The Class Project

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The activities in the following story of Diane, Rick, or maybe Ralph, and Nick told here do not always happen at universities in the State of Florida. At times, during spring break, it can be much worse.

Once, in what was undoubtedly the largest Western Civilizations class in the largest auditorium at the University of Florida, a second cousin of mine from Tampa asked me to save her a seat in the back where I sat, because she would be late. When the lights dimmed for the graduate assistant to show his slides of the monuments in Paris, to show her gratitude she gave me one of the best blowjobs I ever had. She is, and has always been, my favorite cousin.

* * * WS – Atlanta – 2001 * * *

This story is mostly true, and if you are one of those people who are of the opinion that sex belongs only in the marriage bed with the lights out, read no further, but if you are an advocate of blowjobs in class, please continue.

When I was attending graduate school in education at the University of Florida several years ago, I took for my elective a 500 level course in movie and theater productions. It was something I could use in the future, and I thought it might be enjoyable as a break from boring classes on teaching.

The professor split the class up into small groups, each with a production project of doing a ten minute scene from any movie of the group’s choice. We were to embellish or improve the scene, according to our desires. My group consisted of Diane, an English major, and Nick, a drama student.

Diane was an attractive, bright young woman with long auburn hair and wide eyes set off behind thick, dark rimmed glasses. She was a studious sort of person, and seemed naive at first. She was of medium height with a good figure she hid in a plaid skirt and jacket. I had the impression she was more than she seemed, as if there was a certain sensuality also hidden behind her plain clothing.

Nick was about twenty-five, with curly dark hair, and features which were almost too good looking. He aspired to be an actor or director, and he gave the impression of a person who takes every detail seriously.

We met over coffee in the student union after class to decide on our project. Diane and I agreed to let Nick select the scene, because he seemed to have an inexhaustible knowledge of films. We talked for over an hour, and agreed to meet that weekend at Nick’s apartment to begin our project.

I showed up at the appointed hour and met Diane walking through the parking lot carrying a camcorder and a tripod. I assisted her with it to the door, and we rang the buzzer.

Nick answered, holding a beer and video tape in his hands. Looking about the apartment I saw a large film library, along with a twenty-seven inch television which took up most of one corner of the living room. The walls were covered with movie posters, and the furniture was sparse and simple.

We sat at the kitchen table and Nick told us of his choice for a movie project. It was a series of scenes from an old French film by Larres Duer, the story of a female cat burglar who entered the homes of the wealthy and stole valuable jewelry. It had been a popular film in Europe during the fifties, and was now a cult classic which brought howls of laughter from modern audiences for the love scenes where the heroine/burglar, Lisle, tied up sleeping men and sexually assaulted them.

The scene he wished us to perform was one where Lisle enters the home of a government minister, and finds his soldier son the only one at home. Lisle accosts him in his bed and ties him up, then falls in love with the handsome man as she amuses herself with him in his bed. Nick had the scene on tape, and played it for us.

As the tube came to life, we saw her enter the room where Andre is sleeping in his old childhood bedroom, home on leave from the army. She places her bag of stolen property on the floor, and stands over the bed, silently staring at the young man. Her nondescript dark clothing and mask obliterate her features, and she quietly moves to the edge of the bed and pulls a small, automatic pistol from her pocket.

I noticed that Diane was rapt with attention, and Nick was idly drinking from his beer as the scene played out.

The woman wakes the sleeping soldier, and points the gun at his head as she removes a cord from her pocket and ties one ankle to the bedpost.

As she does this, he tries to grab the gun, which she discharges into the bed to stop him. She then makes him tie the other ankle to the bedpost on the opposite corner, leaving him in an awkward position. Going to the head of the bed, she ties each wrist, and then steps back to observe him. The ensuing conversation was in French, which I did not understand.

When Lisle pulls off her mask to reveal her exquisite features and long auburn hair, she takes a knife from her pocket and proceeds to cut away his nightclothes. His body is obscured by the sheets, but her intent is evident as she begins to undress. Before Nick stopped the film, our last taksim escort view was of Lisle entering under the sheets from the foot of the bed, and her head moving to the middle of Andre’s body.

