type of guy who she could treat like shit but he sticks around because she’s so fucking hot and she fucks so good. The type of man that could have his wedding ruined by his slut of a sister-in-law and would have no choice but to become her personal fuck-buddy.

Jackie had big plans for her brother-in-law. Now, it was just time to reel him in.

“Sisshh, I’mmmmm gooood. I cannnn walk jush fine.” Heather asserted, removing Jackie’s arm from her shoulder and jumping away from Derek, attempting to walk in a straight line. She stumbled, and Derek jumped forward to catch her as Jackie simply rolled her eyes. Jackie didn’t feel like continuing the charade of actually helping to carry Heather, so she watched from a distance as Derek struggled to keep his wife on her feet. Derek looked over at Jackie, silently asking for help, but Jackie simply smiled, playing dumb. Jackie noticed a flash of annoyance cross Derek’s face, but it passed quickly. Jackie smiled inwardly, noting that the so called sweet, good young man her sister married could actually get mad. Jackie hoped to soon be on the receiving end of that… passion.

Jackie used this opportunity of being separated from her drunk sister to her advantage. She walked in front of the slowly moving Derek and Heather under the guise of guiding them, when in fact it was just an opportunity to show off her dress-clad ass. And show it off she did.

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