The Climax of Her Life

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Ken Garcia had known Danita Mitchell for three or four years, but he hadn’t really known her. Which is to say, he knew her because she dated and went to parties with men he knew, so he talked to her, but that was as far as it had ever gone.

Ken had heard a little about her in that time, mostly from her. She dated in those four years three men whom he knew, and probably at least a couple whom he didn’t, since there were stretches when he didn’t see her. She didn’t really change partners a lot, but she had never found somebody she wanted to settle down with either, obviously. Or if she did, the man didn’t, at least then.

When Jack and Pamela Diggs invited Ken to a party, he had just broken up with the girl he had been dating for six months, but Pam told him there were going to be some unattached women there too, so he would not really be out of place.

It turned out, he found, that Danita was one of the unattached women. She had reached a mutual understanding that Tony Rowell and she did not really excite each other, so he was there with somebody new.

Ken had never realized that Danita had been interested for some time in getting to know him better; as was said, he hadn’t really known her, and she had always been with somebody else, so he hadn’t paid all that much attention to her.

He remembered her, in fact, mostly for being one of the few women not to joke about his last name, which was the legacy of a Cuban great-grandfather who spoke Spanish but was of as African ancestry as could be.

Tonight, Danita’s smiling face and the loose black braids around it had more of an effect on him — but in the past he had been concentrating on the woman he was with, as he should. Ken had never been the sort to try to play with other women when he had one right to hand; he figured that if he got two of them to go to bed with him at the same time, it would be work to keep up anyway.

He drifted into talking to Danita, and started admiring the flawless brown skin on her face without being aware of it at first. For her part, Danita was smiling partly because she was getting to talk to Ken, and finding that a lot better than she had expected, better even than she had hoped.

The hours went by quickly, and at a little after midnight people started to disappear. Ken had gotten into thinking about Danita in a way that he hadn’t before — or really two ways. He was thinking that asking Danita on a date might be a good idea, since she was nice to spend some time with. On the other hand, he was thinking fairly often about something he had barely and only briefly considered before, which was what Danita would be like in bed.

Danita was considering Ken in both of those ways, but she had been doing so for a couple of years, off and on at odd moments. But the second was coming up in her mind a lot tonight, as she looked at that broad and well-built body. The first, though, that of spending more time with him, she could do something about.

“Are you doing anything tomorrow?” she broke in suddenly. “I mean, is there anything that you have to get up early on Saturday morning for?”

“No,” he said. “There’s nothing at all. I should do some grocery shopping this weekend, but that’s always true. In fact, if you are not doing anything tomorrow night, I was thinking of asking you about going to a movie with me.”

“We illegal bahis could talk about that. In fact,” she grinned, “I was going to ask if you wanted to come to my place to talk a little anyway. I still feel lively, and Jack and Pam are going to want to get to sleep soon.”

Ken thought about this quickly. Danita must trust him quite a bit to invite him into her apartment after just a few hours of conversation. But of course that wasn’t quite it; she had known him for years, if only slightly, and she could well have gotten reports on him from her boyfriends — or her girlfriends. And in truth he did not plan on trying for more than a goodnight kiss from her, though anything beyond it would be fine, of course.

So they left not long afterward, Ken following Danita’s car in his. He had never known where she lived, but he found that it was almost in easy walking distance of his place. She waited by her car until he had parked and walked to her, and he thought to himself that she looked cool and attractive as she stood there alone in the spring night.

Ken found his hands itching to touch the area of smooth brown skin that faced him as he stood behind Danita while she opened her apartment door, but he controlled himself. He hadn’t spent enough time with her to try that quite so casually.

They talked for a little while, until one in the morning, and Danita asked him if he would like a drink. He asked for rum and cola, heavy on the cola, and she disappeared into the kitchen for a minute. Ken got up from the couch and walked across the room to look at her records. Ken had by then taken off his tie and opened the top of his shirt.

When Danita came back, she handed him his drink and had a glass of wine for herself. Ken was struck now by what he really should have noticed before, earlier tonight if not a long time before, that Danita was rather tall, only a couple of inches shorter than himself. He had a fleeting image of how that might be very nice, if he got to know Danita much better, and then he settled to think of how it would also mean he would not have to bend very much to kiss her.

And with that came the impulse to hurry things by a little bit, and take a kiss now instead of at the end of the evening. He set his glass down and reached for Danita. She hesitated for a moment, then placed her wine-glass beside his drink and put her arms around him. That kiss escalated, and ended with her looking straight into his eyes and breathing a little heavily.

He held Danita to him, now touching the bare skin of her back as he had wanted to earlier, and they paused, both asking themselves if they wanted to go any further on such short notice — or was it?

Ken’s hand drifted down to her waist and her behind, and when it came to rest at the top of the back of her dress, Danita said softly: “Oh, I don’t know…”

Ken was puzzled for a moment, and then realized that his index finger was touching and lifting the tab of the zipper on Danita’s dress. If she thought he was going to try to take it down and she was acting unsure instead of objecting and breaking away… It might be worth trying. At worst she would stop him.

She didn’t. She only gave a sigh as he lowered the zipper and exposed the rest of the skin of her back, as he took a step back and let the dress fall forward, as her beautiful brown breasts illegal bahis siteleri with their wide black nipples came into view (for she had not worn a bra that night).