We all agreed on the scene, and Nick volunteered to direct us if we would act the parts. He said we could start that very day in his apartment.

Diane’s first question was, of course, about the disrobing. Nick told her it was an integral part of the scene, but if she wished, she could just strip to her bra and panties, although it would not be as realistic. Diane finally agreed, but not without some reluctance.

I had questions too, but since I would be under the covers I decided I could just leave my cutoff jeans on, and take off only my shoes, socks, and tee shirt.

We went into Nick’s bedroom and saw that his brass bed was made up like the one in the movie, and he had indirect lighting set up in the corners of the room. Diane and I drank beer as Nick worked to set up the camera and test it and the lighting.

Nick’s fooling around with the equipment took almost an hour, and by the time he was finished we had consumed two six-packs. I had a little buzz, and Diane was a little giddy. I don’t think Nick approved of our silly babbling about the project, and he was tensely stalking about the room adjusting things.

He went through all the aspects of the scene with us, and he gave Diane a costume like the one worn by Lisle in the film. While she went into the bathroom to change, he instructed me to take off my shirt and shoes and get into the bed.

I laid down and pulled the sheet over me as Nick set up the camera where it approximated the position of the original black and white movie equipment. When Diane came out of the bathroom I wanted to laugh at her attire. She was wearing a dark, woolen, man’s suit with a black watch cap and a Lone Ranger mask. Her hair was pulled up under the cap, and she told us she felt like a silent film comedienne. She stood at the spot Nick indicated, with the satchel in her hand for what Nick referred to as a first run-down.

As he looked through the camera, he told me that my jeans were bunched up under the sheet and could be seen through the camera. He instructed me to take them off, and threw me a long nightshirt hanging from the wall.

I pulled off the jeans under the sheet and put on the nightshirt while they watched. Nick was impatient, and Diane broke into a giggle as she watched me dress. He stared at her as if she had broken wind in a restaurant.

When I was ready, Nick turned on the camera, and told Diane to begin. I watched her through squinted eyes, feigning sleep, as she approached the bed and took the cord from her pocket. Silently, she approached the bed, and I felt her cool fingers on my foot as she tied my ankle to the post.

True to the story, when she began to tie the other ankle, I reached for the small cap gun in her hand, and she pointed at the pillow and pulled the trigger. The snap of the cap was loud in the room, and the smell of the powder scented the air.

She motioned for me to tie the other ankle as she pointed the gun at me, grinning with her back to the camera. While I tied it, Nick pointed the camera at my hands.

Diane then moved to the head of the bed and tied each of my hands to a bedpost. The knots were loose, and I knew I could get them unfastened if I wanted. I then leaned back on the pillows and tried to look like a young man awakened by a beautiful criminal, rather than a half-drunk college student.

Nick fumed when he turned the camera to Diane for the shot of her undressing, because she was drinking from the Coors Light bottle she held in the same hand as the cap gun. He shut off the camera while she set down the bottle, and testily told her the tape could be edited. I wondered how this project would progress if he continued to be so disagreeable.

When the camera turned back to Diane, she had a serious look on her face as she put down the cap gun and took off her hat. Her long hair fell around her shoulders, and she shook it out with a few quick motions of her head.

Then she removed the mask, and began to unbutton the white cotton shirt she wore under the jacket. Her fingers slowly undid each fastener until the shirt was open in the front. She pulled it out of the trousers and I could see her white bra and a hint of cleavage when she dropped the tail of the shirt.

Diane looked at me with a straight, serious face as she unfastened the belt and unbuttoned the old fashioned pants and let them fall around her ankles. Her legs were tanned and well muscled, and under the tails of the coat and shirt I could see her sheer, white bikini panties covering the dark patch of hair in the vee of her thighs. Her belly was flat and tight, and I could feel a stirring in my loins as I watched her.

Next Diane pulled her arms from the sleeves of the coat, and twisted her body in a strange rhythm as she pulled it off and it topkapı escort fell from her hands. I was anxiously waiting to see her remove the shirt.

