The Choir Director

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The Choir DirectorThe Choir DirectorI love singing at the church in my home town friendly little Midwest town a small Catholic church. St Patrick’s I’m a mother of two thirty three years of age one hundred and five pounds and a thirty eight double d cup size. I work hard to keep in shape going to the gym while the k**s are at school and I get plenty of looks from all of the cute guys who are also working out trying to impress me I have been hit on numerous times but they seem to immature . Now the kind of man that really rings my bell is a tall ruggedly handsome six ft plus and in good shape oh yeah a cock of at least ten inches . My husband is most of those things but his eight inches falls a little short of what I loved so much in high school and especially in college. For some reason I was attracted to tall strong black men . There were plenty of choices back then and my girl friend and I took ever opportunity to find one if not two each. I often find myself day dreaming about those times I really missed them.About a month ago our current choir director became ill and was forced to retire so he moved into a retirement home to live out his days. The job was open for awhile until we had a man apply for the position. We finally all got to met him at the next church service on Sunday after the service my husband and I went to meet him. I was silently ecstatic to find out that he was single and very black. Joshua Jones a southern Alabama boy about six feet six and all muscle and only thirty years old played college football at the University of Alabama until he got hurt and torn his Achilles which ended his football career. He asked me if I we were both in the choir but my canlı bahis şirketleri husband said that he was a lousy singer and that didn’t want to embarrass himself or anyone else. As he extended his hand for my husband to shake he said my friends call me JJ I’m glad to meet you. I told Joshua that I loved to sing and that I was the lead soprano and he just smiled with just a twinkle in his eye that I noticed but my husband did not. I asked what days we going to practice since it was now his job to set the schedule . I gave him my number and told him to call me if he needed help in contacting the other choir members.A day later I got a call from Joshua asking for my help in setting up a schedule that would get the most members in on the same day or days if possible I told my husband that I was going to help Joshua out with the schedule and he unknowingly said have a good time when I heard that my pussy suddenly started to get wet. All the way there the only thing I would think of if he had a great big cock underneath that choir robe and I was dam sure going to find out by any means if necessary. The quickest way was to just ask him what he was packing but that seemed to slutty for now anyway. I arrived at church about twenty minutes after his call and found him at his desk in a track suit and t-shirt. His muscles bulged when he saw me and stood to greet me. My heart raced when there was a huge outline of his cock in his sweatpants my mouth started to water just looking at it., he caught me looking at his huge cock but he for now just smiled and said this is the paperwork I had called you about I hesitated when I took the paper from only to find the paper was mobilbahis blank. Except for the words CAN SHE HANDLE IT . I had this puzzled look on my face when he said I know what you want and I’m here to give it to you. The first thing of I could think of to say is what is it you think I want? Well it seemed that you might want to practice on something else first. Then he took my hand and placed it directly on that huge cock of his it twitched when I tried to circle it with my small hand, I just had to see it in the flesh. I pulled his sweatpants down and that monster cock of his sprung up at me like it was alive. I was very impressed with it’s size and shape it had to be around twelve inches my mouth just dropped open and I moved in to get my first taste . Licking around the head he just stared down at me as I went down on his cock . He reached and grabbed my head to guide his cock in my mouth.The feeling in my body just hijacked my brain I wanted in my pussy,ass and down my throat all at the same time now I know it’s not possible for his cock to be in all those places at the same time but that didn’t stop me from wishing it was . I put my hands on his strong legs to hold myself while he tried to force that fucking giant down my throat. My eyes glazed over as he pumped it in and out with such power that I literally fell in lust with his cock. I tried to force that mighty missile of his as far down my throat as I possibly could . Working the muscles in my throat swallowing it whole it felt so good . Joshua pulled back only to shove it forward again so far that my eyes started to tear up my mascara running down my cheeks I must have looked like hell but mobilbahis giriş it felt so good . This went on for maybe five minutes before he asked me to pull down my pants and sit on his desk. I stood up yanked down my pants and underwear in one quick motion and then sat on the desk. Joshua then leaned in and kissed my inner thigh causing me to gasp for air as his tongue touched my pussy back and forth I swear his tongue had a motor attached to it. Just as I reached a major organism he suddenly stopped. He said I’m just gonna die if I don’t get my cock in your pussy now. As he stands up aiming his cock at my hungry for BBC he goes balls deep on the first stroke I start to scream then realize I’m in church for God’s sake ( no pun intended) so I pulled him close and covered my mouth with his strong arm. He pumped me with very powerful strokes that under normal conditions would have knocked the wind out of me but I was on a adrenalin rush that I pushed back at him as hard as he gave it to me. We were both crazy with lust right at that moment and my pussy would never be satisfied until it got it’s fill of real man cock. As he pounded my helpless cunt for almost fifteen minutes his stamina all but gone and he started to cum deep in my vagina I could feel the pumping of his cock pouring his essence as deep as anyone ever has and it felt wonderful . The cum just flowed out of me like a small flood I started to look for my purse hoping to find something to clean me up until I could get home and take a quick shower before my husband asked to many questions. As I cleaned up the best as I could he said to me that my brother comes into town next month I just looked at him and said what is he like ? He said that his name is Rashawn (RJ) just like me only a couple of years younger, I said it would be my great pleasure to meet him and his big cock too. Until then I look forward to many nights of practice and even sing once in awhile too.

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