He took her into his arms again, now touching her all over her back and all over her bare skin, which was everywhere above the waist, and below was only red panties and a pair of pantyhose.

With Danita’s intermittent assistance, Ken removed his own clothing, until his broad and muscled body was totally uncovered, and then he pressed her against him, his hard cylinder rubbing into her stomach. His hands then lowered her pantyhose and finally that last crimson protection.

His erection now slid between her legs, not to enter but to tease and excite her. Danita was close enough to his height that she could reduce the sensation by standing on her toes — but only for a moment, because his erection, by its nature, was going to rise, and the higher she rose the closer it came to being in her.

After a while, Ken simply picked her up and carried Danita into her bedroom and placed her in the middle of her bed.

He lay above her and used his large hands and lips and tongue on her breasts, then moved down. He lowered his head and raised her hips to meet it. He cupped her buttocks and held it an inch or two above the blanket and entered her with his tongue.

Danita was gasping within seconds, then arching her shoulders off the bed, trying to drive his head further in, holding his head at the same time that she tried to lift herself up with her hands, and muttering in a way that showed that she was beyond words.

Ken gave her a fast climax, then began to build her to another. Suddenly he stood, reversed her body on her bed, and lifted her. Danita was by no means small, but Ken was strong enough that she might as well have been. He brought his mouth to her lower lips again, but this time her head hung straight down and his hands suspended her in the air. When she recovered from the startlement and the intense sensation, she reached out one hand to touch the tube of blood-heat meat in front of her.

She murmured, “Oh, it’s large!” before her lips touched it and then opened to take it in. Somehow she was willing to go very far very fast with Ken Garcia. Perhaps it was the overwhelming thrill of this unexpected position, of being held head downward with him washing her inner walls with his tongue, but she was enthusiastic about giving him all her mouth could do. But despite her best efforts, she could do very little for him — not that it was not appreciated — because Ken built her too quickly to another peak and she had to release him to avoid the danger of harming him in her erotic convulsions.

After this Ken returned her to her bed and entered her with a slow smooth stroke that built to a long hard one. Once again he held her hips in the air, now with his hands spreading her legs far apart and lifting her by her heels. She had a couple of weak climaxes, but just when she seemed to be headed for a larger one, she whispered: “Don’t come in me. I want to take you in my mouth.”

Ken was willing to indulge her whim, or impulse, or whatever it was. He wanted to explode deep into her tunnel and feel her shake under him, but that could wait for another time. Certainly he wanted another time with her, many more in fact.

He lay canlı bahis siteleri on his back while she knelt over him, and her head came far down, licking and sucking and squeezing with her lips until the stream of his seed came up and she accepted it into her throat.

They lay together afterwards, and slept together. In the morning she had breakfast almost ready when he awoke. They took a shower together afterwards, and that aroused them both enough that they returned to her bedroom.

This time Ken circled her nipples with his tongue, and slowly descended from there. He broke off to glance up at the ceiling, smiled, and returned to his task. This time he half-knelt at the foot of the bed, and when she was halfway to heaven he stood up, put both hands on her ribcage, and lifted Danita. Her head barely cleared the ceiling by more than three inches, her hands grasped the back of his skull with a fervor that was more than a little mixed with fear, her legs wrapped round his shoulders, and Ken’s quivering tongue was driven into her by her weight pressing down, and further than she had ever experienced before.

This combination unsettled her enough that soon she lost her concentration and her hands slipped. Rather than taking the chance of injuring Ken by scratching for another hold, she accepted the possibility of falling back to the bed. But she didn’t.

Ken’s hold on her pelvis was strong enough that she simply fell back. Her legs swung up to balance, her back strained with the sudden pull, and her head hung down and backwards before him. And she almost screamed with the sensation; she did shriek.

She shook with a greater peak than he had given her before, and then he lay her back on the bed and moved over her. This time his entry was swifter and his strokes more forceful. That she had just satisfied her passion meant that she was slower to reach a climax this time, but it was clear to Ken that she was going higher up this time, and that he could reach the top at the same moment that she did.

Once again as she reached the ultimate crest, Danita whispered: “Don’t come in me. I want to take you in my mouth.” Ken said nothing, but moved his hand to stimulate her more. Soon she repeated it, and this time he said, “No. I want to stay with you.”

She protested and began to try to wriggle away, but her strength was nothing against his. He increased his force and brought her to a shivering climax just as his hot jet shot into her. She went wild with a convulsion that almost frightened him. Her mouth opened wide, her nails dug into his back, and her hips leapt up to meet his in midair just at the point of his deepest penetration, as his seed tried to continue the penetration further than his straining body could ever hope to. When the frenzy passed, she became quiet and he thought that perhaps she had passed out, or fallen quickly asleep from exhaustion.

He napped beside her and realised the truth only when he awoke to find her body cold.

The police did not believe his story after he called them, and released him only after the coroner confirmed that she had really died of a heart attack brought on by overstimulation.

Her doctor had told her long before that she had a defective heart. Ken had to wonder if this was the reason that she wanted to avoid reaching orgasm with a man in her, that she had been resigned to living a life without a totally satisfying experience with a man. Or if she only feared it when she could not hold herself back.

He was haunted for a long time by the idea that he had been so good with her that it killed her.

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