I was not long disappointed, and as the tape rolled she arched her shoulders back and straightened her arms to her side to let the shirt slide from her body onto the floor. She stood in front of me in her slight bra and panties, and I was amazed at the change which had overcome her. She no longer looked the studious coed, but now took on the air of a sensuous woman as her body swayed in a kind of slow dancing motion. Her breasts were tightly confined in the transparent bra, and I could see more plainly the patch of hair which curled above the narrow front of her panties.

Diane bent over to retrieve a short-bladed knife from the trouser pockets, and her breasts strained to be released by gravity from the thin cups. The brown circles of her nipples were visible over the lace, and as she stood erect I was startled to see her undo the front clasp holding the garment together. She left the bra unhooked but did not take it off as she moved to the side of the bed and pulled down the sheet to reveal my trussed up body in the nightshirt. She bent over me with the knife, and began to cut the garment away from my body. As she hacked at the cloth, her breasts fell from the cups of the bra and swayed with each movement of her arms. They were beautiful, perfect globes with large brown nipples ending in pink, erect tips. I felt my seven inch cock begin to stir as she worked to free me from the gown.

When she pulled the cut up nightshirt away, we could both see my erect cock as it poked through the fly of my boxer shorts. To my surprise, she cut away my underwear, leaving me tied and naked on the bed. In the corner of the room I could hear Nick saying “Just right, just right.”

Diane pulled the sheet back over my body and knelt by the side of the bed. I watched as she pulled the sheet over her shoulders and crawled up under the covers. Her breasts moved across my right leg as she moved to the center of the large bed, her head poised above my midsection.

Nick interrupted to direct her, telling her to simulate giving me a blow job with her head under the sheets. She said OK, and put her face on my hip and began to move her head up and down, her lips touching my leg each time she lowered herself to me. Her simulation had my cock at attention, and I could feel her long hair tickling it with each movement.

Her act must not have been convincing as Nick hollered for her to stop. He complained about the way her body was positioned, and that she was moving too rapidly, and it looked all wrong. He said she should be directly above me, and the motions should be slow and deliberate for it to look real.

She tried again, this time with her face closer to my dick. Once, I felt her cheek graze the shaft when Nick complained for a second time.

He told her to get up, and she moved out from under the sheet, and quickly pulled the coat from the floor and covered herself. As Nick walked to the bed, he told her to watch how he wanted her to perform. She stood there, sipping a beer and holding the coat in front of her breasts as Nick demonstrated for her. He had paid no attention to Diane’s nearly nude body, and seemed only interested in the filming.

Nick got onto his knees at the side of the bed, and gracefully slid under the sheets. He was no bigger than Diane, and as he squirmed over my legs I could feel his hand on my left thigh. Telling her to pay attention. he put his face close to my prick and began to simulate the act. His ass undulated under the covers, as he lay across my leg, his head bobbing up and down. I looked over and saw Diane watching with interest. My cock was still hard and I could feel the stubble of the beard on his cheek as it scraped the shaft of my cock.

He scooted up further on the bed, and as his head came down again, his lips wrapped around my dick and I felt my shaft buried in his mouth. His head continued to bob up and down, and when I tried to loosen my wrists, the knots only became tighter. As I wiggled on the bed in an attempt to free myself, his head remained still and my cock slid in and out this mouth. Even though I was trying to set myself free, I could feel my dick begin to throb with the drawing movement of his lips as he began to suck.

Diane was spellbound, and looked at the performance with wide eyes reflecting disbelief. Suddenly, he removed his face from me, and slid out from under the sheets and stood up. Looking at Diane, he asked, “Now, do you get the picture?”

With little ceremony he went back to the tape, which had been running constantly.

Diane dropped the coat and pulled the bra off and let it fall to the floor. As she went to the side of the bed she whispered to me “I think he’s nuts, and I’m about drunk. Do we want to finish this project?”

I nodded my head, not knowing what to expect. My prick was at attention tüyap escort under the sheet, a wet spot on the cloth betraying the tip.

Diane slid under the sheet and across my leg, but this time her head poised directly over my cock. She raised the sheet and said to me, “I’ve never done this before.”

It was obvious she had not because as her mouth touched the top of my cock, her teeth bit down lightly on the head. I hollered aloud, and Nick ran to the bed and snatched off the covers. Diane looked at him in surprise as he sat next to her on the bed, and said to her,”Don’t bite. Now pay close attention.”

His head poised over the tip of my cock, and he took the red knob in his mouth. We both watched as he slowly began to suck my penis, his head moving up and down, each stroke causing the entire shaft to disappear as his lips crushed my pubic hair.

He moved his head away, and a drop of whitish fluid appeared as it seeped from the eye. Diane made a face when Nick stuck out his tongue and licked it off.

Turning to her, he asked, “Now do you see?”

Nick returned to the camera, and Diane whispered in my ear, “Do you think he’s a homosexual?”

I whispered back, “If he’s not, he missed a good chance.”

With a grim look on her face, she said,”I don’t think he should do that to you anymore. I’ll try to make it look right, so he won’t. Please tell me before you shoot off, so I can quit. I’ve really only heard about doing this, and I don’t think I like it.”

I nodded my assent, and the filming began again.

This time, Diane moved right to me under the sheet, and took my cock in her mouth. I could feel the fluid leaking as she placed her lips over the tip of my penis and sucked gently, moving her head up and down more slowly than before. She gagged a few times but continued to do it.

I loosened my wrists from the bed posts as she sucked, and reached down with one hand, and then the other to undo my ankles. She pulled my dick from her mouth as I moved around on the bed, then put it back in when I straightened out.

As she knelt between my legs, I hooked my toes in the sides of her panties and eased them down her hips. She stopped and looked down at me, and when she did I pulled them to her knees. She reached with one hand to pull them back up, but couldn’t manage it with my dick in her hand. She shrugged her shoulders and whispered to me, “Please be careful, I’m a virgin.”

I nodded my head and she put her mouth back onto my prick. As she did, I rolled over on my right side, and pushed her gently onto her left side. I eased my left leg in between hers, and pushed her panties off with my foot. We were lying on our sides, facing one another with my prick in her mouth, My leg was pressed into her warm crotch, and I held her head lightly and began to slide my cock in and out of her mouth, gently fucking her face. Each time I backed it out to her lips, they wrapped around it tightly and she sucked hard, sending shivers up my spine. She began to rub her pussy on my leg, and I could feel my load boiling up inside me. As it began to leak faster, her mouth filled with my fluids and I watched as it ran out around my cock and down her face.

When I could no longer stand it, I said “Quit, I’m coming.”

Instead of pulling it out of her mouth, I felt her arm lock around the cheeks of my ass as she pulled my dick deeper into her, the knob extending into her throat. Suddenly, it burst forth, and hot jism shot into her mouth, causing her to gag. She moved her head back until only the knob was between her lips, spurts of come filling her cheeks. Finally, she swallowed, and sucked harder, her breath coming in heavy panting as she tried to suck it dry.

I was panting and near collapse when I saw Nick standing by the bed. He looked down at us and said, “That was great. Let’s take a breather.”

Looking down at Diane I saw she was still interested in my prick, which was slowly going soft. She licked it a few more times and then got up and walked to the pile of clothes. She donned only the trousers and the white shirt, and went into the kitchen. When she returned in a few minutes, she handed Nick and I another beer.

I put on my tee shirt and cutoffs, and we went into the living room. I was tipsy, and my head was swimming from the way our class project had taken this strange turn, As we sat on the Spartan chairs, Nick put in the tape and turned on the recorder.

We watched the scene, which looked awfully amateurish to me. I was not too impressed with our efforts until we reached the part where Diane began to undress. From the camera’s eye her movements were smooth and seductive.

The portion where Nick had surprised me on the bed was totally obscured by the angle of the camera which was pointed at the ceiling, but when Diane’s turn came, it was there in total on the large screen. I watched her reaction as she looked at herself give me a blow job. When the part came where I turned her on her side and fucked her mouth, I watched her cross her legs and run her tongue over the smooth, long neck of the beer bottle. It appeared as if she was turned on by the film of a few minutes before, and when she watched her throat as she swallowed my semen in the film, I could hear her breathing harder. Nick only looked at it with a critical eye, and made a comment about it being better next time.

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